6 Things We Learnt From LEICESTER 2-0 CHELSEA

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    6 Things We Learnt From LEICESTER 2-0 CHELSEA. Leicester 2-0 Chelsea with goals from Wilfried Ndidi and James Maddison compile more pressure on Chelsea manager Frank Lampard. Leicester 2-0 Chelsea highlights show a huge gulf in class between Leicester and Chelsea. Leicester 2-0 Chelsea highlights also suggest that Chelsea were lucky to only be beaten 2-0 Away at Leicester City who go top of the Premier League table. Let me know the 6 Things You Learnt from Leicester 2-0 Chelsea in the comments below!
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    1. Azi Magugu

      Hey Benson love your vids and the yes guys makes my day love from south africa

      1. Koketso Aprils

        Here to mark the register from SA.

      2. Emmanuel Oyegoke

        I'm also from south africa in Durban

      3. joe wller

        also from SA, Big ups Ben

      4. Zipho Nyuswa

        Kosho ukuthi sibaningi

      5. GIPS

        I’m from SA too lmao

    2. Timothy Hickey


    3. Hlamogolo Phasha

      People are starting to see lamps is making very bad decisions. And he just chills at the technical area when we're playing so safe and slow. He's probably preparing his post match throw players under the bus

    4. jean duque

      Problem #1 mount is playing as a defensive midfielder or central midfielder...... he’s not that he’s a attacking midfielder Problem #2 havertz is an attacking midfielder not to be playing defensive Problem # 3. Kovacic is not a defensive midfielder Problem # 4 james performance was awful like you said his crosses were horrible Now you can put Virgil van dijk , Ramos or the best defenders in the world without two guys in front one defensive midfielder and a central midfielder that is gonna help defensively that’s is a recipe for disaster

    5. Hisham Abdulrahman

      LMAO. Anyone blaming lampard have NOT watched the game/games. The players are not doing what he wants. Simply put the players don't care and don't play the way he wants. When he was winning no one had an issue with the formation, once he starts losing; suddenly, the formation is all that is wrong with the club. AGAIN. the players are not putting in the effort. Also, what is BILLY going to do. he barely played any games, and you want him to suddenly become god tier. LOL

    6. Isa abd133

      its funny how confident chelsea fans were on the start of the sesoen and said that they would get top 3 but now they are 2 pts over arsenal ahhahahhahahaha

    7. John Casey

      They aren't gone, all the top teams have fallen apart this season and its Frank third season overall. He wasn't born an elite player, he worked to become that and he'll do the same as a manager. Fergie and Kopp both had 3/4 years to build the team.

    8. Lee Innes

      No pre-season? Er.....Chelsea aren't the only team not to have had one.

    9. Keeg Div

      Can anyone answer why he’s in Bali?

    10. Dennis Staines

      I watched the match yesterday as I was not able to do so on the day. So I heard all the negative news but wanted to make my own mind up. My take was Hudson-Odi was simply awful the entire match. He was not doing his defensive duties at all, walking about and his attacking lacked any conviction, he should be pulled at halftime (last match he was very good - perhaps late night party). James got it in the neck but Callum was not helping him by failing on his defensive work. Effectively we were one and half men down in the first half. Both goals were caused by this. To put some positives Kovacic work hard but before Hudson Odi was pulled he had to just do defensive work and his skill is breaking the press, was need higher up. Mason worked hard as usual, Pulisic was good but over trying. Tammy was ok ish a bit off his usual level. Silva was good and had to work hard he looked pissed to me. Rudi was ok did some good long passes. Havetz did some good play and broke a heavy press well, I agree he was the man to play Fulham not this match (until he gets fitter). This match needed Kante & Kovo with Mason. I would have perhaps brought on Gilmour for Havertz and Werner for Callum. This would have released Kovo for his break the press and midfield runs and allow Mount to do his Frank impressions. Frank did mention some players did not put their back into it and Callum was very guilty and Chilwell perhaps was sloppy. The pundits said Leicester played very well, I don't agree both teams looked jaded but we decided to gift them two goals without that this match was heading for a bore draw.

    11. P. Strong

      Mount and kovacic are the only two players that try at the moment. Kovacic is Chelsea’s best player.

    12. Thomas McConnell

      Actually didn't mind the glimpses of havertz, it's the refusal to change anything for me. Remember the 343 last year against the big teams just not sure Frank can do it anymore

    13. TLucas3411

      Lampard should have stayed at derby and gained more experience as a manager. But was great smashing Chelsea at the king power !!

    14. sam man

      I don't know why anyone is surprised. Liam Neeson was never experienced enough to be the manager, full stop.

    15. Red Mist

      Chilwell deserves a red box absolutely pathetic performance from him especially against his former club man was a clown in this match 🤦‍♂️

    16. Red Mist

      We need to get back to winning ways ASAP 🤬

    17. Kind of Art

      If there is anything that lampard should learn from these last games is that Werner and ziyech must start everygame no matter the results .. and also i wish to see Haverts play as 9 , werner left and ziyech right.

    18. Corey Halford


    19. George Stamford

      Exactly...on top of the players not wanting the ball & easy passes, no one wanted it back either, no one helped each other in the slightest

    20. Motsapi Ramatlapeng

      Probably one of your best videos

    21. Otty 1910

      Agreeing on all points George! An appalling performance! No movement, no philosophy/style, no passion...No effing idea! I am seriously angry! Step up Frank, step up you Blues!

    22. Edgardo Martinez

      Hey Benson, I too am frustrated from these last string of results. Try to stay the same positive, optimistic and cheery person you have always been on these videos. We know we are going through a slump but Chelsea always manages to pull themselves out of adversity. Chelsea will not win the league but we can still fight for top 4. back to the drawing board for next season!

    23. Holy shit

      This Chelsea squad needs to bulk up .. especially harverts , Abraham ... like mates you guys are all over 6ft tall and playing for Chelsea atleast try to be on par with other teams instead of looking like hippies ...

    24. Scorched Earth

      Chelsea had no creativity. All they do is cross. No shots in or around the bloody box. Shoot and take chances...

    25. Jason

      Kai Havertz is so crap!

    26. Critzy x

      Remember how we let go of so many good players at young age? KDB/Lukaku/salah just to name a few, i think we need to give havertz a chance to develop people forget how young he is. i know mount is pretty much the same age, but i just think some players bloom at a later age.

    27. Jamal Ortiz

      Ngl watching our games nowadays feel likes a chore

    28. king k

      we need men not the boys that played men

    29. king k

      athletico will crush us

    30. Yvvael Nialbo

      Why does George look like Beckham?

    31. Michael Walton

      I'm curious to know your opinion and I know you sort of commented on it but it is more Lampard fault or the players fault because it was only 2 months ago Chelsea were playing some of the most attractive footballl in the world and surely that comes down to the players as they are the ones who should take the game by the scruff of the neck and play football. I can't see that Lampard has just changed it up for them to play like this

    32. mary dexter

      I watched this game back.....and what position was Kai Havertz playing? He was always forward with Pulisic playing deeper and more central. It seems to leave us short in the midfield......

    33. Pdzzle DT

      There is COVID.. players r effected differently personally..

    34. Nyasha Tsvigu

      Lampard has cracked George Benson😂

    35. Jimmy J

      Gr8 talk man!!! Frank MUST go---end off. Job too big for him... He needs to go back to The Championship football I am afraid. Frank Lampard: Derby manager to Chelsea manager--- What are they thinking off......... Big Mistake.......... on Chelsea part

    36. claudemac11

      They played so flat! And no movement at all! Everyone standing around looking at the ball smfh

    37. GoldenBoy GB

      You are just Someone that the love you hav for a person clouds you from seeing reality . Ever since Lampard’s first season I knew he wasn’t a good coach. Wee managed because of the old players . Lampard OUT!

    38. Angrymantella

      Agree with most of the assessment of each player apart from Kova. He played in the Comprehensive Makele role as i still like to call and he was our best player in the first half. May not stack up due to scoreline, but team as a whole gave away the two goals. Mandy is even looking shaky now due to low confidence in outfield players.

    39. GoldenBoy GB

      Lampard is a bloody joker. 2 seasons and you can get a trusted 11 ?? A manager who doesn’t know his players ? Who doesn’t have a game plan ? Strategies ?? The man has been Guessing for two years!! The mere fact he can’t produce a 1st 11 means he doesn’t know what he is doing!! Please can Lampard leave the Chelsea Locker room, thank you. Yours truly prophet.

    40. Toby Lerone

      I also don't understand why Lampard doesn't play Billy Gilmour. It literally could save his job if he does but for whatever reason he continues with Kovacic and Jorginho.

    41. Yussuf Dayib

      You are great fan of Mount19 But criticizer of Timo.

    42. Mchacho Richard

      Poor mentality from the players Poor tactically setup from the manager

    43. Barima Addo

      Shows how much Kante is needed

    44. SFS South

      Havertz was asking the for the ball but he was not getting it

    45. Guillermo Corro Zárate

      I'm fed Up to see Rudiger ahead of Chris, te mistake against Liverpool has cost him so much. Also, I think Lampard has a very poor Team managment. The last argument i refer to be has a very bad relationship with some players, so many of them are wiped out from the squad (i.e. Alonso, Christensen, tomori, kepa, etc.)

    46. Barry Eldridge

      a chelsea fan all my life i am 71 years old , and george could you tell me where you are filming from . thank you

    47. Lucas Kallender

      I think Timo looked bright especially compared to recent games, he got robbed of a goal and he seemed to get some of his confidence back. also I feel Pulisic was trying and he looked like ba bright spot even though nothing came of it. It was also a little bit harsh on Havertz, he tries and tries just nothing is really falling for him or timo really.

    48. Mohammed Yusuf

      I was so angry until he said 3:03

    49. Meto Petkov

      Odoi should be getting the reddest box. So infuriating. Chelsea Fandom has so much love for the guy that they take a good performance against morecambe to say he deserves a starting spot and once he earns it, he goes back to be invisible.

    50. Dean Hillier

      George get over it. Frank has to go m8

    51. Tee180

      Unfortunately, lately, it’s been NO GUYS, NOOO!

    52. Ohentse Tsotetsi

      Seriously though George you dyed your hair way too early, might have cursed us

    53. Sadiq Williams

      This situation is 100% on Lampard. He should do the decent think and step down. But he won’t; keeps taking thousands whilst bringing us down. Havertz needs managing, his potential is unreal. Please don’t compare Mount to Havertz.

    54. Timbone

      The obsession with fight with players like Mount is pathetic. Skill is more important

    55. Timbone

      Squad had no ball winner apart from Kante Bakayoko was never replaced

    56. Geoff

      Leicester fan here, stumbled over this channel and would like to say that was a fair assessment of the game, but was most impressed that you never felt the need to eff and blind, well done to you and good luck for the remainder of the season..

    57. Kriptoz

      Chilwell playing like and old men . what's wrong w/ him

    58. Cobbh74

      I think frank’s tactics have been found out, for the next few games at least he should definitely look to switch to the 3-4-3 just to change things up

    59. Alvin .K. Sindowe

      secondly....havertz is good but that wasnt the type of player we needed...we needed another mason mount in mid and we went and bot an attacking player we didnt need..now he has selection problems loool...lampard out letsbget southampton manager in

    60. Alvin .K. Sindowe

      wen benson said we r in cntention for league i laughed my ass off...i am the biggest chelsea fan on my side buuuuut having seen how lampard made decisions and who he bot i knew it was just a matter of time....wernner and havertz rnt bad players lampard just doesnt know how to use them

    61. Paul K

      I told you all the Day he was appointed lampard is not the right man for chelsea..get it into your arrogant heads and I said oley will have the last laugh now oley is slowly learning his trade 😄

    62. Ross Mason

      Hey George, I understand why you’re upset. I’m fucking pissed too. We just keep dropping valuable points constantly. I understand why we lost a lot of games last year George especially as we had no players. I feel this year as we bought a lot of players and it’s Lampard’s second year in charge we should be getting top four at the very least and I had high expectations for Chelsea and because of this he deserves to be sacked. Would you agree with my points of view George? Could you tell me in your next video please?

    63. Theodore Chikamhi

      And when the front 3 did move and run in behind the Leicester defense, the ball never came. Instead it was just sideways all the time.... so annoying

    64. Vikramjeet Saran

      Mount is overhyped and rubbish. Runs like headless chicken. Thats not football.

    65. Regan Diffin

      Haverts looks clueless

    66. Noel Fudge

      Well done George you have said it all thank u for being honest will any thing change NO but thank you George

    67. Noel Fudge

      Well done George all you said is true nospine Chelsea has and with a manger who has no ideas and who will not change

    68. Sulayman Bajwa

      Love Chilwell but he was literally playing for Leicester this game

      1. Sebastian Ebanks

        I mean he was playing for Leicester last season so there’s nothing wrong with playing for Leicester now

    69. Mark Jenko

      Completely agree... it’s sad to see this happening to Frank but something needs to happen.

    70. Z3N M

      I had to watch it in segments... After we concede the first goal... I went back to work honestly

    71. Jamie 0304

      You have literally echoed my feelings in this vid

    72. Jack Butler

      Why do people say rarnt? It doesn’t make sense... surely it is obviously rant. Like ant, but with an r before the ant. Rant

    73. Jack Jeffries

      Watch haveritz and Werner score against lutton on 24th and then we all get excited and have a bit of hope and then go get beaten by wolves

    74. A89

      I think Brendan Rodgers is a great option if possible

    75. C4L Luk3

      I hate that Lampard is forcing a shit formation and tactics that don't work 🤦‍♂️ his lineup selection has always been absolutely horrendous

    76. Johnny Caldicott

      I feel bad for saying this but I feel like mount could be the problem at the minute. Not allowing Kai any game time and allowing him to roam.

    77. William Groome

      I don't know what more has to happen for Oli to get at least a consistent run in the team. He and Mason have been our only consistent performers this season

    78. Le Adarsh

      Mate the best solution is that lampard needs to go He doesn't know how to play top players like werner ,havertz or even pulisic

    79. Vaguanni

      Mateo Kovacic is another player being too much forced. Jorginho was always better choice. If you are not sure check previous seasons. Giroud is not good enough for this mediocre coach Frank Lampard.

    80. EGGZ

      I want the old PSG manager to be the new Chelsea manager

    81. Vaguanni

      When will you realize that Lampard is in too big shoes? Lampard is lacking of experience, lacking of charisma. All Frank has got is his player career. As a coach he is ZERO .Sooner or later you will realize that Lampard as manager was big mistake. Chelsea will grow after changing the coach.

    82. Vaguanni

      @George Benson Football comment about Rudiger is totally subjective and not objective at all. Did you watch previous seasons and skills of Rudiger? He is much better than James and Silva is very overrated too.

    83. Vaguanni

      what else have you expected? James and Havertz are too much forced and favorite of Lampard. Here is the result and reality. These are players for Fulham or West ham and Championship league but not for CFC.

    84. fa elger

      THERE IS JUST SO SOOOO MUCH nearly uNENDING meme potential in this video XD 0:03 ; 2:24 ; 3:03 ; 3:41 ;

    85. Des Greenhill

      Hi George,feeling your pain.frank has purchased quality but they are square pegs in round holes.the tactics being used and formations don't fit the new signings.werner thrived in Germany playing off a big lad up front,havertz was given a roaming role at his last team and ziyech because of his passing ability is closed down immediately because this is the bpl not the pub leagues they came from.i feel frank has lost the dressing room and they are not performing for him also his team selection is questionable.rudiger in zouma out really!tomori out christenson in your having me on it hurts being a blue and talking about a legend like frank but great players don't make great managers.

    86. Rishi Dabholkar

      Shit club fc

    87. Wade Williams

      Hwy in the fuck is Tommori being let go, exactly what we need, pace and energy and a quality defender, I mean what is Lampard playing at

    88. too sleepy not really

      Kova tried too

    89. david james

      Great sense of humour mate. Because it's soooo flipping laughable the way we performed.

    90. Marco Dolgoy

      Unlucky Chelsea I’m a United fan but I feel u guys United were there when mourinho was at the wheel so Chelsea have all the quality to win a title but they don’t take advantage of their chances or opportunities to do shit that’s why there not performing they are basically the new arsenal but I hope Chelsea can get better so that they can fight for a title(my second fav team is Chelsea) everyone have a good day

    91. jojo thetank

      Mason Mount played like shit, please don't vouch for him

    92. Tom Hagan

      You’re wrong about Havertz.

    93. Guled Dirie

      Why doesn’t anyone talk about how mount has 18 league starts with 2 goals and 3 assists!!!! We need a solid CAM. The midfield is struggling because we keep playing mount and he offers nothing in terms of attacking ability, he’s not good enough to play for Chelsea CAM. The reason why havertz is playing bad becuase he’s not getting a run of games in his actual position with two cm sitting behind him?!!! Phil foden, maddison and grealish is way between than this guy! He’s 22!!! What was grealish and maddison doing at that age?!!! Bossing it

    94. Joseph Chew

      Why do I feel ther is some politics goin on among the players to get rid of Lampard?

    95. Edna Tuckle

      Isnt it v similar to how MU fans felt about OG and to a lesser extent Arsenal and MA? V similar comments esp against OG... now the tide has turned. The question is, will FL be given the same time as OG or will they go for the jugular? I cannot see why BR would leave Leicester to manage/coach this Chelsea.

    96. R0N1N Sam

      I think that what Frank’s trying is very good but I feel like he cannot motivate the players and make the best out of them.

    97. Seth Harris

      Kai Havertz was the only player who played well, but he’s not expected to touch the ball a lot he relies on being in a team that creates chance which we don’t have

    98. akinola sola

      Hey, they that compare themselves with themselves are not wise. How can u be comparing Mount with Havertz? Mount is stronger, but maybe Havertz is more intelligent. Mount may be there to score the screamers, the shots, but Havertz is there to pick the passes, to put the ball on the plate for the attackers, and the attackers need to be given nice passes to make their jobs easier for them. So it's a case of two people with different roles, each person is excellent in his own role, one is not better than the other. I think they complement each other because you need the two qualities on the pitch. But Kovacic for me is not an attacking midfielder, so he doesn't come into the picture. Both Mount and Havertz must always play 90 minutes, the coach just needs to get the best out of them.

    99. Ibibo Ataisi

      Everything about Lampard is questionable. From training to their performances on the pitch

    100. Sharad Yadav

      Something needs to be changed