6 Things We Learnt From TOTTENHAM 0-1 CHELSEA

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    6 Things We Learnt From TOTTENHAM 0-1 CHELSEA. Tottenham 0-1 Chelsea in the Premier League with Jorginho scoring the Chelsea winning goal from the Penalty spot. Tottenham 0-1 Chelsea highlights see Chelsea FC dominating the game and creating all of the best openings. Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea keep a 3rd consecutive clean sheet. Tuchel becomes the first Chelsea manager to keep 3 Clean Sheets in his opening 3 Premier League games since Jose Mourinho took over at Chelsea in 2004. Tottenham 0-1 Chelsea with Jorginho's winning goal see's Tuchel's Chelsea move up to 6th in the Premier League table.
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    Tottenham 0-1 Chelsea - Jorginho Penalty as the only goal of the game. Thomas Tuchel registers Chelsea's first win against one of the big six in the Premier League this season.

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    1. chan nghia tran thi

      The terrible jet immediately surprise because flower algorithmically nail out a faded pot. gigantic, towering key

    2. Дамян Илиев

      Where is the new video

    3. Ozy Mandias

      Feb 7th. Chelsea played a match. I'm sorry to bother you, but do you want to comment on it or not?

    4. Jake Gonski

      Where the new uploads at?

    5. David Wright

      George where r u man was looking forward for ur pre Sheffield v chelsea video

    6. LTL

      Wheres the Sheffield video 🥺

    7. mumba mwila


    8. Paul Gov

      Timo will score vs Sheffield!!!!

    9. ma Ju

      Finally a coach with pedigree and ACTUAL tactics

    10. ScoobyFermentation

      “Lampard Out” yet George?

    11. Natalie King

      This was brilliant.. beating the yids!!! Come on the CHELS!!! 💙

    12. Ivan Kingslay

      Why are people getting soo hyped??....chill..even super Frank had the same going in the beginning

    13. Ryan Lisboa

      If kovacic or mount had a shot like lampard or essien omg we would be winning every game

    14. Azariah Carty

      Tuchel Ball 3421 ST . AM AM LWB BWP DLP RWB . LCB CB RCB . GK ............................................... 3412 LF RF . CF LWB BWP DLP RWB . LCB CB RCB . GK ………………………………................ Squad Depth: ST: Giroud -> Abraham LF: Werner -> Pulisic -> Odoi RF: Odoi -> Pulisic ............................................... CF: Havertz -> Mount AM: Ziyech -> Mount -> Havertz -> Pulisic -> Odoi ................................................ Ball-Winning Midfielder: Kante -> Kovacic -> Gilmour Deep-Lying Playmaker: Jorginho -> Kovacic -> Gilmour ................................................. LWB: Alonso -> Chilwell -> Emerson LCB: Rudiger -> Christensen -> Zouma CB: Silva -> Christensen RCB: Azpilicueta -> James RWB: Odoi -> James ................................................ GK: Mendy -> Kepa Transfer possibilities... - A young Giroud i.e. Haaland... - An all-round Defensive Midfield Six: Ball-winning quality + Great Vision and Passing... - Multifunctional (All 3 CB positions) Ball Playing Defender who can rotate the aging Silva + Azpilicueta...

    15. Andrew

      GB is always two steps behind, Kepa, Lampard, and Jorginho. Refused to see any issue with the first two, until they were replaced, and just last week was crying about Jorginho given playing time. What's the point of analyzing the game if you are always wrong?

    16. Zenon Clan

      Mason mount no box ?

    17. Salem Akindele-Rock

      There's no way I'd have given a blue box to Thomas Tuchel for the win. Yeah, we won and it's a great feeling, but it was a victory based on luck, than our play. The injection of Lucas Moura took the sail out of our team and I couldn't but thank God that we were meeting a Spurs team seriously decimated by injury and on a losing streak. We played into Spurs hands, but they were short in personality to play their deadly counterattack football as Son got no support until Moura came in. We were equally lucky to have won a penalty before then, as we are still as wasteful in the final third as before. I still think we're given Tuchel more credit than he deserves, which on the long run may become counterproductive. For now, so many things are working in our favour, thereby giving us results. Wolves was at its worst since the beginning of the season when we met them, same for Spurs. Our schedule is indeed favourable and we should just take things in their strides and not make the Coach so overrated, that we will be too disappointed when the bubble bursts and the honeymoon period ends.

    18. 5thDawg

      Congruent - in agreement or harmony. identical in form; coinciding exactly when superimposed

    19. mcLOVIN

      Jorginho honestly looked like the player Pep wanted to sign from Napoli back in 2018, but ended up going to Chelsea (forcefully lol salty still) I think what we have seen from him so far at Chelsea was his ability, but Tuchel seems to have given life to his potential. Still thinking of what he could have become under Guardiola, man is such a good passer for our system - glad to finally see him play in a team who plays to his strengths - possession based system.

    20. Cruz Jacobs

      Love the commitment on getting the videos out George x

    21. Philip Gehde

      I think Timo deserves a green box. Excellent movement, creating loads of spaces for our offensive players. Excellent outlook on the upcoming games. Lets keep in mind, this was Tottenham, and we absolutely dominated them! :) Kova and Silva, masterclass! :)

    22. Nicolas B. Henry

      Tuchel begins his work and he is quite good. I like the way we play now

    23. El Muller


    24. Alpha Wollf

      I love George’s absolute contempt for Tottenham lol

    25. Francis Dika Agbawodikeizu

      Awesome performance.... I am abit worried for Thiago Silva...😪😥

    26. Carlos Rivera

      Are you roadside? I had to keep pausing to check if it wasnt near me.

    27. Jack Malcolm

      I'm calling out now Thomas tuchel is gonna win a league title with Chelsea 💙

    28. Ryder Lowery

      I’ve been calling for three in the back all season and Chelsea looked really good defensively. James was the only player that looked out of his element but everyone else looked great.

    29. Nasim Belkacem

      without ziyech, chelsea is nothing no good passport with ziyech it would be better the cloth only lets his compatriots play werner can't do anything like kai


      I can't believe George said the build up was boring at times...that would mean Lamp's latter Chelsea's build up was nonexistent Under Tuchel the build up looks like it has a plan on where to attack. Never pedestrian, just patient and intentional

    31. LjaySun

      pretty amazing how youve kept up with uploading content, amidst of your house moving. great first half from us, we seemed very tired last 20 mins or so when Lamela and Moura came on, probably due to changes in the formation and systems.

    32. ButterFinger XI

      The thing about being clinical, that’s where Olivier Giroud plays alongside Werner. Werner runs behind the defence and even though we put in random crosses Giroud likes heading the ball into the net so with Reece James, Hudson-Odoi, Werner putting random crosses in Olivier Giroud will get on the end of it and we score goals as well as going down the middle with Werner pace, Giroud playing false 9, Mount work rate and technical gifted Hudson-Odoi and we score more

    33. Kane Fassett

      When alonso makes one mistake “I just don’t think he’s good enough for this Chelsea team”

    34. Dennis Staines

      Sorry to say I am not convinced yet. Lampard was playing Rudiger before and he was coming back into form anyway, Pulisic was also coming back into form after injury. CHO was very average again. I would have played Pulisic because he is a better player by some margin (may not be quite ready for 90 mins post injury). We all knew Jose was going to play for a draw so it was up to us to attack properly and we only had 2 shots on target that's only 30% of what we had with Lampard that is not good enough. I do prefer the 3-4-3 but although I like Alonso we needed the speed and skill of Chilwell to up the overload on the left as well as the right. I agree Werner played better but you could see the signs in the last few matches anyway. Mount is still excellent and James is a great wing back. I must give a shout for Kovacic as he was exceptional and broke through Spurs midfield like a knife through butter time after time, he needs a lot more credit. I am not against Tuchel and I like his positive personality however beating a depressed and poor Spurs by a lone penalty is not good enough. Also concerned if we are playing three at the back we needed to keep Tomori, Christensen was AWOL on the attempt that Spurs nearly scored, luckily another Spurs headed him in the back.

    35. Timo Werner

      This is hard now we have to either drop kova or jorgi for kante

    36. C BF

      Mr. GB more smart = smarter. -and YES, congruent is indeed the right word. Superb!

    37. Luiz N

      Don’t be carried away let’s wait and see how things goes under our new manager! I’m Chelsea 💙

    38. Daragh

      I completely missed the second half, got caught up with work and talking to family. Didn't realise how well they had played throughout the whole game. I have to admit myself I was gutted not seeing Werner take the penalty but all in all it was scored and that was the main thing. Least we can say now we beat two teams within the top 10!!

    39. Dylan T

      1000 comment

    40. cameron gillingham

      Jorginho has been very good under Tuchel. Still not 100% convinced with him and I want to see Billy in the pivot, but Jorginho is slowly earning my trust again

    41. marocstars

      Not to be cynical but we shouldn't forget that we are still in the honeymoon fase. Were all the players give that extra for the new manager. We need to wait for all that to settle to see if this is actually long term or they go back to there old habits.

    42. tomFN

      Well done boys

    43. gantswood

      *VAR check completed. London is blue*

    44. Richard Sleep

      Yes George! And we do like the shots of Bali too :)

    45. NicolasVanHecke

      Feel a bit bad for Chilwell... Alonso has played two great games but we can’t play two left-backs and I’m feeling the favor of Tuchel is in favor of Alonso. He played very good but Chilwell has been unbelievable too so...

    46. Hayden Nicholls

      Hi George, love the content, however I feel like in the 6 things we learnt you should give a green box to a opposition player, for example I thought Lloris made some fantastic saves yesterday. Maybe consider this going forward? Keep it up!

    47. Fabricio Ortuno


    48. Chelsea Blues Paradise

      Our Double Pivot of Jorginho and Kovacic Deserves more Respect and admiration 🤩

    49. Rudra Mehta


    50. Charlie Scott

      I feel like CHO plays better as a LWB and James could slot into that RCB for Azpi because when we play big teams with tricky fast wingers James can handle them a lot better

    51. K Green

      Remember we stole Jorghino from City, now we see why Pep wanted him. Great result.

    52. SIMEON

      Great video!

    53. J Noslen

      Jorginho is playing well recently, this has been his best playing spell since the bigging of sarri days

    54. Charlie Mcnally

      Thought timo werner was superb he may not be scoring but made terrific runs and never gave up I’ve a feeling we’re about to see the best timo against Sheffield 🤞

    55. Chate Dosanjh

      Need to be patient.....2 goals from defenders and a penalty... still concerned.

    56. BPRG

      vrooooooooooooooooom . . . love the vids George!

    57. Éden Peeters

      Next up Sheffield United

    58. The lonely blue Whale

      Rudiger playing box to box centre back 😂 i swear he carried the ball to the opposition box like 6-7 times

    59. Abu Othman Ibrahim

      ni matter how much score.. this football.. all about win

    60. Мартин Петров

      The one thing I learnt is, that Jose Mourinho is Chelsea's biggest fan. He always helps us the best way possible.😂 We thank you once again, Jose.😂 I'm so proud, that I started to NOT watch our matches anymore this season and thigns started going well again. So this thing works actually.😂

    61. obrien pufc

      Player power strong at Chelsea That ended Frank

    62. Nikola Iliev

      Loving the motorbike noises, good as background noise!

    63. Nameless anonymous

      I love how scathing you're towards Spurs

    64. Saviour Tom

      I really enjoyed that match from the beginning to the end that was a massive 3 point indeed


      Your analysis is spot-on in this episode

    66. Badru Oladapo

      Chill well🤔😭


      I noticed Jorginho rarely does back passes.. The team is now confident to pass feels like Tuchel said any long senseless ball you sit on the bench

    68. Nipun Sharma

      Unpopular opinion but I don’t hate Spurs, Arsenal are my biggest rivals

    69. Ashadh Zareen

      Werner was brilliant too

    70. ilham bimantoro

      just realize that you are in Bali

    71. J T

      Finally! Someone who knows how to properly use Jorginho, Werner, Hudson Odoi and above all even better Mount! All is not perfect for sure, but we can already see that the change in the occupation of the pitch and intensity is essential for Chelsea! Kovacic can express himself fully between the lines and it's a real treat!

    72. ComradeBear

      i love this channel

    73. KenZo

      do we look that much better? Not really.

      1. KenZo

        Spurs were fucking awful first half btw.

    74. sedekie Bility

      I think Covacic deserves green box#3

    75. Theus Tweak

      Werner robbed of a green box George. Yet, amazing video. Keep it up :D

    76. ian jimmy

      Get a sleep George.. must be a happy relaxing sleep :) .. God bless.. salam dari Surabaya

    77. Benji Wackett

      some bad opinions

    78. Randolph Hannays

      I must say that this is the Chelsea I want to see week in and week out we look amazing good win guys keep it up 👍

    79. Abraham Ola-osoko

      Lampard should be assistant to coaches like Tuchel guidiola or klopp for two years before becoming a manager of a big club. Look at players that we all thought are useless becoming class play again. Tuchel is the way

    80. Dom Bukys

      I would of put kovasic in a blue box

    81. Aditya Patel

      I have never seen Alonso defending like that.. Lol.

    82. Giles Junior

      The only person that I didn’t fell played well was christiansen cah he kept playing it back to the defense and would pass it in our half but it was overall a good game

    83. mYSt Pug

      The face in the thumbnail was the same face i made after the final wistle

    84. Dirty Sanchez

      Thank you for the kind words, we will get a lot better too..

    85. Emmanuel

      Kovacic playing like prime Iniesta 🔥🔥 nowadays his not a goal scorer but an amazing ball carrier .

    86. yave

      i think when silva left, for a sec, ppl lacked confi

    87. yave

      perhaps you can now see that jorgi fits in chelsea? especially under tuchel?

      1. yave

        sry for my harsh comments

    88. yave

      my 6 things we learned.... tuchel blue. mason man of the match. jorgi green. azpli green. passing and creativity green. finnishing yellow.

    89. dudeguy24 1123

      Jorginio was my man of the match not just for the goal but he did some sick turns and dummys with the ball too

    90. yave

      ez win

    91. Sam Thomas

      CHO and Reece dominated that first half, it was great to see them toy with Davies.

    92. Gianni C

      glad the opinion on Jorgi has changed here

    93. Zeno Guy

      Chelsea played so good Defensively

    94. Batho Bansi

      Christensen and Rüdiger is a Big reason to be worried🥴

    95. Ben Almond

      All we need now our attacking players to get some goals. Either Giroud or Werner up front for me, as Giroud shouldn’t be phased by pressure, and get Pulisic and Ziyech firing again

    96. Kwaku Adu-Yeboah

      Kovacic is a maestro

    97. Abheet Menghani

      if Thiago Silva is injured for the next match then Zouma should start not Christensen

    98. El Chapo Ibn Jon Al Drakowski

      No one mentioning Silva? He was immense, once he came off I felt we lost abit of stability. He’s so assuring to have in this side!

      1. Alejandro Londono


    99. Luca Cataldo

      No one: Box number 6: BLM fist

    100. Luca Cataldo

      Can I just say how much better Jorginho is now there is an actual system. People were so quick to write him off including George himself. Kante looked very rusty, even before his injury.