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    CHELSEA ARE GOING TO WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. Welcome back to GBFC for a collaboration that you've all been asking for! Rory Jennings is on GBFC to discuss Chelsea expectations for the rest of the season and looking forward into next season as we question whether Chelsea under Thomas Tuchel can challenge Manchester City and Pep Guardiola next season. Let me know your expectations as a Chelsea fan for the rest of the season and make sure you go and subscribe to Rory!
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    1. Rory Jennings

      Thanks for having me on George, as I said, this channel is the promised land for any Chelsea fan, honoured to be on! See you in Istanbul 😉x

      1. John Doe

        Rory you're an embarrassment. I hope you get kicked out of The Kick Off. They should bring in a proper Chelsea fan.

      2. Dave Chard

        You speak well except I do not agree with you on Mahrez.

      3. S Haider

        F Mre yes I’m insecure for pointing out how idiotic his opinions are

      4. F Mre

        @S Haider bet he’s distraught mate, why have u taken 5 minutes out of your day to comment that? Rory’s a nice bloke whether or not you like his views, whereas you’re clearly just bitter and insecure

      5. Robin Davis

        Great collaboration. Subscribed!

    2. Ricardo Rodrigues

      Quero ver passar pelo Porto🇵🇹🇵🇹

    3. Stamford Bridge


    4. Ultimate Trolls

      Coming from a Chelsea fan, please hide this after this west brom performance

    5. Emmanuel Carter

      Rory is such an articulate fella. Great Video Lads!

    6. Luna On Earth

      With all due respect to Rory's comments of Real/Liverpool doesnt want to play Chelsea if they beat Porto. As a Madrid fan, I ain't scared of no team. I'm ready to see us play Chelsea IF we win both of our respective games

    7. Flickyflix

      Half a decade is ten years 😂 love the video with Roy

    8. Timothy Hickey


    9. Oluwaseyi Shehu

      Hold up. Isn’t half a decade 5 years 🤔

    10. Alhassan Shiraz

      George I feel this international break your video's always make it up to me

      1. Alhassan Shiraz

        I do not feel the break

    11. Vivan Verma

      Two of the best people who I love listening to! This video is really every Chelsea fan's delight.

    12. Sami A

      Vote: - Andreas Christensen for March's EA SPORTS Player of the Month - Thomas Tuchel for March's Barclays Manager of the Month - Mason Mount for March's Budweiser Goal of the Month (Via the Premier League - Official App)

    13. janteo1

      Andreas is very good in a back 3, he played there with Conte too, his positioning was always perfect but now he has one more teammate to cover for his lack in physical strenght

    14. ben chhak

      We can win it ofcouse. Defense looks great, just gotta figure the offense winning 1 nail is better then 5-4 all day.

    15. Hritik Pandey

      Stop jinxing us mannn withe these fuckin titles

    16. takerzoid

      tom henning ovrebo better not referee any of our ucl matches!!!!!

    17. Rysslass

      I thought we all were bious!!! Aren't we all Blue? Reese, Rudiger, Mount Timo and Havertz? And ofcourse our Cap war between Aspi and Silva and Jorginho, did you see the last two games!!! With Captains like that we'll win everyting!!! I'm Exctatic with our team, ofcorse Håland would e welcome, but do we need him? If Timo and Havertz edliver what they can, I think we have a new Zola and Lamps.

    18. Random Clips

      I’m a Chelsea fan but no with our squad we do have the ability but at the end of the day though Tuckle has been great the squad is franks squad Next season with few good transfers we could do it

    19. Andy Harding

      Excellent video guys, enjoyed listening to both of your comments, look forward to the next one b4 CL final

    20. Manolo Perez


    21. Alvic Banya

      Rory wow I like the energy Blue is the colour, football is the game

    22. Paul Sharma

      Wow half a decade is 10 years. Ladies and gentlemen George is officially a legend 😂😂

    23. Dinoco Blue

      I really hope that we don’t actually blow this. I’m sure all of the players and Tuchel are gonna look at our route to the final and think “hang on.... we might actually have a chance here”

    24. Just Arnold

      Rory you really feel Leictercity will drop off from top 4 😭... We clearly don't watch the same football

    25. F Mre

      Rory and George are goated

    26. Just Arnold

      Real Madrid is not afraid of Chelsea 😂. You all just too unrealistic.

    27. Inti CFC

      Rory is a fraud

    28. King Öze

      I have goose bumps with that description of the European Cup Finals by Rory in 2012. What a night? Bloody hell. I bought a car that day and I am not selling it until we win another one.

    29. ZakirSA

      It’ll be Bayern vs Liverpool in the final

    30. ZakirSA

      Jinxed the hell out of it

    31. Fiifi Appiah

      Rory is very knowledgeable about football 👏👏👏

    32. Kieran Dunn

      Didn’t realise half a decade was 10 years haha

    33. Rupesh Kunwar

      “Blind, unilateral tribal belief” 😯

    34. Samuel Omollo

      Hi George, Can you send one of your GBFC gift to Kenya 🇰🇪 .. the blue shirt .🇰🇪💙

    35. Tom Wood

      Forgot that over half a decade was 10 years😂😂

    36. Samuel Lopes

      Man please dont jinx things up. Whenever you predict something always opposite happens. Take it one game at a time.

    37. United States of Chelsea

      Seeing these two together gets my blue rocks off

    38. romansoldier1981

      half a decade is 5 years right?!?

    39. Ohiorenua Igbarumah

      It's obvious lampard won't last knowing how demanding abrahamovic is about wining trophies and his sack is not shocking but with Tuchel as long as he has been giving a benchmark he understand what to expect

    40. Emile Moise

      What will happen Mr George if Chelsea turn fourth and Liverpool wins the Champions Ligue ! Will Chelsea be in the Champions Ligue next year 😔😔😔?

    41. T

      Didn’t know Harry styles supported Chelsea

    42. T

      Half a decade isn’t 10 years my guy

    43. Daniel Sellars

      As a Chelsea fan this is the problem I see with us fans, guys we are getting over confident. Porto have blood in their eyes for us if we slip for 5 minutes in that game we out. I would want us to win it but at least take it game by game and not just jumping to Istanbul when we have tough games to play

    44. Rob Humphreys

      1800 aus dollars for the double. Come on chelsea!!!

    45. Emile Moise

      Amazing amazing; the best i have seen so far about Chelsea 🙏🙏🙏! You should come gother more often, well done and congratulation 🍀🍀🍀

    46. Martin Yeboah

      Brilliant content George & Rory. Undoubtedly Tuchel is a phenomenal and better coach than Lampard. True talk every player who wins european cup like champions league is automatically and naturally Chelsea legend i agree with Rory

    47. Dibz Freedom

      Half a decade,10 years?

    48. archiewall15

      The most admiring thing about tuchel is he’s got the best from every player, Havertz was a shadow of the player he can be and he’s already showing how good he is in the few games recently where he’s had his opportunities, Rudiger and Christensen have been revolutionised. Kante is taking it back to back 2017 again. Werner has stepped up even tho he is still lacking goals. Recent improvement in Ziyech performances. CHO moved to RWB and is being given more game time and he’s improving his game. Alonso brought back and looks at his best again.

    49. kristian claxton

      You got to dream. In January 2012 I was in a Irish bar in Venice got into an argument with some very arrogant German guys and ended up drunkley saying remember me when Chelsea beat Bayern in the CL final. 5 months later we had beat napoli, benfica, barclona and bayern in their own back yard. I always think I hope them German guys where thinking of me as Drogba slotted away that pen

    50. Jacob Weinstein

      Delusional United fan here :) love both of you guys, remarkably impressed by Chelsea recently

    51. Steven Amaoh

      Rory your so biset was not with tuchel for Ages liked you hated Chelsea

    52. ed nicolle

      the flamingooo

    53. Insight 123

      Me when i see the title: Can i borrow your weed

    54. Olle Lange

      Really Great video George! Thought Rory was excellent as well, never heard bout the geezer strangely enough. Though, I have to say I disagree about the part at about 17 minutes in whether you'd liked our season compared to Arsenal's. Despite our success previously, it was probably the most enjoyable sesson I have ever experienced as a fan. It just felt amazing how a pathway had been built from the academy to the starting XI, being led by Frank, playing good football, and so many rememberable games to go with it, I wouldn't switch it for the world, but that's just my opinion.

    55. alex kirby

      Nah why’s this wanker here. George you’ve let us down

    56. Johan Börjesson

      Can you please start another carear mode with chelsea

    57. zainul hakim

      I wouldn’t jump to conclusion so quickly george. 😁 lets beat the opponents one by one first. Dont put hope too high 😁

    58. Bahaa Banna

      Im here from the future: Chelsea got knocked out by porto

    59. Annie Gur

      Rory said he hates tuchel and said we play worse under him than frank so idk if I should trust him anymore

    60. konrad herrmann


    61. Victor Lezama

      At the beginning of the season I felt like we weren’t going to win the league. I felt that although Chelsea signed a lot of great players, it was going to take some time to get everyone playing well together. I was hoping for a top 4 finish, an FA cup trophy and a good run in the champions league.

    62. tony behan

      Sorry guys winning the Fa CUP far greater than top 4 old fashioned view I know

    63. tony behan

      Think we would all be SUPER HAPPY if we win some silverware this season lol

    64. Akim Aalou

      Make a video about the summer transfers we should make. I honsetly think we don't need to strengthen any position. If anything, we should go for available top players like Haaland and Donaruma

    65. Bob Ronaldo

      Half a decade isn't 10 years😂😂😂

    66. Samuel Ergando

      Now he is hyping the club up, this guy Rory yeah 🤡

    67. Max football fans channel

      Ffs don't overdo it!

    68. Nugget Rodriguez

      Kante is injured 😔

    69. MC Mental

      Ahhh it’s really annoying me that the Chelsea crest in Rorys side is off aligned. Georgeeeeee why did you do this?😭😭

    70. Edwin Inganji

      Any Chelsea player who wins the European Cup for us is a legend in my book. They will have written themselves into the folklore of the club.

    71. S Dot

      Worst guest ever, he has no idea about anything your better than this Benson. Worst chelsea SEprom personality!!!!!!

    72. Suki Bhasker

      He's from the Sidemen cutting hair video right

    73. richard jarowitz

      Loved this collaboration. Thanks y’all. Subscribed, Mr. Jennings!

    74. Kacheve St. Bernard


    75. Kacheve St. Bernard

      I would never forget Rudiger being so good against Liverpool that Salah had to be taken off Mane moved to the right hand side an there still wasn't a difference He made them look like school boys Reminding you that Salah and Mane are champions league an premier league winners in their prime!

      1. ekon

        You didn't really praise him when you added the last statement

    76. Rohin Patel

      Collab of dreams

    77. Bxstxn

      It’s going to happen

    78. Patches

      Isn’t half a decade 5 years?

    79. Einar Þorsteinsson

      Rory seems super nice

    80. will

      Absolute legends! 💙💙💙

    81. Daniel Hanson

      YES GUYS, been loving the content mate - especially the collabs! had two series suggestions for you if you are interested: 1) Reminiscing on your journey through the creation of the GBFC page, your moves to london/bali, and the transformation of the GBFC page and community over time. 2) Looking back on the Abramovic era at Chelsea, the first revolution and influx of top players and managers to chelsea, looking back on jose’s two stints with the blues, going over the recent history up until the new Abramovic revolution that could be upon us!! COYB!! I thought these would be great videos for new blues fans and GBFC community members, such as my friend who I have recently converted to a chelsea fan!

    82. Soowoo22

      Half a decade is 5 years idiot lmaooooo

    83. danda saisantoshreddy

      u did a collab when we were in 17 run unbeaten streak, Lampard was sacked and we dropped 9 or 10th in the league. Hoping anything like that doesnt happen now🙏

    84. Daniel Hanson

      been loving the collabs and learning of the new pages! keep them coming!

    85. x4Ny

      People forget Kova won 3 UCL's already :D The guy is lucky charm :O

    86. cxloudx

      Great video laddy!

    87. Tim Berge

      Rory top man as well

    88. Tim Berge

      We can beat man city as well at Wembley 100per

    89. Tim Berge

      George we will make top 4 100per Leicester will drop away very soon

      1. Anthony Mejia

        so who's the other team on the top 4

    90. Tim Berge

      I think 2 final and top 4thomas blue and white army

    91. Favor Adelufosi

      Don’t jinx it pls

    92. Josh Dunne

      This would be a great format for a podcast. Would love to have it on Spotify so I could listen on the go.

    93. Brihat Gurung

      defo yan... we are winning it

    94. Aidan Gilhooly

      Need this collab like 6 more times this international break

    95. Mahmoud Ahmed KR

      The last time you did a video on winning a championship was on chelsea winning the prem We then became 9th and frank was sacked 😂 Lets hope for the best this time 😂

    96. Paradox Ash


      1. Paradox Ash

        The problem these same fans wont even motivate the club in a bad run of form but insult every soul . Its almost expected of us. In one bad game i can see the fans going tuchel out. Even if the bar is set , overconfidence is still a thing .

      2. Anthony Mejia

        the more overconfident media people are, it will set a high bar for chelsea players (assuming they see this type of content) and they will have confidence themselves. This type of content is made purposedly to put confidence on players and let them know they can do it


      anyone but rory

    98. Michael St.John

      All i got to say is F ManU. I consider that to be equal to "To Hell with Georgia" which was/is my College Football mantra as a Georgia Tech alum and fan. Come on You Blues.

    99. Rodrigo B

      First we need to beat Porto, they are not an easy team to break down. Than if we pass game by game cause Liverpool and madrid turn into different teams in the UCL (i, prefer to play Liverpool than Real)

    100. Nicholas Martins-Ramirez

      Angry rant man and gbfc collab. The dream