6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 2-0 NEWCASTLE

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    6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 2-0 NEWCASTLE. Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle highlights show goals from Timo Werner and Olivier Giroud as Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea move back into the Premier League Top 4. Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle saw Timo Werner end his 1003 minute goal drought in the Premier League as he scored Chelsea's second goal of the game to wrap up all 3 points. 6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 2-0 NEWCASTLE, let me know the 6 Things you learnt from CHELSEA 2-0 NEWCASTLE in the comments below!
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    Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle goalscorers Olivier Giroud and Timo Werner. Timo Werner scores for Chelsea FC in the Premier League to end his 1003 minute goal drought and secure all three points for Chelsea at Stamford Bridge!

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    1. Football Therapy

      This Bali internet must be F*cking fast!! I cannot EVER beat this guy. Love u G x

      1. Franklin Gutierrez

        @George Benson Football iit

      2. Demi Yianni

        If you haven’t got Georgie B, Yanislav and NiNi on shuffle, are you even a Chelsea fan?!

      3. mark andrews

        @George Benson Football I think one of the main factors to the return of form of our players is the motivational and man management skills of Tuchel and Zolt Low. Something that Rangnick highlighted this week he stated that Low was great with the players when they worked together at Leipzig.

      4. Ozzy Boy

        @antonio mayers 😂 lol

      5. V B

        Come here and stay in langkawi, malaysia. Its faster here.

    2. Nero Pasta

      Lampard: The more money the player costs the better he is. Tuchel: The harder the player works the better he is. All the difference 👆

    3. Chelsea_Hakim Ziyech

      Hakim Ziyech leaving for Barcelona? 😍😍

    4. Ian Hunter

      Olivier Giroud is THE consummate professional. He never moans, never demands and when he's called to play he will relentlessly fight for everything! Lets not forget, he is still a baller :)

    5. Thomas tuchel is a mold-ester g

      Thomas tuchel Accomplishments Amateur German footballer = absolutely nuffing Worked in a bar = ?? Model =broke camera 📷 Mainz =who are they? Newcastle =rejected Dortmund = sacked Psg = sacked Chelsea = 💩 soon to come

    6. Gloomy Miggy

      This is a huge boost for the beast timo mark my words there’s no stopping him now. Except that first touch we need to work on that 😂

    7. Michilo Reggies

      I thought I was the only one the saw a little bit of hazard in kovacic

    8. Gasser Ahmed

      Jones barbeque and foot massage

    9. Oussama Kayjolli holanda

      Atletico Madrid 5 FC 0. 😂

    10. Topaz Berlin

      Go Timo.....Go Chelsea!!!

    11. Sastri Sankar

      Tuchel gotta train kova to hit more accurate shots when outside the opp box he really does appears in that position alot

    12. Alex Tomlinson

      What I like about it Rudiger in that LCB role is that he can act as a LB for when Alonso is committed further up the pitch. Before Werner and maybe Pulisic joined our squad Rudiger was our fastest player according to teammates.

    13. sim sims

      Tuchel is a blessing for you guys and Tuchel will do things that put you on the next level. He is a genius sometimes too smart for his own good coming from a Bayern München fan

    14. Jean-Marc Louise

      Kovavcic once again has shown how important he is to the team. For me, he is the standout player.

    15. Šerif Lelić

      If Ziyech doesn't adapt to the system he ain't playing,same for Chillwell..

    16. Le Adarsh

      Proves that lampard had to go

    17. St Axwell qp

      Thomas Tuchel(sea)❤

    18. SHD

      Great Video👏🏻

    19. Dave

      You could tell Timo's frustration of late (since Tuchel's arrival) was more of not converting as opposed to not having enough opportunities (Lampard era). He was genuinely relieved, nervous, and happy to have scored. He has even shown positive attitude in assisting lately as well. Kovacic was not used enough under Lampard but it does seem as though Tuchel has seen his quality. Now I just hope Pulisic can earn some faith and play time.

    20. Kenny Swain

      Why does George wear such terrible cloths?

    21. Quynh Huong

      Kova is MOTM

    22. Dennis Staines

      I agree Timo should have had a penalty as the defender clearly pushed him over, perhaps the ref should go to specsavers

    23. Dennis Staines

      At last Kovacic gets his due credit, he has been playing really well for months now, It's his ability to break through midfield with pace and his subsequent passing is stunning. For the shooting side, perhaps he should do a very fast pass into the net, rather than shooting, he is too good not to be scoring. You must have missed Tuchel comments, we were not good enough in the second half and let Newcastle back in, luckily they did not have enough quality to make it count. I am still not convinced by Tuchel, we have very good players so there is no excuse, the 3-4-3 I like but he is just copying Conte (Frank also used 3-4-3 last season). I liked Conte he was a great manager but dared to annoy the top brass and Tuchel has a bad track record in this. I believe Werner was getting better over several weeks not just the last three, however I am pleased for him and us. I thought CHO was better in this match but believe James is more suited to the wing back role. Tammy was very good and don't agree with that wally Neville. He was trying to protect the ball, which Hazard was brilliant at and the defender took Tammy out, he got the ball after kicking him. I noticed a worrying sign with Rudiger he seemed to be getting nervous and edgy again, we need him at 100% standard, perhaps Marina should extend his contract sooner rather than later to ensure he concentrates.

    24. Martin Van Tol

      Agree Kova was good again....shame he’s so good at moving into space, but then is so rubbish shooting. That said Chelsea generally haven’t found their shooting boots yet.

    25. Mattias Edlund

      Matteo Kovacic did not set a foot wrong. Completely amazing

    26. Timothy Hickey


    27. Rami Tucks

      I will say this that timo plays better when he's not a lone striker

    28. Andy Harding

      Kovatic..... Most underrated player in premier league. What a performance.

    29. Ryan West

      Glad to see us back in the top 4. Curious to see how the work rate is effected once preferred starters are known later on. Right now looking at the bench, players know they have to perform each match.

    30. Louis Stones

      Turbooooo my fuckin son

    31. Roman Sorin

      Blue box is better than green?

    32. Abdullah Obada

      let's gooo!!!

    33. Birgit Kratzmann

      Kovacic was brilliant !! Timo Werner 's eyes shone so happily, you could really see how a load fell from his heart. 🔥💙

    34. Shay Ttv

      I was on the live stream on Instagram

    35. FLOWNEL

      Timonhas give us 9 points now

    36. FLOWNEL

      Werner score and give an assist an he wasnt man of the match u.u yiir just a hater

    37. Darragh Moloney

      I pretty much watch my notifications after every Chelsea match for this video Up the Blues🔵🔵

    38. Ollie scothern drumming

      Mark my words if kovacic could shoot he would be up there with the worlds best

    39. mary dexter

      Good team win...everyone played well.

    40. Liangdee Bou

      Alonso too slow Azpi slow Jorginho too weak

    41. Jeziah Yadig

      We’re starting to see kovacic in his prime now and it’s great to watch

    42. Pro- Ballers

      cho was electric in the first half

    43. Pro- Ballers

      girouds passing and positioning was world class

    44. Chris Hansen

      Let's hope Villa and Everton screwed the pooch. They have 2 more matches in hand to overtake us should they win both matches.

    45. Brett Erskine

      I haven't watched yet, but if Kovacic doesn't have at least a green box... this offense has been running through Kova lately.

      1. Brett Erskine

        Thank you George! Kova has been fantastic as of late and deserves the credit.


      Tammy should have scored that .... unlucky guy ends with injury

    47. Chelsea Fc

      Your absolutely bang on about Carroll when he comes on I feel the same way my grin quickly turns to a frown.

    48. blessing bikinya

      the wound is healing too fast thanks Dr Tuchel

    49. Craig West

      Mateo Kovacic was MOTM for me. He absolutely bossed it out there. Gave 100% for 93 mins. Class performance.

    50. Wes W

      We succeeded in the first half as they are not pressing but the same problem happened again in the second half when they started pressing more aggressively. We may struggle if we face high pressing using this formation. I would say in this game Kova played in a deeper role to make a 4 at the back occasionally at the start of attack which is phenomenal! Best player for me. We cannot play a 3 at the back without him.

    51. James Saunders

      Seeing Kovacic glide between both of the opposition's CMs 85 minutes into a game is a sight to behold. The only reason he's a DM is because of his two left when it comes to shooting - Imagine if he could hit the back of the net!

    52. Jack

      I really enjoy you and son of Chelsea's content. I will say one thing though, I believe Frank would have beaten these teams. The real honest test comes from Atleti, Untied, Everton. If he pulls off two wins from them matches, then I'm sold. So far he has played Wolves (struggled) Burnley (Burnley were poor) Barnsley (struggled) Tottenham (Tottenham were poor) Newcastle (Newcastle were poor) Honestly we need top four so I'm hoping that maybe my analysis is wrong. After Southampton, if the wheels don't come off then I'm a TT fan.

    53. Matt Tredwell

      Kantes future :/

    54. Russ Coleman

      I said the exact same thing Tuchel said...we need some goals from these other players CHO...Kovacic etc etc

    55. Марк Яровой

      I think that there should be a penalty when Tammy was fouled, but there also was an offside sooo......

    56. Drew W20

      Kova needs more credit. He makes the games looks so easy. Probably my favorite player at the club in recent years.

    57. Stevie

      I always say whenever Kovacic starts shooting and scoring, he will be unstoppable, but he doesnt want to shoot and when he does, most times its not on target.

    58. Michael Henry

      and if people are wondering why i am having a go a at kova he was voted our player of the seaso thats why. ? my questiön was he that good

    59. deen over dunya

      Kova was class but he needs to improve his shooting.

    60. Connor Power

      I thought CHO was class

    61. Agboola Taiwo Seun

      More respect for Giroud pls...from the coach too

    62. Agboola Taiwo Seun

      Kovac was the best on the peach really...rate him so

    63. Barnabas Muhanda

      Player of the year last season Kovacic at CFC again getting this a award this season

    64. David Wright

      Yo I hope someone headbutts Werner next game bag himself a hattrick

    65. Richard Sleep

      Chelsea look like a team under Tuchel. Thanks George.

    66. Leone 990

      Kovacic was class

    67. Viktor Ostrom

      buzzing for this one since Timo scored yesterday

    68. Fontas Kastoris

      I totally agree about kovacic. He was incredible. He was everywhere and full of pashion! Great work btw George, a fan from Greece.

    69. Sai Sangaran

      He looks so happy when he scored that goal. When he smiles, made me smile too.

    70. STK Clash

      It was a boring game tbh

    71. Chelsea Robert

      Not sure if I appreciate George Grace Jones's impressions!

    72. Gustav Norén

      I have to say that Giroud looked kinda invincible in the second half

    73. Jermaine R Bell

      Can't ask for more as a blue when you see; Timo on the scoresheet, Kepa keep a clean sheet

    74. Alfando Savant

      I don't want to jynx or anything. But the last time werner scored, i used his picture as my phone wallpaper. I mean, who doesn't want to use it right? Then 2 days ago i changed my wallpaper, and bang 💥, a goal from the man himself, ladies and gentlemen!

    75. tah axel

      Verrati is to paris as kovacic is to chelsea

    76. james mcquade

      We need to start talking about Mateo Kovacic! The man is one of the most underrated players in the Premier League. He is absolutely phenomenal when he's given the chance to drive forward and play more of an attacking role. Also, the guy is genuinely one of the most talented and natural dribblers of the ball I've ever seen, makes it look so easy! I think he could be a massive player for us over the next few years

    77. Jordan Perry

      Big difference he has a plan something Lampard didn’t. Lampard played favorites with the England players like Chilwell mount etc. now don’t get me wrong he seemed as if he was trying to build a squad like when he played with solid leaders. He has senior players that have won titles and made significant difference to teams, which when played in their favored position can change games. I never thought Lampard was right for the job, we had to look at Lampard the manager vs Lampard the player

    78. andy hyde

      great to have our destiny in our own hands (except Everton....but will they beat Man City?) and continue a winning run to stay top 4.

    79. K Green

      Great result. Kova played well in period but his final pass and shot still let’s him down. Werner was my man of the match. Tuchel was happy with the first half but wasn’t happy with the second half. In fact he was quite strident about the second half. His comments that we were too negative in that period and kept passing backward despite having broken the Newcastle press and had the option of playing football in the opponents half should help to dampen our enthusiasm a little. He was also scathing about our inability to kill the opponent off because of imprecise work in the final third and quite a few of our players were guilty of that. So as I say let’s not go overboard, great result, good performance first half, average second half. I’m not as generous as GB so my boxes are: Blue box: Werner Green Box: Giroud Green Box: Tuchel for being brave giving Kepa a chance to regain some respect and self confidence, for picking a consistent team and system that works and for an honest appraisal in his post match comments. Green Box: for our defensive back 3 including Kepa. They were very solid through out the game. Green Box: for the double six of Jorghino and Kova, they combined well but as Tuchel said post match must be braver and try to move the ball forward when the opportunity is there instead of taking the easy option and passing backward. This was a debatable green Box because both were guilty of it but the result was good and they did very well in the first half to help secure the win. Yellow Box: CHO Callum played very well through out and panicked their defense whenever he ran at them would’ve been a green all day long if he had provided an end product which I’m sure he’ll develop in time.

    80. Abdellatif Difoullous

      Tuchel did this did that werner Kepa mount etc etc Let see from the six games coming And you would appreciate or not Tuchel????

    81. Nicolas B. Henry

      I like the way we play and Kepa seems to recover confidence.

    82. KingArtoriusTV

      Omg, where do you get your jumpers? It's nice!!

    83. Justin De Agrela

      It’s clear that time works best with a big physical strike partner up front. Hear me out. If Haaland isn’t available we should go for André Silva. He is looking amazing this season and could be an absolute weapon.

    84. Eye on the Ball


    85. Oguike Chinedu

      Hi mate, you think zyech is good enough for Chelsea?

    86. Plato

      im so happy for werner. I trust Tuchel but i dont know what it is that makes me feel unsure every time we get on to the pitch. But we get the 3 points every timme so i guess its just my problem hahahaa

    87. Levente Kóbor

      That jumper is trippy😂 love your content btw George !

    88. Cris Crisler

      Chelsea has built a solid base, the three in the back and the two controlling midfielders allow the attack to build with confidence. Love our midfield pivots. Two of the very best game managers.

    89. cold water

      Stop using thrashinho as thumbnail. Kovacic blue box AGAIN! timo blue too. You disrespect kovacic way too much I my honest opinion. He’s always blue every game since tuchel and deserves better tbh. Without him we are useles from defence to attack. Jorginho AGAIN always throws out his hands “no one to pass to” and runs back. Kovacic gets annoyed by this so he takes the ball inside enemy side because if he doesn’t Jorginho would never .

    90. Carl Skjershede

      Great game blues 🔵🔵 Thought giroud was lacking a little. Everytime he got the ball, he passed it back?

    91. Eryk Zagozda

      I guess Werner quite literally needed a slap in the face to get going again.

    92. Andrew Emmanuel

      Kovac deserve a blue box, for he is the best for me today.

    93. raging_allday247

      Tammy injury really annoyed me tbh

    94. Nana Kwaku Nyarko

      CHO deserved a green box

    95. deepak moharil

      Not playing the club captain was one of Frank's biggest mistake ... I have mentioned it many times

    96. Michael Henry

      makele essien mikele ramirez oscar have shown me levels of champions leauge foot ball and the levels i love chelsea for. now i am not saying i am ungrateful but for that level kova and jorge aint good enough and i am telling you i have been a football coach and have been a fan a fan of chelsea for 50 years i am 58 and the truth will set you free

    97. Jasko G

      KOVA for me Man of the Match. Only lack of goals

    98. Michael Henry

      kante shown against man city and liverpool and 2 titles and world cup show me kova

    99. Jacob Clark

      GeorgeP1:"this is a traffic light system" GeorgeP2:"OK, and now for the BLUE box"

    100. Michael Henry

      and if their is an issuse of a midfield player coming on as a attacking midfield then it shows that the midfield defensivley aint good enough my point about jorge and kova neither are good enough defensivley we have so much ball but can t score from open play a key element and with 3 at the back 5 look at gunduano man city he playes holding with de bruyne fodden 10 and rhodri fabiano mount are10 kova does not have the influlence at top level why he is not that good his record shows it man city arsenal leicster wolves man u liverpool bayern he is just an average player we need better