6 Things We Learnt from SHEFFIELD UNITED 1-2 CHELSEA

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    6 Things We Learnt from SHEFFIELD UNITED 1-2 CHELSEA. Sheffield United 1-2 Chelsea highlights saw goals from Mason Mount and Jorginho securing all three points for Chelsea in the Premier League at Bramall Lane. Sheffield United 1-2 Chelsea see's Chelsea jump to 5th in the Premier League just one point from Champions Liverpool after Liverpool 1-4 Manchester City yesterday in the Premier League at Anfield. Let me know the 6 things you learnt from Sheffield United 1-2 Chelsea in the comments below!
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    1. Dpte

      Best Channel after every chelsea game THIS is what I’m looking forward to 👀

      1. ChelseaBible

        Hey guys I posted a Mason Mount video go check it out 👏🏼💙

      2. Jonas Amuzu

        @Anime Hazard q

      3. Madhav Raj

        Angry Rantman is the best. He’s second but still really good 🙂

      4. Zephon Makale

        Awesome George!

      5. Anime Hazard

        Angry rantman best

    2. Vincent Chugg


    3. Roman Sorin

      Guys, what is "blue box"? Even better than "green box"?

    4. Oj III

      How you look up to Yan but have more subscribers?

    5. BenPlays Fifa

      Why does George look like he's from love island with that shirt on lmaooo

    6. Robert Andretta

      If Kovacic was better than Jorginho, why did J get the green box instead of K? Also, I’d like to see you stop wasting your boxes on guesses about things, like heading for the top four. It keeps good players from getting praise they deserve.

    7. billy reeve

      I've said it most videos in the past Lampard is not a manager soon as you change him and get someone who has half a clue your be top 4 never challenging the league tho next year chelsea could be a threat this year before a ball was kicked every fan other than chelsea fans knew you had no chance of fighting for the league it was embarrassing but I like this new man you got like the way he plays he talks in the press good luck Chelsea but dont get over excited like you did when Lampard took over to early

    8. FIK NEK2

      Hope to see more of that fascinating cupboard in upcoming videos🤣🔵🔵

    9. kanmacdre

      I don't like watching Jorghino play. He slows down the game unnecessarily and is not picking out the run in behind from our attackers. Maybe I am missing something, but I am not excited when Jorghino is in the starting eleven. Would love to see Billy Gilmour play more. He is a lot more excited to watch than Jorghino.

    10. Emre Kutluktemur

      Weres mendy he made a last minitie save do ppl not care

    11. MuirysFIFA

      Love the vids and the new house mate, deserve it all!

    12. Jeff Banks

      This yard is glorious. COYB!

    13. Koketso Mokone

      Guys, respectfully, our CBs are huge liabilities! They had a bad match. Never had control, were overun by sheffield attackers at times and were slow often. I won't even bring up the back passes to Mendy😩 when Tiago Silva isn't in the team it's glaring and I hate that. It's not good enough

    14. linda magwete

      Your place looks amazing wow!

    15. Lebroy Rodrigues

      Beautiful house George....Ru still in Bali or moved back to London.... where 's ur new home?

    16. RIA REY

      I think its time to change mount's picc!!! Dont do our MVP like that

    17. Acha M

      Congrats on the house GB!

    18. Bepo Raymond

      Finally Timo Gets an EPL green box Can't wait for that to happen to Havertz and Ziyech more again

    19. Carlos

      Nice place m8. How much a month is that?

    20. Mike Malicha

      I did comment about the back passing chelsea defenders are playing... They play it too much and that was the risk I was talking about back passing... Ridiger proved that back passing is dangerous at the box. Minimize back passing

    21. Doriann Patrick

      Christesen plays better in a back 3 not a back 4

    22. DBaleni Football Channel

      Quick to criticize Rudiger. Besides that mistake Man did well. But I am accepting it that some players are not favorites to these Fan Channels.

    23. Simon Ang

      Great commentary as always, mate. And thanks for the nice tour of the new house. Get well soon,

    24. Ivan AK

      CHILWELL, too soft and not dangerous

    25. Jorge Pambo

      George mate you're rich 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆

    26. Joe Murray

      What a serious fuckin gaff man, didn't think I'd give a shite about a house tour but jaysus thats a serious gaff

    27. freddie charman

      jorghino was terrible yesterday he let so many people just walk past him he was at fault for there goal as much a rudiger nd also pulled out of so many challenges yesterday cant have that with some who is suppose to be protecting the back four. i know everyone say he's good at recycling the ball but you can only recycle it so many times he is still constantly passing the ball sideways or backwards and hardley ever forward. cant wait for kante to be back.

    28. cameron gillingham

      Jorginho was not good yesterday. Apart from the pen he was poor

    29. cameron gillingham

      Christensen wasn’t bad at the beginning of the year. He was playing much more aggressive and doing well. That red against Liverpool just made people forget that

    30. Nikos Toss

      Loving the vibe between Tuchel and CHO

    31. Alcassahno 1876

      Lovely house Benson. Get some vitamin C. It will help with your constant illness

    32. Hercules Mezier

      I think you’re hating on gorginho 😑😑 ,, I think him and cova was very good .

    33. Alan Douglas

      Jorginho playing better, but think that he does struggle when playing against more physical teams.

    34. Ritam Lahiri

      The Werner situation right now is scaring me! He might end up like another Fernando Torres.

    35. Hfhdj Jtiir4u

      Fanis soomali 🇸🇴chelsea is back 💪💪💪💪

    36. Ebubechukwu Cephas Obidinma

      Nice home you have there

    37. England Cosmos Football Channel

      Christensen is still only 24 years old. He will toughen up with age

    38. NianTube254

      Timo werner is the most mentality strong player in Chelsea squad. He is not scoring but he never backs up.💙🇰🇪

    39. Michelle Perkins

      Love these videos, I always write my 6 things first and see how it matches up to your views... 6 things I learnt - confidence will continue to grow with this result - Werner with 2 more assists to add to the one in the spurs game. We need to play to his strengths more, turn the opposition and use his pace. - we are still not creating enough dangerous chances, only 3 shots on target for the 70% possession. - Mount continues to prove his quality, fabulous finish and incredible work rate. - zouma can't buy a game, and were not looking as dangerous at set pieces. - we have 3 games coming up which we should win, followed by athletico, utd and Everton, at the end of this i think we will understand how far (if at all) we've come since Frank. We shouldn't get carried away for now.

    40. Dennis Keene

      Jorginho got dribbled round more times than harvey prices chin

    41. Derrik

      What a house😱

    42. fiasko Dollari

      Wow what a nice house

    43. mackan2017

      In which country do you live?

    44. Shaun Okonkwo

      Your house is beautiful

    45. Steve Stratton

      Anyone else concerned about lack of scoring? Great to see Werner come alive but only 3 goals from the field under Tuchel in 4 games against PL Table teams #8(without Kane), #14, #17, and #20. New formation looks to be a step up but worried about scoring against top 10 PL teams.

    46. Michael Henry

      kova and jorge will get found out against better teams(fact)

    47. Nero Pasta

      I hope Tuchel really focuses on Kovacic and improves his shooting, he legit can win Ballon Dor if he improves his shooting, he is unstoppable!! Cant believe Lampard played him as sub

    48. Luckeh Azango

      The Werner move, then Giroud took the centre back out of position, then the cutback goal by Mount was brilliant

    49. nathan archer

      I'm still looking for people that hated mount cause he plays every game. Mount is amazing

    50. Andre Oteri

      I just love this guy. Blue we are and blue we bleed. CFC forever.

    51. Shahab Rehmani

      Great video George!! I think Chelsea will get into top 4 easily. Awesome house tour too!

    52. Joshua Udoh

      SEprom captions be like "Thomas Too Cool" 💙

    53. Dau Juach

      George what do you think of the Boateng rumour and how long do you think we can keep the momentum? Nice house by the way.

    54. ImFading -

      Can you imagine how much kovacic would be worth if he was English and how they would highlight his runs

    55. Мартин Петров

      I learnt, that one more match like this and loss is secured.

    56. Anaxi Kay

      Kovacic was Chelsea's best player on the pitch. Can't believe he didn't get a green box.

    57. K B

      Zouma is recovering/ just recovered from an injury picked up in training. It won’t be fair to.risk him so early n evaluate him while he is getting up to speed.

    58. Fargolapse170

      Nice apartment

    59. Captain Star

      Christensen and Rudi need to prove their worth in big games. They concede together as usual. I want to see them succeed of course but can’t win me back after one start. Up the Chelsea

    60. Dan Skinner

      Thought Timo played alright again but not seeing all the hype about his game at the moment. A top quality center forward and center half is still needed to make us title contenders.

    61. Alejandro Solano Vargas

      I didn’t really liked the game, I actually taught it was a really poor performance and I think it was because of the formation, too many defensive players on the pitch and we were kind of lucky to get the penalty. I think tuchel has to take more risks and play more players, I think he es going for the easy picks and putting like 7 defense players on the pitch so he can have at least the 0-0 draws. I was a bit mad the entire game, I saw franks Chelsea with higher pressing.. let me know what you think George ;)

    62. Destiny Ozor

      George pls where do you live

    63. vic Saltalamacchia

      Mount, Mount , Mount, Mount..............starting to get board with the consistant sunshine going up this lads ass

    64. Wuxia Games Central

      I learned Tuchel doesn't like Pulisic or Ziyech

    65. Golden Phoenix

      Chelsea will get obliterated by atletico Madrid and after that will start losing matches in première league to finish 6th or 7th

    66. Rebecca Reilly

      Your house is so nice

    67. Olufemi Oladipo

      #1 spot isnt out of reach!

    68. Luke Devaney

      I think Rudiger redeemed himself after the mistake.

    69. Martin L

      Besides the own goal Rüdiger was actually solid

    70. Sastri Sankar

      They need to wrk on kova's shooting accuracy he really does find himself in great positions outside the box

    71. Robin Mosimabale

      I get the feeling Werner will soon come to scoring form. Very nice crib.

    72. musani nlebesi

      We're struggling with fluidity upfront, I think we're just overthinking our attack. Need to go back to basics.

    73. Chelsea 12fc

      Chelsea are doing amazing these days and they may take the league keep the good work thomas😍

    74. LOVE YOURz

      Tbf Big Edou Mendy deserves a green box for stepping up when call upon yesterday

    75. Pro- Ballers

      tuchel likes ball playing cbs, rudi and christensen are better at passing. Thats why zouma wasnt starting


      You never give Mateo Kovacic Green box,you are biased he is always my best player at chelsea

    77. Chukwuma Ilodibe

      Tuchel tricky blues

    78. Gursharan Singh

      Congrats on the house bro, it looks amazing

    79. Bob Duke

      Love your commentary always! House tour was cool. Gotta say I always rooted for you and your old girlfriend, cute couple. The banter back and forth with her was priceless. I do miss that at times in your videos, just added something different. C’mon you Blues!

    80. Tendayi Chimwara

      Lovely house mate👌🏽

    81. Mika K.

      a negative to Werner (its something he brought with him from Leipzig.), he's a player that looks down when he dribbles... he doesnt quite trust his muscle memory and talent to do the work. which results into him crossing the ball when no-one is there to get on the end of the cross. He needs to work on that part of his game. He is starting to get into very dangerous area's though which is amazing.

    82. mChannel

      Why Mendy never gets a green box 😏

    83. The Oldies Stud

      I don't think it was Rudiger's fault for own goal, it was more like the keeper's as he rushed forward since Rudiger already in control of the ball

    84. Kylian Hunter

      Perfect video except for when you said Christensen was great against spurs. He kept putting us under tough situations alongside mendy

    85. Lazarus Israel

      Change the foods you eat, change to more like a plant base, and you will feel better GB

    86. Rami Tucks

      I think he doesn't like zouma

    87. Vp Football

      dont see the purpose of havertz , giroud , ziyech in tuchels sytem

    88. Vp Football

      its settled silva azpi and chris is our best center backs

    89. Olaoluwasubomi Omotoso

      I feel we can finish 2nd or 3rd

    90. Titansnake Historic

      whenever chelsea gets fast high goal scoring players like timo, they always turn into teamplayers

    91. Izdore Theo

      Nice one george we waited

      1. Izdore Theo

        R u still in berli?

    92. ace tim

      i didn't see anything impressive in the game just too many unnecessary passes of the ball i thought the change was supposed to be an upgrade and our forwards were not clinical enough

    93. paa yaw osafo

      J5 deserve a a yellow if not for the goal it would be a red. He was getting bullied and making side passes when forward passes are clearly optional. He plays too safe.

    94. rob cowgill

      How did you end up there?.. Another good video George..well done.. I wasn’t able to watch the whole game but, I’ve noticed that the team has better attack these days..Mount played well again, mostly because of his work rate..I was disappointed that CP and Zeeshy did not play but, results matter in sport..cheers from OKC, USA!

    95. Theox2000

      Swindon looks beautiful! Never knew

    96. NygsiGaming

      still fucking shocked we wouldnt have got that penalty if it wasnt for var, n thenu see the pen liverpool got...

    97. CN 10

      Wonder if you’re allergic to some of the Indonesian plant life

    98. Kobe Bryants no 1 fan

      Hi George is it better to get a yellow box or no box I'm a big fan i have your merch

    99. Ghost5379

      where does this guy get his money from?

    100. Ghost5379

      wtffffffffffffff Jorghino was awful, Kovačić was excellent