6 Things We Learnt From CHELSEA 2-0 BURNLEY

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    6 Things We Learnt From CHELSEA 2-0 BURNLEY. Chelsea 2-0 Burnley in the Premier League early kick off. Chelsea 2-0 Burnley highlights saw goals from Chelsea's two Spaniards with Cesar Azpilicueta and a thunderous shot from Marcos Alonso sealing Thomas Tuchel's first win as Chelsea manager. Tuchel went with 3 at the back again and Chelsea 2-0 Burnley saw Chelsea playing at a much higher intensity. Let me know the 6 Things you learnt from Chelsea 2-0 Burnley in the comments below!
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    1. Thomas Lefranc

      I love george Bensons channel. He’s so honest in his opinions and accepts when something goes wrong. Keep going george and you’ll get 1 million subs soon. COYB

      1. Hugo Lefranc

        I love your opinion @Thomas Lefranc!! I love your piano video as well - I am a great fan of yours - keep it up and you will inspire the world greatly!! You are incredible and we all treasure you greatly and we are so delighted to have you with us! Much Love!!!!!

      2. itsTheo

        Boys if you support the 🔵 I got loads of c0ntent for Chelsea fans aswell

      3. Neil Dickson

        i was at a match against bournemouth last season with my son and we met George Benson at half time and what a perfect gentleman chelsea were playing shite and he just stood laughing at the fact my son and i had travelled from northern ireland to watch such a shit performance lol but seriously if you ever bump into him you wont be disappointed.what you see is what you get with him

      4. DJ YB

        facts!! i trust his review a lot!

      5. Tumis Opinion

        Thomas Lefranc 💯

    2. Lucy Hewitt

      Frank constantly slated for putting Timo on the wing yet Timo is never away from the wings even when he central 🤷‍♀️ a lot of times Timo has had the ball on the wing and no ones been in the middle because that’s where he should be 🤷‍♀️ the lads flapped it

    3. Fabricio Ortuno


    4. Wesley Coulter

      Tuchel getting the best out of CHO

    5. Smridu ikeja


    6. Alan Hulbert

      Nice one George ! You summed it up pretty well there . The goal from Alonso was the little bit of magic that we've been missing just lately . Ok !.....i know he was the surprise name on the team sheet , but to get the start in the first place proves to me that Mr . Tuchel is prepared to give every member of his squad a fair chance to wear the BLUE . I doubt that the Burnley backroom staff would have been prepared for that one .It also shows that he may have a few other surprises up his sleeves . If the new boss can get us the three points at S***s on Thursday and he keeps Billy Gilmore at the club , then he may just get the thumbs up from me .

    7. Saurabh Unhale

      Missed Tammy in vid

    8. Dies irae Maelor

      Mount ahead of Kovacic give me a break

    9. Martin Van Tol

      Agree, agree...but it would help if our forwards could remember how to shoot!

    10. Akarshak Hoth

      Very sweet game

    11. The Football Debate

      Mount should start over Havertz

    12. JoeAce83

      Hey i love the channel but if you really are a Chelsea man few and few could you talk about are club captain by his proper name please which is "Dave" 🤔🤦‍♂️😜🤣🤣

    13. Toby Hutchins94

      Let’s not get to carried away, we haven’t played any of the big boys under Tuchel yet.

    14. Philip Gehde

      Now that the shock has passed, I am stoked about Tuchel as headcoach! Lampard, bless him, was just not in the same league in terms of managerial skill, and how can we expect him to be, when he is competing with guys who have at least a decade more experience. Lamps did an awesome job, and set us on the right path.

    15. marocstars

      Odoi almost became Chelsea's version of gnabry not playing much and then getting unleashed at Bayern

    16. Shiven Chopra

      Look at you Mr. Benson, giving away 6 green boxes already! I think we should wait a li'll, there were noticeable red boxes specially the huge red box for Werner, Tammy was not good, Yellow for Pulisic, etc. I just don't wanna see too much positive just yet and then get hurt later!

    17. smokyhs2

      My green boxes are, 1. Green box for Hudson Odoi, 2. Green box for Kovacic and Jorginho midfield partnership, 3. Green box for The return of of the 3-4-2-1 which gives ample space to the wing backs and we saw that with Odoi, Alonso and James when he came on, 4. Red box for poor finishing for which Werner, Mount, Pulisic and Abraham were all guilty of, 5. Red box for Werner who is still so low on confidence and 6. Green box for Tuchel's tactical approach.

    18. Robert Wind

      6 things i learned from this game? 1 thing!!!!! Spurs are going to suffer on Thursday


      Love the performance yesterday

    20. Abimbola Adetunji

      Who would have thought Chelsea would be a team without back passes

    21. Benson Princewill

      What a coincidence. My name is Benson too and I'm a chelsea fan💙💙💙

    22. Ivan Gaffney

      Is it just me or when he puts the picture of Callum I always thinks its Tammy for some reason and then Im like oh its Callum makes sense.

    23. Naima Maow

      Are we going to win the league? Obviously. Like if you agree

    24. Gulaknikov

      I would not be to happy, i watched 90min and Chelsea played very poor, Werner was like Casper the Ghost he was hiding...Mason Mount touched over 112 times his hair...(he got a tick)

    25. Robert Morgan

      You forgot to mention how poor mounts finishing was

    26. Raphael Nasser

      we can play dual 10s like vs wolves, mount and havertz, or play mount as a cm

    27. Sackey Moses

      You just softly brush over J5's performance...That agenda ain't gonna work bro.

    28. Марк Яровой

      You should make your own man of the match from your perspective.....

    29. Марк Яровой

      I think we will smash the Spurs and I agree with everything that you say. Please like my comment because I have been your follower since you had 75k subs and I have liked every single vid from then.

    30. Georgen Baldomero

      1:10 yet yall wrote him off... pure irony. LOL

    31. Freddie Dunning

      6 things I learnt , Azpi shoudl start 🔥 Alonso is back 🔥 Abraham should be sold Giroud should start Werner is very poor Mount is superb

    32. Vinesh 01

      Same i prefer Mount and Havertz in the same team, i dont really like it when they compare them they both are different type of players and they bring in diffrent spice in them game, i want mount to play at where jorginho is playing now

    33. lucario123

      I like how we though Marcus alonso won't pay again for the blues I guess we were all wrong

    34. Petros Petrou-Kritwnos

      Mount green box?? Hahaha! The boy didnt make a shoot on target! In one attempt he shoots and the ball went near the corner flag!

    35. Johnny FreeSpeech

      I was still behind Frank but I’ve got to admit, I’m actually looking forward to Chelsea games again.

    36. Louis Stones

      CHO looks quality in that wing back position, the best we've played for a while, Tottenham away next, we can all remember the last time we played Tottenham away with a three at the back, COYB 💙

    37. joseph omoregie

      From no outstanding performance from any player today. To callum been the best player. I need to improve on my english to understand this

    38. Rare jay

      The partner ship of mount and CHO is Insane

    39. David Elie

      Thiago the rock 🇧🇷

    40. David Elie

      Great assist from captain 🇺🇸

    41. Daniel Asante

      tuchel and cho is like mount and frank lampard

    42. Prajwal P

      Kovacic deserves a mention he was their best player I thought

    43. Phan Yen Trinh

      The literate spike characteristically bomb because witch lovely stir excluding a stimulating blade. amazing, secretive building

    44. Nxnxshi


    45. POD food,lifestyle and God

      The nice thing is we quickly regain possession when we loss its.and it's so nice seeing that

    46. Barnabas Muhanda

      Mount is good but to this game he wasted a lot of Clear chances !!!!

    47. Abhijit Kumar

      How mount is in green box he missed too many chances you better put kovacic there

    48. Lande Gumede

      Let's not underrate Jorginho

    49. Keith Gundu

      Thiago is a beast , even at 35 guys is top 3 best defenders in the prem or even the best.

    50. Bepo Raymond

      jorghino was better than mount in this game

    51. Olle Klüft 7

      you need to put kovacic in a green box. especially when you put the mount in one

    52. Eason LIU

      absolutely perfect game for H. Odoi! Come on Chelsea! KTBFFH!

    53. Timothy Hickey

      CFC flow naturally 3 points onwards....15/Feb

    54. Magic Hunter

      Clip chip ball 😂🔥🔥

    55. Dave

      Pulisic played very well in his half of play as well. Getting forward with more verve and being more direct. Played a cheeky ball for the assist (I don't think he's gotten enough credit for creating that chance) and should have had a goal of his own. He may or may not have total trust from Tuchel but he showed he absolutely has the quality.

    56. Dave

      Tuchel has done quite well to start. Sure the sample size is small but listening to him speak really endears him to me. He really suits the club in the way he combines tactics, positivity and criticism.

    57. Riyaaz Martlow

      I really think that Kova is playing well and that he deserves some credit to. But we can't take anything away from the five top players of yesterday

    58. Riyaaz Martlow

      I really think that Tammy needs to go back to basics and learn how to control the ball at his feet. Keep in mind he is a great finisher he just needs to get rid of the "nervousness" on the ball. I love the 6 things we learnt. Love the channel. Next up Spurs

    59. Vishnu Mithra

      Why is there no box for jorginhoo

    60. Aishath Neelama

      Green means go

    61. Eduardo J Navarrete

      ngl at first i was a little scared ab playing Atlético but we have played 2 teams so far tht play in tht mid/low block and we have played relatively well! this thursday against spurs will be the best practice for us to see if we r truly ready for Atlético. i’m buzzin

    62. Anesu Masco


    63. Ayden Williams

      Imagine how good David Alaba would suit playing the left center back

    64. musani nlebesi

      Tammy won't make it here at the rate he's playing. Bamford is looking better at this point in time. He needs to pull up his socks, he couldn't hold the ball up, he's 7foot but can't win a header, too weak to push of defenders. Can't beat the line with the little pace he has. He needs to pick himself up soon.

    65. Jeremie Olo

      Alonso should be a center forward

    66. RAVE CLO

      No one passes to Werner when he makes a run and it’s annoying like . Havertz came in and he’s the only one that tries to pass to him. There was a time Werner was in a clear spot for a goal and recee James was with the ball , he didn’t give him. I got mad

    67. Chad Sexinton

      I think Mount and Havertz can coexist if Havertz is played as a striker with Timo in a 3412 like we did in that second half.

    68. Alexander David

      just little reminder Pep also want jorginho before he decided coming to chelsea. I swear he can be good under right manager, jorginho absolutely should get green box too. FYI he created the most chance for chelsea againts burnley

    69. Rohan Dev Kunwar

      Kovacic proving all the haters that why he was best player of the Chelsea last season💙💙

    70. Šerif Lelić

      God i just want Timo to start scoring again! 🥺

    71. Ariel S

      Blue box for CHO ? Am I wrong

    72. Eddy Sylverstin

      mount very good???😂😂🙄🙄 he was playing rugby & selfish! shooting into the sky! Kovacic & Jorgingho was playing amazingly for the past 2 games! and that is why both of them played 90 mins! come on!!! mount????🤪🤪😂😂😂

    73. Jayraj Pareek

      Mount is so bad on final pass.. he had 10 chances tu put easy final ball for wener but got afraid and passed sideways🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️. Nedded Kai on attack. Mount good to build up with running with lacks final ball.

    74. Daniel

      I think Kai and Mount can play together alongside Tammy or Werner

    75. Jayraj Pareek

      Tammy is overrated he offer nothing except scoring when put on plate.

    76. PalmsWTF

      Green box for tuchel

    77. billy reeve

      Remember when you lot thought you were gonna win the league and Werner is the best player ever and I said you got no chance your be lucky to finish 6th and Werner wont cut it in the prem lol

    78. xxxtentacles

      Alonso was unreal today. Chillwell must be shaking right now 😂

    79. Haz Rob

      Surely a green at least for Kovacic

    80. Ricardo Anglin

      Timo Werner was lost in the match. Hudson was bad.

    81. zak ungermand


    82. Moriz

      I feel like everyone is overlooking the brilliance of matteo kovacic, burnley players couldn't get anywhere near him yesterday yet ppl are still suggesting 18 year old billy gilmour should be ahead in the pecking order

    83. kadane hamil

      Silva looks as if he will still be able to play top tier football when he is 42

    84. joseph omoregie

      Lampard fc. Bad belle is allowed

    85. kadane hamil

      Yeah George a video at the right length. In terms of the time

    86. Neil Dickson

      ya cant play alonso in a back 4,the fact lampard never picked that up is beyond me.back 5 he is a beast.

    87. the guy with no damn brain

      Me: Burnley My crush: Mendy Fuckin defence today was solid. Not even a shot


      George & yannick is the best

    89. Royce Banda

      come u blues lets bring this to spurs

    90. Jerome Rugumyamheto

      Hello George The name is pronounced Thomas Tuchel (Tukool) or Thomas (Tuhool) in german

    91. K M

      Jorginho is tempo of Tuchel team I don’t see him get dropped so often he connects with defenders and midfielders. We knew lampard problems was putting a lot of attacking midfielders which expose the team

    92. Sam D


    93. csoldier s

      u guys are stuck in this new manager bounce, alonso cant defend to save his life jorginho is not good enough either they will be found out soon when a fast winger takes on alonso you guys will see..

    94. Skillo Bangani

      Mount is a top player at Chelsea he should play full 90 min

    95. Simon Di Popolo

      This guy hates Jorginho a bit too much


      Jorginho is Useless, I have been saying that for Centuries. What he brings to the team is still unknown.

    97. Juan Marcelo

      First win! Two clean sheets! I want Tuchel to make us a team nobody wants to play!

    98. Flor Me

      I hope Havertz can be our false 9. Mount has to play in behind. Then it’s between Werner and Pulisic to fight for the other number 10 position. In this formation I don’t see space for Ziyech.

    99. The Proof

      Tammy was poor again

    100. Dave Chard

      Werner deserved a red box. I'm cringing watching his all-round game.