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    6 Things We Learnt From CHELSEA 1-0 MANCHESTER CITY | CHELSEA ARE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE 💙 An absolutely incredible night in the Uefa Champions League as Chelsea FC become Champions of Europe AGAIN. Chelsea 1-0 Manchester City with Kai Havertz scoring the winning goal. Chelsea FC are Champions of Europe and I still can't quite believe it. Chelsea 1-0 Man City with Kai Havertz scoring the winning goal that will go down in Chelsea FC folklore. Thank you all so much for all the love and support this season. We are blessed to all support the greatest football club in the world!

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    1. Jacques Mbikila

      🤔🤔🤔👁The youngest team that ever won the champions league final🐯CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA🙆🙆🙆💪💪💪💯/💯👍🙏👋👋👋

    2. Keyboard Warrior

      Tatto the trophy with a 2 inside, don’t do players because they will all leave the team eventually 😂 Had to come back to see this vid just for the vibes 🏆

    3. Ditodong

      1 thing I learnt from this video is that even 'bule' streaming via Vidio (SCTV Langsung)

    4. CRAZY People


    5. Sa'ood Williams

      I felt that way too, champions of Europe again

    6. Godfred Obeng

      George Benson, plz tell Chelsea Football Club, Yan, NiiNii, Younes, The Green Turf, and all the other Chelsea fan channels across the globe that We are the only club in London who makes Queen Elizabeth proud and happy always🔥🔥🔥Up The Chels.

    7. Godfred Obeng

      Wow! Those ladies behind you guys were chanting the words "Ole Ole Ole Ole... Chelsea Chelsea".

    8. Nyan O'Brien

      2012 will always be the better one for me because it was my birthday

    9. Oladapo Omotosho

      Awesome George!

    10. Hamdi Abdi

      The kings of the kings road are now the kings of European football

    11. sobhit gyawali

      i dont think we need no 9 timo is there give him nxt season

    12. Max Li

      Don't tattoo. Just buy Kante a new car

    13. Cheesecake

      Hello George! What i noticed, especially in that Final, about Havertz: He has his head up at all the time.. he has his eyes wide open at all the time.. he creates super chances for others.. he always pulls many defenders of the opposite side and still finds holes to play a geniously pass to his mates.. he nearly never loses the ball, no matter how tight his space is.. he is super dynamic with outstandingly great technique and ball control.. ..all that at full speed, 90min long! Havertz has the potential to be a Mega-Star! *not only because of his goal ; yust take the time and watch his presence on the pitch This young man causes "Impacts" with what ever he is doing - AMAZING!

    14. STAR LION

      Timo run open up the middle for havertz to get that beautiful pass. We are all in the boxes

    15. CXRSED

      Still fucking vibing up the fucking chels

    16. MicroSmokeSleet

      Christian pulisic needs so much credit. Without him there is no champions league finals. We wouldn’t have beaten athletico, we would’ve LOST to Real. Pulisic single handedly saved our season. And to me he’s already the greatest American to ever play football. Landon donavon and Clint Dempsey could NEVER.

    17. NoelSphinx

      Like I said, and always said before Unsubscribing: N'Golo Kante is a god!

    18. Michael Lock

      You have to get two stars as your next tattoo, surely!

    19. Nasro Med

      What a incredible night to be a Chelsea Fan😍💙

    20. DaniChelsea1

      Great video once again. The final game was as epic as it’s going to be historic . What a massive accomplishment. Come on you blues! Ktbffh

    21. Colin Kelly

      Ballon dor for four man of the matches 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    22. Rayan Moaz

      Huge shout out to Edou as well. That man deserves it all. And also to Kepa who played 1 game in the UCL, but the way he celebrated was fucking brilliant. True passion!

    23. Himansu Thapa

      Loved Mount's assist, Loved Timo for created a lovely space for Kai, and Loved Kai for that beautiful finish. The way they connect had me in tears. The way our defenders performed was beyond my imagination. Kante is a fucking god. Aint no one alive who can hate him.

    24. mohammed ahmed

      The power of football in its emotions is truly unique. Also just a suggestion, get a tattoo of a smiling Ngolo Kante.

    25. Ferenc Popovics

      I'm watching your video and my feeling so emotional 😢😭 Everyone said before final we will lose because we are not strong enough mentality. Our manager changed the all team mentality we can do. If you believe you are capable and if you want then you can do. I watched the final in the middle of nowhere in my break because I worked as a driver. Honestly I cried like a child. I will never ever forget that day. Thank you Chelsea I 💙 love you forever

    26. Colin Kelly

      I find it very arrogant when people in the uk say “he is the best in world” or “we are the best in the world” based in them watching PL and champions league. It’s like Europe is the only place good players or teams play. Totally ridiculous

    27. Gabi C

      The world is 30% water and the rest is Kante

    28. callumrk29


    29. NernDawg 11

      Put Marc Guehi and Haaland into the team and let’s go back to back🙏

    30. Ramazan Samat

      Get a tattoo of a donkey for Kai - he loves animals and owns 2 donkeys

    31. The Observer

      SCTV? hahahaha

    32. Emmanuel Ekanem

      Should’ve gave Kante a gold box tbh

    33. Sam U

      Don't get a tattoo

    34. Hassan Qoslaaye


    35. Hassan Hassan

      very true...but thanks lampard for your best selection players.

    36. Khand thakuri Dinesh

      Superb display by Chelsea! We are the champion - Hopefully again and again !

    37. Jack Mc Bride

      Chelsea Unbelievably Magnificent

    38. NoNamE

      Orang inggris nonton siaran di SCTV 😂

    39. Rambod B

      What I learned: How long I can scream without pausing for air (Hint: A very long damn time)

    40. Ronaldo

      It couldn’t be more perfect time in life, just a shame we couldn’t have hazard with us😕

      1. altaf ahmad

        he went to real because he wanted to win the champions league right? lol good luck with that

    41. Adepoju Sunday Matthew

      George, I believe that we are going to be the European champion but I have not processed the truth that we are now the European CHAMPION.

    42. An Expired Milk

      List of things Reece James will find when he empties his pockets - Keys - Wallet - Phone - Raheem Sterling

    43. WeFalDwnButWeGetBkUp

      luv the man in d white T racking up a line in the background LOL

    44. simonHDfifa

      I still can't believe it, Champions of Europe

    45. Craig G

      If you're a Blue you were crying and ain't nothing wrong with that. If you were at a pub, like me, you prob lost your voice too haha. Up the Blues!! Forever!!🔵🔵🔵

    46. Habeeb Fathima

      you had to put mason mount there

    47. Abhijeet Mishra

      get Kante pic with his smile and holding the trophy

    48. Luke Fishwick

      “Chance for Chelsea, goal for Chelsea” will forever be in my mind! 🦁🦁🦁🔵🔵🔵🏆🏆🏆

    49. Matthew Ballard

      Oh dear..that's a serious fashion mistake mate..wot a shirt!!!!!😎😎😎

    50. ItsCooks

      I can't take you seriously man. When we lose everyone is playing terrible and when we win everyone is playing amazingly. You let your commentary be led by emotions not by facts. Yes Havertz was a matchwinner and yes Ngolo deserves the gold ball. But Werner was once again very average. Jorginho was also not at his best. And Christensen was a good sub but didn't have the BEST of games. You're praising people who don't deserve it just because they won a cup as a whole.

    51. 11Toomey

      You missed one Blue box for lampard for signing all these players

    52. Dominic George

      @George Benson Football where did u get ur hoodie from in that video

    53. Flekx R

      Guardiola had no option but over think. He tried 2CDMs, 1CDM to none, but still lost to tuchel everytime.

    54. Adam Chreiteh

      Tattoo Idea, the date but the 29 is bolded for Havertz and under it has ChelseaFC. Not incredibly offensive and everything good from the game.

      1. Adam Chreiteh

        Or even the badge with Havertz knee sliding in front and the date below? Hard to explain lol I could prolly draw it bettwr



    56. Llyr Davies

      get what hai havertz said in his interview as a tattoo, "i dont give a f*ck, i just won the f*cking champions league"

    57. Conor Duffy

      That emotion is just pure . FairPlay to your George , been fantastic all season you have . I can’t wait to build on the success next year and start a cheeky wee Dynasty

    58. kullai sangboi

      How could you miss mason mount who supplied the final pass to havertz...

    59. Mebrahtom Gebremeskel

      People says man City is the best team in the world 🌎 how they gonna rank a team that beats man City 3 times in a row 🤦

    60. Sam Cook

      No Mount? Seriously?

    61. James Raaj

      Unbelievable moment in my life last minute

    62. Anonymous Scar


    63. Nana Kwaku Nyarko

      Yesssss Guyss....we defied all odds again

    64. RudyBoy 164

      the fact mandy doesn’t have a box shows how brilliant this team was

    65. BruceyBoyO ollie

      Why weren’t you wearing a chelsea shirt in the vid?

    66. James Daltry

      King Kai tattoo from Dragonballz ;)

    67. Track Fiction

      Still can’t believe it. The scenes. I love this fucking club. Fuck Arsenal. 💙

    68. fiasko Dollari

      Chelsea the Best team in The world

    69. Luck

      We did it lads! CHAMPIONES 🔵

    70. linx crypti

      I think Chilly's performance was top class right there with Kante's both offense and defense

    71. bo3abed _

      Its 9 clean sheets

    72. Wiktorororo _


    73. Tsolwane Katlego

      Two would class middle fielders in chelsea Ngolo and Kante

    74. SIMEON

      George! Thank you so much for your videos! I think you should give yourself a blue box as well for your videos cause they’ve been getting me through this year! Chelsea are the best team in the world! Thomas T is a legend and Ngolo Kante is a guy you can’t hate! No one in the world can hate Kante! He should have his own statue haha 😂

    75. Xander Cronin

      If you disliked this video you're probably a city fan so why do you watch thisb video just to dislike it disliking videos actually in terms of how easy you find the video so basically how often it comes up in recommended is the same as liking the video so you're better off just not liking or disliking a video if you don't like it Ps i know i used the word like and dislike a lot lol

    76. KenDaKingArrives

      That will be a day to remember and cherish forever as football fans with whatever reason or purpose for rooting for Chelsea in that Final. I'm honored to share a reason to bask in glory with you all.

    77. ekiru kidalio

      I cannot just comprehend the European super league was going to take this atmosphere away from our life in this world.Such moments are the reason why life is worth living. From Kenya,blue all the way.

    78. Blue Army SW6

      Kante MOTM he deserves a ballon d'Or. mason mount future captain on the club. Havertz legend of the club will be remembered 💙💙💙👑👑🏆🏆

    79. Giovanni Bianchi

      Reece James Emptying 1. Keys 2. Phone 3. Sterling N'Golo Kante Emptying 1. Keys 2. Phone 3. Man City LET'S GO CHELSEA FROM AUSTRALIA LOVE YOU CHANNEL GEORGE BENSON FOOTBALL FROM AUSTRALIA

    80. Gurung Binod

      Ya we are the chelsea blood .we feel it. Same happen to me when Chelsea win.🏆

    81. 19valleygirl88

      Aww, bless you, George! I'm tearing up all over again watching this! Last night was INCREDIBLE!! I don't know if I'll ever come down from the high of being able to watch this AMAZING game with a massive group of lovely new friends I made in my local supporters group, The Phoenix Blues!! You sir, are 100% on point when you said, "There aren't enough words to describe" it! THANK YOU for all the FANTASTIC content!! I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication!! Much love from a fellow Chelsea fan in Phoenix, AZ!! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, BABY!!!! LET'S FUCKING GOOOOO!!!! And, RE your Havertz tattoo, you're not the only one! One of the guys from our group gave us all a laugh when he said, "Somebody stop me from getting Kante's smile tattooed on me!!" Hahaha!!!

    82. Praneesha Adhikari


    83. Son FPS

      My voice is non existent can’t believe it champions 2012 2021 we all deserved it massively congrats to all the lads

    84. Bastian

      Saludos desde chile, compartimos la misma emoción !!

    85. il capitano

      Why are you watching on SCTV man? Are you in Indonesia? 😂

    86. Andres Lugo

      American Chelsea fan here. James was A BEAST. He was Man of the Match!! The haircut looked fabulous. ..he was a d#+^* wall on defense. Brilliant.

    87. Yashwanth G

      Azpi is a true leader. 9 years he's worked for the club. He has played literally everywhere across the back line. He has played under so many different managers but he's always been starting matches year in and year out. Totally deserved to lift the CL trophy.

    88. Aidan Jane McIntosh

      you should've included Chilwell but I don't think he would fit into your tiny boxes because he has Walker and Mahrez stuck on his armpits

    89. Z3N M

      My man is a Chelsea Simp

    90. Jemal Ali


    91. Elijah idiong

      Get a tattoo of the club👍😉

    92. alec segal

      Get a tattoo of Tuchel’s Shoe

    93. Conrad Musonda

      Please don't tattoo yourself. Don't do it

    94. Brad Asbury

      Reece James had Sterling in his pocket the whole night

    95. Robert Roach

      Where is KANTE? EVERYWHERE

    96. Alim Meralli

      Christensen deserved the box over Reece James in my opinion. The tackles he put in were sensational. To give this team a huge boost in energy and confidence after Silva's injury was incredible.

    97. Alim Meralli

      Rudiger saved us with that insane block on Foden.

    98. Ainshez Benze

      N'GOLO KANTE You Doubted Him In The Beginning Of The Season Owe Him An Apology Man🔵😂

    99. Scharval Joseph

      The team was brilliant , I love this club 💙

    100. Will Hodgman

      Been here since the videos around the preseason tour of Japan, what a journey so happy to see what it means to you George, cmon you blues