6 Things We Learnt from PORTO 0-2 CHELSEA

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    6 Things We Learnt from PORTO 0-2 CHELSEA. Porto 0-2 Chelsea highlights see Chelsea goals scored by Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell to put Chelsea closer to a Uefa Champions League semi final. Uefa Champions League highlights of Porto 0-2 Chelsea show Chelsea dominate the game and take a commanding two goal lead into the second leg. Chelsea also now have two away goals under their belt. Porto 0-2 Chelsea highlights saw a wonderful turn and finish from Mount before Chilwell rounded the keeper to make it 2-0 late on! Let me know the 6 Things you Learnt from PORTO 0-2 CHELSEA in the comments below!
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    1. George Benson Football

      YES GUYS! What a massive win that is for us tonight. Also, we hit 185k Subscribers here on GBFC so a huge thank you for that! Can we hit the 15,000 Like target for this 6 Things We Learnt video? Get those Notifications turned on so you don't miss the Player Ratings video out later on today!

      1. James fresh

        Am not happy you didn't pick me as your winner

      2. Godwin Iyoha

        Good morning

      3. Aarya Dalvi

        i think tuchels tactics today were a yellow. The two goals were actually scored from individual brilliance and star power. I think this point needs to be addressed. i am open to criticism

      4. Johnathan Dickson

        @Luis Hernandez haha I have the same SW9 plate glued to front of my beer fridge with a F replacing the B because of gbfc 🤣🤣

      5. Insight 123

        Casually liking you're own comment

    2. Zuha Ansari

      I kinda have a feeling that porto will make a comeback as 2 of their strong players are coming, taremi oliveira

    3. Jorge Santos

      Come on ... Chelsea played crap! Porto was a far better side, but unlucky! I still expect Porto will make it! We are just half way through!

    4. John Griffith

      that mount goal was silky smooth, could watch it 1000 times and it wouldnt get old.

    5. 0000


    6. Ewa Drerrie

      Timo Werner remindes me on Fernando Torres at Chelsea😂

    7. Soo

      Mount has gotta be the most underrated but most improved POY two yrs in a row, blues look diff. W. Him off the field we need him and Pulisic calum and maybe havertz ziyech or Werner to run a free formation kinda like city but timo can’t finish ever. I think a diamond w. Mount Pulisic ziyech and Giroud would be best right now. Mendy played real well. What happened with kepa and ruddiger.... how can we just release kepa for pennies on the dollar...worst bag 💰 every

    8. Danijel Hrup

      I like how overlooked Kovacic and Jorginho are ???!!! From Kovacic was everything going ahead, him and Jorgi are on every ball, from them every goal came and every dangerous action started at their feet, but no green boxes, but if Kante played from start and this was a result - He would be in green box, bunch of hypocrite in Chelsea fans zone ... people said I want more assists from Mateo - He puts his teammates in a great spot, yet they can`t score a goal if their life depends on it!!!

    9. Jordan Fernandes

      Please can you explain the conference league and how to qualify for each country etc? Thank you

    10. jay romeo

      for a moment i thought Number 5 is "Haaland" lol

    11. Chicken Soup

      Despite the fact we aren’t through yet Real Madrid didn’t look unbeatable as Liverpool did gift them 3 situations in which they could make a goal scoring opportunity so we could have a really strong chance of the final (hopefully Dortmund manage to pull off a madness).

    12. Joseph Porto

      I think Mount plays for Mount, and Timo and Havertz play for Chelsea. How many passes to score goals have received Mason Mount from Timo and Havertz? Now by the contrary how many passes to score or combine have received Havertz and Timo from Mount?... None! In the match against Porto there were no combinations between the strikers, Why? May be cause Mount plays for Mount? When Pulisik enters the field immediately we start to see combinations and team work... Then it means that the team work happens when Timo, Havertz and Pulisic are on the field. Mount plays for himself, may be he scores but the team mates never receive a ball from him, contrary to Mount, Timo have served infinity of passes to his team mates to make them score many goals, he has got all the penalties to win games, but the managed media still heavily criticize Timo in favor of selfish Mount. I see that that the strikers trio with Mount on it doesn't work ,,, due Mount egoism. But the trio with Pulisic on it works very well.

    13. InSanity-Phantom

      I like Alonso but defensively he is not reliable

    14. InSanity-Phantom

      I really believed in werner hope he turns it around

    15. Zainab Al-Mintfj

      It was great match, I still feel very good 😄

    16. Triesha Narwamjni

      i support chelseachelsea rules

    17. Simelane Wandile

      Fat hazard aint a real threat ...still love him though

    18. EddyFrmEddy

      Chillys break through game

    19. Godfred Obeng

      Fact: Eddy Mendy has suffered two goals only in this season's UCL, precisely one for Rennes and the final for Krasnodar. Legend keeper in the making 🔥🔥🔥🔥💜💜💜💜

    20. Godfred Obeng

      I think now we will win the UCL if we beat either Real Madrid or Liverpool still to come in the semis 🔥🔥🔥💜💜💜

    21. Andrew Sutej

      Can’t forget about Aspi. Put his heart out there

    22. Tago Mago

      I honestly love Mason Mount. The fact Messi even spoke about him last week just displays how amazing he actually is. Ever since his first goal for us against Leicester, just the way he scored with his first touch and curved to the side of the keeper, I knew he was destined to be special for us especially after his great performance under Frank at derby the season prior. I honestly think with him, Chilwell, Reece, CHO, Gilmour, Tammy + Fikayo (I really hope they both stay) and possibly Declan Rice we can become an amazingly bonded mix of home grown and young English/British talent that will dominate the PL for literally the next 10 years. Just hope they all stay and continue to develop and grow under the brilliance of mangers like Tuchel💯💙🔥

    23. Dave Chard

      Our two Germans went missing again. We need to sort that problem.

    24. Charged Eden

      that MM goal reminds me the 4 0 win against everton

    25. D M

      George every time you do a live stream of the match you should put all your Goal Reactions at the beginning of 6 Things We Learnt

    26. Robert Martin

      No mention of Kova, he was excellent again, and if Chelsea score one more next week, Porto have to score 4, hopefully we are heading to the semi finals.

    27. Sakhile Silvane

      Come azpilicueta deserves a box

    28. Port Petit

      One more time Tuchel ignors Ziyech, Werner and Havertz were fantastics...just racisme! 😍😍😍.

    29. jorge rito

      We didn't see the same football match. FC Porto played better than Chelsea. They were the best team.They were unlucky couse they committed 2 mistakes that tesulted in goal.What about the penalty over Marega?

    30. Luckeh Azango

      Awesome win. Half way through. Waiting for Liverpool or Real Madrid

    31. Speak out

      Lol. Then Kante, Pulisic and Giroud came in and Porto nearly passed out. 😂😂😂

    32. DF

      From 10+ minutes on in the first half there was sustained pressure from Porto. Yes, we handled it for the most part, but our inability to snap out of that and our willingness to just absorb pressure is going to hurt us against better teams. Kai and Timo were flat af.. and let's not forget that both our goals came from defensive errors. Taking nothing away from the quality of both Mason and Ben's goals - or Jorg's pass to Mason - but the initial opportunities were not created via progressive attacking football, which is where we're consistently lacking. Very happy about the win and confident we'll reach the semis. But someone besides Mason has to step up if we're going to make a fist of reaching the final, let alone our domestic campaign of finishing top four.

    33. Alfando Savant

      We lost statistically last night. Shots, shots on goal, ... Thank god we have Mendy, he is so good!

    34. Nahom Goitom

      Happy with the result but I'm tired of this Werner guy tbh

    35. Rafael Santos

      You guys had a good result considering Porto probably will play better in 2nd leg with Sérgio Oliveira & Taremi back in the team, so it was important for you to win this

    36. KyloKen 5009

      You’re literally the best Chelsea youtuber, thanks so much George for your true and objective content🙌🏿

    37. Michael Martinez

      In before Chelsea 1-3 FC Porto

    38. Michael c

      Chilwell and christensen are literally the same age lmao


      I even the Anorld vs Reece debate is getting obvious in each passing games James is world class defensive wise plus going forward

    40. André Alamina

      Hey Chelsea fans! Where can I watch the Chelsea CP game this Saturday if I don't have cable? I pay for NBCSPORTS, Peacock, ESPN+, and Paramount+ all to watch my blues week in week out, and still can't get access to all the games. So frustrating.

    41. Narvaez Neves AiMacant

      Can you talk about the referee, the penalty and the fact that chelsea players didnt get booked on an "AWAY" GAME? SHAMEFUL VICTORY, BOUGHT VICTORY BY Roman

    42. shikamaruhoe

      My only question is why was Ziyech dropped and Werner put in a poor performance, and Pulisic should have been subbed on at HT, Ziyech scored in our last game as well he was unlucky in the West Brom game to be subbed off

    43. Caleb Lewis

      Chilwell gave me dem Torres vibes



    45. Thomas Kruse

      What is he saying, we wasn't in control in most of the first half

    46. Clout Pappii

      Let's go blues

    47. leadfarmer

      That goal reminded me of joe cole quality

    48. Bigman 123

      Mate you got absolutely dominated by a team with 3x less the budget you have , and without their most influential players. All you did was capitalizing 2 individual mistakes from portos players and stealing them a pen so i wouldnt say it was a good game from you

    49. Tomazzo

      Havertz put on a lot of size since coming from leverkusen and hasnt adapted to playing with that weight yet

    50. Pedro .Costa

      Im a sporting lisbon fan and i hate porto but tbf porto deserved more than a 2-0 loss, Chelsea with all the Money and players they got need to play better imo

    51. Joseph Joe

      If Chelsea win the champions league Mount = Messi + Ronaldo

    52. King Armish

      Only if Timo get his confidence back, we're winning this one. 😢💙

    53. Abraham Robinson Alexander

      so much joy in my heart right now

    54. aljosa kovacevic

      mendy might be my signing of the season, i absolutely love him to bits. i remember when i panicked everytime the ball was crossed into our box but mendy just collects everything

    55. Matthew Groves-Hambidge

      I normally agree with most of your commentary's, but i think you have missed the mark with this one. We weren't in control of the game. the goals came from a bit of magic from mount and a defensive error from Porto. If MM doest score when he did, it would've of been a different story as Porto were the team that looked the bigger threat for most of the game.

    56. RJ Singh

      The hesitation “mouson mant “

    57. Brandon S

      Easily been 3 or 4-0?? Porto created way more chances than us....

    58. Apasi Eugene Eromosele

      I didn't see this coming honestly. I am absolutely buzzing. Welldone guys.

    59. henrique vara

      Porto deserved it they played so well but we still have 90min FORÇA PORTO

    60. karim zahraoui

      I don't understand what you are proud of. On the performance we showed today ??? That was an embarrassment against a passable team. What if we meet Real Madrid or Paris St German? We were just lucky in bad luck. A failure coach who has no strategy. Wait ... I'm really excited for the next few weeks and months. 🤔

    61. Daniel Leite

      Honestly respect to Porto, i felt they dominated the match, chelsea had more posseison but Porto created more danger, however chelsea finnishing was on point got there felt like 3 times and scored twice.

    62. Shane Cooper

      Azpi played well as well

    63. Kristian Dahl

      Can we get the vlogs back when u walk in the neighbourhood? Love the content !!

    64. Tintin 11th

      Mount replicated his goal against Everton last year.

    65. nkululeko mfono

      No wonder Lampard loved Mount so much,he reminded him of himself🤩

    66. Hfhdj Jtiir4u

      🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴Chelsea is back 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

    67. Josh Mayhew

      Mason mount will be the next frank lampard

    68. Erick Ngandu

      Up Chelsea👏👏👏

    69. dj _codex

      Werner has really lost so much confidence he prefers giving assists now

    70. Ndeako Tell

      The only thing wrong in this analysis Ben is that you didn’t include the man of the match.. This guy is not getting any credit from us and that’s not good

    71. Zac_ K

      Timo needs to get his act together or he’s gonna stop starting and in the end be forgotten....

    72. joseph ritho

      Kante is after the one trophy he is yet to win and mendy winning the champions makes a good movie script.

    73. Jack Davidson

      Pulisic's run for his chance was better than any runs I see Werner make, being patient and aligning with the defender. I think his attacking awareness is as good or better than Werner's, when you think about his gamble for the goal agaisnt West Brom too. I honestly can't see at this point what Werner provides over him (other than health). I feel relieved when Werner just manages a first touch and gets it to another player. I'm not giving up on Werner. I think, like Ziyech and Havertz, they're quality will show when they've adjusted to the speed of the premier league next year. I think it's no coincidence that all of their best performances have been in the Champions League - Prem is just built different with the intensity. Werner looks rusty like he's not played football for a year. But he looks like that consistently, every game.

    74. sidharth saleem

      I think we are giving georgino too much credit. He was brought in as a supposed replacement for Fabregas, which is honestly insulting for Cesc to be even remotely compared to georgino. Whatever georgino can do, Kovacic and kante can do better. We should be looking for a replacement for him, a better midfield engine.

    75. sidharth saleem

      Georgino had nothing to do with the goal. It was a normal pass straight to his feet. The goal was 100% Mason mount. Absolutely brilliant

    76. Pratik More

      Both the germans need to massively improve for us to get the Trophy, rest of the team looks so assured

    77. Erling Braut Haaland

      Their defender Mbemba got 2 consecutive yellows from 2 matches does that make him unavailable for the next leg?

    78. Luke Moore

      Havertz and Werner were so bad

    79. Andrew Grant

      Porto loved a good dive. No excuses in the second leg

    80. Calvince Otieno

      I thought Mateo Kovacic had a great game and deserved one of those green boxes

    81. Nevalth

      I'm not a Chelsea fan, but the fact that Chelsea and Tuchel get so much criticism from the English media even when they're winning is just stupid and funny at the same time. Chelsea right now are in a really good spot

    82. alo

      i’m sorry but if we started CHO or puli instead of havertz we would’ve scored a lot more

    83. NewFoundGold

      Yes Guys... COYBLUESSS!!!!!!!!!

    84. blessing bikinya

      my knee hurts lol I slide towards the tv when Mason scored , great game guys

    85. Sylvester Maganga

      Keep up the good work man


      Yes I agree that Mason mount future Chelsea captain.

    87. Ben Almond

      The German attackers deserved a yellow. The final ball to them was awful which is why it’s not a red, but they didn’t do enough at all. For me, in a time where we cannot lose any games, we need to start proven goal scorers now.

    88. John Sadlier

      Mason mount to turn unto frank Lampard??? 👇

    89. Ewa Drerrie

      Hakim ziyech it's time to leave Chelsea. you are not worth to play for a racist coach who like to see his crappy German players play and let you a side!

    90. D H

      Tuchel is becoming one of my favourite manger's He's just brilliant .

    91. Noah Chadick


    92. Gershwin Alessandro Farao

      It's funny how for Mason Mount's entire "Green Box" discussion, George said nothing, but describe Mount's goal. I said this last and I will say it again, Mason Mount was nowhere to be found in last night's match aside from the goal.

    93. D H

      Mendy is always Switched on 🧱👏

    94. D H

      So pleased to see Chillwell get forward

    95. The blues

      Mount reminds me of hazard

    96. EliteChiefy

      Ben chilwell is the best LB in the league hands down 👀

    97. D H

      James defensively was the best iv seen him play . Man of the match for me Just class

    98. Kiptoo laratia

      The only thing Lampard achieved in Chelsea as a manager is to discover that MASON MOUNT AS GOT TALENT!

    99. D H