6 Things We Learnt from LEEDS 0-0 CHELSEA

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    Leeds 0-0 Chelsea in the Premier League early kick-off at Elland Road will feel like two points dropped despite Thomas Tuchel going thirteen games unbeaten since taking over at Chelsea FC. Chelsea dominated large portions of the game but Leeds stood firm to keep a clean sheet against a Chelsea side who had one eye on Atletico Madrid in the Champions League on Wednesday night! Chelsea needed to be far more clinical in attack today and an attacking performance like this will make it even more clear to Chelsea fans and Thomas Tuchel, that a bid for Erling Haaland is needed as soon as possible! Don’t forget to let me know the 6 Things You Learnt from Leeds 0-0 Chelsea in the comments below!
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    1. George Benson Football

      YES GUYS! Not the result anyone wanted today. Frustrating performance in many ways, but definitely still some positives to take. We were losing games like this a couple months ago so let's not jump the gun too quickly with criticising too heavily. As always, let me know your 6 things in the comments and I'll try go into more depth tomorrow with Player Ratings!

      1. marlon ramdeen

        Harvertz got the best chance of the game...Pulisic was outstanding....should have stayed on....Chilwell was awful....Harvertz did not merit to stay on for ninety minutes


        Chillwel was too slow at times he doesn't fit at all

      3. Rob B

        Havertz should of scored. Had two golden chances. Giroud would of made the run and been there quicker on pulisic’s cross 7 minutes into the game and then later havertz had a one on one with keeper and went for power and shot it right at him when he had the whole far post open

      4. BHAFC CFC

        n0t_dani3l YT 100% agree, attitude seems as if he's just here for the payday

      5. Ayushya Kaul

        Ziyesh not Ziyek my brother George :)

    2. Mark Tullis

      Who does the chest wax? Gotta ave her number mate.

    3. Šerif Lelić


    4. Dean Willis

      We go again Wednesday lets finish off Atletico madrid and get a booster

    5. Hadi lans

      We need a finisher In our team

    6. chris smallears

      I don't even know what not to complain about, I just want my comment to have as much likes as everyone else😏😂

    7. Šerif Lelić

      Blew 3 points 🥺

    8. Ian Weekes

      Top content!! Here in Barbados and hooked. Plz do a collab with yourself, Yan, Younes and Nini!! COYB!!

    9. Kaltin Homer

      I like tuchel but his tactics are now starting to seem more reactionary to the opposing team,,i think we need to settle on an 11 atleast till the end of the season

    10. chelseacharger

      Yes, it's a 'reactionary' video but fans have got to understand that these are strange times. And strange times with covid and no crowds produce strange and inconsistent results. So it is not just Chelsea who are having the occasional frustrating result. Our rivals for a top four place are having bad moments too. So it's a matter of being the least inconsistent. We have remained on this unbeaten run so it is a measure of progress that drawing away to Leeds can result in disappointment. But 22 hours later, Everton, West Ham and Spurs have all lost and our prospects to finishing in a CL qualifying spot have actually improved over the weekend. We now have three very winnable PL games coming up against teams at the bottom. Our destiny is in our own hands and with rivals who could previously have overtaken us by winning their games in hand, that wasn't the case before. So Yes, a bump in the road but we're still moving forward. KTBFFH

    11. BigD

      I’d like to see pullich to leave he’s not good enough for us, use him and some cash for halland

    12. BigD

      We need a striker! That’s all we’re missing we can’t even finish it’s so poor from Chelsea

    13. Ethan

      3421 seems great defensively, going forward im not sure, whether its all 3 attackers wanting to come deep and receive the ball against leeds, when one does receive the ball the others don't really push forward, they kinda just watch that player dribble and offer a pass sideways or back option, there's no directness and we are so easy to defend against, when we do get into good areas, we make the wrong decision or the final ball is poor, feel like the same stuff every game really, even games we win we could do so much better.

    14. Toonga

      We`ve got to get tammy back on the pitch, he knows how to finish and put the ball in the net. Would love to see him and werner on top together again.

    15. Timothy Hickey


    16. Eric Rerrud11

      Well that oddly worked out ok. Picked up a point on Everton Tottenham and west ham

    17. John Capo

      I hope haaland does not come to chelsea not with tuchel still there

    18. John Capo

      what happens if combine lampard, sarri , tuchel = one sided bad penny someone tell tuchel to go watch chelsea women play - may learn something

    19. Otty 1910

      "a yellow box for what it does for Chelsea in the top 4?" That's just stupid!

    20. Otty 1910

      Should be red for Chilwell. Terrible game. Bad decision making in attack and poor defensively!

    21. VDJ WES

      When will people learn that everytime Chelsea has returned to superb winning ways.... The st**pid media brings some sh**t news about Chelsea to distruct their form..... Happens mostly to Chelsea... Lets say the Media caused use points about Pulisic fake news putting pressure for gaffer to start him.... Next it will be Zouma😂😂

    22. M Alder

      We need a new Fabregas

    23. M Alder

      It's either cagey or open but it cannot be both

    24. abayneh ayalew


    25. louis ratner

      Tuchel is more worried about losing why giroud didn't play dont know why pulisic didn't start on the left if playing 4 at the back

    26. Chiza Shungu

      Our players must learn to shoot,we had chances to win this game.But it's not that bad,see what happen to Everton, they lost against Burnley. For us it was away match.


      I beg to differ with Tuchel. As a centre forward, Kai is not better than Abraham, sorry. Also, Mount and Kai don't play well together. It's one or the other for me.

    28. felafela doc

      Hi George

    29. Bill

      Well said benson great video agree with everything you said in this geez


      the formation was 4-2-3-1 mate. For the game against ATM I hope Ngolo and Kovasic manage perform better than what they show recently when there play together. I don't really like Jorginho but he seems to collect with both of them very well because he hardly go forward and doesn't like to carry the ball.

    31. nightstar786 _

      I don’t even think it’s taking chances. I think it’s creating chances that’s our problem. Every match, all teams miss chances, but the difference is, is that other teams create so much, that it doesn’t matter. We don’t create a lot and miss half chances. We need to get better

    32. James Dillon

      Giroud and Alonso should’ve came on today

    33. Darryl Buckett

      If only we had pair like Harry Kane and Son, these two not only play off each other, they are hungry for as many goals as they can get, then theres West Ham's M Antonio, he'd be useful as he knows where the back of the net is. Cheers

    34. Gideon Ahiagbede

      Rudiger was our best defender today. He deserves a green over Azpi

    35. Godknows Nicks

      You were supposed to give green box to Rudigur he was superb

    36. Jose Mandela

      Harvatz and mount= lamps nd Gerrard can't play together

    37. prakash rana

      mendy save ou ass today

    38. Deep Bhavsar

      We don't need Donnaruma Bcoz Mendy is in his best form, and Kepa is also doing well now, either sell Kepa first then buy new GK or don't buy anyone

    39. King11Didier

      Haaland is not coming to Chelsea. He was never going to come. Stop this nonsense.

    40. Chinenye Eugene

      I never liked early kick off matches bc it does not favor chelsea atall

    41. Tom Sittlington

      I thought it was a good result anyone agree

    42. Tony Jacob

      Changing the system costed us

    43. J Berg

      When Pulisic get's a chance with Tuchel and has to play right wing back it's a punch in the lip. Pulisic is out of there this summer and Haaland isn't coming.

    44. Likhona Hlekani

      I'm just upset that tuchel changed the formation just for chilwell the 3-4-2-1 was doing wonders... If it ain't broke don't fix it

    45. Austin Abraham

      6:30 CT (america) kickoffs always seem to be disappointing when I wake up

    46. Anele Tom

      I love Tuchel, I never questions his formation and Tactices. But this one is on him, he allowed him self to play chess with Bielsa, which was unnecessary

    47. parneet singh

      Yes guys Chelsea suck in front on the goal

    48. Hamster En ligne

      Pulisic was not even in the forward position to be included in the yellow box. He was a right wing back that played far right. He did not play great, but still played a decent game for someone not playing in their first (LW), second (CAM), third (LAM) nor fourth (RW) best position.


      it's not a matter of process but we miss Chelsea lifting the UCL Liga title


      if you just rely on the plug, it's now the big pinis 4 next season..yeah, it's not a matter of process but we miss Chelsea lifting the UCL Liga title

    51. lgnawi. ff

      Ziyech need to haaland You will see the wonder

    52. Sagnik Bhandari

      Don't panic ❤️ We will come back 😭

    53. Nelson Nogales Arroyo

      Christensen and Rudiger cant play in a back 4 line, that's exactly why we need a good young CB. Still we lack scoring, we're just not clinical enough. This was a mustwin game, to finish in the top4, we just cant drop points anymore.

    54. Pradyumna Sripada

      Bin Ziyech tbh, he is the reason for this draw, spamming high speed crosses is the only thing he can do

    55. PgPro 86

      I didn’t this was even close to great. Entire team was mediocre. Pulisuc wasn’t good either but he at least got the only 2 dangerous crosses in all game, playing in a position for the first time on his weaker side of the field.

    56. Jackson Hamilton

      We were nothing without mendy today

    57. Jackson Hamilton

      We were very lucky to get a draw tbh, quite disappointing

    58. Moty Grusman

      Most of us were very frustrating. Pulisic , Zyach and Havertz are not fully fit to me, no sharpness in them. yES, they spent half of the season injured or ill, but i believe with more game time they will get better. Christiansen had a decent game, but he made two horrible passes which one of them in first half almost cost us a goal. Another clean sheet, no loss. encouraging. Still 10 games to go. All we need to focus now, is win C.L., and i believe we can do it

    59. Yorkie8

      Excellent review of the game......from a Leeds fan.

    60. David Banks

      I encourage everyone to re-watch the first cross in by Pulisic to Havertz. If the recipient was Lukaku, Lewandoski, Ronaldo, Diego Costa, or even Giroud...they would have muscled for position to put that into the back of the net at whatever costs. Havertz is too frail for PL in his present form (he needs to add 20lb of upper body muscle) and presently lacks the needed aggressiveness. This isn't lack of skill, it's lack of physicality. Werner too. Both play with timidity when faced with physical challenges by the defenders. I will toss Ziyech into this trash heap too. Too cute and not physical enough. This is why Mount stands out...he plays with heart and aggressiveness (as does Pulisic in fairness). I don't know if aggressiveness can be taught but Havertz, Werner, and Ziyech seem very, very soft for the PL.

    61. Max Noble

      I think when Werner doesn’t play there isn’t as much runs in behind and no one is actually trying to take it past players and actually doing something

    62. Christian Meneses

      You guys want haaland when you got Werner like give him time

    63. Ron Gee

      Our starting team was not good enough. Puli, Ziyech, & Chilwell should have started from the bench but i can understand Tuchel rested some players for UCL.

    64. Rob B

      Havertz should of scored. Had two golden chances. Giroud would of made the run and been there quicker on pulisic’s cross 7 minutes into the game and then later havertz had a one on one with keeper and went for power and shot it right at him when he had the whole far post open

    65. Jayden Toh

      I think Edouard Mendy deserve a Blue box. If it is not because of Mendy, we would be 2 nil down!

    66. CARD Creation

      It's mistake from Tuchel ,he put pulisic on rwb and didn't introduce giroud in second half to get goals ,havertz is good but today he played like true striker not like what he played vs everton a false 9

    67. Stephen Cheung

      Yellow box to Tuchel to change the winning formation 3 cb to back 4.

    68. Braden Stevenson

      Christensen was good? Mate he literally passed the ball to Leed’s striker when he was under pressure, we were so lucky not to concede there

    69. LRJ

      Can’t wait for the day when one of those Rudiger long shots finds its way into the top corner

    70. LRJ

      Rudiger masterclass!

    71. samuel opuni

      I think the inside forward thing doesn’t suit Ziyech. Although I agree that he needs to step up his game

    72. Robert Scaife

      Jorginho is a terrific technical player, but he slows our transitional play down too much. I think a pairing of Kante and Kovacic would suit the style of football that Tuchel is looking for much better

    73. Siah's Domain

      formation was: Azpi-Chris-Rudi-Chilwell Kante-Jorginho Mount-----ziyech---------pulisic Haverts

    74. Siah's Domain

      look haaland alone will not solve the problem. Today needed Alonzo and Giruid and need MF 3 to be Pulisic-Mount-Ziyech instead of bloody Mount-Ziyech-pulisic. Those three were useless because they were playing in an Awkward position for them

    75. Chris Fairburn

      I think the formation used kept Pulisic too wide and in bad areas of space on the transition. Personally i think he is better and more unpredictable from more of a lam or ram position

    76. sherko mohamed

      we where struggled in final attack

    77. Cind william

      Kante is the main player for today

    78. JIM J

      I think you are missing the truth here Leeds tried to play football they did not park the bus they closed down very well and doubled up at times, yes we had the majority of the possession but not in the final third It was a complete flat game no plan b but things are looking better in places Also ruddi had a good game played cb and lb

    79. Phillip C

      Jorginho was good hahahahaha. Deluded. Can't pass, tackle, run, tackle, defend - and when passes it the ball goes back or sideways. Absolutely atrocious player. Needs to f*** off back to Italy or somewhere else.

    80. Juss Kitten

      7. Pulisic needs to leave

    81. Phillip C

      Yellow for Chilwell hahahaha Oh my God. He is shite. Should not be anywhere near that team. Can't cross, can't defend, can't attack, can't pass. Needs sold right now!!

    82. Richard Grace

      As I have said before.... since tuchel came in we have averaged 1goal (or less) a game with the vast majority coming from pk's while playing overly defensive, also we average 60% possession a game but 90% of that is in the midfield and defense going absolutely nowhere

    83. mary dexter

      We created plenty of chances to score. Sometimes you have to give credit to the other team.

    84. Jimmy Striker

      We created so few chances today, felt like we couldn’t progress the ball from midfield. Actually felt sorry for Havertz up top, the team gave him so little to feed off

    85. Average Joe

      Very interesting how last season we couldn’t defend for our life and were magic going forward. Now we never concede but struggle to score consistently. Honestly I much prefer the latter since I know we only need 1 of 2 goals to win comfortably

    86. Emilio Elizondo

      Even if Haaland gets signed he would need to get good service and with this team he is not going to get it. But we keep moving and improving! Praise for Mendy 🙌🏻

    87. Stephen Anokye

      Rudigar also saved us today

    88. Casual Focus

      you learned leeds can play even though they came up this season

    89. Marcus Grasso

      our whole team was just giving the ball away for no reason it was so annoying

    90. Samuel JD

      Tactically got it wrong today imo, perhaps seeing the dynamic adjustments the team had been offering with the change of personal in in the back 3 system so often gave Touchel the over confidence that the team could adjust with new personnel and system change. It didn’t work at all. Pulisic has lost a yard of pace which I assume is down to his constant run of injuries over the last 4 years, he looks like a lad of ideas and confidence. Playing a back 4 with Jorgino and Kante is not logical against Leeds. Kante offered the more free roaming and athletic role but Jorginho lacks there creative penetration to find dangerous balls and the pressing game Leeds play with a back 4 means his role was one of more defensive which makes no sense for dangerous balls between the lines as he is so slow and lacks any real prowess. Wasted opportunity that position today. Ziyech lacks athletic ability, pace, strength and is disgustingly one footed which makes his movement and pressing predictable and containable, yes he is a great passer but he lacks overall what you’d want from a no10. Chilwell is Ross Barkley 2.0. No offence but he lacks general game intelligence and decision making is almost 1 second behind what it should be, he’s a dumb footballer (not necessarily dumb as a person) We have some fantastic talent in the squad and it isn’t difficult to see how we should of approached this game, I find it very frustrating all round from the tactical decisions by the manager for the first time since he took over, I can’t blame the players because many of them shouldn’t have been playing today in this system if we really wanted the win and wasn’t focusing on the second leg of the champions league. My 10 pence anyway

    91. Blue Army SW6

      Pulisic and ziyech doesn't fit in back 3 system. Timo wasn't that sharp. Mount looked gassed off. We need a proper striker. Disappointing result.😡

    92. Filosofa Stone

      Tbh George, you were the one who thought that 4 at the back was a great idea. I bet you’re thinking twice, huh? - Chilwell is a straight red box, he is below par in this system. - Pulisic and Ziyech are two red boxes. Ziyech has no creativity & he doesnt deserve to start again. He should try again next season - We didn’t deserve to win. - Its sad but we can do better as a team

      1. Dylan Christensen

        Ziyech was arguably our best attacking player, was really the only one willing to try create chances from deep with his passing range and he worked hard to pressure the Leeds defenders when on the ball (will definitely start again this season btw) Chilwell was great first half but faded in the second.

    93. Bepo Raymond

      we perform mostly whe George is innnnnnside his house

    94. The Proof

      Getting fed up hearing bout Ziyech. And his wand ... lets be honest he is. The worst signing and does nothing ... bench at best atm

    95. Jamie Watts

      That chair would have scored a goal!

    96. LK Gaming Reviews

      Changing the team to much, no point changing it every game

    97. Mikz !

      Draws are starting to feel like losses even though you never want it, it does show progress

    98. Nosa Swellup

      Hey George Benson football. Yes guys, I think that why we are not progressing or clinical alot is that's we always believed that we this sticker score in this this particular game then we think this is the man without knowing that we have one of the best stickers in our squad. Let's use what we have and gain what we deserve without hoping on one particular person because him score in the last game. Thanks but I always enjoy shows.

    99. Small Goat

      Haverts wasn’t unlucky not to finish he should’ve scored

    100. Ozy Mandias

      Step 1. Open video revealing dashed plans for concept of the review video. Step 2. Continue with concept plan for review video as previously planned. The Takeaway - Don't let suboptimal results deprive the audience of a solid concept plan for a review video. We move! Er, we sit!