6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 2-0 ATLETICO MADRID

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    6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 2-0 ATLETICO MADRID. Chelsea 2-0 Atletico Madrid see's a phenomenal performance from Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea with Chelsea 2-0 Atletico Madrid highlights showing goals from Hakim Ziyech and Emerson sealing a Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid (3-0) aggregate victory for Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League Last 16. Chelsea 2-0 Atletico Madrid see's Chelsea progress into the Champions League Quarter Finals for the first time since 2014. Let me know the 6 Things You Learnt from Chelsea 2-0 Atletico Madrid in the comments below! Hakim Ziyech and Emerson score as it finishes Chelsea 2-0 Atletico Madrid at Stamford Bridge.
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    1. hassan abdi

      I love the religion of Islam it is religion of peace

    2. Luke Oneill Jont Edits

      It's been a long while since I was this proud of the boys Not a UCL quarter final in 7 years We came against the best team in Spain atm and outplayed them everywhere And with drawing Porto without getting too carried away and disrespecting Porto who got passed Juve and CR7 I think it we can have that thought and belief we haven't had since 2014 of a night in Istanbul and a UCL final on the horizon Lost my voice that night Nearly bought to tears with the majority and composure and control to get passed Atletico convincingly COYB🔵🔵🔵

    3. sesi gozah

      Rudiger impressed me

    4. Luiss

      Hey George, I'm Brazilian and the word you used in Italian is the same we use in portuguese 😂🤞🤞😂

    5. DBaleni Football Channel

      Blue Ring George...

    6. Saber Saber


    7. Ross chapman

      New to channel. What do different color boxes mean?

    8. RealRik10

      we versing porto, cmon chelsea

    9. Liam Maher

      Anyone else in America know how i can watch champion's league games?

    10. Zero twos Simp

      U got a easy quarter final 😂 Porto

    11. Franzz -

      i‘m a die hard united fan, BUT the vibe you spread is exactly what we need in football and thats why it‘s the best sport on this planet. LOVE IT

    12. Christian Paris


    13. Typical Hobo

      Let’s gooooo chelsea are to good cmon!!!

    14. wuche chimka

      Ok really feel Mendy should get a shout out he made an outstanding save from Felix which would have changed everything and still very calm on his passes

    15. Kennedy Oyaya

      Did you say Kenya?

    16. gelber schein

      We need more havertz ziyech and Werner Please

    17. Ashadh Zareen

      Step by step

    18. Alfando Savant

      The re-inclusion of jorginho really lighten kante's burden of being played every matches, and that led to his fitness came back again and made him what we saw in that match of UCL 👊🏽💥

    19. Daquan Saul

      Hakim Ziyech: " Myself, Havertz and Timo have a very good understanding between us and its going to be difficult for opponents"

    20. Infuse


    21. Ado Pingo

      I would like to give gold box to Thomas ! Thank you genius 👏

    22. Mohamed Elhaouni

      Ziyach Havertz Konte best players. .fantastique Hakim Mendi

    23. Gabriel Marian

      Does anyone notice that he somehow sounds like Gordon Ramsey at times

      1. Spectator Pelly I Chelsea FC


      2. Gabriel Marian

        Only joking big love benson, come on you blues what game, what a win. We moveeeee

    24. MegaJahleel

      No green box for Kova???

    25. Red Mist


    26. Elegeant Sagittarius

      Mendy to werner (and silva) all guys played well

    27. ItsCooks

      I don't like you anymore. Younes is #1 tbh

    28. Dunstan Darlington

      Rudiger is swares father,swares was out mustle,in the entire match .

    29. Otty 1910

      Ziyech did well but generally he needs to be more aggressive!

      1. Spectator Pelly I Chelsea FC


    30. Otty 1910

      Gullit also looked lazy but he was a God! Great players can look lazy because they are just that good!

    31. Otty 1910

      Kante and Rudiger were unbelievable

    32. Francis Winters

      Brilliant performance from the boys under the lights at Stamford Bridge believe I love this club Chelsea forever let's win the champions league 100%

    33. Chidubem Modilim

      When Eminem said "You only got one chance, do not miss your chance to blow," Emerson really took notes

    34. Chris_Leslie225

      Pleased then!

    35. Tyler01Parker21

      Remember when George was worried when he jinxed us getting Atletico Madrid he even said we would get them before we drew them, well I wish the past George benson cold watch this video

    36. Adam McCallum

      Yes lad

    37. Мартин Петров

      How come you broke your iPhone?😂 It was an outstanding performance and victory for us. Again, to me Kante is a man of the match, but we can debate over Mateo as well.

    38. BigBoiJimmyFungus

      Impossible to watch this vid without smiling Unless you’re an Atleti fan

      1. Spectator Pelly I Chelsea FC

        😂😂 we're smiling over here

    39. Mike Sirya


    40. Andy Harding

      Watch out next season... The mighty blues are coming for you all.... Yes guys

    41. BigCubanz

      Up da boysss

    42. crest09

      I likely I likely

    43. Plantpot

      Benson was high in this vid

      1. Spectator Pelly I Chelsea FC

        😂 we all were

    44. Racing Madness

      at the start i thought ur proper drunk

    45. techdude477

      Look at all those chickens (background noise)

    46. David Burian

      Kai remains me Berbatov,elegant assasin.

    47. LegendZead

      This was a huge win for Tuchel and Chelsea. In this game particular we got outdone, I do wish Cholo could've stuck to our original tactic of 3-1-4-2 instead he opted to use a 4-2-3-1 which he hasn't used in a few years now. He goes on to use it on the biggest game of the season thus far, using players like Lodi and Saul and left our starters Hermoso and Lemar on the bench. I don't think it was particular fair that Chelsea could play on home ground and we had to play in Burcharest I think It would have been fair if we went to play at Bucharest again, ref was a definitely a bit off in his game with some of the decisions he mad. All in All you got one over us deservedly, till next time our european rival. (Edit) Also I can't believe we got countered like dogs, we could not even counter Chelsea once.

    48. Bishan Raj Rai

      The most awesome thing about yesterday's performance was that EVERY player was atleast 7/10. Also, what about Kante- my favourite player, the one player who always inspires me, the resilience🙌

    49. Ollie Massey

      I think we should care who we get...Bayern..

      1. Ollie Massey

        @Spectator Pelly I Chelsea FC Still have nightmares

      2. Spectator Pelly I Chelsea FC

        Haha... no one wants to relive last year lol

    50. bibek kc

      Now waiting Kova to score .. he is preety near

    51. FLOWNEL

      Hakim is the best shooter in Chelsea XD

    52. Val Di Min

      Rio Ferdinand compares Havertz to Berbatov. What's your opinion?

    53. Onos Divine

      This video is the best for me ever! Full of Jot!

    54. NicolasVanHecke

      15K likes. Looks like Chelsea fans loved that win!

    55. Ali Khan

      I love how gassed you are in this vid!!!!!!! COME ON YOU BLUES 💙

    56. Ross Mason

      I’m a Chelsea fan.

      1. Spectator Pelly I Chelsea FC

        :) I am too

    57. Pelto Jumala

      Tuchel deserved a green box

    58. mohammed ahmed

      Give Koke a Coke cos he looked thirsty

    59. Vile

      I think we need 8 things that for tuchel and aspi

    60. Ken Berry

      UP THE FUCKING CHELS. All them roosters hyped too 😭😂

    61. fardowsa ali

      I think Kova deserved a box

    62. Katenga Serge

      Kanye was on 🔥

      1. Spectator Pelly I Chelsea FC

        🔥 🔥 🔥

    63. spencer burdette

      what a performance lads

    64. Timilehin Olabiyi

      One thing i learnt from this match @George Benson Football is that we can go on to win any match with just one nil advantage cause our defensive structure is terrific

    65. Timilehin Olabiyi

      I'm gonna be honest ...when Lampard got us to the champions league round of 16 i was scared that we were going to lose because we were conceding goals like crazy.. and when he left , i thought Tuchel was also going to lose but now i actually feel we may have a chance to even go to the semis and possibly win the CL but i don't want to jinx it so ill just remain calm.

    66. Luar Litar

      Kante should get the green box.

    67. CFC Brightspo

      Last box should have gone to Emerson. One touch, one freaking goal


      Mendy robbed off a box imo

    69. Fayez Aladamawi

      This is absolutely the best video of you so far on this channel, pretty raw, real and spot on! You’re an absolute legend mate, keep up the good work. We love you George Benson ❤️🙌

    70. YOLO TROLL

      I say it’s time we smack the other Madrid team😁

    71. Michael Dossett

      Silva mentally is insane. The ammount of footballers there days that would be sat in the stands on the phone not giving a shit. He could have been thinking "I'm going to struggle to get back into this back line with a performance like that" But no, he was coaching the line the whole game. He has only been in the country at a the club for a couple of clubs. What an example to the younger generation.

    72. Precious Otobo

      Kovacic was the man of the March

    73. Milan jotva

      for first time in george Benson Football , it takes 40 seconds to say Yes Guys!, Ohh Yes George, We know how it feels!

    74. kate walker

      Chelsea the team with no English players lmfao I love how the English are vanishing from football TV & Streets

    75. Pretty Sweet

      How did you even edit this video LMFAOO

    76. Taurus

      Im not sure how Rudiger has become such a beast rn maybe its cause of back 3 formation but still he is amazing right now.

    77. Fjrhhr Ffhgrehf

      Couldn’t wait for this one, COYBBBBBBBBBBBB 🤩

    78. MCOC ABI

      I am a bayern fan, i'm jelaous that i did not watch chelsea i saw the highlights and u guys are incredible,good luck at the quarter finals🔥🔥❤❤

    79. Samuel Lopes

      Tuchel has been the best signing this season so far.

    80. Joe Thompson

      Can we take a moment to pay our respects to the man who lost £250,000 because of Emerson’s goal 🙏🏼

    81. Ferachi Dmitri

      Bayern or PSG next

    82. Ahmed Khamis

      What a win 💙💙💙💙

    83. Rick Starr

      Kante the teleportation wizard !

    84. Acha M

      George absolutely loathes Ziyech 🤣🤣🤣

    85. Sean Blaauw

      Love the energy Mr Benson, I was screaming my neighbors awake when we killed the game off with the 2nd goal, what a performance from the boys.🙌🔥💙🔥💙

    86. Otaku Sekai


    87. Notorious 26

      not a chelsea fan but happy for chelsea! Congrats for going to the QF! Like the team just cuz of Lampard! (city fan)

    88. Nicolas B. Henry

      Your happiness is so contagious

    89. Exferd

      Timo scored one goal in hundreds of minutes. Emerson scored one goal in 5 minutes.


      Is that chicken 🐓🐓🐓 I hear in the background 😂🤣🤣🤣

    91. Rahaman Hasan

      Personally I felt apart from the goal and few other moments, Ziyech was not that great. But yes his goal created the pressure on Atleti. Having said that, I thought Zouma gave a Green Box worthy display as well. And Emerson!!! one touch, one shot and one goal deserves a Blue box under guest appearance. He should lead the training for Chelsea attackers.

    92. Jono Red

      I said start of season Chelsea would win champions league this year all my mates laughed at me can’t hear them talking now up the fucking blues love the vids 💙


      43 ESPN pundits disliking the video again just because they can't take It Chelsea winning.


      43 ESPN pundits disliking the video again just because they can't take It Chelsea winning.

    95. Ahmed Banu

      I have not seen you this excited in a very long while......

    96. Muhammad Arham

      The 44 dislikes are from deluded man utd fans. I heard one saying atletico will make them happy I guess they arre very happy now. Btw coyb

    97. Dimitry Anyanwu

      Atletico are gonna have nightmares of Rudiger

    98. nick lapolla

      I have to disagree. Joao Felix was in Mendy’s pocket.

    99. ian jimmy

      feels like chelsea back to the old glory days in CL.. Thomas Tuchel.. and all chelsea team , congratulations, amazing performances

    100. mr. eggs10

      Blue box for tuchel You forgot this