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    CHELSEA FC HAVE A PREMIER LEAGUE FINAL | ASTON VILLA vs CHELSEA Match Preview. Aston Villa vs Chelsea on the final day of the Premier League 20/21 season. Chelsea are in control of their Champions League destiny for the 21/22 season but will still be looking to keep it in their hands by beating Aston Villa at Villa Park on Sunday afternoon. Chelsea FC will have one eye on their Uefa Champions League final next week against Manchester City in Porto, but Thomas Tuchel has made it clear that Chelsea FC are firmly focused on beating Aston Villa and ending the season in third place in the Premier League.

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    1. Clinton Kotzee

      I think you should name the doggo "Terry"

    2. Unnikrishnan Unni

      what the shit is VAR doing?? We have been the victim of some partial decisions. Something should be done.. Can't allow this to continue

    3. Muhammad Faizzuhairi

      Give a blue box to spurs🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Muhammad Faizzuhairi

        And Leicester🤣

    4. Matt Ball

      Name the dog John or Frank

    5. Morepride Moyo

      GBFC select doesn't support in my country Botswana in Africa

    6. Hutto Chishi

      Name the dog after the player who gets the motm today vs Aston Villa.

    7. Brian Pease

      Name him Dogba or Lampaw

    8. Ross Mason

      Call the dog Didier. However, I don’t want you to be talking about dogs on this channel.

    9. Liam Holt

      Should call the dog Frank

    10. Kevin Simpson

      Sunday Evening You Idiot!

    11. Kevin Simpson

      The Dogs Name Should Be Woof! Cos That’s How You’re Going To Be Feeling At The End Of The Game! Get It Chelsea Fan?

    12. Kevin Simpson

      Let’s Go VILLAAAA! Ollie Watkins To Score Today!

    13. Kevin Simpson

      I Thought He Was A Singer!

    14. Anya Hall

      Adorable pup mate. Name him Mason

    15. Gaza Vw

      Don’t feed dogs chicken bones because they splinter and can get stuck in the throats of dogs 💙

    16. Moe Foley

      You can't give dogs chicken bones, especially puppies.

    17. Marcus Grasso

      i kinda want havertz and werner up top because i feel like they will get there confidence up way faster if they do that then they can put pulisic on after if it is not working out but i also dont wanna risk it

    18. Ebbe Vadelius

      We are bringing this home

    19. Modde Sharif

      Chelsea player of the season is Mandy with him we could have the worst season of the year so tank you very much Mandy 🏅🥇🔥golden gloves🖐

    20. tony behan

      I am a bit nervous today , Villa will be tough and I fancy Liverpool and Leicester to win

    21. azubuike igwe

      Thanks for your brilliant words

    22. Tapiwa James

      Road to 200k GBFC Fam growing Name the dog Stamford

    23. Robet Y

      Nice digs. 2 more wins.!

    24. Vince Skinner

      Stamford all day long he’s your new mascot!

    25. Callum Smith

      Call him didier

    26. Gamulisa Gavin

      Dog name: Spotty

    27. Manoj Ghalley

      Dog name: Chelsea 💙💙💙

    28. Psiphon

      Pretty certain that you shouldn't give dogs chicken bones as they splinter - very dangerous for them.

    29. Matt Smith

      You have Pulisic starting on your chart

    30. Aditya Dwivedi

      Kai havertz should play

    31. KM4L

      If Chelsea win Champions League you have to promise to name the dog after the MOTM, add a little spice

    32. A1_Mulla Kuye

      Not zouma allow it😂

    33. kidist ambachew

      Zouma hattrick 😂😂🙌

    34. Nora Frost

      they will loose with zouma playing

    35. Paul Everest

      Did not noticed lol

    36. Siya Kwitshana

      Dope house!

    37. Immanuel Reginald

      Name the pup Pedro

    38. Herbie Owen

      Didier droggo

    39. Musa Muneer

      Call the dog Bruno

    40. abdulaziz B

      Abramovic supports modern Nazis .I hope chelsea loses big time

    41. Taha Edhi

      Name the dog drogba

    42. Robert Olyaie_

      George you have to name the dog Frankie!!

    43. Riley Reeves

      He has got to be called frankie

    44. Taffy Manyumba

      If you haven't been impressed with United, then why haven't Chelsea been above us, no comment

    45. Likith S

      Everybody is a gangsta until Tuchel pulls out a back 4 to rob Pep's sleep

    46. Joe Tabet

      Love this channel

    47. Vic Kediretswe

      You should also mention that your competition is for selected countries.. Which I don't get? Chelsea fans are worldwide?

    48. Joe Hunt

      Zouma 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Of the 3 u have Christensen should be the middle Also its like literally 6 days between games no need to rest people, unless they are carrying injuries or have injuries not fully healed. Plus our opposition are playing exactly same time and have same amount of rest between games

    49. Noah Chadick


    50. DRAGONFIRE Games

      George mate you should call your dog frankie🔵🔵

    51. Stephen Swad

      The dog HAS to be called Thomas!

    52. Beth

      Name the puppy Mason

    53. andrew manyore

      Nice to meet the new member of GBFC

    54. Reiner Lang

      Call the Doggie < Ballacker > Like my German friend ! Looks like Bali is your permanent home ? Und Tschuess Greetings from Australia

    55. Angie Wiedenkeller

      Name him Champ or Porto , lol

    56. Angie Wiedenkeller

      Sorry George but I have to disagree with you. I think tomorrow is when you put the best team on the field. Winning tomorrow will already win the CL spot for next season and City are better than Aston Villa so why take a chance ?

    57. Mollie McNally

      What about Azpi? It’s quite unique!


      we will get the job done

    59. Pathfinder Phantom

      Call the pup Didier DOGBA. KTBFFH 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    60. Freddie Lopez


    61. Muurk

      Name the dog Eden!!!

    62. MAD

      when i see zouma, i pressed the disagree button. sorry.

    63. Hiro Chong


    64. Melissa Ng

      Give the match to us JT , come over as an assistant coach next season , Come on Chelsea, we need the win 🙏💙

    65. Ben Leon Ong

      Doggo needs to be named Jorgi, for the many kicks from the spotty.

    66. Luke Pitts

      Timo Werner is starting to find his form finally

    67. Chelsea4Life 23

      If Chelsea win the CL you should name the dog something Champions League related

    68. Robert Andretta

      Why not our best center back, T.Silva; play Zouma instead of Christensen. Again no Pulisic??

    69. Maryam

      Name him after whoever scores in the champions league 😌

    70. Des O'Reilly

      Name for the doggie woggie? Clearly 'Spot'! " Ten men went to mow..."

      1. Lachlan Gould Sport

        Nailed it. Gotta be Spot.

    71. Norman Ganto


    72. I AM Your Father

      For the people that’s saying if we lose this there more pressure for the final I disagree there are so much pressure regardless of the outcome of this game and plus there no excuse for us to win tomorrow and if we lose the final I don’t want to hear at least we got top 4 like foh

    73. Maryam

      I swear if in a years time we’re still fighting for top 4 on the last day i mma 🤬

    74. lawii minae

      Call him Bridge

    75. Dynamite Shadows

      "Azpillicueta has been playing so much football lately, and..." *AD PLAYS* 😂😂😂

    76. Justin Moakler

      There is this rumor going around that Chelsea made contact with Aston Villa and asked them to throw the game in exchange for Barkley for free

    77. Thomas Knights

      Gotta call the dog Didier Dogba👌🏼

    78. ihsanhusainy

      doggo = mr chelsea

    79. Russ Coleman

      We will win 4-0

    80. Deriza Putra

      Goodluck Chelsea 💯% believe you can do it. 💙💙

    81. Dave Buckner

      Spot on with the lineup. Love the house decor.

    82. Ryan Blues

      That dog is cool like Havertz. Call him Kai~

    83. john paterson

      name the dog N'golo

    84. Nick Andreas

      Gotta call him “Hudson-Odog” or just “Hudson” for short

    85. Deusvult09

      I hope those are raw chicken bones you’re giving him. Cooked ones can break into slivers and be very harmful. Cheers! Dog name: Dogba

    86. Trey Frazier

      Audience: "George, why don't you return back to London?" George: *shows house tour*

    87. vikt0819

      dog name n'golo, no competition

    88. Connor Walters

      Cracking video. I suggest N'Golo for a dog name. 😎

    89. Charlie Clements

      Call the doggo Makelele!

    90. Trey Frazier

      Name him Azpi

    91. Bryan Johnson

      How about Coyb pronounced like Koi bee?

    92. Pierre Frizelle

      who else didn't even notice the massive thing in the way until George said

    93. James

      Name the dog Matteo!!!

    94. J&H tV

      Name for dog ( GULLIT ) one my fav players

    95. J&H tV


    96. let's analyse PES MOBILE

      Yes guys 💯💯

    97. Mikey Reacti0n

      I dont believe in resting player , by resting them u are fucking up their form

    98. The iCanTHC Channel

      Love the doggooo!!

    99. Adam Stevens


    100. Kuristofa G

      You don’t want to rest players ahead of the UCL final... that gives away our players selection for the final