6 Things We Learnt From CHELSEA 3-1 LUTON

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    6 Things We Learnt From CHELSEA 3-1 LUTON. Chelsea 3-1 Luton in the FA Cup 4th round. Chelsea 3-1 Luton Highlights see a hat-trick for Tammy Abraham as Mason Mount captains Chelsea FC for the first time. Chelsea 3-1 Luton see's Chelsea progress into the FA Cup 5th round to face Barnsley away. Chelsea 3-1 Luton 6 Things we learnt - let me know the 6 things you learnt from Chelsea 3-1 Luton in the FA Cup 4th round in the comments below!
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    6 Things We Learnt From CHELSEA 3-1 LUTON. Tammy Abraham scores a hat-trick as Chelsea FC progress into the FA Cup 5th round. Mason Mount captains Chelsea FC for the first time as Chelsea beat Luton 3-1 in the FA Cup 4th round.

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    1. Toby Lawton

      This man is so underrated it’s unbelievable. Seriously such a legend

      1. azubike okoroafor

        How can a coach with the lowest win ratio of any Chelsea manager become your best coach of all time. I still don’t get it. You don’t sound like a Chelsea fan, I’m sorry to say.

      2. azubike okoroafor

        Get your bags ready. Your Lampard is probably going back to Derby. Hurry go get Derby jersey before it’s sold out. Coaches go and come but we stay in Chelsea. We follow club only.

      3. azubike okoroafor

        Make sure you get your bags ready also so you can go with him to his next club

      4. azubike okoroafor

        @JG sorry for yourself

      5. JG

        @azubike okoroafor you sound like a bitter ex of Frank. Im sorry he broke your heart.

    2. Timothy Hickey


    3. Rensorn

      They didn’t know what was going to happen a few hours after 😭😭😭

    4. Speddster 03

      Bye bye Frank

    5. David Foxen

      Up the Hatters! Proud of the performance we put in 🧡👏

    6. tanmoy bal

      7th thing we learned today in the morning! You know what. You know what!

    7. Ludvig Sommar

      Lampard will always be a legend💙

    8. Que Young

      Just an opinion of mine not sayin that you should apply it but to up your channel I think it'll be great while you do your recaps on a match, put in some visuals of the game while explaining

    9. Joshua Wheeler

      George Benson is also the voice of pre-chewed politics

    10. Marie Purtill

      Hj George yes Chelsea were good Great for Tammy & terrific for Mason. Not do good for me. My sniffles have proved POSITIVE FOR COVID, feeling a bit down so the win was cheering. Let's hope boys take the won into 3 points at weekend. Marie

    11. Juso Ljesnica

      Celebrating this is a disgrace,only scored three and conceded a goal.Hopefully all of your players die and get disabled because chelsea is very poor.

      1. Jei Marbañiang

        Man did you just wish for people to die? Where's your soul?

    12. Jordan Awunah

      “Lampard’s first trophy”. He’s just been sacked

    13. Ben Rafferty

      Fucking hell he hasn’t aged well

    14. king ALXPHA

      Lampard is getting sacked today🥺🥺

    15. TheWittyish

      lampard apparently to be sacked today :(

    16. YouMadBro???

      Kai played decent but not the best, he needs to be in the final third of the attack, like a second striker, if tammy or werner isnt there, he should be there. Callum is a must starter every game, he almost scored against leicester aswell as playing excellent in this game. Pulisic performance isnt good enough and is bench worthy for now, werner is perfoming and slowly getting there so he still needs to play. Ziyech playing is still up for debate,

    17. Alexander Lacazette

      Man let me t3ll you my experience don't be confident after championship or semi standard team you were not that great but y9u are gonna be shit in the pl

    18. Adam Ferhad

      Hows 1 penalty affect his great game is beyond me. GUYS DONT LOOK AT 1 PENALTY LOOK AT HIS PERFORMANCE YESTERDAY. PLUS THE KEEPER OUT THE LINE.

    19. Yes Samuel

      Fack lampard and maun ,maunt is corna virus für chelsea its not Respekt für ather pleyers like Zuma and Christinsen

    20. Adeola Adeleye

      Will there be a video out on Frank getting sacked

    21. Adeola Adeleye

      Frank Lampard will be getting sacked today is that a good or bad thing ?

      1. Patrizzy5


    22. Flickyflix

      That commentator though 😂

    23. Barnabas Muhanda

      Finally atleast we got the Real yes guys !!!!

    24. Francis Enemuo

      Kepa had a good game. the match would have been 2-2 and with much pressure had Kepa not made that save. That should earn him a green box George.

    25. RMY 100

      A bit to much positive as I saw the game and for me it looked that Luton had quite big amount of time in the game and was very dangers, so overall the performance against Championship mid table team was not convincing.

    26. Muhammad Qubais Hafeez

      Normally you're spot on in your analysis. But I would have to disagree with what you said about werner, he gave it his all, absolutely ran his socks off. He wasn't poor by any means, he was just unlucky. Instead of all us chelsea fans bashing him we need to get behind him. You could see what that penalty miss did to him.

    27. Nigel Bradford

      I was the same as you re Karen Carney's comment, thought I must've been watching a different team for the past 18 months!! 🤣 Pulusic isn't at his best! He's making some good runs into the box but tries to do it all himself when he could pass to a team mate! I think he also lacks confidence and not a good sign that he was being so positive about Tuchel! 🤔

    28. RugRats HD

      If Tammy was a seriously deadly finisher he could've had 6 goals.

    29. Sumit Patil

      Loved the Positivity George! 💙

    30. Namo Enright

      You guys beat fucking Luton town like Jesus Christ you didn’t win the premier league or something along those lines

      1. Patrizzy5


      2. George Benson Football

        That’s correct, and as far as I am concerned, nobody is claiming that we have won the Premier League... or ‘something along those lines’.

    31. Hlamogolo Phasha

      people are being too harsh on Kepa, those savese he made Kept luton from equalizing and dominating our already destroyed mentality

    32. Rich Coggins

      The commentator also said she thought Chelsea will be happy with the 3 points today. Its a cup game.

    33. Elihja cooper

      Yesterday got my favourite sports car thanks to that seek out on-line this *g r e a t e a s y p a y*

    34. Aishath Neelama

      Captain Mount 💙💙💙

    35. Moha Moha

      Nothing is here to be happy about , We're 11th in the league and we're playing wolves , it's another disappoinment , winning 3-1 against luton at our own stadium , isn't enough

    36. Ernesto Gueverra

      Just another fair weather fan

    37. Sidharth Singh

      Can't really fault Timo for his effort. Simply amazing! On min 90, he was still sprinting trying to put the Luton GK under pressure. But you're right, he is lacking that confidence at the minute. It does feel like he's close. Things will change for him. All that hard work will pay off soon, no question!

    38. Sidharth Singh

      Finally, we have positively around the club we love! Let's hope we can now start getting wins in the PL. Love your channel. You have inspired me to start my own channel to share my thoughts about my team. Facing a lot of self-doubt over whether I should do it or not. Your channel is definitely an inspiration. I've seen your channel grow over the years. Brilliant!

    39. Moty Grusman

      Pity you embarrassed Kepa again. with all the mistake he made, with him being our goalie, we won Europa league, and twice finished top 4. yellow should be Pulisic, he was very average, and missed few very comfortable chances

    40. Nemalale Native

      My heart sank when Timo missed that penalty, really wanted him to score, but overall he had a fantastic game.

    41. Josef 03

      thinking about the time we faces them 20 yrs ago and not a few montha back when we thrashed them 6-0 😂

    42. Joe Hunt

      For someone who use to be a keeper u clearly have no idea!!!!! Your man zouma was literally in front of the shot and blocked kepas view until late. Should be a red for zouma, all he had to do was stay still and he blocks the shot, instead he moves out of the way and in doing so let's the shot pass him and hinders kepa from saving it! I guarantee the shot just comes straight through without zouma in the road and moving out of the way its saved!!!! So much for zouma being the best or second best defender at the club, dude moves out of balls way instead of staying still and blocking shots, what a clown

    43. Emmanuel Atiko

      Why did you give Tammy Abraham a Blue box he always performs against championship teams, against top teams where is he????

    44. peter tyson

      1, blue. Lamps changed formation at last to 4-2-3-1. 2, green , right players in the right game and postion. 3. Green, Aberham 3 goals. 4. green, the 3rd goal was beautiful to watch and made and scored by 3 adcamerdi players. 5. Yellow, kappa. As you know, if you start moving . It's hard to stop and change direction. The ball was close to him when he started to move the wrong way and he didn't see it till the last moment and the the defender was in he's way to see. 6, green. We won. Lol.😁. Be save all.

    45. Gregory Novosel

      George you should post on Gab.

    46. LK Gaming Reviews

      Terrible take on Werner he played well today, your only putting that face for views, Abraham was bang average and is bang average he could of had 6

    47. Muan Muan

      100% fight till 90m 👍👍👍 40% fight against the top team that's what happening this season🤦‍♂️

    48. 19MAPOL34 Melvynn Pathaw

      Billy is better than Jorginho, with all due respect ... Definitely should be ahead of the Italian... Gilmour can control the tempo of the game, and honestly bossing the midfield is exactly what we need

    49. Emmanuel

      Im yet to see all this Mount fans tell me what mount bring to table. stop over hyping a player because he is running the pitch.

    50. 19MAPOL34 Melvynn Pathaw

      I still trust Frank Lampard and I know he can turn things around!!! And in all honesty, there's no other manager who can take us to the next level in the Premier League.... After last season, seeing how we beat Mourinho, Klopp, Pep, Arteta showed Lamp's talent as a manager.... So Yea... I trust Lamps more than anyone

    51. Emmanuel

      You know chelsea is playing bad is when fans is celebrating win over LUTON as if there are top team. shame

    52. Shahid Willie

      Keep up the good work love the content

    53. Vincent Hathway

      Kepa reminds me of a Kipper flapping out of the water.

    54. Alex Morales

      the commentator that said we do not cross enough needs to me fire. Someone please tell her she’s been watching the youth team all this time.

    55. Brian Pease

      Sad I couldn’t watch all of the match today as I was snoozing, but Chelsea are such a class team and it was great seeing them play well when I did turn it on for the hat trick! Come on you blues. Also eff the fair weathers that talk smack on Chelsea. Ride or die

    56. Anil Sap

      Reason behind timo not scoring pen. is 3

    57. Rua Peni

      Kai looked a lot better in his limited minutes

    58. irman seleman

      Tammy needs to stop complaining everytime things didn’t go his way. Its so annoying just get on with it and play ball

    59. Jake 123

      CHO looks back to Sarri form, I guess not starting today is a good sign for some upcoming league starts? He looks by far our most dangerous winger at the min. Gotta give some love to the academy as well, about half of the team today was academy products. I don't think we get enough credit for this personally, if this was Liverpool or United with that many youth products playing regularly you know the media would be tripping over themselves to praise them for it.

    60. Anna Nana

      Ziyech deserves more credit he was involved with all goals

    61. Jayster CFC

      Thanks for the Ziyech insight! Yeah when he switches point of attack with that type of passing we look a lot more deadly. Timo in a "free role" made us more fluid because he's constantly moving and they can't keep up with him. Like you, I feel CHO should attack from the left wing (with Ziyech on RW) but a "tag team" rotation with Pulisic might be better (for now) because both are injury-prone anyways. Win, win.

    62. Paul Monnes

      Emerson should get a mention, he played well!

    63. Kuhle Makanya

      Is there a video explaining why he moved to Bali?

    64. Joe dirt

      We been sayn we need to play 4231 😴

    65. Anthony Kiley

      Billy was sensational today. I think he could play further up the pitch. Very creative. COYB!

    66. M7J Gaming

      Timo Werner is the best

    67. Rory Drew

      Billy Gilmour is so fun to watch.

    68. Happy Gamer 17

      Chelsea v Barnsley Havertz : yes !!! Hatrick again

    69. Michael-Joseph Yaw Ayitey

      Glimour the man of the field today. The lad have a leadership in him.

    70. Ridge Frank

      Why goerge want to criticize kepa and give him yellow box due to lack of confidence then timo getting green box after throwing penalty because of same lack of confidence

    71. Ben

      George do watchalongs

    72. ezechukwu augustine

      Mount getting the arm band, where you have a christensen, zouma and pulisic, it's not just right....it's clear nepotism from Lampard and we come out here to ask ourselves why are the boys not playing for him? They don't like his favoritism.... This is just how he treats them on and off the pitch....he just dug his own pity by that and also we just played luton and not flipping Liverpool

    73. Nickolas Yang

      No we did't see anything different, come George, we still are that chlesea that keep passing to the wing and cross in the box, CHELSEA fan need to start realized that lampard really has no tactics and we will still lose to wolves and George are going to be upset again in the video, so don't think we beat a mid table Championship side and suddenly everything change.

    74. cameron gillingham

      Feel for Timo. He played very well today and deserved a goal or two. Hope he finds form soon

    75. ashutosh banasure

      Hazard came up with his form yesterday so will Timo nd Kai will be firing with all cylinders just wait nd watch nd hope for the best we as a team will win our upcoming matches with a bang of charisma nd passion! 😉💪👍😎💯👊💙💥

    76. cameron gillingham

      Billy needs to start. He is sooooo much better than Jorginho and Kova. He is a true 6 who can put in a shift and hold that midfield down. Him, Kante, and Mount would be an incredibly balanced midfield 3

    77. Richard Grace

      Chelsea fans starting to amuse me....we get overly hyped about beating absolute nobodies and start overhyping players for playing average against them....and then the next game we get crushed lmfao

    78. Daniel Moffat

      All the positive energy and support towards Turbo Timo is making me proud af to be a chelsea fan

    79. al rabbi

      I don't get it, I mean do people in youtube comment section carry the same id ??!! Why are they always commenting on the same thing ?! Werner, werner, werner......let's just take a deep breath and appreciate Tammy as well, shall we ?

    80. K Green

      Good result sure, but GB your way overboard on this one, didn’t you see we were playing Luton!!! How is beating Luton a GREAT win!!!! Beating a team in the top eight would be more like a great win.

    81. Michael Grant

      Blessings mr benson mikey binns here from Jamiaca,honestly l m not fully impress with todays profromance,but frank need try and fully gain more confidence from the entire squad,but y the hell we lend out the likes of tomori?,kmt caa understand this club how they handle things at times🙆‍♂️......

    82. Jack Armstrong

      Love his laugh

    83. H-when

      Timo has the Spanish flu. Somebody cure it please

    84. K M-18

      "Ohhhhhh Tammy Tammy Tammy Tammy,!! Abraham!! 🎶 🎵"

    85. Benji Sword

      I learnt that Kepa should be sacked and George should get a contract at chelsea

    86. Maryam

      I was very sad to see timo struggle today 🥺😢

    87. Maryam

      Hakim is man of the match for me

    88. Tom Bainbrdge

      Dyche vs klopp. Book it vince.

    89. nathan archer

      I like these Chelsea fans.we still believe in Werner.

    90. james mcquade

      I completely agree about the two strikers! I think it was Andre Villas Boas that changed the formation so as to only play one striker and literally every single Chelsea manager has stuck with it since. Great to see strikers back on the field, especially with the crossing ability of Ziyech, Hudson Odoi, Reece James etc.

    91. The Football Debate

      It’s against Luton Town. Big deal

    92. Dennis Staines

      Kepa butter fingers I have to say. I believe Werner is getting better and his team play was excellent. Christian is just a bit of the pace but puts a good shift in. Mason has bridge the gap to consistency and maturity and he is only going to get better. Still not convince by Callum he was awful and Leicester and did not put enough work in at all, still too inconsistent. Billy is astonishing player and is very consistent for his age. Also like to give Emerson credit he plays well and puts in hard work, he is underrated. Tammy is getting close to the consistency/maturity boundary and has some lovely touches, looking forward to seeing him get even better.

    93. S Kiran

      Dont be reactionary wait till how they play against quality opponent

    94. Charlie Mcnally

      If we’re talking on form id bench pulisic against wolves and get CHO on the left, I love pulisic just as much but he just ain’t hitting the heights we expect of him

    95. Sean Garvey

      Gilmour can literally find a player with a pass in any scenario

    96. Emanuel Samayoa

      Callum looks like he’s only good off the bench 😪

    97. Deen's BlueTube

      nobody should be excited about this win! NOBODY! It’s disappointing how happy you are about this win really.

    98. PoloBear

      Gotta say Kepa made a great save in the second half. Yes the goal was dodgy but Luton should no way be getting a shot off there, Zouma poor defending as well.

    99. Deen's BlueTube

      You are feeling confident after that win?! Lol You are excited about this win? The same way you were excited after beating morecambe and then , we play good teams and then , all flaws were laid bare. We need to stop being short sighted! Our play isn’t good enough , we don’t see a structure, we don’t see good interplay in the midfield, through the middle, all we see is square passes , backward passes. Our play out from the back is labored. We don’t progress the ball forward in stages fast enough. ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH , might be good enough against Luton but against premier league oppositions , it’s not!

    100. Loui G

      It's Luton, of course we are gonna create. Let's get excited when we actually create against a decent team.

      1. K Green

        I think so to. Good result but no need to go overboard. Same happened after the last round, then look what happened.