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    1. Мартин Петров

      Odoi's parents hate him so much - telling a boy from a little kid all these years, that he can be a football player and even support him, is devistating.

    2. Rams Tooms

      As if you even contemplate swapping out an academy star for sancho you fake fan..

    3. kenneth k ngoma

      CHO is so talented, but he's not utilized his talents yet, I would not mind having Sancho. And for the sake of his career, Dortmund would be the best club where he will definitely flourish into football light ov the world

    4. Vitor Lucas

      just me who saw a bat at the back ? at the beggining

    5. Marc Hamill

      CHO has massive potential, but lacks confidence. He also has not been played in the front 3 like Sancho or on his preferred side the left which needs to be take into account, BUT I think if we could get Sancho for £40 Mil plus CHO would be good business. I would want a buy back clause in there though, much like we had with Ake. So we let Dortmund get him to his potential and then buy him back for £50 mil in 2 years time.

    6. Aaron

      Swap Cho Werner and cash for Haland and Sancho

    7. David E Weir

      Hudson-Odoi must be given a string of games but TT doesn't seem to rate him so I wish him well at another club. A loan deal would be best for him and we can get him back.

    8. Dilip Khadka

      We will miss another gem If we go for Jadon Sancho

    9. Rob B

      I know you watch all Chelsea please explain wtf you talking about when there are no wingers that take players on? Pulisic does it non stop. He literally is way up there with take on stats. If you have your eyes open when you watch the game your see him do step overs toward the bi line and cross in, you see him do fakes outside the 18 and past guys into the box. You see him do turns all the time beating guys. Please go watch any highlight video of Pulisic in a Chelsea uniform and then tell us all wtf you were smoking.

      1. Rob B

        Btw been many videos you made after the games were you give Pulisic credit as the only guy trying to take guys on and make something happen. Literally your own words multiple times....again what you smoking?

    10. Percevan A

      Why would Sancho want to join us? Tuchel would just bench him like he did Callum and Tammy.

    11. surendra Raiee

      if cho sell we will regret in future

    12. Presly Gitau

      CHO is a rising beast

    13. lalrindika tochhawng

      No need Sancho! We have many guys like him at Chelsea Pulisic,Warner, ziyech, Odoi,havertz and mount can too play in wide position! ALL we need is a striker who can deliver 20 and above goals in a season..and then we will lift a trophies for sure for a seasons!

    14. j8nnt

      Shame Tuchel didn’t start Callum more this season - great potential!

    15. Bob Walker

      CHO's much better on the left and Tuchel hasn't started him there once, tells you everything. You only get confidence by getting regular game time (consecutive starts) to get your rhythm going.

    16. Bob Walker

      How many consecutive games has CHO had compared with Werner or Pulisic? If you haven't got confidence in CHO, you're an idiot. Also the Bundesliga is not as competitive as the Premier League so you can't really look at stats.

    17. rob dawson

      Is that a bat flying around in the background?

    18. Pine Cone

      People keep saying Sancho is a CFC fan, and yet the buzz is he prefers to go to United 😑

    19. Devonte James

      Noooooo wayyyyyyyyyy he's going 😣😣

    20. Emmanuel Solomon

      Hudson Odoi need more playing time , he's a good young talented player

    21. jonathan solomons

      Sancho just want to go to Man utd for the huge wages...Hudson must go for playing time .. and flourish

    22. Vayne Irisu

      CHO just need more consistency and confident in his ability , idk if he just afraid of his injury or something else . But he really had so many potential to become a great winger , he still young so we just have to give him more chances and time to develop and not give him too many critize or pressure . as we know how our fanbase are in social media 😌

    23. Navy M

      It’s just annoying how the camera focused on the couch this whole time 😂.

    24. mcsheffery16

      I think if Hudson odoi went to Dortmund at the same age he would have similar numbers. I'd say if Sancho had not left the prem he would be getting similar minutes and numbers as the other.

    25. Stephen R

      We need experienced winners as much as we need a Sancho - the problem with Chelsea is that we don't have that "never-say-die, winning is everything and defeat is not an option" mentality. I'd rather see a Pjanic come into midfield than another young wonderkid.

    26. Alpha Gamer H

      Personally think it's a good swap. With CHO it's gone a bit stale and probably needs a move to kick start his career. Sancho would be a massive upgrade IMO

    27. AstroNutter .com

      There was a bird flew in & flew out around frame 22 seconds!

    28. adrian

      If TT is going to keep Cho on the periphery then we should loan him out but definitely not sell him.

    29. Justin Garcia

      Would rather get rid of Pulisic/Ziyech for Sancho rather than CHO. Ideal would be Ziyech + cash.

    30. Andy Kinane

      A CHO loan + cash for Sancho would be absolutely perfect for us but I can’t imagine Dortmund would accept that

    31. Alan Vaughan

      No comparison between CHO and JS. CHO much the better, just think why JS now available at a lower price than last year. Simple answer JS has not progressed in the last year.

    32. Dun Out Here

      Buy Sancho and give CHO on 2 year loan

    33. Ahmed Abdelhameed

      I don’t think this is a good deal for Dortmund.

    34. JovyRey Fernandez

      Hudson Odoi needs to go on loan. I think the problem is that Chelsea have too many attacking options and he's lacking the game time to play. Dortmund also has too much attacking talent. Maybe one of the newly promoted clubs perhaps or Italy like Tomori.

    35. irshad kabeer

      A loan for CHO would be good but never sell him because I know Chelsea will regret it Instead of Chelsea really wanted a winger, why not go for eden. I know he’s gonna shine again for sure

    36. Freddy Quaynor

      I think a loan move for CHO is a step in the right direction for both team and player

    37. Bailey Piatto

      0:22 is that a fucking bat lmaooooo

    38. Alex Lockhart

      Maybe offering him out on a 2 season long loan plus money for Sancho is a good idea 😅

    39. dar shinee

      Cho get paid more than Mount

      1. Phenyo Prince

        Mount will get a new contract with higher pay in the future

    40. Sagar Deshmukh

      We will regret if CHO went...Loan could be better option for playing time and improve. We have to admit he is not getting much playing time at Chelsea.

    41. Siya Kwitshana

      Every time our wingers try take players on they lose the ball I don’t blame them...if you feel like you’re going to lose the ball don’t try to dribble past players...Hudson-Odoi loses the ball a lot when he dribbles tbh

    42. Siya Kwitshana

      Every time our wingers try take players on they lose the ball I don’t blame them...if you feel like you’re going to lose the ball don’t try to dribble past players...Hudson-Odoi loses the ball a lot when he dribbles tbh

    43. Paul P

      Let CHO go on loan for a year to a top quality club even if it is Dortmund (preferably with no buying clauses!) He needs game time - but needs to improve confidence, and doing that away from CFC might take him to the next level.

    44. Siya Kwitshana

      Every time our wingers try take players on they lose the ball I don’t blame them...if you feel like you’re going to lose the ball don’t try to dribble past players...Hudson-Odoi loses the ball a lot when he dribbles tbh

    45. Siya Kwitshana

      Where will Sancho play? Or who will he replace rather?


      Absolutly not! Sancho might be good, but untested in PL. CHO is massively skillful, and unlike tammy stays a lot on his feet, and has delivered in PL whenever he has got a chance, Sarri, Lampard or Tuchel

    47. けいあいさか

      Can we just swap Ziyech instead 😂

    48. けいあいさか

      Cho can be just as good as Sancho if he plays the same amount

    49. RMY 100

      Buy Sancho and HUDSON-ODOI for a 2 years loan.

    50. SH GO

      0:23 a bird?

    51. Shivam

      Don't know why are we going for wingers.. We already have a lot of them..We should go for some decent striker. We were creating chance but not able to finish them so i guess signing a world-class striker will solve our problem

    52. Henry Burrows

      Do you think Charley Musonda will get in the squad next season?? He looks so fast and twice as strong than before?

    53. klivegee


    54. Bokang Johannes

      Chelsea Fans are like little kids going to the store always crying for the new Toy while they have a better 1

    55. Rich Coggins

      One thing CHO has to improve on is his finishing. He has bags of potential, but I do get sick of watching him do everything right until the finish. If he adds that to his game, we won't need Sancho.

    56. jude kenechukwu

      Dont sell CHO I love that dude

    57. Al Pal

      Chelsea don't need Sancho , haaland would be far better


      If Sancho can defend he can play as a wingback for Chelsea. Otherwise, if only for attacking, Ziyech is a good enough winger. We also have Werner, Odoi, etc.

    59. Nashid Travels

      recce james--> RCB CHO -> RWB Sancho -> RW hmm

    60. Gordon Wright

      Hi GB, I believe we don't need winger, we must sign Stricker, Midfielder and Centre Back thx great show

    61. Manan Taksali

      I love to see CHO play even if no sancho

    62. Ashwin Thomas

      My wish list Dominic Calvert Lewin for departing Giroud and Abraham. Pedro Neto instead of Pulisic (captain America is fantastic no doubt, but seems to injured mostly). Neto is left footed. Jack Grealish instead of Ziyech Ndidi, Kalvin Phillips or Youri Teilemans after selling Jorginho But Pedro Neto is a must buy for Chelsea, he is young and already proving in premier league. About Sancho and CHO I'm not sure. Sancho has been playing in Bundesliga and performing there. Werner and Havertz are from Bundesliga and are yet to make that impact premier league.

    63. Saaiarjun N

      We can buy Sancho as he knows how Werner and Havertz plays since he's from Bundesliga and he has already played with chilly, James, mount and pulisic. And for CHO it's best for him to go on loan to a club like Dortmund or leicester or sell him to either of these clubs with an option to buy him back in the future. Instead of buying a striker, we can give a chance to Werner and Havertz for one more season in that position and we can buy Sancho for more creation.

    64. Crack Pot

      All chelsea fans love Callum. But given the competition Chelsea have on the wings, its impossible for him to get consistent game time.Look at Mount, despite so many criticisms in the beginning, he was given consistent game time and he proved all doubters wrong. But in the case of Callum, how will he develop as a player. It's better to let him go. Even I don't want him to go. So how about a 2 year loan deal at Dortmund while buying Sancho.

    65. Reuben Rodrigues

      No way Hudson-Odoi if we do sell him we not gonna give cash he and J SANCHO are almost on the same level and you know that there is granted success for him in bundesliga.

    66. Reuben Rodrigues

      look at Timo the Goals n assist What a mess, We should keep Hudson-Odoi and train him to take on players

    67. Pepsi Gardenia

      Keep CHO and give them Werner and Jorginho + cash.

    68. Pepsi Gardenia

      Question is, why did Tuchel keep playing Werner whilst keeping Callum benched? This type of weird favouritism could scare talented players like Sancho away. As for Werner's goal contribution, he didn't really create those chances. He mainly benefited from the creative talents of Mount, Ziyech, Kova and others. And then, How many times he was caught offside or missed easy sitters.. Players like Sancho typically chose meritocratic management,. Doubt he'd agree to come.

    69. Jay Cee

      Don't trust players from the German league

    70. Ethan

      the difference between the two is one had a career changing injury at a club in a harder league and for a team that is tougher to start in, the other hasnt.

    71. Jiborsky

      George, I can almost guarantee you that with Charly Musonda back next season, we don't need Sancho. We can keep CHO as a backup.

      1. William Herr

        Musonda hasn't really played over 4 years so don't expect him to hit the ground running straight away. He'll just play for the u23 to get regular playing time.

    72. Martell Tavares Ozoria

      Loan CHO to Napoli!

    73. Moty Grusman

      CHO decision making is very poor, 8 times out of ten he hesitates, then going backwards . Maybe it's confidence or lack of games, but right now we don't have time to sympathy or experiments. You get your chance, you must deliver

    74. Godfred Obeng

      Sancho in CHO out or CHO still stay and no Sancho or CHO stay, Sancho in , all these will still be great to hear

    75. SomethingObscure

      Get another winger is stupid. The only thing Chelsea should focus on is a striker and maybe center back.

    76. Uzair Hussain

      You know I think that James has been moved to rcb so that Cho or Sancho if we can get him can play rwb

    77. Moe Foley

      No question, CHO is a bit shite. I'd rather have both, they are best mates. Maybe Sancho would push him to his so called potential.

    78. Clutch1h

      How do you give CHO consistent time when you have Puli, Timo. Mase, Z, Kai, all fighting for the same spots.

    79. CFC Steven

      💙💙💙👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻my G

    80. Martin Yeboah

      Sign Sancho and loan Odoi

    81. Magic.Hunter#999

      Nope I want Hudson Odoi to stay. He has the creativity and he can change the gamestyle.

    82. Phill X

      If CHO would commit to improving his defense in the off-season he would be undroppable.

    83. Sandeep Shakya

      Bring in Sancho but Hudson Odoi should only leave on LOAN

    84. Edy Herman

      Tbh, cho is better than sancho. He just need more playing time. Thats all

    85. Elson Teixeira

      Mate is that a bat flying behind your back at 0.23 secs of the video lol 😲

    86. ASHisBACK


    87. Mr Emeng

      Cho> Hanchowchow

    88. J4keCFC

      Cho this and Cho that, my guy is Batman ❌🧢

    89. musani nlebesi

      2/3 year loan deal to a German team, hopefully a Leipzig, Monchengladbach(bad spelling I think lol) or Wolfsburg would be immense! CHO would develop in a proven favourable environment for young Englishmen. This guy has heaps of potential that he just needs to unlock, shouldn't sell him.

    90. Rodrigo Ampudia

      You are massively overlooking the bundesliga tax (yes, it’s real). It’s a no for me. There are better targets on the market

    91. C BF

      Let’s wish CHO well in Germany; it’s really a no brainer.

    92. Abel Iyahen

      why look to sign big name players? see what Leicester city are doing, their scout team is one of the best in the world. I hope you understand what I mean. It does not matter if Sancho was a Chelsea fan, does not guarantee him playing well George. Chelsea need a better scouting team. That is my opinion.

    93. Bryant Vargas

      Hudson-Odoi hasn’t been convincing when he’s played. He might need a loan to gain experience so he can be more confident and consistent. Jadon Sancho on the other hand has already showcased his quality. I’m not desperate for us to sign Sancho but if it happened it would make sense.

    94. Rainy Drill

      I've been saying for a while that I don't think callum is good enough,his final decision making is his problem.hes got the tekkers and the pace BUT thats it.its time for him to move on.

    95. Afolabi Blessing

      If CHO can get a consistent game time, and the amount of trust Mason got from Lampard regardless of his performance, then we would get a CHO that is world class, and better than sancho

    96. iamchico.

      not sure why we’re still going for bundesliga players.

    97. saj Rahman

      CHO's wage is also an issue we forget about, I would love him to stay he is in my opinion of Sancho's level but is wrongly compared to the likes of Saka, but as of right now we need someone who can start regularly and deliver the goods week in week out at the club and for whatever reason CHO isn't trusted to do that now, If we could get first option to buy CHO back I think that would be an incredibly good deal as Sancho sorts us out for the here and now and if CHO develops into the player we know he can be Dortmund are a selling club and we can get him back when he's reached where Sancho is now

    98. Prabhat Bindal

      No CHO deserves to be at Chelsea. He just refused Bayern for us... He should stay.. He will shine Also why do you want a winger so badly george....

    99. Diamond

      Sancho to Chelsea (transfer) and CHO to BvB (2 year loan) sounds like a great deal for everybody except BvB I hope wont pay more than 40M-50M extra

    100. Shazine Alafin

      I think they should let go on a loan move even at a lesser club in the premier league. But he need game time at Chelsea or somewhere else.