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    CHELSEA vs EVERTON REACTIONS LIVE - Premier League. Chelsea vs Everton 18:00 (UK) Kick off in the Premier League is a Six pointer at Stamford Bridge. Carlo Ancelotti's Everton have been in great form and Richarlison comes to Stamford Bridge with six goals in his last six games. Chelsea FC are ten games unbeaten under Thomas Tuchel and will be hoping to increase the points gap over Everton in the Uefa Champions League places with a victory tonight at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea will go into this game full of confidence after winning 1-0 away at Anfield last week. See you guys in the chat and also STAY TUNED after Full time as 6 Things We Learnt from Chelsea vs Everton will be released immediately after the game!
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    1. Amrit Sodhi

      46:35- 1-0 1:27:15- Disallowed goal (handball) 1:37:50- Penalty, 2-0

      1. Wesley Conor

        @Blaze Danny Damn! Took roughly 20 mins but it reallyworked!!

      2. Blaze Danny

        Dunno if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram account using Instapwn. Just google for it :D

      3. Joel Music Jacintho

        Thank you smh

      4. Bxstxn

        @Amrit Sodhi I see You’ve put it in you’re a legend

      5. FW


    2. Bradley Gilbert

      Mendy was our best signing under frank tbh

    3. Memesplosion

      Laziest watchalong ever. Put some effort into your videos

    4. Olivia Baptist

      The laziest watchalong i've ever seen, No score no time counter no green screen just this guys old ass face. Off to go watch someone who actually puts effort into their content

    5. abdulrahman alali

      Hey George

    6. CCXP Exam Simulator

      Hi George. I'm noticing an interesting pattern with Chelsea. We seem to go through 4 year cycles that neatly define our eras. If we go back to the start of the 2004/05 season that block of 4 years clearly defines the first Mouringo era and culminated with the team getting to the final of the CL which they should have won - Avram Grant is a footnote here. Then, the next era began which after a small wrong-footing with Scolari can be thought of as the Ancelloti era. Another premier league title and a CL title at the culmination of the 4th year - Roberto DiMateo is a footnote here. The next 4 year cycle then begins and is a little messy until Jose comes back (the second Mourinho era) and is marked with the signing of Hazard. This team wins the league but things fizzle out for a disappointing end. Then the 4th age begins - the Conte/Sarri era. We'll never forget that Conte team with the 3-5-2 formation and the power of Costa up front. Another PL title but also fizzled out with Frank coming in to "buy us time" as Mourinho pointed out. The 5th age has now begun this year with Tuchel. We can expect big things but look to years 2 and 3 of this cycle for amazing things to come. If history does not repeat itself then it will at least rhyme.

    7. Flow Company

      Tuchel is incredibly harsh on Werner, when I hear tuchel screaming in german during the match to Werner. Wow. He said once during the for example :"Why are you playing on the left side since 15min,im so pissed with this. I started you on the right side....." Tuchel said.

      1. Flow Company

        @Vincent Jackson perhaps you are right.

      2. Vincent Jackson

        I heard that too. I don’t think its harsh at all, thats just how u communicate in a football squad.

    8. MMD

      Werner was really disappointing today. He should definitely be putting those chances away. Hopefully Roman has seen this game and looks at how he can make us the best team in Europe. Haaland is the missing piece of the puzzle.

      1. Taha Patel

        Yaa but havertz at 9 looks sick atm

    9. MC

      That should be a goal

    10. Joseph G

      Havertz goal hit the same part of his arm that ruled werner offside against liverpool. One of them shouldve stood. Total lack of consistency.

    11. Craig G

      Same story. Everyone slates players. Then they hit form and they're heroes. Gotta stick with them no matter what.

      1. Henry Butlin

        People are too reactionary nowadays

      2. MC


    12. Andrew Wen

      our germans be gettin scammed recently :(

      1. richard reid


    13. callum Slater

      Kai. Is. Back. He's gone full Gareth Bale. Poor at the start of the season but now he's gonna start firing I bet you

    14. Jayster CFC

      Cobra Kai F9: Strike first Strike hard No mercy

    15. Jeb

      Werner was so disappointing. Frustrating to watch. Give Tammy another chance

      1. Danny Phantom

        @Craig G yes , sometimes hes a bit clumsy cuz he rushes things. That chance with his left foot when he outmuscle idk who could be Holgate , could have another touch for his body to be in a better position and went far post but he rushes things and just shoots at near post. Everything he does is always good , but that last finishing touch sometimes he fluffed it. The intelligence is all there cuz everything he did other than finishing the chances , is good.🤷‍♂️

      2. Guy Sanani

        Absolutely right. Tammy doesn’t the intelligence ( football wise) to get into those positions. He needs to move on if he wants be number 1 striker. Not happening at Chelsea

      3. Craig G

        Bruh, Tammy can't get into those positions lol he'd be on the floor. Werner just needs to slow down. He does everything else right.

    16. ed nicolle

      best they've been under tuchel?

      1. ed nicolle

        @Szymon Kisielewski i guess maybe atheltico but they were so well rounded today!

      2. Szymon Kisielewski

        for sure

    17. Flow Company

      Havertz ruled!

    18. edd edward

      u should do commentary dawg 😂

      1. Arizal 2

        Better than martin tyler 👌👌👌

    19. Darel Lopez

      Hi George, how can you be in love with Tuchel. He has not loss cuz he plays very defensive football. But no more than 2 goals a game. We have our 2 best player on the bench. I’m dont like it

      1. Darel Lopez

        @Vincent Jackson just like when Sarri was here. The is no goal. And we had Hazard then.

      2. Vincent Jackson

        Very defensive football? We dominate every game

    20. David Wright

      George ppl need to get on this havertz striker train

      1. Soowoo22

        Facts mate

    21. Sami A

      I knew Werner would miss those two chances. A bit obvious. At least Havertz did well

      1. B F

        He’ll improve have faith in him

    22. Kaylin Morgan

      George bro .... we won!!!! Yoooo!!!

    23. Ajenth Athavan

      Please keep streaming on youtube. If you stream on twitch i can't sync up my stream with your stream. Also could you add a timer so that it's easier to sync my stream with yours.

    24. W13 W13

      Nice prediction George🦾

    25. N8HAN

      46:35- 1-0 1:37:50- Penalty, 2-0

      1. Big_nhssy

        Lmao u copied and pasted some one else theirs came out bfr XD

    26. Chee Chinwong

      Hi George, blue box for Roman, Marina for securing Havertz for Chelsea, blue box for Azri, Christensen, Havertz and Tuchel

    27. iamchico.

      timo werner is absolutely horrible.

      1. Ahmed

        And your terrible

    28. BillBob Jr

      Werner is trash

      1. TobiTakes

        He misses too many chances

      2. TheCreeker191

        @Aaron Lewis Cut him some slack, I know his finishing's been terrible but he just keeps creating spaces and opportunities for players to pass to him. He'll regain confidence He doesn't play, everybody complains about no penetration because his runs to open up the space are missing

      3. Aaron Lewis

        Werner is absolute garbage.. i thought Morata's finishing was the worse i have ever seen but Werner is shitty on a totally different level.. i just knew he was not going to score with those 2 chances..

      4. FW


      5. Craig G

        He's not trash. He does everything else right. His finishing will come. He can clearly finish otherwise we wouldn't have bought him. Would you rather have Tammy up top who always has his back to goal and can't stay on his feet lol. But yes his finishing is lacking right now clearly.