6 Things We Learnt from FULHAM 0-1 CHELSEA

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    6 Things We Learnt from FULHAM 0-1 CHELSEA. Fulham 0-1 Chelsea in the Premier league with Mason Mount the goalscorer. 6 Things we learnt from Fulham 0-1 Chelsea as Chelsea go 7th in the Premier League table. Mason Mount's volleyed winner was enough for Chelsea as they get all three points at Craven Cottage. Let me know the 6 Things you learnt from Fulham 0-1 Chelsea in the comments below!
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    1. 643Y M4M3U

      Dear, Unfortunatly if this kind of result persist, Lamp is going 2 go out, cuz this is CFC tradition. Even every coach better than him suffered the same situation. ...NO WAY OUT! If CFC let him work or give time, he can get result expected in time to come; like PG, Klopp (this is a good exemple of time n sb/coach trusted by club) or the rest who got/had sucess. However, no patience in CFC board, like in Real Madrid n other big clubs (think that title come from the heaven or from magic process, bt one thing forgotten is that every coach get better time to time). If he realy goes, 4 now CFC supposed 2 get Allegri, cuz B. Roger n Julian Nagelsmann n Ralph Hasenhüttl maybe/only at the end of the season. Rgrds,

    2. chargero sterone


    3. Singappuli Wijewardana

      Can Mason bring us the win?

    4. TheRealGDMstr

      I agree with the final box. Your 100% right. When I watch Chelsea play, I don’t see a dangerous side anymore. They don’t know what they’re doing in the final third. It’s like we slowly bring our whole team up just to cross the ball in from the wings. It’s bloody annoying.


      benson is sad ..much like all the chelsea fans around the world.

    6. lemon trader

      put CHO on the LW and Ziyech on RW, their link up play is very good

    7. lemon trader

      Gilmour, Mount, Kovacic midfield?👀

    8. AJAY AJ

      Our style is if a ball goes to back 4 all will have a pass then again pass to back 4 then go to wing put cross then pass again to back 4 everyone will take touch and same cycle.

    9. Kwando M

      Mount would struggle to be a starter in the top 4 teams but he's undroppable for chelsea. I like the guy but he ain't world class

    10. Fiery wolf Gamer

      The independent predicted line up:Mendy,Chilwell,Silva,Zouma,James,Mount,Kovacic,Jorginho,Ziyech,Abraham,Hudson-odoi My preferred line up:Mendy,Chilwell,Silva,Zouma,James,Mount,Kovacic,Gilmour,Pulisic,Abraham,Hudson-odoi

    11. aniq haikal suhaimi

      Jorginho was so poor. He is so slow.

    12. ABE’S TECH

      I'm more than happy that we won. BUT how can we only score 1 goal we had a extra man but could find it within us to score. Think about if Mason didn't score we would have drawed the game 🙃😑

    13. Marty Stapleton

      The only way I can see it working is playing a 4231 with the following line up: GK - Mendy LB - Chilwell CB - Silva CB - Zouma RB - James CDM - Kante (Defensive minded) CDM - Mount/Gilmour/Jorginho (Deep lying playmaker) LAM - Pulisic/Hudson Odoi CAM - Mount/Havertz RAM - Zyeich ST - Werner Give Havertz a roaming role, meaning defenders will struggle to track his runs etc. With the wingers, you'll have Zyeich playing the balls in behind for Werner/Havertz/Pulisic. Then when Pulisic has the ball he will run at the defenders and pull it back or playing the 1-2's with Chilwell. With the fullbacks they can offer alot of support going forward and with Kante playing the ball wining midfielder theres the support for the defence on the defensive to the counter attack. I really think in that system it would be fruitful and very well balanced

    14. Mbuyelo Nkuna

      Just saw someone call Mason Lampards boy and I don't know what more he has to do to prove himself... this boy is a star

    15. Brendan Giddens

      Totally onboard with the lack of style red box. Not enough speed and drive other than Mason from the midfield, Gilmour needs to start so we passing forward, even the defence passing back and sideways too often. Timo needs quick passing to run onto, not this constant urge to play wide and cross, giving opposition time to set up. We need a Plan B of higher tempo play to break down the teams who sit deep.

    16. Timothy Hickey


    17. Charlie Robert

      Apparently chelsea are looking into replacing frank and inquiries are in the process, talksport

    18. Michael Henry

      was kova and jorge on the pitch enough is enough

    19. Christopher Simons

      Yo GBFC, I think the lineup was more to give the likes of CHO & Billy a rest for Leicester, you check😉

    20. Ahmed Ali

      The Red box should be Lampard. Lampard has no clue about what is going on games, and it was very clear in the Fulham game.

    21. Amos Kimani

      Lampard got no tactics just crossing the damn ball..can our midfield be more creative and play the ball to the striker...DAMN I MISS COSTA FT FAB

    22. Neil Dickson

      last season every player played with a smile.this season every player plays with panic

    23. bvb 09

      No creativity or chemistry on this team no player helps another teamate get in a good position to do anything on offense side...either RB or LB just cross it into the box and the whole team looking for a header wtf kind of football is this

    24. Guy Wheeler

      I believe Jorginho is more effective if he is subbed on when Chelsea are in the lead. He slows down the pace and controls the game. He is not a good attacking player

    25. Nero Pasta

      Lampard should let Werner play in the last 5-10 minutes as a winger tbh

    26. Kester Iyama

      George I have realised how much we need Rice or a another solid DM. When you look at the top teams in the league they all have strong solid DMs we only have kante. If we can get someone like Rice or Casemiro this would improve our midfield immensely.

    27. Gabbies tv

      sorry about the tornado disaster...likewise your camera and laptop


      Timo reminds me of when I play 5 a side

    29. Twum Ampong

      You are spot-on with Timo’s first touch. His touches and passes are just awful! Not sure if we didn’t throw money away!

    30. Ron Gee

      Mount was playing poorly bcos Lampard kept playing him out of position. Now he plays him in his favorable position so he's doing well. SIMPLY

    31. Deerbra

      As I've said previously, Lampard doesnt have a plan A. He puts his favourite players on the pitch and then folds his arms for 70 minutes (occasionally muttering to Jodi Morris).

    32. ItsCooks

      "Leicester are fighting at the moment at the top of the league *as well*" Chelsea: 7th Also I don't think CHO will go to Bayern. Musiala, Coman, Sané and when necessary Douglas Costa. They're good

    33. Blue Army SW6

      We need haaland and Declan rice incase of kante injury 👈👈

    34. Jonas Roeleveld

      "Leicester are fighting at the moment at the top of the league *as well*" Chelsea: *7th*

    35. ELIAS CFC

      This win felt like a defeat to all Chelsea fans. I can't see us beating Leicester.. I wish we can.

    36. 3 da boys

      Need more tempo mason mounts doing that all alone. Kova has ability but lacks the mindset to put it to use. CHO should be a guaranteed starter vs Leicester. CMON YOU BLUES💙💙

    37. Kwaku Azar

      Creative Mount.😂😝😀

    38. Aftab Sarker

      the red box should have gone to Cezar Azpilicueta

    39. Royce Banda

      plz i want to ask is chelsea still title contendes

    40. Tony Churchley

      It wasnt a great Chelsea performance but we got the job done and 3points in the bag. But Leicester are on fire just now ,I think a draw is the best we can hope for.

    41. Chris Garner

      There’s no “style” because there’s no chemistry and there’s no chemistry because there’s no set squad of starters and subs...need to play some squads to build rapport

      1. J T

        agreed. everyone seems to be looking over their shoulder and afraid to make any mistake for fear of being pulled off. they don't look like they're enjoying playing.

    42. Steven Gale

      Anybody else notice that Aspy seemed to hit the first defender with every cross he attempted. Geez!

    43. Muigai Jose

      I think cova played very well

    44. Jay smokes

      Lets have it right gilmour isn't that fast either, id rather jorginho tbh

    45. Rishi Sahgal

      Cho is back in form but he needs to work his way into Frank's trust. Overall we looked a bit weak on the final third.. patterns of play were not really clicking. But we did it and can progress.

    46. Matt Smith

      Chelsea had the better chances before Fulham went down to 10 men.

    47. Marie Purtill


    48. Brandon H

      You can tell Werner is lacking confidence. I was so disappointed when he missed that 1v1 wide right :/

    49. Sean Arigoni

      Should make a golden box for superb performances

    50. Joshua Udoh


    51. sajad elrobae

      the style of play is literally cross and inshallah

    52. Mani H

      anyone else think George has become homeless in Bali :D

    53. Smallie Tv

      Fulhan was very unlucky we can't be trying to score everytime from crossing every team knows our style

    54. Smallie Tv

      Is timo Werner a serious player☹

    55. Jakesy

      Rudi had a solid game, not any mistakes that I could see

      1. Faisal 1Hunna

        Are you sure you watched the game? His passing was horrible

    56. Kai Havertz

      Should I start against Leicester

    57. TAB

      Lampard out George in

    58. JustARandomGuy

      Does anyone know who was that player in 2015 to create 7 chances in a game? Have a feeling its Cesc or Eden

    59. nathan archer

      we werent amazing but we dominated. Fulham defended very well and Areola was brilliant

    60. Adsennapati Satya

      What are your thoughts on Kristen Gray?

    61. Roham 11

      You know I feel like Ross Barkley could solve our lack of attacking depth through the center. He could've fed a lot of balls to Timo, Giroud or Abraham from the center. We need that because these crosses are not paying off.

    62. SeamusFA


    63. i’m tired lol

      the six things i learnt • jorj hasn’t got a forward pass in him • we really missed kante in that game • azpi knows how to do aerobics 🤣 • mount is a future captain • cho has to start over pulisic • mendy is far too rash

    64. Braden Babich

      I think as of right now the 4-4-2 with Tammy and Giroud up top is our best formation. If we are going to just keep overloading the wings and crossing it in then we need to have more people in the box, and honestly when they switched to the 4-4-2 against Fulham that was the first time I really thought they were actually dangerous in the box. Once Reece is back in the lineup he will be able to pick between Tammy or Giroud and we can finally score some goals

    65. Alex Emmett

      People disrespect timo too much. Remember last year when people were writing off ndombele? It can take a year to adapt to a new system and intensity

    66. Jacob Sauers

      I personally wanted to see more creativity to the attacking options against 10 man Fulham. They parked the bus and held off Chelsea well, but I think with the quality of players at Chelsea’s disposal, they should’ve created more chances and threatened the box more often. For the first 30 minutes, when Fulham got the ball on the break, they looked more devastating and likely to score in minutes, whereas chelsea pass the ball for 6-7 minutes at a time and can’t get anywhere

    67. marino mihalic

      Surely style or tactics are down to lampard at this moment in time just don't believe he's good enough for a team like Chelsea needs more experience in lower clubs

    68. V B

      220M spent and we play like a prime Norwich City. 15 months as a manager and lampard still clueless. I hope you had the guts to critise lampard for once, because the club is bigger than any player or manager.

    69. Otty 1910

      I agree George. Disjointed performance again no personality, no football concept in place. Started with long balls out from Mendy... I'm just not getting it!

    70. Norman Spill

      I think when we first get the ball our first reaction should be ATTACK, not start spraying the ball around our back line, looking for an opening. We should be on the front foot carrying the ball forward deep into the opposing 18 yards, not letting them get organised,but what do I know, I haven’t played this game since the 50s 💙💪👍

    71. kenneth k ngoma

      Had it not been for the Red ♦️ card, we were losing that game. We played so pathetic as always. It had to take us 33 minutes to have a goal against 10 man Fulham. SHAME❗

    72. Koroz

      Glad mount broke his 14 match goalless streak, but we are all acting like this means the problems are over for us. We played an 18th place Fulham who is near regulation, with 10 men, and Mounts goal was a lucky drop (The goal take was great though im not knocking mount), and the squad was still barely able to pull off a win. There is big problem and we need to address is honestly or else it will continue to be there and when we play big teams with full rosters, if we play like we did against Fulham we are going to get rocked.

    73. Martell Tavares Ozoria

      Can Havertz and Mount play together?

    74. Robert Morgan

      6 things we learnt. 1 Lampard can't manage. 2 Lampard can't motivate. 3 Lampard has no tactics. 4 lampard won't change from 4 3 3 shape. 5 lampard loves mount and hates tomori. 6 lampards sacking is imminent coz he is clueless

    75. pat


    76. Ben Seifu

      Absolutely agree on the lack of style or even identity in our game. It’s very bland and not very creative. Players such as Jorginho don’t belong in our roster. Even Kovacic is becoming useless. We never shoot on goal!! We don’t pepper the opposition goal keeper enough. Often times many goals come from rebounds off shots on goal. I don’t understand why we don’t set up shooting opportunities. We don’t commit enough give and go’s in around the final 3rd. We are late in providing passes to players who are making runs in behind. Always a tad too late in connecting to crosses coming in from players like Ziyech. I think Azpi is starting to show his age. He can’t deliver a decent cross and he’s having difficulties covering faster players. This team is far from the end product and hopefully we can get rid of the deadwood in exchange for quality and style!

    77. Batho Bansi

      Im totally agree with U... Jorginho is Not digne to wear the Chelsea Kit. Our Captain azpilicueta is Not good enough to Start a Game. Giroud is also lost when he starts a Game.. Lampard has do Risk More in the Game. Our Game is too predictable... Ziyech has to run more instead of looking a Long ball. Keep the Blue flag flying high💙 In Lampard we Trust 💙

    78. Mohammed Seyam

      I agree with everything you've said. Well analysis

    79. irf36

      we say that only 1 person on the pitch (mason mount) has that personality of standing up for fellow teammates. I say we had 2 people: mason mount AND CESAR ASPILICUETA!

    80. Ed A

      Cho was overrated when he came on I’m gonna be honest I don’t know what all the hype was about I mean he did good but he wasn’t insane-

      1. Andy Ola

        Shut up

      2. ItzSammy

        bro the guy changed the game with pace and passing ability he literally provided Werner with two potential assists what else do u want from him

      3. Abigail Annan

        I guess when we don't play well, any sort of spark or something extra gives us hope.

    81. luis vera

      i think something chelsea need to improve on is decision making. and i think that goes with the 6th box. in the second half timo had pulisic in the box and timo choose to try to lift it up to giroud. same thing before pulisic had timo in the box but choose to lift it up once again. there was this play hudson odoi did with tammy, it was a pass n go, but tammy held onto the ball, which makes sense they had the lead but they would had another chance to bag the 3 points. so definetly a good 3 points jus small things.

    82. escobar pablo

      The fact that Pulisic and Mount, one of our youngest players are the best that we got. We got a old man Giroud scoring all our goals. Our midfield is non existent. All we do play to our fullbacks and cross the ball cmon now🤦‍♂️WE HAVE NO IDENTITY

    83. Hazly Yusoff

      No face mask?

    84. Rendani Mulaudzi

      Agree with the last point. Our play is so predictable and easy to defend, They never make a dynamic pass.

    85. Ace Bala

      Lampard needs to go he doesn’t have a set game plan no tactics at all shocking we can’t go through games like this

    86. David Lavin

      it goes to show that we've been missing a n10 like mount for so long, with him breaking records that where set in 2015.

    87. Jean Okapi

      Chelsea problems: No plan B, have only one way of playing, predictable slow side to side passing, scared to dribbling, scared taking on players, no penetration, Lampard doesn't know how to set up contre attack

    88. Alex Tarazi

      If you don't know what you are watching (style) is because it appears that we don't have a game plan. Frank, keeps throwing players in the game hoping that something works. The improvement you see with Mason Mount is because he has played (I believe) the most minutes in this season. Consistency builds Confidence. I hope Frank figures it out soon.

    89. joab obosi

      Apart from Azpiliqueta, non of our players is putting their bodies on the line whenever there's a shot at our goal

      1. Abhinash Jung Thapa

        exactly he may not hav recovery pace anymore but plays like Full of passion on the defense n i want that from chilwell(to learn from dave)

    90. Farzad Khan Lodi

      We have learnt that chelsea is a mediocre team. As simple as that

    91. Brent Robinson

      Cross and hope is our style

    92. Theophilus Oguntala

      Chelsea have a group of young and very talented players. Yet we are at mid-table playing level because they are feeble and lack the strength and determination required to survive in the EPL. And I don’t see Lampard being capable of giving them the much needed strong physical training and tactics to move the team to higher levels. For now, we should start Kanté, Gilmour and Mount in the midfield. Please sell Jorginho, Alonso and and other excesses this January.

    93. Eamonn Kerrigan

      Man like George will still say werner to start the next game

    94. Brian Ketelboeter

      I don't understand everyone saying 'we must support Werner' while also saying 'sell Abraham'. I hear this from so many people and I just don't understand it.

    95. Cocoberry Free

      Lampard lacks experience. He is still a rookie manager.

    96. Vivan Verma

      I think, Azpi didn't had a very good game. Not only he was outpaced on multiple occasions, which is quite understandable due to his age, but his crosses were blocked by the first defender, on multiple occasions, each time ball falling to the Fulham player. I really missed Reece James there.

    97. Pa Bis

      Uhm I’m not trying to talk shit but where are these 7 chances mason mount “created”? Are we talking about every pass into the box is a chance even if it was intercepted or to no one ? I’m very confused... because it feels someone has just changed the definition of a chance created.

    98. K Green

      Style... been banging on for ages. I defy anyone to define our style, we’re all over the place and yes 3 points is the only positive out of that lacklustre performance. We’re talking about 1-0 against a 10 man Fulham side!

    99. Mohammed Abdullah

      I actually relate to all of the comments you made in the video. Honestly, I don't like being very optimistic. I think scrutinizing the performance even after a win can set our expectations to where it should be!

    100. Tim Berge

      We have to start going with 2 striker in a lot of the game