6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 2-5 WEST BROM

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    6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 2-5 WEST BROM. Chelsea 2-5 West Brom highlights see Chelsea capitulate at Stamford Bridge with Chelsea 2-5 West Brom seeing Thomas Tuchel's first defeat as Chelsea manager. Chelsea 2-5 West Brom in the Premier League will go down as one of the most humiliating Premier League defeats I have personally felt as a Chelsea fan. Chelsea 2-5 West Brom saw goals scored by Pulisic and Mount for Chelsea, with Pereira and Robinson picking up two goals each for West Brom as it finishes Chelsea 2-5 West Brom at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League.
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      Dude I’m a West Brom fan and I gotta say what the hell happened I was so shocked

    2. Joshua Wells

      This is so funny seeing Chelsea fans rant about 5-2. I support man city 😆😂😆

    3. Robert Martin

      And we just beat Porto 2-0 away, I rest my case.

    4. Harley is Not the best

      I have to say Reese James worked well as well with covosic

    5. Aergaia

      Kovacic was at fault for a lot of the goals because of his bad positioning. Yeah he tried to support attack in 2nd half and was ok, but defensively he and Jorginho were abysmal today. They are the reason our defense looked out of place and made errors.

    6. George Coles

      Tuchel said in his Porto Press Conference, Pulisic asked to come off at HT

    7. Vic Kediretswe

      Thanks for this brash delivery ma King.. I felt a lot better after watching.. U dropped facts only

    8. kingsley osiboko

      At least we know now that Pulisic was injured

    9. Stutter • Allan Scott

      Only way I got over this diabolical shambles....was telling myself, that Chelsea pulled a fly one for the Champions League's sake. Making themselves look extra pish to trick Porto 😂👍

    10. omerta_93 omerta_93

      I agree totally with you

    11. Lito C.

      😂🤣😂🤣 It is so funny that you still talk about the oposition with so mutch arrogance, that you are expressing more disgust to the opositor that score 5 goals, then to your team that consider the same 5 goals. If Chelsea squad are in the same frame of mind that you are, the match against Porto will be a disgrace. Porto is a team that preformes better when the opositor tries to look to them from above. That was the way they have won the Champions League twice. And they are more then capable to do it again.

    12. Sanduni Perera

      correction, Pulisic was injured that's why he came off

    13. Shammah Hills

      Hahaha 5 2

    14. charles ngunyi

      George check your facts Pulisic was injured Tuchel didn't deserve a red box

    15. ToF Critical

      We had to Surrender Ziyech Because of Thiago🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    16. Collin Proctor

      I would have swapped Jorginho with Kante and then put him at LCB To cover Alonso and push him forward, Kovacic for Havertz. Leave the front 3 until 65th and then see where you're at.

    17. Dean Malone

      it was a terrible match but we need to remember chelsea went for the win and made the game worse it was always gonna happen when we went down to 10 men and continued to go for it. Taking nothing from west brom they played like fucking barcelona but the game wouldnt of been as bad if we didnt try go for the win.

    18. ceon man u

      Chelsea having United's 18/19 season

    19. Delta Force

      Ziyech 👑

    20. Joshua Kellycharles

      Pulisic was injured THATS why he came of at halftime!

    21. Cameron

      All these teams that are struggling. Always seem to find form against Chelsea and we always mess up!!

    22. MrRichards44

      Thiago better not play against porto our back 3 has been perferct i think he unfortunately messed with the sync

    23. Stoxford

      Pulisic was taken off for yet another hamstring injury.

    24. Oskar Nordmark

      Pulisic got injured

    25. Ubayd Hussain

      Honestly i believe we were doing well until jorginho made two mistakes which led to both of thiago silvas cards so i think he has to go blud

    26. Jahvante Wright

      Christian was injured

    27. Mufasa

      Pulisic got injured

    28. Donald Coff

      Like it's a new thing... We make relegation team's better.. STFU

    29. Charlie Croker

      I saw the game, Zuma is a liability, I think the confidence of the team evaporates whenever he is on the ball, he just looks so uncomfortable and I think this spreads through the team

    30. Stevie

      A few good games and you people keep forgetting how much of a liability Alonso and Jorginho are. Y'all still need convincing? If Lampard never done anything right, then freezing out Alonso was at least one thing.

    31. Wreck'dEnt.

      Funny how I’m watching this two days later finding out that pulisic was injured

    32. Jimmy SpliffTV

      Hope you took away TUCHEL red cause Pulisic was hurt.

    33. Mark Jenko

      These results happen from time to time. Liverpool shipped 7 I’ve seen Man United lose in title seasons to Southampton 6-2 etc! It does happen and let’s hope it woke up the boys for Porto

    34. darren tomlinson

      That was hillary arse from a baggies fans point of view lol

    35. JoyDivision88

      You were just unlucky that it was you the Albion finally found their shooting boots. We have been unlucky in several games where we have failed to take our chances and suffered for it. This time we stuck them away. We can play good stuff we just don't put enough chances away.

    36. Natz East

      George Pulisic came off because he tweaked his hamstring which is not a surprise anymore

    37. Jelani Evelyn

      Pulisic was injured that's why he was taken off

    38. Maria Lemoni

      The silly red card of thiago completely destroyed us. But we must learn how to create clear goal chances ,Thomas made our defense solid 👌👏and now he must do the same with the attack . As for this ridiculous performance from everyone on Saturday hope not cost us the ticket for the Champion League next season .

    39. BlueyLuckz

      Tuchel took Pulisc off because he got injured as he came on at half-time

    40. Swavyy

      Pulisic was injured that’s why he was taken off tuchel has said himself

    41. Yoofi Arthur

      Pulislic was injured

    42. Yaswan Aziz

      Tuchel Out! 😏

    43. slk87

      Pulisic if was injured buddy, sounds like he made a point of wanting to come off...

    44. Keith Chue


    45. Keith Chue


    46. David Shiango

      I totally agree with you George, but let's just accept it and move on

    47. Vinay Malhotra

      Pulisic only came off because he was injured. I would have given pulisic a red for it not tuchel, he goes into the lockers and doesnt mention a hamstring injury? It ruins tuchel’s adjustments and makes the second half so much tougher

    48. Likhona Hlekani

      Sorry but I hate jorghino... He sucks man he just ruins our flow

    49. Likhona Hlekani

      I knew the international break would be bums

    50. lisa martins

      Alonsowhat? fvvkn joke

    51. lisa martins

      should've kept Frank

    52. lisa martins

      12 points dropped

    53. lisa martins

      glad to hear they ended it with a fight

    54. lisa martins

      tuchel needed a reality cheque it bounced, due to jorginhos poor touch and loose play but still played 90 minutes?

    55. Michael Henry

      it will happen again with jorge and kova

    56. Mitko Stefanov

      I am sorry but Tuchel didn't want to take off Pulisic , apparently he had some problems with his hamstring

    57. James Walsh

      Chelsea have only player to bail them out giroud⚽️

    58. ian jimmy

      Iam not an expert but I think Tuchel must change the formation to 4-4-1 when we lose 1 players, chelsea need 11 players which 2 or 3 players play side by side and lose that "system chain" on that game because of the red card.. I think now even on back 3 and lose 1 players he learn, he just coming in Chelsea and I think is very suprise when 1 red card happen.. no body perfect but Tuchel is the man.. one of the best

    59. Dj Billy Bop Dj Billy Bop

      Bad enough with the result now I have to face my Uncle who is a mad WEST BROM supporter time to hide LOL.

    60. Šerif Lelić

      There is NO excuses,a bunch of stupid mistakes we got smashed by a relegation team!


      we are winning the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE this season

    62. King Armish

      Pulisic got hamstring injury at half time George. Look at the vid when he coming out after half time, he struggled and that's why Tuchel sub him off. Please check it before giving Tuchel Red. Tuchel didn't deserve Red at all.

    63. Jes Thomas

      Pulisic was injured mate.

    64. James Green

      Pulisic was injured tho

    65. J

      thoroughly deserved by West Brom they were quality.

    66. Dario Mecaj

      go to india and collab with angry rantman

    67. kedar kulkarni

      This guy is a rip off of angryrantman

    68. Simeon Omonze

      I totally disagree with your red box given to Alonzo you forgot about his contribution to the goals and attemps. It's like every English SEpromr have been waiting to get a shot at Alonzo, do you think it's easy to have that presence in the box everytime we are attacking and running back to defend for 90 minutes plus. He covers more grounds than 70% of the players Chilwell would have been worse with almost zero presence in the box when attacking. Zuma did poorly Jorginho did poorly and Mount was useless for 45+ I didn't see you give him a red box especially causing a goal.

    69. Superileyo 11

      Pulisic got injured

    70. Peter Gordon

      Zouma was unbelievable

    71. André Rosenquist

      Pulisic did get injured on his Way out back on the pitch. It was not part of his plan to bring off Pulisic. Just so unfortunate for Pulisic.

    72. latiefa Isaacs

      Pulisic got injured 🤕

    73. The Sherriff

      Hahahahaha u little knob

    74. Gad Osei

      Bad how he talked about thiago

    75. Alhadji Wambara

      Thank you my friend. You spoiled the video by giving Kova a green box. He is the worse midfielder to ever play for Chelsea... If he doesn't start providing assists and a few goals. Fancy for nothing...

    76. Renato Schumliansky

      pulisic said that he didn’t feel like his harm string would last the whole game at halftime to T.T

    77. Ankush Sabharwal

      I think after that Thiago silva red card Alonso should have been subbed for Chilwell to help us at defence knowing how good his runs are

    78. joseph mathenge

      PULISC got an injury

    79. Siddharth Kumar

      Pulisic got injured and that's why he was removed and substituted

    80. SuperMikey28

      Mendy just showed us he is a crap keeper time for kepa

    81. Olaoluwasubomi Omotoso

      Tuchel brought him off cuz he’s injured

    82. Maclean Boyed

      Couldn't agree more..

    83. Ethan

      mentality, mentality, MENTALITY!!!!! How many managers in resent years have had great runs, but then our boys lose the plot, weak mind sets, concentration, composure, confidence, decision making, lacked everything in this game. if we are to make signings, we need strong minded, leaders, who will do anything to win. shout out to kova, tried run that midfield on his own. whats crazy is in 2021 jorginho has statistically been one of the best player in the world. hope this can be a wake up call for everyone involved.

    84. Michael Nsingo

      So I'm guessing pulisic should've played on with his hamstring injury

    85. Mata Juan

      chelsea loses 5:2 George Benson: hit that like button

    86. Kunal Sadana

      Tuchel had no choice, Pulisic got injured and had to be substituted. But agree with the rest. Awful result.

    87. Lyubomir Kotev

      Its simple - in the summer new coach who can really see what have in the team. Tuchel is bind or stupid. You have players which are fit and in form ot at least have the motivation to play go and do more for the team. BUT he still playing his favourites ... In the summer a lot of players should leave - Alonso, Silva, Rudiger, Jorginho, Werner. Specially the last one. Situation with Ivanovic show everything ...

    88. george mezzor

      We were smashed by sheffield united Last season with 11 men, that was worse in my opinion. You could argue that the red card had an impact but the whole team was terrible.

    89. Moty Grusman

      i would say, west brom were brilliant, and very fresh.most of the chelsea players played 3 games intentionally and Porto is coming, Tuchel didn't have much choice. Silva and Jorginho were targeted and they let the team down, badly. Similar to the loss to Burnley 3 years ago. Rudiger, Christinasen and Chilwell will be back. Tuchel just maybe should target and sign this guy, Calumn Robinson

    90. Chris Victor

      Reasons why frank wanted jorginho, alonslow, azpi, kovacic out of the team... all average players... zouma is average too... azpi is not a baller (one legged defender) blaming others for his mistakes... jorginho and kova passing to each other a million times before moving forward 😂

    91. markiie mark

      The whole team should get red box.

    92. hmanbatman

      I’m guessing you made this before you knew he was injured as for this performance there’s nothing to say

    93. CrypTic Archie

      He brought pulisic off because he said to tuchel at ht he pulled his hamstring a d won't be able to play the whole game

    94. NBFL asbl

      Hmmmmm ... very toxic and negative energies here, after just a single loss...WOW. One of the reasons people can't stand a lot of Chelsea fans. I'm outta here.

    95. Doriann Patrick

      That was never a tackle, referee got it wrong

    96. Harpy

      I’m sorry but Jorginho performance was disgustingly poor but Reece James’ performance was even worse, his head just wasn’t in the game. Silly, very silly

    97. Charged Eden

      the game is similar to vs Sheffield united, they both have way better fitness and so much energy.

    98. Jim Philipp

      Can Chelsea defend without Tiago?

    99. henry boxer

      Pulisic was injured. Hamstring

    100. Rojat Seven

      Pulisic came off cause his hamstring started hurting