6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 2-0 SHEFFIELD UNITED

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    6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 2-0 SHEFFIELD UNITED. Chelsea 2-0 Sheffield United in the FA Cup Quarter Final. Chelsea join Manchester City and Southampton in the FA Cup Semi Finals after it finished Chelsea 2-0 Sheffield United at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea took the lead through an own goal before Hakim Ziyech scored his second goal in a week to seal the tie for Chelsea FC in injury time of the second half. Chelsea 2-0 Sheffield United highlights see Chelsea not playing at their very best, but again doing more than enough to beat their opponents who are also bottom of the Premier League table. Can we hit 7,000 Likes on today's 6 Things we Learnt video?
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    1. George Benson Football

      GET IN THERE! What a week for Chelsea FC, do you think you guys can help us get to 7,000 Likes on this episode of 6 Things we Learnt! Let me know the 6 Things You learnt in the comments below!


        It doesn't matter(the dribbling) if you don't convert your chances

      2. fa elger

        lol remember when they said Lampard isn't the problem? and how George called the end of Chelsea's season after the loss streak cause it would need a literal UNBEATEN RUN to still get top 4? and EVEN GEORGE isn't THAT optimistic or naive??????? well, they up and went and done it XD RI...DICK...ULUS OH and ps...as I said AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS SEASON already.....Lampard IS/WAS the problem. Period.

      3. Max football fans channel

        Should have given Kepa a box, he made 3 class saves

      4. Toby Hutchins94

        Bring on the fake Citizens huh

      5. Yusuf I

        @Charles Lewis when?

    2. Peter Gordon

      Suprised u didn't talk about billy

    3. Adonis Jaward

      Pulisic is a good player if Chelsea manager decides to give him more time to play.

    4. mery castro

      George , I am a fan from Miami , Always liked Chelsea , but since they acquired Pulisic, It is my # 1 team in Europe Enjoy your show. Keep the good work !

    5. Charlie Fox

      The puzzled lan spectacularly guess because bread scientifically earn times a economic apparatus. dramatic, alert bee

    6. Elmain Essadiq

      Idk but mount lost his power when Kai is back.

    7. Joseph Porto

      I am tired of Blue Lions tv channel who is selling Zouma as the fifth marvel of the world! I noticed how players agents buy media to praise his clients. The same machine that was used by JT, Ruben Loftus Cheek and now Kurt Zouma. Those players think that buying publicity are going to steal Chelsea money and get a forever place in the team even they have no quality for doing so. Our defense was a disaster and the reason for sacking Lampard and now according to this stupids all the players are 10 of 10, Zouma is a disaster which can give a single pass out of the area. Run for the camera and then stops and give a brick to the nearest defender. In the Atletico Madrid game he did it with Rudriger. If this channel is selling Zouma to stay at Chelsea it means that they don't care about the team but the money they receive to make players publicity... Corrupts!

    8. M Alder

      Watching Chelsea at the moment is not a pleasant experience.

    9. Brian Delmonico

      when pulisic dribbled through the defenders into the box, I had to check that I was watching a game and not playing fifa.

    10. Sagnik Bhandari


    11. Russ Coleman

      We were lucky and dull.

    12. Keith Schultz

      The international break really sucks

    13. Keith Schultz

      Everyone brings there best against Chelsea and that is how you k ow you are a big club!!!

    14. Keith Schultz

      If you come into a game against sheffy and expect to not be challenged is foolish

    15. Zino okoro

      Billy glimor deserved a box

    16. Tim Drekalovič

      The service to Giroud thing is because with Giroud the pass has to be perfectly on him because of his pace and agility that is why Giroud shouldn’t start because it breaks up our game even if he gets a goal. We should put him on when you need a goal.

    17. Lil_ Nivy

      Imagine Hazard still being at Chelsea, he would probably have a world record of blue and green boxes

    18. fa elger

      lol remember when they said Lampard isn't the problem? and how George called the end of Chelsea's season after the loss streak cause it would need a literal UNBEATEN RUN to still get top 4? and EVEN GEORGE isn't THAT optimistic or naive??????? :P:P well, they up and went and done it XD RI...DICK...ULUS OH and ps...as I said AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS SEASON already.....Lampard IS/WAS the problem. Period.

    19. Jordan Boyd

      Bring on City 💪

    20. LiveHardAndDie

      Ziyech is indeed a big game player so don’t compare him to anyone in the squad. He is bought for the big prices. He could have finished the game against Manchester United with that huge chance. But that came to soon as he was still finding his form. Now he is getting back because what I really liked yesterday was his pressing in off the ball positions. That’s the real Ziyech. It looks like he is not going for the long balls anymore. That’s because this team probably doesn’t know how to run in those spaces yet.


      KILLING INSTINCT of Pulisic, Odoi, Tammy still not there.

    22. Hecty Camacho

      We need proven goal scorers. Forget Haaland, let's go for Harry Kane (100 million pounds at 27 years) and Aguero ( free agent at 32 years). Both guys cost less than Haaland and will deliver at least 30 goals per season. If we still have Giroud who is 35 years old, why can't we buy a 32 year old Aguero who is a proven goal scorer? Besides, spending 150 million pounds on Haaland is too risky, what if gets injured? Let's look beyond the hype!

    23. EL STUDENT

      Seriously though who pressed the unlike button? Oh Yh rival fans crying their tears 😂 COYB

    24. Athda Saeed

      U reached 84k 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    25. thilo28ful

      I'm from Mainz. In 2010/11 we equalized the Bundesliga starting record with 7 wins in a row with Tuchel and played 2 times in a row in the european league. In Tuchel's first 3 years we had a + score against mighty Bayern : 3 wins , 2 losses, 1 draw. And we are a club like West Bromwich or Fc Fullham in the PL is. Tuchel is a fantastic coach and we still like and appreciate him here in Mainz.

    26. Evan May

      refs have to be protecting Pulisic imo, they were chopping him way too much without getting booked even e

    27. Panashe Bravo

      For me I'm not disappointed on Pulisic coz there way he play it was the captain America for last season well done. We are looking forward to see more of you 👌👌

    28. Jono

      You no it’s good when we have our worst match in a long time but still win the fa cup quarter finals

    29. _Staidbody989 _

      the 1st leg vs porto is on my bday

    30. Wilson Osemene

      Hit the like button, we move......

    31. G R

      Bring them Man City 💪

    32. Hfhdj Jtiir4u

      Soomali🇸🇴 chelsea Love

    33. Bepo Raymond

      Giroud needs Alonso and Werner play

    34. AJAY AJ

      Christian did one skill and got green box. He didn't do enough other than that yesterday.

    35. Esteban Ruiz

      Chelsea was weak on the right side in the second half,but defense was great and kepa did good great win blues

    36. Justin Maldonado

      COYB!! Glad for the win and semi finals in cup run but are we not gonna talk about where Tammy is

    37. Mr Emeng


    38. V B

      Emerson & gilmour does not impress me anyhow. Benchwarmer at best.

    39. David Mariano

      Go on Reddit Chelsea forum and you will see unbelievably salty English fans who hate pulisic

    40. Danny D

      When he took over our attacking players (except Giroud) were all out of form. We dont get many goals from Midfield either. Also our defence looked like we would concede most games. What TT has done in such a short space of time is outrageous. Hes made defensive improvements in 2 months that Frank couldn't in 18. With our attacking players starting to show form. The better football will come. Given what he had to take over, Tuchel has done incredible. It's a results business, ultimately. I was ready to write this season off in january. Totally transformed now.

    41. phro music

      It's hard to beat a team that is playing for nothing

    42. Lu pa

      Name: christian pulisic SEprom subtitle: christian pull a sick

    43. Max football fans channel

      Kepa should have gotten a box, he made 3 class saves

    44. doctorbird41

      100% CORRECT on McGoldrick----that guy annoys me. He plays like crap against our rivals and comes like Messi against us. Sickening. ALSO, I like Puli---I am American---but he was given a gift---and like Werner, he added two walk ins on the keeper and failed to score on either. He HAS to put the first one away---and that is a 4-0 game. Eventually that lack of finishing by ALL the forwards will cost us a game.

    45. Hoodz Hottest

      I thought Chilly Deserves a green box for the 2 assists✅

    46. Samuel Lopes

      Dude your anti-Kepa agenda is so much. He definitely deserves a blue box for this game.

    47. not another channel

      People trashing pulisic 💀 I think that this was his best game in a while and I say that because he has looked so tired in previous games but today he looked very lively on the field and I find that very encouraging 🤷‍♂️

    48. Money Hiest Bella Ciaw

      Honestly speaking, Pulisic is just an average player who cant dribble better than willian.

      1. Aaron David

        Someone's upset Pulisic took Willian's number 10.

    49. M. Daly

      Ah George, 5 ads in 11 minutes?! Bit much

    50. Ilyass Saih

      George i noticed that you spell ziyech name wrong as im from morocco the correct prounouciation is ziyesh not ziyek

    51. Rohit Panda

      Chilwell deserved a box today. He was very good both offensively & defensively. He even grabbed an assist.

    52. Edmund Francis

      Emerson played on the left side of the back three against Barnsley, so I wasn't surprised by that.

      1. Joe Hunt

        Was going to say this, i expected him there in this game also. Maybe a surprise in the Barnsley game not so much this one


      That’s right zieych tell em to zip it 🤫

    54. Eddie T

      I always felt that Emerson was never given a proper chance to play into form.Being an Italy international, he must be pretty decent.

    55. Kaiido L

      I just dont understand how y all cant see that puslisc is soo trash

    56. The One

      I don't get how we can be all over Atletico but against Sheffield we struggle 🤔

    57. Jacob Doucet

      I think the choice to swap Christensen and Zouma from their presumed best positions was mostly for Tuchel to see how Christensen did on the right. When Thiago Silva comes back into the team, one of Zouma or Christensen will have to make way and Silva will be in the middle. I suspect Tuchel prefers Andreas.

    58. T

      Gilmore proved today that he isn’t cut out for a big team. Time to hype him up and get rid for some money

      1. galwayboy1956

        Thought he played well, we would regret letting him go.


      No Kepa praise 🥲

      1. Spectator Pelly I Chelsea FC

        yeah. He was good!

    60. Horacio Peroni Franco

      Pulisic is good dribling, passing and shooting player.. The individual part of the game he has it all figured out! Nerver the less, he has no football knowledge. When to dribble, when to pass it, to whom, when to speed the game up, when to slow it down... How to create chances as a team.. How or where to move in order to create spaces for him or for others... He literally has no clue about that, and although he is individually GREAT, the team is not at his full potential as a TEAM when pulisic is on the pitch. That's why he is not starting week in and week out (either with tuchel or lamps). He needs to improve a lot on his knowledge of the game because the team looks better and more dangerous AS A TEAM when he is not in the pitch, even if he creates some chances by himself.

    61. mrbighimselfup

      Still winning, without playing brilliantly, really pleased to see Ziyech score that will give him some confidence, winning seems to becoming a habit...👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    62. Al Dan

      Don't think no one deserve a blue or green box. Only yellow today.. poor game for Chelsea today.. only think positive is result.

    63. Koketso Mokone

      Billy Gilmour is a young man that's not to be played with. What a baller!💙

    64. wayne kerr

      Dont forget chelsea womens is playing during the week vs wolfsburg

      1. Spectator Pelly I Chelsea FC

        Yes! Our women are awesome!

    65. Kwasi Kyeremateng Jr

      Pulisic will come good, when he shakes of the injuries he has been having. Let's pray international break won't rule our players out

    66. Jack Owens

      Chilly and gilmour were also graet

    67. Mr Reality

      So true about McGoldrick! I think with so much competition at Chelsea for starting positions, lots of players are trying to prove to themselves and the coach why they should play and were maybe a bit selfish! Chelsea were not great, but we have to give credit to Sheffield, who played incredibly well. hard to believe they are bottom of the league with that performance.

    68. Rishi Sahgal

      Pretty lucky to get through this tbh

    69. Mark Jenko

      None of our front line deserved MOTM awards imo. We were toothless. Pulisic did the absolute min I’d expect from a player of his quality. I still think he should be doing much better. Billy did well. Christiansen did well. But nobody was outstanding at all. Win is a win! Come on Chelsea!

    70. chilli joe

      out of ten pulisic 5 olly 4 kepa 8 emerson 8 azpi 5 zouma 5 mount 4 hz 8 bg 6 chili 5 cho 6 ill give up now, all n all utter garbage

    71. Elkhay

      Billy Gilmour's a very good player... but for some reason whenever he plays this season we look extremely shaky and just overall sloppy

    72. Yoni Matthijs

      Not sure about CHO. Has looked weak all season long. Even though he scored 5 goals this term, he barely shows creativity. And Tuchel keeps putting him in the starting XI. Gonna bang my head next time he does a stupid move ending in absolutely nothing. I just feel for him because he wants to, but can't deliver.

    73. Liam Yates

      No mention of Chilwell? Thought he did well today

    74. Hfhdj Jtiir4u

      Chelsea💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 is back

    75. Why Fhy

      Gilmour impressed me, Kepa, Zouma and Pulisic too. It's good to get these players some positive game time. It can only be good for us. COYB🔵🔵

    76. Sam Birkett FC

      We drew Man City

    77. Billy Neville

      Chilwell, Zouma and Pulisic were very good. Poor performances from Mount and Hudson-Odoi though. Hope they come back re-energized after the international break.

    78. Why Fhy

      That flip flap was amazing. If you watch that back you'll see that those 3 Sheffield United players must of never thought for a second that Pulisic could get past them. They couldn't of been closer to him if they tried. There was literally the smallest space he could use and he used it brilliantly. This shows what he can do when he's match fit and confident. I'm really looking forward to seeing him grow and become the player we all know he can be. COYB🔵🔵

    79. Why Fhy

      If we can play badly and still win 2-0 the future is bright. COYB🔵🔵

    80. Maryam

      I m here for the day when u say ziyech correctly 😭😭

      1. Elmain Essadiq

        In order to spell it correctly. He should see it written as Ziyesh!

    81. Eden H

      Thought Chilwell deserved a green box aswell

    82. Vladii Vladii

      Let's not hype so much! Remember that winning stike from Lampard and then what happen!

    83. Eden H

      McGoldrick the bloody Irish R9...

    84. Ben Almond

      Touchel played Christensen on the side because he wants Silva to fit in the middle, so he was seeing how he did on the side

    85. Sina Modareszade

      Hope the international break doesn't ruin this great run of form of our players

    86. Ben Almond

      The international break could come at a good time for us. If some players like Timo get goals then they may come back with their goals

    87. Colin Dixon

      We learned that we cannot penetrate defences and score goals.

    88. Moroccan MAN

      i told you GBF Hakim Ziyech is a wizard Moroccan player and is still the saver of chelsea team in any moment. No body knows what his left foot can do

    89. Revolutionary Leader

      Mason mount is just overrated Today's game clearly shows it.

      1. Spectator Pelly I Chelsea FC

        I don't think he's overrated. There was something just off today :(

    90. ashutosh banasure

      The FA cup semi finals draw has been made now nd we r against the top team in the league nd also right now in Europe with Bayern i.e. Man city nd I guess our unbeaten streak will come to an end there nd I hope our boys can somehow pull a magic on the pitch with Tuchel masterclass on that day against City but lets just play with passion nd we can only support the team now! COYB 💙⚽🥅💯😉👍💪 Also Leicester beat Man Utd to play against Southampton!

    91. Amos Kipkemboi

      Bad game💔 but good results 🥰

    92. Don Droege

      You just haven't LEARNED to spell

    93. 2dany5

      Where is the green box for billy gilmour?

    94. 2dany5

      I dont think emerson played good. We has all over the place

    95. Athul K

      Whatever video you plan to do over the next week, just don't do something like the prediction you did with Younes when Lampard was the manager 😂 Edit: don't color your hair as well lol

    96. Connor Murphy


    97. Alfie Murray

      The only reason people are saying mount didn't have a good game is either there just saying what some people are saying or it's just the fact the free kick weren't on target well done it happens to the best of players

    98. Thespartacus123

      Its pretty clear that Havertz and Werner are essential for the Chelsea attack. Our two best games offensively (Everton and Atletico) had both of them in the starting line-up.

      1. Elmain Essadiq

        Let's add ziyech and we will be fine my mate

    99. Ravi Shah

      Collaboration with @thekavkasview !?

    100. Kayodé Grimes

      Kepa did very well today. Solid saves and generally looked confident and ready

      1. Spectator Pelly I Chelsea FC

        Yes! Clean sheets so far. Happy for him🔵🔵