6 Things We Learnt from MANCHESTER CITY 1-2 CHELSEA

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    6 Things We Learnt from MANCHESTER CITY 1-2 CHELSEA. Manchester City 1-2 Chelsea highlights see's Marcos Alonso score a last minute winner to secure a massive three points for Chelsea FC away at Manchester City in the Premier League. Manchester City 1-2 Chelsea in the Premier League DELAYS Manchester City winning the title and lifts Chelsea into third place in the Premier League table. Manchester City 1-2 Chelsea extended highlights show Chelsea growing into the game in the second half with Hakim Ziyech scoring a brilliant equaliser after Raheem Sterling's goal gave Manchester City a 1-0 half time lead. 6 Things We Learnt from Manchester City 1-2 Chelsea... let me know the 6 Things you learnt from Manchester City 1-2 Chelsea in the comments below!

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    Manchester City 1-2 Chelsea Extended Highlights see Raheem Sterling open the scoring before Sergio Aguero misses an outrageous penalty. Hakim Ziyech equalisers for Chelsea after Half-Time before Marcos Alonso secures all three MASSIVE points for Chelsea and it finishes Manchester City 1-2 Chelsea in the Premier League saturday evening kick-off.

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    1. Michael Henry

      told you jorge aint good enough

    2. Di Cacci

      Georgey boy your videos are reducing...waguan man

    3. Jay Gregg

      Did you call your cat a plonker? LMAO

    4. Hudayfah

      My squad for the final: Mendy Azpi, Silva, Rudiger James, Kante, Mount, Chilwell Havertz, Ziyech Pulisic

    5. OnlyClass100

      Hey, love ur videos man! Always rate your analysis and breakdowns of performances! Chelsea are playing some unreal football now and shout out to the Women's team, League winners and WCL finalists too - Europe is BLUE!

    6. Tofte Eklöv

      You and Yann should do a podcast together

    7. Stephen Ochieng

      Sterling should have been off. Softest of soft penalties awarded. Thank you Mendy for reading that. Shocking pen by Aguero but how many times do some goalkeepers fully commit and get mugged (cough Hart). On the other hand, Werner is the enigma of all enigmas! Brilliant assist Timo. Massive 3 points.

    8. Jack Davidson

      What is everyone seeing in Gilmour? I appreciate the exciting young talent, but I think people are overexcited. I know he may fill out a bit, but he is so limited physically. I'm interested what people think his upside is? To me his ceiling is Jorginho, as another physically limited but intelligent player - and Jorginho has been a love/hate player for fans. Maybe i'm being overly critical? I think the Premier League is the toughest league for a possesion player like him.

    9. Rhys McDowall

      Not sure you’re giving Mendy enough credit for the Penalty save. If Mendy commits and continues his dive, everyone is saying what an incredible penalty it is from Aguero. Aguero didn’t take a bad penalty. Mendy made it look bad by stopping himself mid motion to dive and standing up to claim it.

    10. hitanshu lodhia

      3 years since I'm watching mr Benson, never seen him so happy

    11. OllieSMH

      I really like Billy as a player and he always puts his heart and soul into the game no matter what happens

    12. L J

      Don’t understand what you saw from CHO. Not saying he played bad but it’s way way overblown on his play. It was ok but not necessarily good. What’s funny on Ziyech is many other YT channels and experts on TV were very critical of Ziyech performance minus the goal but I thought he played fine. Azpi should have actually played Pulisic in when he passed to Ziyech as Pulisic made a run inside and was wide open 1 on 1 with the GK but Azpi saw Ziyech and he finished it brilliantly. Reece James player very well and both Timo and Pulisic were very solid all game long. Timo obviously needs a break as he’s gassed.

    13. Ben Newell

      Just to let everyone know, anyone who watches George or is watching him for the first time....if you’re not subscribed, you’re missing out big time. Best football channel on SEprom! 🤩 Can’t wait for the ‘We have won the double’ Video 🤩

    14. richard grace

      Geez.. I have almost given up hope on the "6 things we learned" videos... ziyech did one good thing all game, callum really didn't do anything and was only on the pitch for 15min, Billy was pretty much garbage the entire game and was why city was running rampid through our midfield for most of the game and last but not least tuchel was playing 2 of our 3 offensive players flipped and out of position he was playing a left footed right winger on the left and a right footed left winger on the right

    15. Red Chef Gaming

      If your a Chelsea fan and you’re don’t subscribe to George you must me mad as a brush !

    16. Luula Abdi

      Tuchel is able to win back to back consecutive league titles and I want to see it COYB I think he can win 3 or 4 premier league in a row

    17. bluemoon

      Apart from his goal and chances, I think Ziyech's intelligent pressing is so underrated and not talked about enough.

    18. Maxwell 10

      Please continue the Chelsea fifa career mode

    19. Celery

      You mention Sergio might come to Chelsea, there's a few fans saying this. I have to disagree, we want to plan for the future and if we want to progress then we should be looking elsewhere, no matter how good he is. We need long term siginings not stop gaps.

    20. Ryder Lowery

      Billy reminds me of Jorginho a lot. Pulisic played Mounts normal role. Lots of good performances.

    21. Danyb69

      Please do a podcaast please

    22. Mathew Storey

      Billy Gilmore 💙💙💙

    23. Abood Abubaker

      Do podcast 😊

    24. Subham Das Sharma

      reece james deserves a blue box in my opinion

    25. Donal O'Connell

      To add to a great weekend for Chelsea, Tomori had a great game for AC Milan and scored a wonderful headed goal

    26. Revolutionary Leader

      If there's anytime I want Chelsea to beat man city, it should be the UCL final.🏆

    27. Hasib Raiyan

      Tuchel's been great

    28. Elías Baldvinsson

      A good game

    29. Piyush Seth

      How can someone see the whole game and not have RJ (who should/would have been the MoTM) as a green box is beyond me.

    30. benjy joseph

      Come on man CHO has no right to be there... I mean I really want the guy to be a good player... but currently his decision making his shot accuracy and the final ball is one of the worst among Chelsea players.... and fyi he almost tackled Alonso before the goal... CHO no right to be there on the box George!!!

    31. Voiceless Voice

      Tomas tuchel pep Guardiola's nightmare .

    32. LA Ingram

      Gilmour was bad in this game, he needs loan to premier league to get some game time and experience

    33. Ney Mar

      I am your fan of egypt ❤️💛💚

    34. Ian Weekes

      Hey George, have u heard from Yan? Jus checkin in on him

    35. Frank

      Billy Baboa💪

    36. Chris Wells

      Reece James was motm in my opinion, such a good second half


      I think Tammy has not shown right attitude, he is young ,if he had adjusted like Werner he could have easily came into this team, I think he is obsessed or lets say very lazy about his role. He is not doing what is asked of him everyone is getting chance, even Gilmour although i feel he will not stay at top level consistently. Tammy i feel is better ,but i feel he needs to adopt to put in the work to play in the front 3 as not only as a striker but more as a forward defence, good on ball and pressing man which Havertz or Ziyech or Pulisic are ready to do even if they are not superb at that. Werner and Mount are more suited for that style. Tammy has to learn or he goes to mid table team may be score 15-20 goals but he will never win anything substantial, even for england selection he will always be squad player

    38. Vishagan Iyer

      How did u miss a box for Reece James.. He was our game changer in the 2nd half.. was absolutely top class

      1. Vishagan Iyer

        just kidding, Keep up the good work. I love your 6 things learnt.

    39. Kaltin Homer

      The cat was taking the piss😂😅

    40. mubarik mohamoud

      I would like to be crowned champions of uerope, let's wish

    41. Keith Schultz

      F*** assenal don't mention there name

    42. Nana Muco

      Yessss I would absolutely love a podcast

    43. Carl Muncer

      U and Rory need to do a pod

    44. DennyCraneReloaded

      must be one of the most unbelievable turnarounds from a new manager i have seen within a season. I mean Chelsea were rubbish under Lampard, not in a hundred years they would have made Top 4 let alone a CL semi-final or final. Cant praise the man enough

    45. Jake Buck

      Another week, another week Azpi is overlooked.....c'mon man the guy bleeds chelsea blue!

    46. Kevoh Blessoh

      Waaaoooo that's great......now we r on the same page..........this kid's composure on the ball is amazing

    47. Yazan Bakerman

      i don't think that u give timo what he fully deserves :P he was great .. just imagine if he works on his offside problem , he would become so freaking dangerous

    48. Kevoh Blessoh

      Mr. G, you cannot assume Billy Gilmour in that midfield, this kid is phenomenon....... Two consecutive premier league games; Fulham and City for 90MINUTES!!!!!!!

    49. Eddy Sylverstin

      Billy Gilmour again a ball watcher! he cant tackle he cant read the game. Miles away from Chelsea first team squad. Send him on loan or sell him next season. And please stop playing Zouma. He is slow & again a ball watcher at the back. He cant play with this system. Cross my finger for Christensen hope he will ok for the 2 final.

    50. sheik afridhi

      Timo Werner deserved a shoutout. Timo Werner is scoring 3-4 offside goals, if he converts that he will be on fire🔥🔥

    51. Austin Robert

      G.B it's time to upgrade to box 12. All players and coach are fucking on fire🔥

    52. arvind sankar

      Timo werner is very underrated

    53. IamSkydancer

      Benson you should add "3 Honorable mentions" in games we win because you always add these litte small tidbits when we win. instead you should make them a little side segment of these awesome "game reviews", love the content and continue with your good spirits COYB

    54. Raghunandan Hukkeri

      I can't miss mentioning Reece James... he frustrated Mendy every time, and some of his skillful crosses.

    55. Zeid Bitar

      I'm surprised reece James didn't get a box, he was absolutely phenomenal

    56. lauchie macdonald

      Do a podcast please

    57. Kent Zeigler

      Can’t wait for Billy to master the midfield for the next 10 years 🙌🏼

    58. Jermaine R Bell

      I love your content always but I had to give a thumbs down for not giving Reece a box for himself. He was fantabulous yesterday.... I'm taking back the dislike cause you mentioned it now. Lol. Right on time.

    59. Money Hiest Bella Ciaw


    60. Clicking Buttons

      A Chelsea podcast with George Yan and Rory would be a lovely thing for everyone

    61. Clicking Buttons

      Or even a 4-1-2-3 with Pulisic Mount Havertz Werner Odoi

    62. Clicking Buttons

      Imagine next year a 4-1-4-1 system also Werner Pulisic Mount Odoi Havertz - J5 Kante behind them o my the beauty I can imagine- but I honestly believe next year we will see a front 4 with Pulisic Havertz Odoi Mount being the lineups for the big games

    63. Clicking Buttons

      Next year if we play with an attacking 4 of Odoi On the right Pulisic on the left with Havertz as the 9 and Mount as the 10 I think this would be the best attacking system. I know what Werner does with his runs but I honestly believe if you allow pulisic to play and fill that role he can and his passing finishing dribbling and football IQ are all higher than Werner with Pulisic and Odoi both coming in from the wings with Mount and Havertz in the box itd be amazing.

    64. DreamEr

      Billy Gilmour is a quiet beast. Give him time. He is very good!!!

    65. kundera1997

      is not ziyecc is ziyechhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ffs!!!

    66. Khoi

      I think that is a well executed paneka. I think Mendy deserve more praise as he didn't commit to a dive and had his foot on the line.

    67. Top 4 Football

      GB: shocked you did not have Rees janes in your top 6 😳 he was man of the match mate 🤙🏼

    68. Sayd Sorious Samura

      Please try to explain each colour and it meaning to us your fans, eg the blue, the green, and red please.

    69. shedrack chukwuemeke

      We turned ETIHAD to "EMPTY YARD"💙💙💙

    70. Litty Jonez

      Reece James was 🔥 and nobody was putting away his crosses..... he was man of the match for me....

    71. alo


    72. Nahom Tekle

      Chelsea don’t deserve Ziyech. He should leave and go to a club that actually wants him

    73. Al Dan

      Tuchel have talented players. Some of the talents we have can cause problems because they are young.. Individual brillance is the hardest thing to defend.

    74. Sudipta Debnath

      Reece changed everything in the second half.

    75. elthamo

      Billy G was amazing, for a 19 year old to put in that performance having had very few PL starts was just incredible. Can't get over the fact we've beaten Real Madrid and Man. City in a week but lost 5-2 to W. B. A. a couple of weeks ago 🤪

    76. Younes Ma

      At least billy pass de ball to ziyech

    77. Ariho Elmer

      I honestly feel like you don't give Reece James enough credit. He was by far Chelsea's best player

    78. Marlon Ramdeen

      Captain America was the game changer....and Kante...not to mention R. James....

    79. Gerard Stephens

      What a time to be a Blues fan! Love this team almost as much as my childhood heroes like Osgood, Webb, Bonnetti, Harris, Cooke, Hollins, Hutchinson, et al. This team has grit, spirit, and belief plus a willingness to outwork opponents. The hunger is palpable.

    80. Ahenkan Somuah

      Billy Gilmore was a class act

    81. Jake Cepeda

      I feel like dave deserves a shoutout, he was key in this game preventing possible goals when christensen or rudi got caught out

    82. Martin Samuel

      The day George appreciates Jorginho is the day the world ends

    83. Serge Zam

      The kids, these kids! And TT. It is just the beginning of a wonderful time. Lucky and happy to be a Blue fan here and now. COYB!

    84. Nathan Ng

      super chelsea fc we're by far the greatest team the world has ever seen coyb

    85. Josh Rock

      There were better times in the late 70s early 80s mate

    86. catmen salhi

      what a goal of hakime ziyech !!! the shot was full of elegance in the movement ,and much accuracy in the box.definitively, the damage that causes the magician to city,the most performant team in the world doesn't stop !!!

    87. Jr Family

      No one seem to give mendy the praise he deserve

    88. Robert Martin

      He said on his second day in the job that he was going to make Chelsea a team that nobody wanted to play against and he's done that in a few months

    89. Jan Krivohlavek

      No box for Reece James ? He was the Man of the match

    90. Bryan Miller

      CHO cannot leave

    91. Sipho Lunga

      Reece deserved a green box😔...

    92. Dennis Staines

      Alonso played well both as a defender and wing back, best I have seen him play. I thought all the players played well and most importantly as team. City made a lot passing mistakes I thought they were feeling under pressure. Even CHO played well, another player playing his best. Kante was immense and Gilmour played well. However I will have to moan again about Christensen for another fopar and positioning still not convinced, good defender but makes too many key mistakes. I can't stand Sterling he should have been given a red card for that full stud tackle, such a whinging moaner. City got a lot of yellow cards doing some cynical tackles which is not acceptable. I noticed that someother site someone said we have not meet their best 11, well we could say the same, except we have so many excellent players we have effectively two best 11's. I believe we have better strength in depth than even City. We have an advantage at the moment with virtually no injuries which does help us. Looking forward to getting Kovo back, he is an exceptional player,

    93. plateau lounge

      How Rudiger became the worlds best defender still baffles me.

    94. Tajay Watson

      Tomas tuchel is the best coach in the world! 💙

    95. Adenuga Abdulqawiy

      Please do a podcast

    96. Lungas Sakata

      Reece James was our best player yesterday

    97. Fabicsh Official

      I love Chelsea

    98. leonard kagiso

      Reece James 😍

    99. Marek Lindner

      Podcast, let's goo

    100. Sahil Singh

      My MOM was Reece, he played a great game..