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    CHELSEA 2-0 EVERTON PLAYER RATINGS | Havertz SHINES in Chelsea 2-0 Everton HIGHLIGHTS! Chelsea beat Everton 2-0 at Stamford Bridge to go clear of Everton in the Premier League top 4. Chelsea 2-0 Everton highlights show a dominant attacking display from young German Kai Havertz who came back into the team as Mason Mount was rested with an eye on the Away trip to Leeds United on Saturday. Chelsea's goals came from Ben Godfrey Own goal and a Jorginho penalty. Chelsea were heavily dominant in this game as they go 11 games unbeaten under Thomas Tuchel. Where do you think Chelsea will finish in the Premier League this season?
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    Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea continue to impress in the Premier League as they go four points clear of Everton in the race for Champions League places in the Premier League. Stand out performances from Kai Havertz and Jorginho seal another convincing win from Tuchel's Chelsea FC.

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    1. Mr. Strange

      Havertz as a False 9, Pulisic/Husdson Odoi/Mount at attacking mid, we really need to bench Werner

    2. tomi junias

      Jorginho will start against Leeds, he's out of the Atletico match......Either one of Kante or Kovacic will substitute the other (against Leeds).

    3. harris khalex

      i hope christensen will be given more game time ahead as silva is getting back to fitness. he's solid and currently been developing quite well.

    4. Matt Mathai

      Loving the player ratings videos and the extended reasoning behind them. I do think that the red/yellow/green boxes don’t work too well in this context and step on your match preview videos. There’s just too much chance of inconsistency. For instance, getting an ‘8’ for a match should almost guarantee an appearance in the next match (e.g. Kova) and explaining why he might be left out despite a stellar performance is more appropriate in a preview video, IMO. Anyway, just a suggestion. Keep up the good work.

    5. Sarah Marie

      Jorginho and mason are the most likely to play against leeds because they're both suspended for the 2nd leg against athletico

    6. Ali Abdu

      □□□□□ 💛💛💛💚💚💪👍👍👍❤💓💞💟👍💗💚

    7. Tiernan O'Brien

      Where can I watch the live streams

    8. lisa martins

      looks like kai is back long may it continue

    9. Finalleigh

      Jorginho surely has some voodoo magic on some Chelsea fans. Am I the only one who thought Jorginho was EXTREMELY average? Lost the ball so so many times. His balls over the top NEVER found anyone. Plus the ball that released Kai was Kovacic. Ffs how is he getting an 8.5. Does average = good nowadays for Jorginho? As much as I hate to say it but I'd take Mctominay every single day of the week rather than Jorginho lmao. (Mctominay is pathetic too BTW)

    10. Stuart Kyahurwa

      I think J5 will start vs leads esp because he is suspended for the champs league.

    11. Kanishk Maurya

      Christensen deserves at least an 8. He has performed so so well since his introduction under TT. Distribution is good, tackling is good, defending is good and still got a 7.5 lol. And more so he is performing every single match since he has come on the pitch.

    12. E Gamez

      Pulisic going to Liverpool

    13. Jamie Yeates

      christensen 7.5 !? bit higher mate it was like watching T.Silva at times against everton.... GOAT

    14. Average Joe

      I feel like we now have the problem that we have too many quality players to start! Of course, that is a great problem to have. It just shows how good Tuchel is! COYB!

    15. Kingdom Freedom AMV

      I had to look again. Kovacic passed that ball through to Havertz. *which seems more like it*

    16. Siddhu ezio

      Bruh I don't know if you're really analysing and watching the games again or just making the videos. You didn't talk about how effective Christensen was, playing out from the back and passing directly to Kai havertz and progressing our play. Secondly, it was Kovacic who played the through ball. Get your facts right mate.

    17. Britt Salter

      I think you overrated Jorginho, Mount, and Werner. Underrated Christianson, Kovacic, Odoi, and probably Kante. James played VERY well, but did turn back unnecessarily a few times - but he was still excellent. Werner hustled and found good spaces, but can't seem to find the goal. Jorginho was pretty good, but Kova was better. Mount was good, but not (my opinion) the game changer you see. Kante was in the middle of everything and did well with the ball too. I thought Odoi played GREAT - as did Christianson.

    18. Elikem Lee

      Hmmm😣 That feeling when George keeps talking about this GBFC select but your country is excluded ☹️

    19. Charlie Yorke

      The disrespect to lampard is appalling he struggled at the end fine he lost his job let him leave with dignity a true Chelsea legend who took the job when no one else wanted it got us top 4 with a below par Chelsea team he’s the reason we got havertz werner Thiago stop the disrespect and just enjoy what Tuchel is doing with the team frank built

      1. leogriev

        I agree, as chelsea fans we should respect and appreciate his commitment and what he brought to the club. His legacy, will ultimately be the introduction of our academy players who are now performing very well. Disagree with your comment about no one wanting to come to Chelsea, there were simply no options and Chelsea did not want to pay huge amounts to get a coach they desired at the time. Finally the squad Lampard inherited was a top 4 squad at minimum, so finishing in the top 4 would have been expected of any coach taking over.

    20. Nick Mogielnicki

      TT has managed the squad admirably, he has created an environment where our strength in depth is now on display. Well done gaffer!

    21. ekiru kidalio

      RJ makes alot of back passing

    22. LeonCO _27

      George plz make a podcast and do it regularly

    23. MacattackasaurousRex

      Kovacic played the ball to havertz mr benson!!!

    24. Tevin Todd

      Bro you’re being a bit too hard on christensen he deserves a lot more praise. Atleast a 9 considering other teams in the prem

    25. V B

      Reece james is average at best. Callum hudson-odoi should play at right wing back.

    26. Otty 1910

      I have been saying for a long time that Havertz will come good :) I really hope he kicks on from here. The guy has class!

    27. Otty 1910

      Jorghino did not make that pass to Havertz! What game did you watch?

    28. Adewale Smile

      You made mistake twice both in the rating and 6 things, it’s not Jorginho who played the pass but Kovavic

    29. Steve Northall

      CHO was given the same points has Christensen when he fathered Zouma in his role and played like Maldini in my opinion CHO played the first ten passes 20-30 Yards backwards and only lifted his head when the team got going and slowly jogged back when we lost possession.

    30. Dachy Ned

      Ngl boys if we had conceded that Havertz Handball, we would’ve been complaining saying handball😂😂

      1. Adekunle Ibrahim


    31. CLS

      It was refreshing. Thumbs up all Chelsea fans.

    32. Unaaaagi

      CHO motm for me. He created the first goal and looked dangerous throughout. Chelsea is starting to looked as stacked as I thought they’d be at the beginning of the season.

    33. Nic Garmon

      Want to see pulisic get the start against Leeds. In form pulisic is untouchable

    34. Daniel Andrews

      Kovacic has to start against Leeds mate! He's the most press-resistant player I've ever seen in my entire adult life

    35. Timothy Hickey

      CFC...In the main, efforts without struggles, sharp focus/alertness = intuit truth...

    36. archiewall15

      Mendy - 6🟢 Azpi - 7🟢 Christensen - 7.5🟢 Zouma - 6.5🟡 James - 6.5 🟢 Alonso - 8🟢 Jorginho - 8.5🟡 Kovacic - 7.5🟢 Hudson-Odoi - 8.5🟢 Werner - 5🟡 Havertz - 9🔵 Mount - 7🟢 Kante - 7.5🟢

    37. F O

      bruh you're doing 180 turn on Jorginho now lol

    38. Lucho Futbol

      Jorginho is way overrated. He got passed by so many times and not enough forward passes. Plus, it was Kova who passed the ball to Kai not jorginho.

    39. maddbwoy

      Reece got a chest made of glue, only Clarence Seedorf had a chest trap like he does.

    40. kittenallie

      Think Leeds will be Jorginho and Kova.. since Tuchel made a point of Kante needing rest between games. And Jorginho can't play against Athletico. Kante will be needed then. Same as Mount being out, which is probably going to be an interesting choice too.

    41. Louis Stones


    42. Alex Brazier

      Love the vids but I think 8.5 for Jorginho is very questionable. He wasn’t his usual self and gave the ball away a lot more than usual. 6.5 for me and that’s being very generous.

    43. Mani H

      George can you say what camera you are using? Its brilliant!

    44. 217 Legacy

      Havertz as a False 9 was class 👏🏻

    45. Abdul Khalid

      I would love to see Christiansen as a rcb when Thiago silva takes his position he looks more calm on the ball compared to Cesar Azpi

      1. Matheo Garrett

        Yh I don’t think Azpilicueta is one of the top 3 CBs we have. Should just stay on the bench

    46. abemelek elias

      havertz must be start on false no 9

    47. Abdul Khalid

      I wanna see Werner,Kai and ziyech as front three for atleast one match

    48. Bradley

      Timo is just choosing to hit the ball in the safest way. He would normally hit it high or chip it or around the keeper. But he is choosing along the ground which doesn’t come off that much in the premier league

    49. Ayaan Sisodiya

      You need to sort the colours If a 7.0 gets green then how a 8.0 get yellow Not the best way but ok

      1. Simers

        You need to understand the colors prior to commenting..? They indicate George's confidence on the player starting the next game, not how their performance was. That is what the rating is for.

    50. Ayaan Sisodiya

      Defence was a collective 8.0

    51. Pamoja Milele

      Pulisic will play next game more than 60 minutes.. Verner might loose his chances of starting lineup if he does not score the next two games.. he might miss next game maybe not.. but his grace period is running out

    52. Eddie

      From one of the angles it was clear it actually hit his lower arm not his shoulder...

    53. HWoodModelling

      You gave Werner a 6.5... Tammy would have gotten a 3.5 from you for the same performance. Bias!

    54. dalo

      lol Christensen didn't have much to do? Christensen's challenge on Richarlison? quality over quantity Ben

    55. alecintours

      I reckon Tuchel is playing every player in the squad into form, so he can play any combination from the squad for each match. This would mean that the opponent won't be able to set up against Chelsea because the team could be a total surprise. And probably will be.

    56. Tymax

      I think you should just stick to the ratings, the light system is not really working, you have your preferred players and nommater how much a player performs if he is not on your favorite players list you give him a a yellow. Like you did on alonso in this video

      1. Simers

        I don't think you understand the light system. It is George's prediction of the player will start the next game, not how their performance was.

    57. دوزيام حلوف

      If you think about it. Chelsea can reasonably win every game remaining in the PL season. The fixtures are pretty manageable.

    58. Mohd Junaid

      It was kova who played the ball for kai. You said the same thing in last video too

    59. Al Dan

      Can't give mout 7.5 in that game unless he score 1or 2 or had some assist.. he came on when we had the game under control. He must get no more than like 6.5 the most.. for Kante he must get a standard 5 nothing much to do..

      1. dalo

        its like you are new here

    60. Ollie Taylor

      If I'm not mistaken Mount topped the tackling chart despite coming on late.

    61. chelseacharger

      When Jorginho is in the team, the system we played versus Everton suits him. Because his big weakness is pace and physicality, meaning he can easily be by-passed when opponents are running at him, it helps that we have another helping out in the midfield. That's where playing Havertz in basically a 'false nine' position helped us dominate. He was constantly dropping deeper to help us control the middle of the park and allowing Jorginho to set the tempo. Tuchel hasn't been afraid to change things and we may well see that continue. Leeds are all hard running, play on the front foot type of team. It's also a tasty historic rivalry with them so they'll be at us from the off. In the home match against them, we were one of the few teams who covered more distance on average per man. We need to at least match them. I expect Mount and Kante will be back in at least. But this rotation of players is very beneficial in keeping everyone in the squad fresh and motivated. That will be crucial as we come to the business end of the season.


      AC 7.5 did you not see that ball to Alonso who should have buried it,my man once again was 9.0

    63. News FLASH

      I am the only Chelsea fan of all my friends because everyone supports man utd and then one or two Liverpool and man city fans but I sing always . CHELSEA💙💙💙💙💙 CHELSEA GREATNESS IS OUR MIDDEL NAME and sing it over and over

    64. Piskarlo Panus

      Werner actually got some of criticism from Tuchel during the match, about him not making the right runs and not placing himself in a better position. It was pretty funny and goes somthing like: "verstehen sie nicht!", wich translate to "Don't you understand what to do!".

    65. David Shea

      I wanna see pulisic against Leeds, give him a chance to really show what he’s worth and try to get him back in form

      1. David Shea

        @Ralph Ian Salvio even Ziyech has had like 4 starts and he’s not good

      2. David Shea

        @Pa Bis oh yeah he’s be crucified, I want to see him start with Havertz and Mount against Leeds, everyone knows Pulisic is class, just hasn’t had his chance yet

      3. Pa Bis

        Imagine if Pulisic had missed all the chances Timo has missed.

      4. Ralph Ian Salvio

        All these youtube pundits avoid talking about it lol it’s comical.

    66. Danny CFC

      It hurts to say it, ziyech and pulisic don’t get into our best team, and I think tuchels realised this.

    67. Anders Pedersen

      Christensen are so damn solid and clever on and off the ball! So glad to finally see Havertz in action - I saw a future Chelseastar yesterday! COYB!!!!!

    68. Flow Company

      George please contact me for a business project. Thanks

    69. Eroro Oghor

      @George Reece's Chest control is out of this world, do we all agree??

    70. Lotte Petterson

      Kova, the wonderful Kova, played the ball to Havertz for the penalty. Kova is so underrated.

    71. JERRY R

      Bless you GEORGE!! Mount and Jorginho both have to sit for the Atletico Madrid game, so both will definitely feature against Leeds United.

    72. Toby Nowell

      Against Leeds, i think we should play CHO and Chilly at the WB with RJ a RCB. Azpi deserves a rest and we need pace and physicality against Leeds. Then Kov and Kante in midfield coz we wont have such a majority possession so Jorj won't fit the game plan. Wener, Haverts and Mount upfront as pace will be vital, bring Pul on last 25/30 for some fresh legs.

      1. Doug Weidner

        start Pulisic, bring Werner off bench for fresh legs

    73. Anaxi Kay

      Werner needs to calm down in the box in order to finish chances.

    74. Nicolas Koudelka

      I think that James deserved 7.5

    75. Luis Felipe Becerra

      Jorginho and mount won't play vs atlético because of yellow cards, so they Will probably play vs Leeds

    76. Paul Gov

      Our reserve squad would be atleast a mid table side if not even better lol

    77. Ega Tama

      If Andreas can build his body, he can be the worldclass CB. Then chelsea dont need to buy another one

      1. T. Olsen

        Why ? When was the last time you saw him loose a physical battle ? Its completely overhyped that he is somehow not strong enough.

    78. Cedric Shibuyanga

      TT, kindly at the end of the season you need to recall timori back. This boy is rocking in Milan and if he thinks chelsea can't trust him then he might choose Milan over Chelsea. We might regret just we have done in the past with many young talents we have let go and have come to haunt us later. Until lamps was sacked we were chasing Rice, whom West harm have slapped a price tag of 100m.

    79. Izdore Theo

      Pple blaming reece tht he plays backwards passes is nonsense th lad knows when to play th ball forward n when he plays it back its coz at th moment thea r no spaces upfront, he is very brilliant

      1. Izdore Theo

        J5 starts so kova will start against atleti coz of th suspensions same to mount

    80. anupam das

      Leeds are an open team. Would love to see mount and kante in the midfield. The rest of team might see Silva come in for Christensen (rest). Just want to see attack minded players playing up..CHO, Mount, Werner and kai

    81. Cedric Shibuyanga

      I hope Chelsea as a club will continue to think futuristic; invest in the young players. With TT incharge most of the young players seem to playing peripheral role which implies that at the end of the season then most of them might end up moving on hence we might the same mistakes we did with lukaku, sala, debruene, etc. Please TT remember for the long term we can't rely on these older players but invest in the already available young talented players in terms of trust and risk management.

    82. Jonathan Fulwood

      Jorginho and mount will definitely start as they’re suspended for the champions league match next week

    83. Calvin Vusi Jacobs

      Rather play Jorginho and Mount against Leeds because they've picked up suspensions for the Atletico game

    84. Raihanur Rahman

      Kante and Mount 100% starting against Leeds. We need both their energy against Leeds

    85. Marcial Lea-Plaza

      I think for Leeds we will start Kovacic and Kante so they can play more together for the game against Atletico.

    86. Peter Panse

      Still don’t really understand how Kova and Jorginho are both looking so good under Tuchel, when they’ve been so insipid by comparison previously.....🤔🙂

    87. Justin De Agrela

      One football gave Kai a 6.5 saying this “The German attacker caused a few problems for the Toffees defenders but didn’t do nearly enough to get himself a goal.” Not sure they watched the same match 😂😂😂

      1. Justin De Agrela

        @Balkan Falcon couldn’t agree more...

      2. Balkan Falcon

        I don't think they watched the match at all.

    88. Junior Machava

      Was Kova who played that ball to Kai


      I think we have found our Striker and he is Kai Havertz, remember that for the future everybody

    90. Tariq Uthman



      The difference between a serious sport journalist and a young (just in mind) fan you tuber. Preferences which take precedence over analytical rigour. We can imagine easily what would have been the Benson's judgment if Tammy and mainly Giroud had crossed this kind of game like a phantom before missing triple, easy opportunities. If Werner didn't cost so much money and was'nt a german international ( english football inferiority complex ?) would Georges be so lenient with him ?

    92. K'ASH

      How stacked are we? Its scary...

    93. Tobi Alatise

      Player Ratings absolutely spot on. Werner can do better with the chances. He rushes the finish when I actually has enough time. Amazing play all round. C'mon Chels 💪

    94. Thor Andersen

      Proud to be danish in these AC Maldini times

    95. IrishMax

      7.5 is quite low for the danish maldini

    96. Ryan H

      Zouma should be 8 and red I feel

    97. Shola Adekeye

      George, you need to give Frank Lampard a 4 for this game - or for the last 13 games. This is for his poor management and blindness to the obvious talent under his watch that he refused to play or patronize (Jorginho, Rudiger, Aziplicueta, Alonso did not become bad players overnight - but that was what Lampard implied they were. They also just didn't become good players overnight under Tuchel)


      Not sure why we are not talking about that Christensen's challenge on Richarlison. The whole world would have gone crazy had it been Van Dijk.

      1. L T

        Well said mate, great tackle, Andreas was brilliant.

      2. dalo

        well it wasn't mount

    99. adam77l

      Christensen was imense in the game again... surely a 9.0.. 8.5 atleast

    100. Aaron Kelly

      Chelsea surely have the best strength in depth in the league, City aside