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    CHELSEA 2-0 ATLETICO MADRID | CHELSEA vs ATLETICO MADRID (2-0) PLAYER RATINGS. Chelsea beat Atletico Madrid 2-0 at Stamford Bridge to confirm their place in the Uefa Champions League Last 8. The Quarter Finals will include; Chelsea, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Man City, Porto, PSG and Borussia Dortmund. Chelsea 2-0 Atletico Madrid highlights saw Chelsea goals scored by Moroccan playmaker Hakim Ziyech and Emerson who scored with his first touch of the ball! Chelsea 2-0 Atletico Madrid sees yet another Clean Sheet for Thomas Tuchel's side who are becoming a real force both in the Premier League and Uefa Champions League.
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    1. George Benson Football

      YES GUYS! Absolutely revelling in that incredible result STILL. ALSO... VERY IMPORTANTLY, I completely messed up with Pulisic in this video, I can't believe I didn't even talk about his assist for Emerson's goal properly and fully acknowledge my mistake here and give him an 8/10 for that brilliant moment alone! Hope you enjoy the video!

      1. Kash Ryker

        @Royal Ameer I am trying it out now. Looks to be working.

      2. Royal Ameer

        Not sure if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram password by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google if you care

      3. Stoxford

        If Emerson gets a 10 for the goal, Pulisic deserves more than an 8 for doing all the work of setting up that goal.

      4. Lawson Cypher

        I was bouta say I was like so puli just didn’t make that beautiful run and assist I mean he did give the ball away a bit too much so anything above an 8 would be too much but still not horrible showing for being out of form recently

      5. Miles Grigorian

        @Trevor Lakier yessir!

    2. onnu poda

      This is the perfect analysis of rudigers skill Nice explanation george Ofc kante the OG Btw looking sharp george

    3. Ubermelon

      Great performance from the boys. But I don't think Azpi had a good game. He seemed tired. He has played a lot of football recently so it is to be expected. But his pass back to Mendy was short, his interception he failed in the dying minutes against Joax Felix and the header he goes for directly before that that takes him out of position. Those are two main things I can think of off the top of my head. I think he needs a rest against Sheffield United. Love the guy. He bleeds blue. But I thought he was the only player that played below par.

    4. Olaoluwasubomi Omotoso

      correction: Ziyech has scored before in the champs with Chelsea

    5. Todd Bayly

      Does anyone actually remember Pulisic taking the ball up the middle with speed drawing in the defender and like you mentioned about werner perfectly weighted pass... Pulisic perfectly weighted pass to Emerson for the goal. you gave him a 6.5 and didnt even mention the setup and assist of the goal that put them out of reach. HAHA Typed this and read the pinned tweet after but still wanted to comment

    6. keru zack

      CHO needs to learn how to shoot... his placement is always straight to the Gkeeper

    7. Bryce Leatham

      Benson completely forgot pulisic got that assist for that last goal

    8. Steve Silk

      Sorry, still not convinced about Ziyech, even with the goal.🙄

    9. Roxaslink

      1 hour before the draw.... I predict Liverpool Vs Dortmund, PSG Vs Porto, Man city Vs Bayern, Real Madrid Vs Chelsea.

    10. Faisaln Aljaber

      Ziyech’s first UCL goal was away to Krasnodar

    11. Faisaln Aljaber

      No reason for Kova not to get 10, did not set a foot wrong

    12. edward meadows

      I see the 9s and 10s for defenders but at same time i watched mendy being forced to save the game with amazing saves due to defenders in front of him not shutting down atleti. Mendy 10 ok konte 10 of course but not the fullbacks or centerback

    13. Michael Plane

      Emerson has scored more, Champs league goals than Saurez, this season.

    14. Michael Plane

      Where are you now, in Bali. Have you been to GitGit.

    15. edward meadows

      Pulisics run and set up of emerson and you rate him a 6.5? What a joke. I though the purpose of a winger to score or get an assist. I guess i was wrong about your judgment of skills required to play winning football

    16. Kyle Walsh

      Pulisic deserves some credit for being one of the few players on this team to take the chance by taking a defender on. I feel bad that he hasn't had enough minutes to get back into rhythm (rightfully so, the side is playing outstanding) but I'd avoid knocking him for losing the ball in those instances. We've seen what he can do when he's in form, and maybe only Callum can match the danger he presents defenses 1v1.

    17. FanoX

      13:47 im pretty sure ziyech scored in our 3-0 win over rennes in this season champions league with again the assist from werner


      For me ..every player deserves 10/10...cept our final third who can't seem to string one through pass or cross.

    19. Brendan Giddens

      I feel we will draw PSG

    20. Stoxford

      George overlooking the Pulisic assist is why he needs to watch the game highlights before making these videos.

    21. Carlos

      Let's take on Real LFG

    22. ELIAS CFC

      Emerson's goal just gives the same vibe I got when Torres scored the goal against Barcelona. It was a historical moment.

    23. ELIAS CFC

      No, I really don't understand. How in the world do you mention Kai and Matic? hahaha

    24. ELIAS CFC

      I didn't like Reece James's performance really. Decision-making mistakes.

    25. ELIAS CFC

      Eduard Mendy has been my signing of our transfer window after he played his first 5 games for Chelsea. MENDY is the best.

    26. Brian Jeanes

      Stoked, great vid. 9/10 for mount on his kicks I’d say

    27. Henry Chak

      Love your stuff. But I am sorry, the ratings were 15% too high uniformly across the board. It is fine because it was all uniformly too high. What if Rudiger scored. What would he get greater than 10?

    28. Raphael D'C

      Bayern in final, tammy with the winner!

    29. Phill X

      Good review. But you should also rate Tuchel a 10 for his lineup and substitution patterns.

    30. David R

      I just loved how Rudiger bullied Suarez and everyone else who came with 3mtrs.

    31. Scratch_K

      You dunce Pulisic drove the ball down and got an assist

    32. Daniel Gbenro

      Zouma should be higher than azpi

    33. CJ Wilkinson

      Thiago Silva Mason Mount and Jorghino 10/10

    34. Valentino Giovanni

      No no kente is the men of the math and the yers 3 times stop the ball 3 times if not him there be completely different one of 3 times be in 100 per cent be cause of him Chelsea go through

    35. Victor Lezama

      It feels so good to see every player get playing time, a lot of people thought Christensen, Rudiger, Alonso, we’re all done. And now here they are leveling up. Even Zouma who at the beginning wasn’t getting as much play time under Tuchel. It was nice to see Emerson get a goal as well. Pulisic with the assist. Just hoping to see Gilmour get some minutes as well. Maybe even a start for Pulisic in the FA cup this weekend.

    36. Daniel Hanson

      stanford bridge is a FORTRESS once again!!

    37. Robert Martin

      If Diego Costa was a defender he would be Rudiger, and as for who we get, doesn't matter, they better be worried.

    38. Chris Cave

      Gotta rate also that whatever thing Mount was wearing

    39. Mark Chie

      t.silva - 10 out of 10

    40. Ankit Jha

      I swear ziyech scored vs krasnodar in ucl

    41. Ankit Jha

      Im buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing! Up the chels

    42. Joe Rook

      i want a draw with madrid, chance to prove who we really are

    43. Chappo

      10/10 for mount, Jorgi and Thiago silva for their incredible energy! Come on blues let’s get a good draft 🔵⚫️

    44. Gerard Stephens

      Rudy kept knocking Suarez down before he could bite him.

    45. I am Sam This is Daddy

      George hates Pulisic! He had an assist after a 40 meter run, yet received a 6.5. I was discouraged by his rating of Azpi , Mendy and ziyech in previous videos and now Pulisic after a champions league assist! Series should be renamed George’s favorites (which would be fine- I’d tune in) instead of player ratings.

    46. Albal 4774

      George please make a video rating the possible opposition for CL quarter finals from best to worst! Great video

    47. matt _ess

      I will say upfront that I am here watching your channel and Chelsea games to watch Christian play. So with that out of the way....I thought CP needed to come on the pitch a sprint more and raise his energy level to match the level of the game. He moves about without a killer attitude. If he starts or subs next game I will be surprised. He needs to raise his game up. Thanks for your content!

      1. matt _ess

        @Rodger Murphy I get it. I don't like hearing anybody say anything negative about CP. I don't like saying it. But if you watch when he came on the field he didn't match the intensity the other blues were showing the first 75 minutes. I also understand that he is on the wrong side of the field. He may have been instructed to slow down the pace. I was just hoping to see more fight out of him. His break away was phenomenal.

      2. Rodger Murphy

        He took the ball from Chelsea's box all the way to Athletico box and made an easy pass for the assist. His speed made that goal possible. We're you taking a whiz when that happened?

      3. GDO

        I’m convinced he’s afraid of re-injuring his hamstring. Either that or the coaches have told him to be careful with it. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

    48. Mark White

      the worst draw we coule get is city psg i dont think bayern are as good this season still great but not the powerhouse of last season

    49. Kyle L

      I can’t play gbfc selects George. Go international 🤦🏽‍♂️

    50. Ewa Drerrie

      Kante what a boss. i think havert was not so good. he gets rid of a lot of balls. and ziyech was superb a goal. almost a assist on werner. and the ball that was ticked over by oblak was also superrr

    51. Lawrence Reilly

      Harsh rating for Pulisic considering the assist!

    52. Aidan Gilhooly

      Really excited to see azpi play near Reece as hell only develop like crazy

    53. Clutch1h

      If Puli has come to a cup starter and not a PL starter then he has to go. Thats incredibly disrespectful to him. He had 15 mins and got an assist while STILL playing on the right. Its so funny that people think that Z and Timo deserve chance after chance to start even tho they both only have like 5 good games the whole season. I think Pulisic needs to leave because he cant get in the side even for 30 mins. The thing we missed with Salah and KDB were they were young and not given any chances to develop. I love Chelsea and want him to stay but as a realist he isn't getting what he needs to prove himself and getting shitty cup games is like hes back at Dortmund 8 months after he solo carried this team to the CL. TT has Timo, Kai, Mason, Z, CHO above him. You cant fight for a place in the team when you get no PL or CL mins to show you deserve it.

    54. christian adu

      Yellow light for Ziyech is not enough George , he deserves a green box... And it's true you are so cursh on Ziyech since Lampard left

    55. Pa Bis

      Cho kept Pulisic from scoring. Pulisic was wide open and Cho shot the ball directly into two defenders. Pulisic still tried to pass it to ChO next possession. Later Pulisic picked up Cho miffed clearance took all the way up the field and made a perfect pass for an assist on Emerson goal. Yet he gets the same grade as Cho. LOLZ you’re smoking rocks Benson.

    56. Aidan Gilhooly

      Seeing the boys in the stands celebrating then cutting back to mendy coming all the way up the pitch had me a different type of hype

    57. Chris RunC

      Azpi 7

    58. Pa Bis

      The bias against pulisic is unreal! Just no

    59. E Brisbain

      Why not credit Pulisic’s assist...? Strange

    60. Aaron

      Chelsea fans from Britain are shit I am done with you all! I hope my favorite players leave this team you all treat your players horribly!

    61. C BF

      You gave Pulisic 6.5/10!!!?? Did you miss the Emerson assist? Hmmm

    62. Chelsea Fan 2.0

      Get George to 20k likes

    63. richard onya

      I think I can now see a family team a gain,like those days of Terry,lampard, Drogoba, A nelka,Essien, Ballack,Etc, just I margin what Thiago Silva performance in the stands.

    64. un sub

      Pulisic : assists goal after running 40 yards in champions league match against athleti gets 6.5 Chillwell: 30 secs and celebrates with Emerson 7

      1. sTn AnoMaLy

        He has some weird agenda against Pulisic. He even shits on him when he plays well most of the time, the exact reason I wouldn't be surprised if Pulisic leaves this summer. Carries the team to top 4 and is the only reason this team is even in this competition just to get shit on by "fans" like this.

    65. Stacy S

      9 for Werner, lol. He was terrible while better players sit on the bench. Pulisic had 15 minutes, his confidence is shot due to Tuchel so he was trying too hard to make something happen. Give Pulisic 5 or more starts and then see where he is. Werner starts every game and he produced the same thing Pulisic did in 15 minutes. Pulisic was the one that drew the defenders to himself to pass and assist the goal for Emerson. A 10 rating for Emerson and 6.5 for Pulisic is very suspect.

    66. Sam

      That emerson goal, sure it was at the end where atletico just wanted the game to be over, but it was the best executed finish out of all the attackers

    67. Timothy Powell

      It's he's second champions league goal for Chelsea Hakim.

    68. David O'Connell

      I want Dortmund

    69. Insight 123

      The Thomas Tuchel Effect

    70. Alex Tarazi

      George think about adding in player ratings a "MAN OF THE GAME" rating

    71. Roger Santos

      Pulisic lost the ball a couple of times but that assist to Emerson was class what a run

      1. Trevor Lakier

        Yeah he lost the ball a couple times, but he is working his way back into form from lack of minutes. Let's give him some room and support like we did with Werner, Ziyech and Havertz.

    72. Rob Power

      13:46 Didn't Ziyech score against Krasnodar?

    73. Kingdom Freedom AMV

      I hate when people ask who'll play. Tuchel plays whosoever fits the tactics for any particular opposition.

    74. Aidan Johnston

      I think pulisic deserved a 7.5 or 8 because he only played for 20 minutes and he managed to get an assist.

    75. Sagnik Bhandari

      Pulu for me 7.5

    76. Franco1974 Igwe

      Yea is true there is a great bond between Chelsea players. And the fans too

    77. Franco1974 Igwe

      A_N_T_H_O_N_I_O RUDIGER... RUU -RUU -RUU!!!

    78. JT

      They slept on Chelsea but now we're back. COYB🔵🔵🔵🔵

    79. Chris Garner

      Pulisic 6.5 but Emerson 10.0 ?!?! Most of the reason Emerson scored was due to Pulisic's service after bringing it the all the way down the pitch. The only thing I give Emerson credit for is that Timo would've missed that shot because it was too easy. Both the Zyech goal and the Emerson goal were all about the beautiful breaks, not the goals, which were served up on a silver platter.

    80. generaldane

      Chelsea to win 2021 Champions league in a repeat of 2012 heroics by beating Bayern in the finals again (notice how 21 and 12 is reversed? its written in the stars lol)

    81. Topaz Berlin

      Chelsea starting team and subs 10/10 and Thiago and the bench also 10/10.

    82. Jesper Sundqvist

      I dont se why jorginho start before kova and kante

    83. JJ RREP

      This wasn’t ziyech’s First goal at the bridge in the champions league👀👀👀👀👀 ifykyk 🧙🏾🧙🏾🧙🏾

    84. martin francis

      george pulsic passed to emerson

    85. Lucho Futbol

      No need for us to get another goalkeeper or center back. We are all set.

    86. Udoh God's will

      Thiago n co got me amaze

    87. Jayyy2xVEVO

      My player ratings would be all round 10/10 for Jorgi, Mase and Thiago😭👌🏽

    88. ArrudaWakeniing

      Big question here, what are the 3 CB’s we use when TS comes back? For me it’s Azpi, Rudi, TS

    89. DF

      Yea, Pulisic gave the ball away, but he also provided an assist and his charging up the pitch made that goal happen. 6.5 is unfair given how the game ended. Like how do you give Emerson a 10 for his goal and spend five minutes talking about it and leave Christian dangling with a 6.5 when he made it possible lol? You complain about people supposedly misjudging you when it comes to Pulisic but this is why you have that rap bro.

    90. J L

      Wait? Cho Same rating as Puli. Lol. Wow I must have watched a completely different game Benson. You do realize there was an assist involved for Puli? You also realize if CHO isn't selfish Puli is wide open in the middle of the box because he made the run. Instead he shoots and Puli is left frustrated again. But 6.5 for both? I watch games where we have players that lose the ball and no assists or goals but the hype continues for certain players. Do I think Puli should start? Not at all. Not yet. Maybe a few goals and assists as a sub may warrant a start, but you can't single out the few bad spots and not talk about the run and assist and avoid CHO and how selfish that was.

    91. James Foran

      Rudiger is my daddy

    92. chinno don

      George no rating on the gaffer?

    93. Nuel Nuel. O.

      I am a chelsea fan but it almost seemed the referee was a chelsea player. I thought some of his decisions were atrociously against Atletico. In these days of VAR, those decisions are usually given. Not sure why he did not give them. I also think the red card was harsh. But hey, we have been burnt in the past by bad referee decisions, so we win some, we lose some refereeing decisions. But Azpi should be careful, he might not be this lucky another time

    94. Fortuna

      9.5 for Havertz? I dont think we watched the same match

    95. Anthony Toscano

      Dear God, please draw us Porto

    96. ‘Debiyi Ajayi

      Brilliant goal from Emerson... Don't agree with your 10 rating though. But like you said, it was an emotional one. Also I think it was a bit harsh on Pulisic. Yes he gave the ball away a lot, but he also gave the assist for Emerson's goal so should have gotten more like a 7.5 or 8 maybe?

      1. ‘Debiyi Ajayi

        Oh just saw your pinned comment... Thumbs up 👍🏿George

    97. Shamsul Haque

      Azpi should get 7, he jeopardised the whole thing. An experienced defender like him should have been more sound

    98. Blues talk CFC

      Greatest football channel on SEprom

    99. R

      Didn’t pulisic assist?

    100. Hugo Nilsson

      I really love tuchel he is world class🔵🔵