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    ANCELOTTI'S EVERTON A BIGGER TEST THAN KLOPP'S LIVERPOOL? | CHELSEA vs EVERTON MATCH PREVIEW. Chelsea vs Everton is the Monday night kick off in the Premier League. Chelsea are now ten games unbeaten under Thomas Tuchel and another big Top 4 clash beckons at Stamford Bridge as Carlo Ancelotti's Everton visit. Everton have been in great form with Brazilian striker Richarlison scoring six goals in his last six games. Let me know your Chelsea FC Starting line-up for Chelsea vs Everton in the Premier League in the comments below and make sure you're signed up and submitted your answers for the Chelsea vs Everton GBFC Selects game! Entries for the £1000 close at Kick Off!
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    1. HAZZABO

      GBFC is the Best in the game, loving the videos, loving the chels 🔵🔵🔵

      1. Nayeem Alam

        Wow what a prediction

      2. Miguel Smikle

        Always enjoy listening to you. Thanks for the updates💥💥💙💙💙

      3. cuteasduck

        @ChelseaBible stfu

      4. Leo

        @ChelseaBible don’t hijack someone else’s video/comment with your own bs. If your content is good enough people will find it all by themselves. This is just lame tbh

      5. Mason Mount

        @ChelseaBible I'm unsubscribing to you because of this self promo 🤡

    2. hilbert paul

      His the defenders are playin very good but with thiago he can assist an he can pass reach is very important not sayin the guys cant do it but he does better

    3. levi anthony

      You got the score prediction. 2 - 0

    4. Ethan Bryant

      Honestly Chelsea r making on form teams look bang average, we’re looking more composed and threatening but we can’t finish these chances and we could be on levels with city and Utd if we could

    5. Andrew Gormley

      Benson scuffs the lineup!! Just sad! Missed at least one player in every position besides goalie!! Center back three ❌ Wingbacks ❌ Midfield Pivot pairing ❌ Front three ❌

    6. Gard Borgen

      London is blue🔵🔵

    7. doctorbird41

      you are 100% correct on Ziyech. He has NOT played one good game since he has been here...he has been our least impactful player...and he fluffed all four chances he had to score, and they were ALL point blank. Time to be honest.

    8. Bryan Oruene

      George got FOUR selections wrong. You don't see that often.

    9. Samuel Sadiq

      Cool with the lineup. 💯

    10. Hamid Se

      Ziyech is much better than Havertz, although he did not reach his level and he remains better than some players

    11. David Ochui

      Please where is the link?

    12. chris smallears

      Where's Gilmore?

    13. chris smallears

      However they want to mix the players please just start Alonso and Giroud or Tammy.

    14. Zenn Labs

      As we have settled into this 3421 shape, I just can’t wait to see Ruben loftus cheek back. The double 10 suits him very well

    15. Zac Cook

      I would have giroud in there instead of havertz because its such a big game for havertz to come in to and I as we have seen so many times this season, giroud is a big game player, especially if we have such good crossers in ben and reece

    16. Michael Aidoo

      kovacic + kante = kavacic

    17. HWoodModelling

      Havertz... explain to me why Havertz? What has that guy done?

    18. Jones Liyato

      I have failed to register on gbfc select 🤷

    19. Jones Liyato

      I have failed to register on gbfc select 🤷

    20. Sakab Naveed

      Tbh mate, I wouldnt mind a switch up at the back, maybe a back three of Azpi, Silva, Zouma.. the reason I say this is bcuz the fixture list r just absolutely crazy


      Chelsea 4_0Everton

    22. Andrew White

      Yeah I agree with you George with team this game be tough score prediction 2 1 Chelsea win

    23. Helen McCarthy

      Chelsea fear Carlo!

    24. Bram 254

      Been trying the gbfcselect but i cant access app because "my country is blocked"......+254, kindly help.

    25. Helen McCarthy

      Everton top away team, chelsea 1 v 1 Everton

    26. Mercy God's child

      If it is not broken! Don't fix it.

    27. Kunal Ramchurn

      If we don't falter in the defence, i say 2-1 Chelsea Win!! Go blueesss

    28. Oh and Gerrard slipped

      a cake of pie. never heard that one😂

    29. Lucas Johnson

      It alright George. I think about Chelsea when i'm in my bed too

    30. Josh O'Leary

      my mum agrees with you in regards to hakim.

    31. Kesar Singh

      This is not suitable line up . this game need Giroud otherwise we can't get huge result .

    32. IRIE JAMZ TV


    33. joab obosi

      Bro we can't rest Rudiger simply because he's better defending aerial danger and a threat in attacking set pieces.

    34. Sunil Kc

      100% win Chelsea 3-1 💙💙💙💙💙💙Chelsea win💪💪💪💪

    35. Barnabas Muhanda

      The lineup is good but remove chilwel put Rudiger it will be the best of all time especially the he dribbled past everybody last game !!!!!

    36. Arjun Bharadwaj

      It's not a GBFC without him changing his mind on the line-up during the line-up prediction 🤣🤣

    37. Martin Van Tol

      Don’t mess with the defence.

    38. Dave weststand

      Silva has been great for us, but I'm just wondering if he is 100% match fit afer his injury ?? Personally i would leave the defence as it is, and all going well we could bring Silva on for the last 30 mins or so, just to keep him fresh !!

    39. Richard Torres

      Thought I was the only who thinks about chelsea 24/7

    40. Pherix Chibale

      Thanks Mr Benson for your good work, but I think on this one we really need Marcos Alonso to help in attack and not chilwell who doesn't offer anything but of course he can defend. Its a win for the Chelsea side.

    41. Abdurahman Wengi

      Please add Turkey in the competition


      You got it wrong man. If Silva will play then Christensen has to drop cos we need one fast cb and rudiger is faster. James should drop and odoi should play cos I think Everton will sit back. Kovacic and jorghino should play cos they can deprive Everton off the ball more and since they won't be playing high then both should do fine. Mason, Werner and giroud should play. Haveetz can come in second half

    43. Utsav Basu

      We want silva and Christensen partnership

    44. Debanjan Ghosal

      I'm really worried with Pulisic. He's fit, still he is nowhere near the first team.

    45. Tim Berge

      I be saying this George for 6 week now timo and kai up top 100per 2-0

    46. Donna Clarke

      I say my boy tammy and Callum and ben mount and Werner and kai and mendy and ziyech and giroud James tonite I say

    47. Donna Clarke

      I think we can and will win tonite

    48. Donna Clarke

      I hope we do win tonite Chelsea fans out there

    49. Nick Mogielnicki

      George don’t think in the bedroom, it can only adversely affect performance.

    50. Ayodeji Twins

      I am a Liverpool fan and I usually watch your channel because you are normally objective but your total disrespect towards Liverpool because Chelsea was a big disappointment and uncalled for and gloating will always come back and bite you

    51. Jack Crowson

      I don’t know about a Kante and Kovacic two against Everton. More than that, I think Kova will be protected because we need him for the champions league with Mount and Jorginho both out

    52. Louie Hogan

      i really really really really really really really really really want havertz to start

    53. godwin agundu

      Rudiger should retain his position. His aggressive approach is needed to scare Richarlson and co.

    54. Louie Hogan

      we should just play 6 at the back with 4 cbs there we go sorted

    55. Caleb Aîrâwn

      I'd rather picked the same defs

    56. chelseacharger

      It's exactly a year, to the day, that I was last at Stamford Bridge, before the lockdowns began. March 8 2020, we beat Everton 4-0. Unbelievable that we are still in a position to not be allowed back to support the team. Let's hope it's a happy anniversary on the pitch though. KTBFFH.

    57. i-ZARR RADIO

      George, Rudiger is Tuchel's go to are you talking about

    58. Daniel Amaeshi

      Chelsea 3 Everton 0

    59. yave

      all good but change havertz to pulisic i think

    60. ogbeifun eugene

      Odoi should come in, christensen can't play that position, others are ok

    61. Ahmad Gattwinkel

      rudiger has to play he is so good in long paces and did a good job

    62. some man

      Everton are playing better then liverpool at the moment definitely.

    63. NBZ-Eruption

      Are u still with tilda

    64. JackChat

      What do you use to create your starting 11 graphic? I've been using 'Lineup 11' in my videos but yours looks clean mate! I've found it more difficult to edit my way, too time consuming. Would love a response x

    65. JackChat

      Cant see Christensen in LCB tbh

    66. K M-18

      Leave rudiger in his position, christensen is a CB if Silva is back, drop andreas and be rotating him lighter games

    67. Podwer

      Not even a Chelsea fan but i watch this guy. Positive energy, honest heart for the club lad. Congrats

    68. Christian Tan


    69. J62 Gaming

      Who else is scared of Pickford ruining Thiago Silva like he did with van dijk

    70. Kevin gif

      Last Everton performance has been pathetic Chelsea could win probably easily than they even expect

    71. Mckoy Onis

      What's going on with tammy????🤔🤔

      1. chelseacharger

        Ankle injury.

    72. Finalleigh

      tbh if you watch the Liverpool game back, apart from the over the top ball that set up Timo, Jorginho did not do anything else. He gave away the ball cheaply plenty of times and was a liability defensively. Yes he can do a job but Kante and Kova can do better jobs and offer even more. What exactly does Jorginho offer this team?

    73. Osei Owusu

      James is too negative and passes back 8/10 times and Chilwell can't find a man with a cross!

    74. Voiceless Voice

      Revenge COYB

    75. MATRIX Lomachenko

      Sell rudiger

    76. Rhys Edwards

      Can’t argue with that line up 👍🏻

    77. G R

      No I believe we will win this

    78. 2dany5

      CBFC Selects is block on Portugal. RIP !

    79. Anah Jude

      Having issues registering for the gbfcselect can't verify my fone number 😭😭

    80. Rudolph Ballah

      Tuchel made it clear that he picks his starting 11 from the practice session!

    81. CateGories PS4

      Think it’ll be Werner and OG

    82. BUNDUNG BOYO official

      George rudriger needs to start this game he's been performing well and he's also a strong defender

    83. Calum Barton

      I dunno why ppl have been sticking up for ziyech saying he still deserves to start ahead of other players who haven’t been starting. He’s virtually done nothing and created nothing apart from maybe one good pass and a blocked shot against Liverpool. Other players need opportunities to try and impress.

    84. Bhaskar Dasgupta

      Mendy Azpi T. Silva Rudiger CHO Kovacic Jorginho Alonso Ziyech Mount T. Werner

    85. Daniel Weber

      Hey George, Chelsea should play either Thiago Silva or Christensen. Never together! Lack of speed would be harmful

    86. Justin Garcia

      Commenting for algo

    87. Timber Team

      I would stick with the same back three, it’s kinda like In a back four it would be silva and Zouma but in a back three it should be the other three atm.


      "entire CAKE of humble PIE" 😂7:59 how can you have a cake of pie

    89. Ebako Mick

      Silva isn’t available for this match I guess.

    90. Tiernan O'Brien

      I really want to see werner, havertz strike partnership

    91. Quabena Monster

      GBFC 💙💙

    92. Charmaine Clarke

      I'm feeling pretty confident on a chelsea win however I do think Everton will make it difficult as possible for us

    93. MadgeBand

      Silva isn’t fit I don’t think so rudi Andreas Azpilicueta cbs

    94. steve10 the striker

      Odoi will start

    95. steve10 the striker

      thiago silva is old, why playing him when the future of chelsea is very good.?

    96. Bepo Raymond

      Let's Go CFC 🔵🔵

    97. Hazwan Amir Jufry

      Same with me Benson 2-0

    98. Bepo Raymond


    99. Bepo Raymond

      No we don't need Thiago Silva this match

    100. Shodipo Samuel

      Kovacic and kante don’t work for me It’s either jorgi and kante and Kova and jorgi