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    CHELSEA FC NEWS | CHELSEA BIG HAALAND BOOST, IS HE COMING? | SAUL NIGUEZ CHELSEA FC APPROACH! YES GUYS! Welcome back to a brand New Chelsea FC News video. In today's Chelsea FC News video, we discuss the developments in Chelsea FC pursuit of Erling Haaland, and the approach Chelsea FC have made for Atletico Madrid's central Spanish midfielder Saul Niguez! It has been reported in the last hours that Chelsea have contacted Atletico Madrid and are interested in the player!


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    1. ishmael simeon

      What's going on with Ethan ampadu

    2. Katalikawe muhammed

      He deserves that money. Please just pay don't wait for next season

    3. Martin Yeboah

      We must sign Haaland this summer he is worth every penny he will bang in goals for fun

    4. ArneWolf

      Chelsea are very link with hakimi any thoughts?

    5. Shoji Castillo

      I hope Chelsea doesnt sell Billy, he should go out on loan in another in the premier league for good experience.

    6. mackan2017

      Amazing how Mbappe is staying under the radar with these Chelsea vlogs…..2 years left on his PSG contract and Tuchel is pulling out all the stops with his contacts in Paris to get a pre-contract agreement👍🏻Give me Mbappe over Håland any day of the week🏐

    7. Osman Abdi

      gerginho is the best. he is a genus

    8. Ryder Lowery

      I’m afraid Haaland will be like Timo and have a hard time in the PL. 170 way to much. I’m very confident in Gallagher, he looked great preseason. He’s attack minded and looks for counter passing. He’s also much faster than Gilmore.

    9. xXM4ZTERXx

      Oh Benson, can you please remind the lovely people who the champions of Europe are again? Please 😁💙

    10. Anonymous Person

      Just need a top striker and Adama Traore for depth at wing-back with Reece. Gk. Sorted RWB. Need Adama (like Victor Moses 4 years ago) RB. Sorted CBs. Sorted (if we're short in this area then get back one of the loaned out players like Ampadu) LB. Sorted LWB. Sorted CMs. Sorted RW. Sorted LW. Sorted CAM. Sorted St. Need a Top class striker. Realistic Prospects: Daka, André Silva , Håland. Chelsea should get Adama for like £25m-£30 Daka: He's quality but Chelsea are better off sticking with Tammy. André Silva: Bundesliga players take a while to settle in the Prem so rather get a younger alternative. Håland: THE BEST SOLUTION. But since he's from the Bundesliga and might not live up to the £170m price tag being mooted for him Chelsea should use their good relationship with Dortmund (Batman loan & Pulisic acquisition etc.) to strike a sound agreement for Håland. Get Håland on a loan this season with an option to buy him for his release clause next season and in the Håland loan deal include the following players going the other way on loan: Tammy, Loftus Cheek, Alonso if possible, Bakayoko, Gilmour & Barkley (even though they'd also/rather want CHO). Sounds a bit outlandish but considering Håland's inflated price it's the best compromise. Chelsea shouldn't fall victim to Dortmund's "Lewy-like" inflated prices. Dembele cost Barça a price in the 100millions but he couldn't even juggle a football during his presentation let alone justify that price tag.

    11. trupiil

      Haaland is the guy to bring Chels the league and when you sell him on after 3 to 5 years he will get you 220 mill back in.

    12. MARTINJW25

      Kante is built like CR7, Dude is unreal

    13. Frank Marienfeld

      as a bvb fan : we know that Haaland will go in the next 2 years. So Chelsey buy him , give us money and Abraham and thats ok.

    14. Md. Maksud ud Jaman

      don't need to spend 170 m for haland, spend the money to purchase under 15 talents from different academy, that will bring money and good players one day

    15. Simon Brown

      No mention of CP10 winning another trophy

    16. joab obosi

      Get that guy Halland at any cost

    17. Cameron Pearson

      Love your videos George! Just chilling here in hospital after an operation and ur vids the only thing keeping me awake. Have to say I think we should all back Jorginho more, he’s an incredibly talented player off the ball and I think the drop in quality our team has without him is significant. Highly underrated midfielder!👏

    18. Clara William

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      1. Alan Hunt

        Lol behave you bunch of clowns

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      3. Elijah Lansferd

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      4. Paulina Lurah

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      5. Paulina Lurah

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    19. King11Didier

      Haaland to Chelsea? Not happening 100%.

    20. Cole Adams

      Champions of Europe therefore the world🌍💙

    21. Henry Alexander

      If possible, I hope Chelsea can materialize these transfers: 1. Declan Rice, 2. Brighton's Ben White, 3. Fiorentina's Dusan Vlahovic, or steal Salzburg's Patson Daka from Liverpool. Sell Tammy with buyback clause. Btw, does Fik have buyback clause?

    22. Unsilenced Chaos

      Honestly I think haaland is the answer. He can be what Ronaldo was to United. The way he plays with confidence of “I don’t give a f*ck what you think” shows me he will succeed. I mean he’s a proven goal scorer, he’s tall and strong and he has pace.

    23. T. Olsen

      Haaland is the only quality option with real re-sale value. Lukaku, Kane etc. are all in their late 20´s. So it make sense to spend a bit more on Haaland since we can get a big chunk of it (if not all of it) back even in 6-7 years time. The only problem I see are those crazy wage demand that are being floated about, I hope they are not true because we should never fall in a trap like that. Apart from that I still prefer Rice over Saul. The idea of Adama Traore at right wingback is still really exciting to me as well.

    24. Alli Kombat

      We need to sell Alonso, Ziyech & Jorginho or else we'd be stuck in 20/21 season and not develope into a better squad... Abraham too if Haaland sign. Not forgetting those out on loan. Saul isn't an upgrade, an upgrade to Jorginho would be Veratti or Fabian Ruiz... But that's just my opinion.

    25. Abe Alno

      What worries me is Haaland salary, no way we will offer him 500-600k

    26. Luvolwethu Yoyo

      Sign those players Thomas tuchel plz man

    27. L D53

      If Billy Gilmour’s Scotland knock England out of the Euros he aint going anywhere. Class pure class

    28. PgPro 86

      Hey George love your content but are you not gonna talk about Pulisic starring for USA In nations league stepping up In a very tough spot and drawing then converting a penalty in the top right corner to win the nations league against an extremely tough Mexico side that has dominated the USA. Come on recognize these BLUES when they do something amazing for their country

    29. T Spot

      Should have seen CP10 last night after he scored the winning goal against Mexico. He ran to their corner and shushed them. Which provoked a ton of bottles to be thrown his way. He was totally OG. Watch the celebration after the end of the game. He showed more emotion in a few minutes than I have ever seen. Totally cut loose in a good way. All Chelsea fans should take a moment to see that. He did the Blues proud!

    30. Andy W Rollo

      Ees tom tit

    31. Mercxnaryyy McLachlan

      I think we go all out for Kane! Premier league proven! And what a story it would be if his first trophy and first game was in the super cup

    32. MJOTD !

      George, great vid as usual, but we haven't had a 20 plus goal scorer for some time, so if if Mr A. is willing to splash zillions on Haaland, happy days! His worth can only increase - win win.

    33. Abel Iyahen

      Gilmour has played well. He is Gem. He can go on loan but never sell him.

    34. Xtraordinary football fan club

      One of our boys Christian Pulisic have made a remarkable come back to beat Mexico in a 3-2 win in extra time give him some love...

    35. Keith Schultz

      200 million is a bargain as young as he is its a steal!!!

    36. David Kerslake

      Billy Gilmore is an amazing talent and Chelsea should not sell him.On loan maybe would be the best option. Am looking forward to see him playing for Scotland.

    37. Lewis Dicks


    38. mateo alejandro arana siekmann

      Saul is a very bad option, he is in a low level right now

    39. Ritam Lahiri

      Sell Jorginho, Emerson, Bakayoko, Barkley and please buy Haaland! We can atleast coup 65 million for all of them.

    40. A

      Thoughts on the youngster Scott Chegg from Hartlepool?

    41. Luis Alberto Reyes Avilés

      What about Barkley and Loftus-Cheek

    42. Apa gi bu

      Get a striker from Academy

    43. Tyson Prince

      I know haaland is a good striker but I would not buy a player for so much money 😡😡

    44. GGGAMER08clipz

      Sual who be careful you now what Karen’s are like 😂

    45. WaffleRL

      better than jorginho? everyone is better than him!

    46. Implicate

      I would never spend $170 million for a player. The amount of pressure and expectations towards the player will be too much for him to handle.

    47. Don Posizione

      Digusted by how little effort this club is putting into signing Harry Kane.

    48. FreestyleGuitar

      Am I the only one who is hearing "pershute" instead of "pursuit"? Great video btw! Like and sub!

    49. Alex Lie

      How about Ros B?

    50. Anthony Mejia

      we dont need Haaland but I really want him 🤣🤣

    51. Bidhan Karmakar

      We should go for Harry Kane, but levy won't sell kane to us 😢

    52. Piedro Milamanio

      Out of all the chelsea channels this is to me by far the best one! Keep doing what you're doing. Up the Chels

    53. steven c

      Declan rice in Chelsea blue- I still want it to happen

      1. Anthony Mejia

        i feel he would play as a defender

    54. J D

      I would rather get Llorente then Sual Nigez

    55. etsnr05

      We don't need Haarland. Let's be real. Tried and tested is what we need or back Werner to find his scoring boots.

    56. Toonga

      Imagine if we draw psg, leipzig and milan next cl

    57. Am Just Yell

      Let's try balotelli. Yes guys.

    58. Ross Mason

      We should try sign Robert Lewandowski. Does anyone agree?

    59. Antonio Andrade

      Abromovic is playing career mode on lenient in real life

    60. Ankit Jha

      Hey George can you make a Chelsea player season tier list on how well they played.

    61. Vp Football

      150m for a World Class Striker for the next 10 years Yes Please

    62. nivvy19

      id love to see a werner haaland loan swap deal

      1. Angie Wiedenkeller

        Not happening

    63. Prabhat Bindal

      Cmon werner we believe in you...

    64. Don Bab

      Lukaku and kane are hot now but are at the late afternoon/ early evening of their careers. Haaland is in the morning.

    65. kugan hearn

      i hope we insert a buy back option with tomori. big mistake letting him go as it is

    66. kugan hearn

      would love both but would rather saul. him and kante would be next level

    67. MATRIX Lomachenko

      No we don't need a new striker

    68. Max Baker

      Mr George “flipping” Benson

    69. Akuma God'swill

      If Billy performs well at the Euros I see him playing

    70. cat castillo

      Kova is great, but to me, he’d be the one to go. Saul at least as some, though few, but some assists and goals to his game and Kova has none. We need more midfielders that can pitch it a bit more with G/As.

      1. Temple 1966

        Nah get jorginho out he barely does much at all plus he is declining alot

    71. Wade Will

      Werner + Cash for Haaland pls.

    72. starman1994

      Billy Gilmore should be sent out on loan (no option to sign) and replace Jorginho next season.

    73. けいあいさか

      My issue with Haaland is his agent, he poisons clubs.

    74. Gary South

      As for the Spaniard no thanks

    75. generaldane

      We should go for Patson Daka

    76. Gary South

      If we are persevering with Timo Werner god help us

    77. Aditya Patel

      I hope our purshuit of Haaland is successful but he likes city and they are ready to spend too. So .. not very likely. People who don't back Timo don't know their football full stop.

    78. ESCflare

      Haaland 🔵

    79. Ozy Mandias

      "An opponent is just a teammate that plays for a club you haven't been sold to yet." - Oli Giroud?

    80. Nora Frost

      I hope Chelsea dont sign Haaland, we dont need another attacker that just stands there.

    81. Alan Douglas

      Jorginho world class - I'm not that convinced. I would be sorry to see Gilmour going out on loan. For one season that might be OK to gain experience, but I would not like to see him end up as one of those players who goes out on endless loans and we never see again.

    82. Gunner 4ever

      I'm an Arsenal fan, but still subscribed to him because of his herder of Buffalo past 😂😂

    83. Lennon Backhurst

      Kai is a 9 under Tuchel not a false 9

    84. Kenny

      Chelsea already have 4 cm, don't really need another one unless jorginho is sold

    85. Prince Etu

      Are we sleeping on Yves Bissouma?

    86. LL_24

      Saul fits our system perfectly. Jorginho - out Billy - Loan (guaranteed ALOT of PT) Saul - Sign RLC - Bring back Add another HOLDING Midfielder that can ping the ball around, strike the ball and is really confident on the ball.

    87. Dave weststand

      If Marina can get Haalands price down to 135m or thereabouts then we should stop messing about and sign up this goal machine ASAP.!!! At just 21 yrs of age he will give us at least 12 yrs of service. Come on Chelsea, it's a No Brainer !!!!!

    88. NicolasVanHecke

      In my opinion I think Werner needs the confidence and he could be one of Chelsea’s greatest

    89. Abdul Wahab Mohd

      Maybe we can wait till Euro2020 end, few players will be flourish there and will get our attention

    90. Zeo

      Putting haaland in the title is the easiest clickbait recently

    91. deepak singh

      170 mil to buy... Then haaland wants 1 mil per week.... bad commercial decision.. see what is happening with barcelona... Invested too much around one guy.. Get a 30-50 mil range striker .. .. Havertz and Werner will definitely get more goals... we have a fantastic team to go ahead with.. 👍

    92. Eddy Sylverstin

      Haaland is Overrated for 170millions! I rather spend 170millions to buy 3-4 good players. Or i will buy Lewandoski for 70-8 millions or buy Luis Suarez. Luis Suarez probably will suit Tuchel style of play.

    93. Greek Gaddafi

      Welcome to Chelsea haaland Rip

    94. Immanho jr

      GBFC.... home of content

    95. Carlos Rivera

      Saul, is he good in possession though?

    96. Mason mount

      Tranfer target Tier list 🙏🏼

    97. John Gallaher

      Chelsea is going to regret letting Tomori go. They must not do it twice (or more) in one summer.

    98. Dan M

      I’d sign Haaland for 200 million. The guy simply does not miss when he’s around the goal.

      1. Quabena Monster

        Same you said about Werner 😂

      2. Kwesi Etsibah

        @hilbert paul he plays for Dortmund what do u want him to win 😂. Plus they did win a cup

      3. hilbert paul

        How many trophies has he won

      4. S S

        Dusan Vlahovic, 21 years old with 21 goals in Serie A, he is an incredible finisher and would be €140 mil cheaper than Haaland

      5. will

        2nd most big chances missed top 5 leagues....


      Looks more likely we will sign Daka for our forward option.

    100. Luke 56

      You could say center mid is loftus cheeks main position even though different managers use him in different places but that’s another midfielder to add