6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 2-0 EVERTON

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    6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 2-0 EVERTON. Chelsea 2-0 Everton highlights see Chelsea win 2-0 with goals from Kai Havertz (Godfrey own goal) and a Jorginho penalty. Chelsea 2-0 Everton saw an incredibly dominant Chelsea performance as it becomes 9 clean sheets in 11 games now for Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea. Chelsea 2-0 Everton also saw a man of the match display from Kai Havertz who won the penalty, had a goal disallowed by VAR of offside and also scored the first but the Premier League gave it as an own goal by Ben Godfrey, Everton's defender! Be sure to check out the Time-stamped Chelsea 2-0 Everton Highlights Livestream linked here: seprom.info/clone/video/vNynlayHaHmI02w.html
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    Chelsea 2-0 Everton see's goals from Chelsea midfielders Kai Havertz and Jorginho. Kai Havertz also had a goal ruled out by VAR for 'Handball' although I feel as though it more hit his shoulder. Nonetheless, a man of the match display from Chelsea's young German Havertz and another very solid defensive display under Thomas Tuchel!

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    1. ChelseaBible

      As soon as I got the notification I had to click😂💙COYB

      1. Rizky Septy Hantari

        aDr bdbnnfNJga

      2. Kykukuk

        What does COYB MEAN?

      3. Ian Kabaiku

        @ARTYAW TV True men

      4. Shelly Cumbridge

        Chelsea new sign coming soon

      5. ARTYAW TV

        Shame you George....for all the low belts against marcos Alonso

    2. Bob Walker

      This is part of a comment I made on the Liverpool game: "I still worry about our ability to break down defences that sit deep, that's a nut we still haven't cracked. " Well after watching us against a well organised Everton team, I'm a lot happier as, if it wasn't for Pickford, we'd have scored 3 or 4 so the attacking side of the game is getting better as well. Along with the rotating of players working well, what's not to look forward to? :-)

    3. Bepo Raymond

      Lets just trust tuchel about Pulisic and see what he can do about it

    4. Eldridge Coutinho

      Callum offers so much more as a left winger than on the right. I feel like it limits him to just have to cross the ball all the time

    5. Ryder Lowery

      The best Chelsea have looked all season, especially Havertz. Cho keeps getting pulled from games because of bad decision making and he makes a lot of them. James is much better taking care of the ball. Going to a back three was what changed the defense and that was good but benching our finishers is a bad thing. Giroud, Tammy and Pulisic are goal scoring finishers, they proved it through the entire last season. Not in one out of every eight games. We completely dominated every aspect of this game and had no open play goals. Hopefully they can figure it out before start of next season.

    6. The Football State

      Up the Chels 🔵💙🙌

    7. myque ousoh

      I like that chicky laugh when you mention subs, Pulisic and Kante.

    8. Abdu Boss

      reese james best rb

    9. Ubermelon

      6 things I learnt Blue: Havertz. Was playing with renewed confidence it seems. He was hungry and he wanted to be on that pitch. Deserved a goal. I will say I think when your number comes up you have to come off the pitch. I love that he wanted to stay on but it doesn't matter. If the manager tells you to come off, you come off. Green: Christenson. Didn't have much to do but made a few key tackles or interceptions. Main one was when Richarlison was almost through on goal. He cleaned it up like a seasoned pro. Green: Jorginho. I have given him a lot of stick in the past. But he has really come into his own under Tuchel. He had a great game. The way he galvanises players and puts his stamp. He is still slow but the 3 at the back helps mitigate that. Yellow: Kovacic. Only a yellow because I have such high expectations of him. He struggled to get into the game at times and lost possession a few times. But he has class and I want to see more from him. Yellow: Reece. Hasn't looked to great under Tuchel but he is still young. I think he has been a bit too negative recently and goes backwards a lot. Similar to Kova I expect a lot from him, and I think the wingback role is still new to him at the moment. Hopefully he can grow into it more. Yellow: Final third. It has gotten a lot better in recent games but there is still room for improvement. We need to shoot more, and our decision making in the final third, especially when the break on transitions needs to be better but we are getting there. Great win for Chelsea. 3 yellows may seem harsh and it probably is, but I can see so much potential in this Chelsea team that I want us to progress to where I know we can get. The yellows are more a mark of work in progress than negatives. Positives signs that I want to lead to consistently positive traits.

    10. SANDERS

      Tbf Everton didn’t have James Rodríguez, Doucoure and Mina. Still no where near Chelsea’s depth but got a few injuries

    11. Black Avenger27

      Let's change the penalty playing rules to boost non-scoring performing players. If we are playing good, then there is no reason for Jourginho to take the Penalty when Kai or Werner could have played

    12. Bsbs Vbsbs

      Everton fan here, Havertz played very well yes but him and chelsea were EXTREMELY LUCKY for that goal, he got a poor contact on the ball so shouldn't have gone in

    13. Bantz 101

      Christenson deserved a box. He’s been incredible

    14. Mo Mo

      Chelsea champions league champions 2020-2021

    15. Kings Onome

      Something I wanna wake up to....6 things we learnt😍

    16. Don Rona19

      Stay humble CFC fans. But we on fire!

    17. Samuel Yeboah

      Why does R James keep passing backwards...?

    18. Chris_Leslie225

      Pleased with the win then!

    19. Keith Bolton

      Real tactics were under Frank we were predictable now who knows how Thomas the Tank is going to set up the team including our opponents .in the past oh we’ve got Chelsea this week that’s easy we know their tactics this is what we’re going to do now it’s ah sh1t we’ve got Chelsea this week got no idea how they will set up . Go the Mighty Blues



    21. Fedele Boccia

      Yes Guy’s!!! KTBFFH .. Mr GB .. can’t you just see the PL coming back next year 😍 it’s all coming together game by game ..

    22. kelechi oruche

      U forgot Andreas m8 he almost got an assist stopped 2 one on ones

    23. Manolo 9Eleven

      You doubted the sacking of Frank George 😎.... are you convinced now

    24. Patrick Machekera

      Andreas Christensen gets no box ? He was the best player in that first half easily

    25. Bradley Ford

      Opinion required please....how comes we have gone all these games unbeaten,after the sacking of frank is it Frank lost the players respect Or frank just simply isn’t qualified for a job this big

    26. Alfred Odhiambo

      cmon Benson show some love to Christiansen. He is the most improved player under the new manager.

    27. Stacy S

      We learned that he will play Werner over and over again even though he is stinking up the pitch and leaves Pulisic on the bench.

    28. King Of Everything

      What I absolute love about the gaffer is that he is so flexible and doesn't really care about the star power or egos. He plays situational football. Picks his team regarding the opposition we're facing. Simply brilliant. It's important that everyone trains well and hard but also to keep the players fresh and change it up when it needs to be done. That's why I told my fellow Chelsea fan and friend that I believe Chelsea won't have much injury trouble with Tuchel, just because of his style to change things up when necessary. Chelsea is on a roll and we still haven't seen our best football, and I think not even close. Lets go boys and girls, we're gonna have a wild ride with Tommy Tuchel.

    29. Theo Jumme

      I know you do not like negativity but I would have liked you to talk more about the great chances we did not score as werner's situations and how it has been a problem since Tuchel came

    30. Deerbra

      Havertz looked like the real deal

    31. Timothy Hickey

      CFC...Dominating thought habits, beyond the plateau...laser-like focus...

    32. Debbie In

      George man , you are funny😂

    33. Ami Hamada

      Benson, what's happening to captain america???????? he looks so mediocre and tame. its so sad because we know he's a beast!!! but what's going on with him? is it the system or the formation he's in?

    34. Ngamburiro Kavari

      10 k likes big ups benson

    35. Ghost5379

      8:35 thats pass was from Kovačić not Jorghino!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    36. Lucas 23

      UP THE CHELS!!!!!🔵👊🏻

    37. Real Gems

      I think CHO was good in the first half as well. His pass unlocked the defense for the first goal.

    38. Clarence Chukwufumnanya Nwokocha

      I thought Christiansen deserved a box... He's been absolutely brilliant and was exceptional in the game against Everton as well.

    39. 217 Legacy

      Havertz as a false 9 is class 👏🏻

    40. Mark Cawfield

      I eat my words tuchel has been a revaluation

    41. OB

      Ive been waiting 7 months for havertz to shine. Hope he starts the next few games 🤞🏻

    42. Miguel Rodriguez

      10k likes baby it’s a big W

    43. biruk shimelis

      The most important trick tuchel is pulling in this Chelsea team, he is keeping almost EVERYBODY happy by rotating & at the same time the results are coming & the the team keeps the clean sheet. Can you imagine how difficult it could be to keep on rotating your CBs & still manage to get clean sheets? Just brilliant!

    44. Ross Mason

      Chelsea showed hunger. Hope we can be the next Bayern Munich.

    45. Manish Tamrakar

      Jorginho is MOTM to me. Controlled midfield all game. Maintained the tempo of the game as per requirement

    46. Veevo

      When you have such a good manager that it makes you gay

    47. Harry Edgeler

      For the CHO segment, he was the one who played the great pass to get Alonso through for the Kai goal. He was also linking up well with Kai on the right hand side imo

    48. Ashish Thapa

      warneRxHavertz up front supported by mount from behind 🔥

    49. chris mccool

      I’ve been critical of haveartz now I’m eating humble pie thankfully.

    50. Lu Niki

      fallen in love with a man at international womens day. eksdee

    51. Patch Mo

      I'm a Chelsea fan since 98' I say that to say this it was Kia Havertz best game in a Chelsea jersey in all competitions including the game he got his hattrick but that 1st goal Kia Havertz was poor with his shot real poor and the mere fact that u are exaggerating on that particular goal means to me that u are overly bias cause that shot without Ben Godfrey intervention will NEVER score or atleast draw a save from Pigford that's how poor that shot was, so when giving an assessment please give facts and stop with exaggeration it makes u look really poor

    52. Aymen Zarhloul

      As a Moroccan fan of ziyech, it’s sad to see him on the bench and not a at his best performance, but also I’m happy for the great results recently, unbeaten and with the top 4 , And you have absolutely a magic way to analyze , keep going bro

    53. A E

      Christensen and Mandy could’ve got a box today too

    54. clickici01

      Verner is a joke, Chelsea could win by way more than 2.0

    55. academic english

      No mention about Andreas Christensen? What continues to amaze me about this current Chelsea team, is to see how the arrival of Thiago Silva to Chelsea's team has massively transformed, and make Andreas Christensen one of the best centre-back player in the world within a short period of time in the Chelsea team. It is truly amazing and incredible to see how Andreas Christensen has become a CLONE of Thiago Silve in the Chelsea team. Thiago's influence on Christiansen current form and intelligence on the pitch should never be understated. By watching Thiago Silva on a substitute bench under Frank Lampard's Chelsea over a period of time, has now made Christiansen one of the best centre-back footballer in the world today. What an incredible lesson???

    56. ondank

      I saw journos trying to say "is tuchel the new sarri" and it's like no, he built a foundation with a defensive unit and offensive plan and he has continually tinkered to keep developing. Tuchel drew a few games when teams played negative. Sarri got blown away time and time again from positions of total control

    57. G R

      Think for a moment when TT has a full preseason and signs a couple of new faces!

    58. Sam Kelly

      Also that was definitely not our strongest XI like you suggested😂😂 fair play though you deserved the win entirely. You’ll finish second

    59. ondank

      The "handball" drove me mad. You can be played onside by your upper arm as we found out against pool ... But if the pool contacts your arm there your goal will be ruled out. Kai was so unlucky

    60. Sam Kelly

      Tbf we never have a sniff down the right hand side. It’s a very defensive right hand side and we never attack down that side. Alonso was good but it’s nothing personal sorry

    61. Ayanda Biyela

      The 1 thing that I learnt is that Werner is a good out and out fullback

    62. Tino

      next year we going to win the league no doubt about it with fans in the stadium

    63. Anatolie Manole

      Kai was outstanding. 💙

    64. irman seleman

      Even Sarri couldn’t get the best out of jorginho. He was once again brilliant. Control tempo opening up space brilliant

    65. Peter Panse

      Great performance. CHO on the left wing for me....

    66. Mohamed Abdi

      Red box for werner if i am D.Drogba i would come to cobham to teach werner how to score one vs one

    67. Haopu Haokip

      U see thats the difference between a tactical manager and a clueless manager.. I meant ur uncle Lampard

    68. Amar

      Touchel deserves a new category: a gold box


      I think we have found our Striker and he is Kai Havertz, remember that for the future everybody

    70. Megat Muzafar

      And so it begins. Chelsea's journey towards the top.

    71. T O B I

      Where can i buy the shirt that u are wearing???

    72. Emmanuel Xzel

      In Tuchel we trust! 💙

    73. Nilo Plays

      It was kova who passed for the pen

    74. Ronan Lynch

      Is it ok to fall in love with Thomas Tuchel

    75. Junaidu Usman

      Yes guys

    76. Al Amin Rajib

      yes GBFC

    77. Gus Wilder


    78. Anthony ochola

      Yes Guys 😂😂😂😂

    79. I bleed Blue

      Tuchel,please stop it😅😅😅😅🙏🙏🙏

    80. Mr man

      YES GUYS

    81. Frai Toqi

      The 2nd day of asking George to send a link to buy the shirt he has 😂

    82. Jemal Ali

      YESSS GUYS 💙👏🏽

    83. Seal

      What is happening with Timo? 😢

    84. Glen TCB

      Yes guys

    85. David Girvan

      Plastic fans needa leave!! Can’t be criticising the lineup before the games started! Tuchel knows ball so shhhhh 💙💙💙 UP THE CHELS

    86. Edward Okudeye

      What Tuchel is doing with d squad is amazing getting everyone to be acquainted with his system, so it doesn't has to be about the personnel who is on the pitch. Only pulisic seem to be struggling a little with d system and I hope he gets up to speed with d others

    87. Gibraan Noorbhai

      Would like to see Captain America back in the Starting Lineup

    88. Sam

      I love Alonso

    89. Miftha Rahman

      Thomas tuchel has BLOWN george 😳

    90. Kuri

      Christensen deserved a box for sure...

    91. Junior Machava

      Jorginho tbh has been perfect since Tuchel took charge

    92. kamarul zaman

      We have a wonder magician Tuchel who can make a schoolboy top striker in Chelsea

    93. James Kavese

      Red box for not being clinical enough 💀 honestly far to many open chances were missed especially in the 2nd half

    94. CFC GAMER


    95. Mark Deacon

      Kovacic played the pass for the Havertz pen. Not Jorginho.

    96. trhtk12

      Can someone please tell me where do I find this jacket he's wearing??? what season is it???

    97. Eoghan Glynn

      CHO a different player on the left .

    98. Lisa harker

      Came from the stream

    99. Oluwatomi Bombata

      Can’t wait to face city

    100. Bobby Thompson

      No mention of Christensen is mad