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    CHELSEA FC NEWS | CHELSEA vs MAN CITY UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL... MY 5 CHELSEA PENALTY TAKERS! YES GUYS! Welcome to another Chelsea FC News video in the build up to the Uefa Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester City in Porto, Portugal tomorrow. In today's Chelsea FC News video, I discuss my 5 Chelsea FC penalty takers if Chelsea FC go into a third Uefa Champions League final penalty shootout... Let me know your 5 Chelsea FC Champions League final penalty takers in the comments below!

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    1. Jack Murphy

      Cmon chels🔵⚪️🔵⚪️ all George’s vids are getting me gassed love the content👊

      1. no name


      2. Michael Oshea

        You know that. I'm getting nervous already. Trying to stay positive. We do have a great team so we can do this. KTBFFH Super Chelsea

    2. shashank shetkar

      Chelsea are champions of Europe..2021 champions league winners..blues the champions..Congratulations from India 🇮🇳 we are blues..💜💜💜

    3. Ahron0930


    4. sandeep sharma

      We won't need penelties we won 1-0 ...

    5. Replicant 2049

      Jorgi is not even in your starting 11 bruh

    6. AJAY AJ

      Alonso won't play if there are substitutes timo will be subbed and u forgot about azpi I think for penalties

    7. Martine Browne

      COYB George pls pin this or heart it💙💙💙💙💙

    8. Emmanuel Onyiba

      Werner is the last person I'd give a penalty to Take. Not because he isn't good or what. His confidence is absolutely shattered and this match isn't where he builds the confidence unless he's scored and had a good game. I can't risk it. Here's my first 5 (depending on who's in the lineup) - Jorginho, Mount, Silva, Azpi & Ziyech. If Alonso & Giroud are in the lineup, they'd replace Azpi & Silva

    9. fraser jacquelyn

      Cesar azpi should he always buries it

    10. Ordinary Folk

      Azpi must take one pen

    11. Freddie Cobb

      why are we talking about penalties!?!?

    12. Linda Pitts


    13. Alex Brazier

      Azpi needs to take a pen surely

    14. Martin Kuira

      Azpilicueta Jorginho Werner Ziyech Mount In that order cmon you blues💙💙

    15. Alexander the Great

      Let’s go Blues

    16. Ezra Amani

      Hope we wont get to penalties

    17. John Anaya

      My 11 penalty takers (if you don't see someone you think should be in here I'm probably thinking they got subbed off during the game) 1. Mason Mount 2. Hakim Ziyech 3. Olivier Giroud 4. Cesar Azpilicueta 5. Marcos Alonso 6. Reece James 7. Christian Pulisic 8. Ngolo Kante 9. Thiago Silva 10. Mateo Kovacic 11. Edouard Mendy

    18. George Bamete Jnr

      Chelsea 3 and City 0. Pulisic Hatrick.

    19. david james

      How can I watch for complety free tonight in UK.??????? Any help please.

    20. Miyagi Do

      Don’t worry George, we don’t mind your animals getting in the way of your videos 😂

    21. Matt Dukes

      mine would be 1 jorginho 2 ziyech 3 alonso 4 giroud 5 mount

    22. Sangay Wangchuk


    23. Sangay Wangchuk

      Fikayo will be perfect behind reece james as back 3

    24. RasenRendan

      Ppl forget Timo literally scored PKs for us this season and Mason missed the PK that made us get knocked outta League cup not even hating on Mason but lets not have double standards. If both are available Jorgi and Timo should be taking PKs for sure.

    25. Chicken Soup

      Jorginho, Werner, James, azpi, Mount

    26. Godfred Obeng

      My penalty takers in case we move to shootout: Jorginho Mount Giroud Werner Ziyech

    27. Godfred Obeng

      In my opinion, I think we need top notch striker, goal hunter to go if we really wanna win the EPL next season.

    28. PresentTime

      Can we start this game already Lesssgooo blues! Timo can’t hit the side of a barn right now u can’t put some1 that shaky w. Penalty slot. Pulisic has made plenty penalties for US on international shoulders, if was given your lineup I’d just put all 5 Giroudand Alonso take out timo but who’s gonna be on the field realistically ...transfer is Definitely German... would u trade swap havertz ziyech kepa Zumma for kylian mbape or Kane and Spurs wanna get us and ask for jorgi or kova


      It is so hard to even get words out of me. No one can bug me or talk to me during this match. I am so nervous it almost feels like I am playing myself.

    30. Adam Mack

      Lots of comments about Azpi taking a penalty, but I don't know if his legs would make it through 120 minutes.

    31. Frederick Asante

      Why do u always have many distractions during ur videos, please focus on the message. thats all we care about.

    32. theimpost

      You don’t seem that happy with the dog.?

    33. SEKDubstepUkzz

      Imagine 119th min Chelsea have 1 sub remaining, Mendy off, Kepa on, down to the last pen for each team, Kepa’s saved one, but it’s not enough as Mount put one wide, De Bruyne steps up, KEPA SAVES! Last Pen, Kepa goes to take it himself, puts it top right and scores “SUPER SUB KEPA WINS THE GAME FOR CHELSEA”, the scenes, the excitement, the gobsmacked faces, pep disappointed and in amidst of all that all of Kepa’s dodgy mistakes, the time he decided he was the manager, all forgiven and he goes down as a cult hero, 72mil well spent

    34. SEKDubstepUkzz

      Thiago Silva can smash a pen in the top corner I’d give him one if he’s on the pitch

    35. sophia Isabella

      Hope they play/win like their life depends on it

    36. Johan Börjesson

      You can allways trust Azpilicueta from the penalty spot.

    37. Andreas JUhl

      How Can Azpi not be in your 5 players to take the pens?

    38. frank uzoma

      Mr Tuchel should at least play Reece in his RWB natural position, he has done us more harm than good in the RCB. Hope you George will read this message

    39. Charles Yadafe

      The game wouldn't be defined by penalties.. it's a straight win for either side

    40. Raphael D'C


    41. The Proof

      If it goes to pens ... I would swap Mendy for Kepa ...Mendy is to tall an never dives .... that’s why he saved the Agüero pen

    42. Anthony Mejia

      I feel like the Hoffman call was bc Kai and Timo vowed for him or maybe admire him when they were in bundesliga

    43. sTn AnoMaLy

      All I know is Tuchel better learn from Ole's mistakes and sub Kepa or Willy in for a penalty shootout. Mendy other than the Aguero pen that was chipped right at him, has not been very good against pens.

    44. David Nagy

      Tomori would be superb replacement for Azpi in the back 3 and James can stay on the right!

    45. Ritish Selvanee

      From mauritius..chelsea the best

    46. Ross Mason

      Would Pulisic be good for penalty number 5.

    47. Juan Davis

      rudiger will definitely be firing to take one

    48. orungbeja Oluwaseun

      Kai is our best PK taker

    49. Alex

      Azpi taking one for sure

    50. Michael Nsingo

      Kai has never missed a penalty just to let you know

    51. Nils Zarske

      I would probably have the same penalty-takers but swap Havertz for Ziyech because he took penalties at Leverkusen.

    52. Giorgos Chatzakis

      Get the fridge full of beers, through the Sun and Rain support CHELSEA, COME ON YOUR BLUES

    53. Sean Keegan

      Nah got to give a pen to azpi

    54. Truth Always Wins

      All natural left footers seem to good at taking pens, Ziyech and Alonso I agree with i would also add Chillwell

    55. Caleb Johnson

      Pulisic has taken some with the USMNT, I always trust Captain America

    56. Ben Pooler

      lol at Werner over pulisic

    57. Meleah Oleche

      Emerson is an excellent penalty taker.

    58. Elizabeth Helenek

      Ooooh Marcos Alonso is an interesting shout

    59. Omar Bautista

      This guy definitely gives the credit to useless players with less potential such as werner and ziyech.... this guy must start his speech with NO GUYS, not again please.

    60. Clicking Buttons

      If we’re choosing on reliability tho - J5 Mount Ziyech Giroud Alonso

    61. Clicking Buttons

      My 5 J5 Timo Mount Kai Emerson

    62. luke nolan


    63. nas x big L

      trust me maldini wants tomori and he will get him 28 mil is peanuts for him

    64. khalid hassan

      No. I don’t want anyone besides lukaku

    65. Paul Golding

      Jorgi, Mount, Kai, Timo, Oli

    66. Paul Golding

      I honestly don't think Ziyech will come on George.

    67. Daniel Hanson

      pulisic? havertz?

      1. Daniel Hanson

        (for pens)

    68. Rohit Panda

      Giroud scores the winning penalty and runs away with the trophy 🥺🤗

    69. I am Sam This is Daddy

      I don’t see timo playing 120 mins to be in talks for pks

    70. Awes Din

      Olivier Giroud penalty taker number 5, last game for Chelsea. Two step run up. George I see it 🤯🤩

    71. Henry von Bonsdorff

      Stop it George you're making me stressed

    72. Dibz Freedom

      5 zuma

    73. Mercy God's child

      jorginho, kante, mount, wener, rudiger.

    74. Hazard’s Memes

      My order for pens is 1. Jorginho 2. Werner 3. Azpi 4. Mount 5. Giroud

    75. just_gaby1

      George you can’t forget Azpi’s penalty scoring ability🔵

    76. Mercy God's child

      We must win because i can stand losing two finals within the space of two weeks.

    77. Jack

      I’m on the plane rn going to Porto cmon you blues

    78. Mark White

      still cant believe we in the final after sucj a down fall at christmas lets hope we can win in 90 but man city have a very bad record at penalties

    79. ER Barnette

      My pen takers Jorgi Werner Azpi Ziyech Giroud my top 5.

    80. Nick Ortiz

      Kai is a great pen taker

    81. Vide Wollter

      I don't think my nerves can handle a penalty shootout

    82. Sebastian AC Milan Channel

      havertz took penaltys at lewerkusan

    83. Tom Hoffman

      I accidentally looked into the future. Mahrez goal 14'. Pulisic 63'. Jorginho penalty 71'.

      1. Rodger Murphy

        I'll go with that

    84. Legend Rayquaza

      Hofmann is a cam and winger mostly.

    85. Legend Rayquaza

      If it goes to pens, SUB ON CABALLERO. Mendy’s track record with pens is poor and Caballero knows city and is a great pen saver. Not another kepa incident against city 😬

    86. Cathaoir Keenan


    87. Nick Ortiz

      My pen takers would be 1) Jorginho 2) Timo 3) Kai 4) Rudiger 5) Young money Mase to win it Idk y this lineup tbh I j have the feeling

    88. Baksh Mohindra

      Spotty's interjections aren't disruptions for me at all, George. I don't mind seeing or hearing more of him and Zola.

    89. けいあいさか

      Pulisic takes penalties for USA team!

    90. Chee Chinwong

      Chelsea penalty takers : Giroud, Azpi, Silva, Alonso and Jorghino!

    91. Stuart Goddard

      Up the blues 1-0 what about Dave for penalty

    92. Wahab Razak

      I’ll actually give Emerson a penalty kick. I trust Italians when taking penalties

    93. Bradley

      Definitely not timo, sorry no. Won’t be on at that time anyway imo. For me it’s jorginho, mount, azpileceuta, ziyech, giroud

    94. Benjamin Lela

      As for our penalty takers this would be my list- 1. Azpilicueta - He has taken some pens before and has a good conversion rate 2. Timo Werner- He scored 2 pens against Rennes earlier in the tournament plus he was Leipzig's penalty taker 3. N'golo Kante- I was impressed with his penalty technique in the Europa semi 4. Harvetz- He has scored many pens and was 1 of the best at his previous team / Mount- He is a confident lad although he lacks experience 5. Jorginho -He is our main taker so he may take the 5th penalty which has more potential of being a decider 6. Pulisic is the USA penalty taker 7. Hakim / Giroud (Giroud's penalty against Sevilla showed his quality from the spot GK- I'd prefer Caballero then Kepa. Mendy looks bad on pens I ended up listing more than 5 but it seems we have many penalty takers. One thing i'm not sure of is the order which Tuchel prefers

    95. Kervin Lopez vevo

      A win tomorrow in Jesus name Amen🙏🔵💙

    96. Kevin Holt


    97. Ryanmoyle

      ur hair gets greyer and greyer w each vid

    98. Derrik

      As a German I can tell you Hoffman wouldn't do anything for us.

    99. deadsheep

      If we survive 120 mins and manage to get to penalties, I'd 100% love it. They're special

    100. Peter Orukpe

      Ziyech is horrible when it comes to penalties, I've seen him take couple for Morocco in the nations cup, trust me it wasn't good.. Jorginho, Mount, Chilwell, Giroud, and Azpilicueta for the last, he has the confidence for me.. if penalties gets to more than 5, I had put Rudiger, T.Silva in there.