6 Things We Learnt From SOUTHAMPTON 1-1 CHELSEA

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    6 Things We Learnt From SOUTHAMPTON 1-1 CHELSEA. Southampton 1-1 Chelsea in the Premier League as Mason Mount scores a penalty as Chelsea finish the Premier League weekend in 5th place in the Premier League table. Thomas Tuchel remains unbeaten in charge of Chelsea and Chelsea are still on cause to finish in the Top 4 despite dropping out of the Top 4 over the Premier League weekend. Southampton 1-1 Chelsea see's goals scored by Takumi Minamino and Mason Mount. Let me know the 6 things you learnt from Southampton 1-1 Chelsea in the comments below!
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    1. Aidan O loughlin

      Best football channel in the world.

      1. Cillian Corkery


      2. ARTYAW TV

        He said Alonso is slow - quick one ...chilly played under lampard and we went to 10th...fast isn't it 2. Alonso after scoring looks average- quick one when was the last time your strikers scored a goal in consecutive games

      3. ARTYAW TV

        Not true ....hate anylsis

      4. Kishan Patel

        I absolutely love it

      5. Aidan O loughlin

        @Rob B what?

    2. ARTYAW TV

      Alonso is never the one to create chances for Chelsea and your midfield was very poor....focus your analysis on the players in the middle. Alonso also didn't mess up defensively...so what is your point...very ungrateful and bias George

    3. ARTYAW TV

      Poor analysis without considering how good tactically soton was...and what did you say Alonso did again....big lie

    4. Singappuli Wijewardana

      Well, the chances were not converted. How come Leeds knocked them off them 3-0 today. Clearly no proper motive yet and players are not helping each other.

    5. chan nghia tran thi

      The obsequious interest technically fear because zoo gratifyingly delight amid a mushy weight. common, crooked chive

    6. ekiru kidalio

      Harsh on Alonso !!,,, why not James who cannot shoot and always passing backwards?.James missed that pass from Mount and just skied the ball when the simplest thing to do was control and score .The goal conceded again was via the right hand side where the ball was put between Zouma and AZPI and James should have come back and help defend. There is nothing like a watertight defence. Chelsea problem is in the final third where players just lack creativity and commitment to the course !.

    7. G R

      Last time Alonso played bad was vs Soton 3-3, never played again. Game vs Soton again, he was awful...hey whatsup Alonslow with this team?

    8. No Name

      Been saying this about Tammy for a long long time, even under Frank. He is overrated by Chelsea fans.

    9. Milind Singh Dawar

      Why can't we use 442 .... I know we have a great shape in 343 and we can play 433 but i think 442 can be the answer for us as we can use timo and tammy/giroud up front, kova and kante in the middle and ziyech, odoi/pulisic on the wings with chilly and james as full back

    10. Bepo Raymond

      kovacic is creative

    11. Armchair Supporter

      Tammy the scapegoat

    12. James Dillon

      3-4-2-1 Mendy Zouma, Silva and Azpi CHO, Kante, Mount and Chilwell Havertz and Pulisic Giroud

    13. Ayushya Kaul

      Giroud is so criminally underused by all Chelsea managers. He literally scored a goal in the last league game and yet he doesn't even get any game time against Southampton? He deserves better.

    14. Colin Reese

      Bali is a great place to get caught with drugs.

    15. diego armando

      Next season chelsea play with 8 or 9players from germany

    16. Kwaku Azar

      It’s not lack of ruthlessness. It’s lack of creativity up front. We need creativity not hype!

    17. Šerif Lelić

      I'm sorry but Tammy ain't good enough..if we want to win the league and titles like Champions League you need a ruthless striker so yeaaa...Erling is welcome!

    18. Tony Dee

      Areeb , I agree with everything you said, someone talking sense, even gb, ninii & youness cant understand why that happened, are they wrong 🤔🤔

    19. Parth Chalise

      Now more and more I see this man's videos I just feel he has the easiest job and doesn't do anything special. He does not analyze anything about the game overall. If we win he praises one player for instance let's take an example of marcos. 2 weeks ago he was praying him. Then he performs bad for a game and he just says bad stuff about him. Same with other players he just praises them if they play good for a game and just criticizes the players if they do a mistake.

    20. RJ Singh

      Waited so long for this vid

    21. Ibrahim Lawal

      nah Tuchel went frrom Neymar n Mbappe to CHO n expects same outcome

    22. joseph omoregie

      Lampard FC celebrating our draw. you can just tell from the voice the joy.

    23. EdDude

      shit we dont create small chances let alone big chances

    24. Warren Oconnell

      Great video 👌😌😌

    25. Bobby Brown

      nobody thinks your wrong bro Tammy is just not a good enough striker for chelsea

    26. Gordon Sneddon

      I don’t agree with Tuchel’s handling of the CHO substitution, but I do hope his message about workrate gets through to all the players. This is a pivotal moment as you say. Everyone at Chelsea needs to pull their finger out and make a success of this season. Make it happen you Blues! 💙💙💙

    27. Paul Golding

      Funny how you mention Timo - his first touch was appalling and kept fluffing his passes. His overall play was poor. Should have been subbed.

    28. John Sadlier

      I love ou soo much 💙💙

    29. Martin Van Tol

      This team has just not clicked yet in an attacking sense; one day it will come, when suddenly the passes will be creative and brave, when the passes are perfect weight and shots are crisp and accurate. Please!

    30. Sebastian Munoz Borja

      I agree Abraham´s influence is Null, Giroud deserves more time on the pitch he is more useful and in general is better than Tammy

    31. AD D

      What s the point releasing this video later than 1 day after the match??

    32. Jimmy SpliffTV

      How nobody talked about how SHOCKING KOVACIC was? Please someone address it lol he was awful!!!!

    33. Richard Grace

      George what are your thoughts on the apparent STRONG possibility of pulisic transferring out this summer... apparently burrusia dortmunt have been asking HEAVILY about his transfer availability

      1. Richard Grace

        @Wyman Griffin becauae they are losing multiple wingers after the season is over

      2. Richard Grace

        @Wyman Griffin that's who I meant idk why I pit dortmund lmfao... and bayern have been asking A LOT about his availability

      3. Wyman Griffin

        Supposedly Bayern Munich are interested, I haven’t read anything about bvb only read about Munich

    34. Otty 1910

      Ziyech is not disinterested he is just lacking confidence!

    35. Emmanuel Udobong

      Mate show us miss GBFC

    36. Otty 1910

      No you didn't think Callum would start but you did think Kepa would start, lol!

    37. Rory Drew

      5:26 I thought George was gonna say "A red box for Ruben Loftus-Cheek".

    38. finnyfinnfinn

      I have still yet to be convinced by Chelsea’s possible midfield pairings. Kovacic and Jorginho are fine when playing against uncompetitive teams, but as soon as we come up against even slightly attack minded teams, enormous holes appear in the midfield as the opposition takes control. It’s hard to see Tuchel taking many risks with some big games on the horizon, but I personally would like to see a pairing of Mount and Gilmour at the base of midfield - perhaps in the FA cup? I’m excited that Kante looks to be making his way back to full fitness, and am hoping he will help fill some of those big gaps in midfield against the stronger teams.

    39. Calum Barton

      I actually respected tuchel explanation of why he took cho off. He could’ve kept quiet and said he had his reasons and then the media would’ve had a field day and made up a lot of rubbish. But the fact that he’s openly says this is my reasons means that cant happen. Cho has played really well so far and tuchel knows that and I reckon when the smoke cleared and cho calmed down tuchel would’ve said that to him.

    40. Moha Moha

      Charity Fc did their work , Atleti are waiting to beat us Home and away Tuchel out

    41. Dolapo Ogunsanlu

      I agree on Alonso as well in this game. I don't rate Chiwell at all and I am not surprised he isn't getting a lot of game time at the moment but I was hoping he would be brought on as well.

    42. Ivan Avery

      We do create a lot of chances, and abrahams does score, but no whare near enough for the volume of chances given to him, hes not good enough at the moment to be on the bench.

    43. Godwin Oyekwe

      I don't think kante was very good.. his marking was ok, but awful in passing and creating chances. Zouma same is not enough as a center man in a back 3. We move on though

    44. alan evans

      Reece James for such a talented player he is so negative with he ball almost always he goes backwards or sideways

    45. james ebeniza

      Where is our GBFC behind 🥲

    46. Martin Yeboah

      We learnt that posession without end product from us

    47. Ellessio

      ST Werner LAM Pulics RAM Ziyech LCM Kai Havertz RCM Kante LWB CHO LCB Zouma CB Rudiger RCB Azpi RWB James GK Mendy Our best starting 11 right now if chose!! Many will question Havertz but he can play CM, he will play like ballack in this position! I wish Tuchel chose this 11

    48. Fadhil M.C.

      George was, in this case, right about Charity FC.

    49. Paul Watson

      Let’s see how far we’ve come tomorrow night, fearing it’s not very far....it might get ugly and I’m not just talking about Suarez!!😟😟

    50. Rob B

      That’s funny....because Odio didn’t give effort and was lazy you some how dismiss that with him even though manager said it; but then turn around and blame others for those things which is total conjecture. LMFA at how lame. Showing favoritism eh?

    51. Sebuzuna Multimedia

      Kante was my MOFTM

    52. Nick Matv

      I must say, Kante is slowing us down. He is fit only for Conte scheme

    53. Waa Sang-froid

      Hudson Odoi when he first came on wasn’t having the best game he didn’t have much energy but just before he gets up subbed off he shows glimpses of energy and pace I’m guessing the manager already made this decision to bring him off so it was kind of confusing to a fan because you just seen him doing good

    54. James Humphreys

      Tuchel wouldn't have sub on and off Neymar in a match when he was manager for PSG, for the same reason.

    55. JynZ0

      Everyone saying 4 at the back would be more attacking doesn’t understand the system ... If you watch the game those wingbacks are further forward than the CM’s Turning it to a 4 loses an attacker, it doesn’t give you more. View the formation as a 3232 / 3241 If the opposition are beating us out wide the sure! 433 make sense but we were beaten through the middle with 5 in that area The problem is personnel not formation, the system works

    56. Ewan Eastland

      Tammy dose not look the same under Thomas as he did under frank mabye it's the type of way Thomas wants to play a striker.

    57. JynZ0

      Imo it’s a clear sign of higher expectations of CHO Alonso and Ziyech were both sluggish in comparison

    58. The Pillow Cage

      What I notice most about Tammy is that when he comes off the bench, he plays with intensity. Everytime he starts a game, he looks lazy.

    59. sheik afridhi

      You can't cut in and take on players without wingers. We haven't been playing traditional wingers, so you need to accept that.

    60. T Spot

      Giroud Pulisic-Mount Alonso-J5-Kante-James Rudiger-Christiansen-Azpi Mendy

    61. Darcy Mullin

      It’s like we get to the final 3rd and we are trying to find a way to pass the ball into the net.. we need to start having a go or trying different ideas.

    62. classic ninetythree

      right about tammy✌✌✌✌

    63. Steve Silk

      Unfortunately I think CHO has a laid back side to him at times. Ngolo and Mason fantastic, exactly what is needed and what Tuchel was getting at when he commented on CHO's substitution. Up front they seem frightened to pull the trigger. Too slow coming out from the back. Sorry , negative I know, but enough is enough with some of the Chelsea team.

    64. Jacob Sauers

      I like the accountability that Tuchel enforces, however, hopefully behind the scenes he’s balancing between leading and growing this team, and not just using the “hammer” every time something happens that he doesn’t like. He’ll lose respect and effort from players very quickly

    65. Shawn Jimenes

      The thiago silva effect

    66. Antoinette Anim

      Mount deserves a blue box

    67. Steve Stratton

      Offense is no better under Tuchel than is was under Lampard. Players on the bench better than starters?? IMO Giroud is the best striker we have and should be starting. Pulisic is better than Werner. Need to find a way to get Ziyech more minutes. Maybe not starting every game but he makes plays and creates chances. Could we plead with Tuchel to try Giroud, Pulisic and Ziyech with the rest of the first team? Just once to see if offensive spark? Thoughts?

      1. Steve Stratton

        Also - why not start Odoi as LWB and James as RWB? Why is Alonso starting again? Because of 1 goal at Burnley?

    68. Peter Gordon

      Charity fc

    69. Ubaid Ansari

      Abraham sucks

    70. Ben Baird

      GB is being kind to Tammy........Zouma can go back to Stoke. Kante is a beast.

    71. FLOWNEL

      Your blind. With mount

    72. Sastri Sankar

      Tuchel needs to take kova on the side and help him practice shots outside the box he's able to get in these positions so we'll sighz, also we hv to reclassify werner has a winger or midfielder cause its painful watching him get in these positions in the box and don't shoot but passes it instead... We really hv to wrk on our cutting edge... Idk get Costa to talk to the lads or sumn... Lol

    73. Vinay Malhotra

      Timo losing the ball in transition countless times deserved a red for me. It seemed like most of our attacks were squandered due to his lack of awareness

    74. Alex Tarazi

      Several times we had a chance to take a shot from the 18, but we pass or give it away. The question is WHY? We don't take chances.

    75. Jack Stone

      George mate love your videos but Werner shouldn't be judged entirely until he is given service if he isn't given service there's not a lot he can do get the ball to him and you'll see what he is capable of.

    76. Vincent Jackson

      Kovatic had a horrendous game because he should have been paired with Jorginho, not Kante.

    77. Vincent Jackson

      Kante was great defensively but HORRIBLE offensively, in his passing and in his ball control (e.g that moment where he absolutely killed the other guy’s ankle)

    78. Britt Salter

      I though we looked pretty bad - especially going forward. I think our midfield was a mess. I like Kante very much, but he too often is a double edged sword. He runs like a crazy man and never gives up - which I love - but is really weak attacking or providing service to the forwards. He is fabulous picking off loose (or not even that loose) balls, but then, once he gets it, he does little with it. His touch and passing are ok sometimes, but pretty weak too often. Most of our forwards are "particularly dependent" on good service - few are "self-creators". Kante just doesn't seem consistently good - or adequate - in the service role. I don't think Jorginho and Kante are a very good combo. I think Kovacic and Kante are better, but they don't really COMPLEMENT each other - or at least not yet. For whatever reason, Kovacic and Jorginho do seem to make each other better - at least a fair bit of the time. I think that when they are "clicking", the attacking players get more and better service - and different flavors of service, i.e. balls over the top, quick balls to feet, through balls in the gaps, and balls to the wings. I am actaully not a Jorginho fan, but have been pretty impressed with his play next to Kovacic. I like Kante's work rate and dedication, but think perhaps he needs a different "Kante Specific" role or posiiton - he just isn't a snappy passer, and it seems like a lot of the time a ball to him is a momentum killer. It looked to me like Odoi was put into a position/situation that he either wasn't familiar or comfortable with. I think his "body language" was largely due to frustration. When he made runs, he never saw the ball. When he faked a run then stopped, a thru ball was on the way... We all have these days. He was put into a position where there wasn't a lot of room to work in. I think he is a very good player, but he isn't at his best in a crowd, or with his back to the goal. I didn't really like him being subbed off - I think he should have been moved to a different spot, or allowed to just keep trying in hopes he'd get more comfortable. Maybe swap him and Alonso??? I would have probably put him in for Alonso in the first place and put Giroud in for Abraham. I though Alonso was ok, but not better than that. He has great touch and CAN make some great passes, but he was having a bit of an off day. I though he should have been subbed off before 60 minutes. I don't know if Chillwell or golmore would have been great, but they wouldn't have been much worse and might have provided a nice spark. I also wonder about putting Ziyech in this spot - his defense might be a big problem, but hi might enjoy some room to work... I think Reese James looks a lot better whan he is playing near certain players. He, kind of like Odoi, didn't look super comfortable for whatever reason. Managing a team - especially this team is quite a challenge. It isn't all about formations or players. I think we need to spend more time sorting out who plays best with/near who. Having the "BEST" players on the field is often not the best choice - we need the best GROUP of players. If the fullbacks and Midfield aren't linking up smoothly, we will struggle. Ditto for Fullbacks and Forwards and Midfield and forwards. We need to make sure our attackers are given service - and the TYPE service they prefer (as much as possible). -BES

    79. Alejandro Solano Vargas

      How can we be ruthless if we have 6 defensive players on the pitch most of the time plus the keeper and kovacic, 8 out 11 are player that like to play to the back and have not that nerve to go forward, jorginho is just another cb. Tuchek needs to put more attacking playeres and give them the time to adapt

    80. Cristi Răduică

      George, the game's on tuesday not on wednesday!!

    81. Steven Hill

      Plus tammy was carring a knock from last game you dont know how much it was still bothering him should have been rested tbh and giroud should have started

    82. Mattias Edlund

      When there are this many poor individual performances, I’d blame on the manager.

    83. Steven Hill

      Wow your gonna slaughter abraham for having one bad game tammy links play better than werner he makes good runs generally mostly not found by a good pass granted but that's not his fault in my opinion I'd play tammy over werner all day long

    84. Gary Martin

      Tammy needs to get down the gym and bulk up to lightweight. Does not track back when he loses the ball by a player half his size . Sorry there are a lot of players just not good enough or consistent enough . Tammy out . Alonso out . Also the reason cobba had a bad game is there was not enough movement ahead of him to give the ball to . I wonder what would have happened without Kante and mason playing. Mmmmmmm we would have lost . Zuma was asleep. We need to wake up

    85. Mattias Edlund

      We have to faster on the attack and a lot faster at building up attacks. Too much backpasses and passes in the backline is just waste of time. We need to take risks. Kova lost possession a few times but at least he tried. No one else did.

    86. Krishan Chandaria

      whens the next collab?!

    87. Carefreeblues

      Couldn’t Lampard have done the same thing we’re doing with tuchel right now?

    88. Michael Plane

      Assessment of Tammy is spot on. If he isn't fit, he should say so.

    89. Michael Plane

      I have been on a RLC watch, at Fulham. He's getting back to his best, I reckon. Taking players on. charging into the box and shooting from anywhere and accurately, too. It has been a pleasure to see him driving forward. We need him.

    90. Gary Martin

      He is lightweight lightweight lightweight. He needs to watch Costa or drog

    91. pat


    92. edwin enslin

      Teusday not Wednesday

    93. Xlive2magicX

      Chelsea still not that good

    94. Michael Plane

      "C" is for crap, performance, George.

    95. Timilehin Olabiyi


    96. Dill Carver

      2.5 shots on target and scraped a draw against soapy Saints. Tell me we couldn't have achieved such magnificence under Frank?

    97. escobar pablo

      reece should've scored smh

    98. Paraipan Sergiu

      5:48 it's gonna be tommorow George, not wednesday

    99. Eric Lucente

      Idk what it is but Chelsea is just not likeable for me anymore. I can only find a handful of players I like and outside of that the team is just boring. Tuchel ball is early but extremely sterile and all you hear is nothing but praise for what is the exact same thing that Frank brought. Not only that, but so easy to foresee how quickly we’ll have yet another manager. Future at Chelsea just looking very boring for me, but I really really hope I’m wrong.

    100. Goldie

      I swear Kante got the ball anytime a southampton player got within 10 feet of him