6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 0-1 LEICESTER | FA CUP FINAL 2021

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    6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 0-1 LEICESTER | FA CUP FINAL 2021. Chelsea 0-1 Leicester in the FA Cup Final with Youri Tielemans scoring a screamer to win Leicester their first ever FA Cup. Chelsea had an equaliser disallowed from ex Leicester Player Ben Chilwell who was offside by a toe nail... VAR is great. Love it. Chelsea 0-1 Leicester 2021 FA Cup Final extended highlights also saw Chelsea dominating possession, having more attempts but not showing any urgency to break down the Leicester low block. Let me know the 6 Things you learnt from Chelsea 0-1 Leicester for the FA Cup final in the comments below!

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    1. Oliver Nagle

      Who’s here when they won the champions league

    2. Fahim Chaudhry

      Very thoughtful video. Totally agree with your point of view on VAR

    3. Joe H

      The whole point of VAR is to increase accuracy and improve decision making. If VAR is frequently and consistently getting it wrong then what on earth is the point of VAR?

    4. Jmatt Begley

      Never thought I'd ever say this, but VAR needs to follow in the footsteps of instant replay in the NFL/college football. No line technology, just raw footage

    5. Rafael Santos

      Imagine blaming VAR for 2 correct decision hahahahahaha

    6. abdilahi adan

      May 29th will be even more painful 💔😢

    7. Abdul

      You guys are not all that, bang average team.

    8. Gameplaywithmars

      That’s poor from Chelsea 2 fa cup finals lost in 2 years

    9. Aaron Ryan

      youve had tonsilitus since chelsea been losing cmon bro

    10. Matt Self

      VAR is not the problem its the offside rule. Needs to be daylight between. More goals would be scored but surely that equals more entertainment Lets change that offside rule everyone would benefit

    11. Kenneth Skaugrud

      Im not blaming VAR for us losing that game, because we were absolute dogshit that game. But my god does var ruin the true passion in football. i celebrated like a madman when chelsea scored 1-1, like actually used all my energy on screaming and punching my fists in the sofa i was in. and then its "offside" like that man... cmon

    12. Earl Gower

      Time for Tuchel to be dismissed, he is totally incompetent.

    13. Paul Markevicius

      it's handball night and day, 24/7 365 days. How is it not given? The ball can only go in the direction it did BECAUSE HE CONTROLLED IT WITH HIS ARM!!!! WTF. Two finals. Two piss-poor refereeing decisions. And it's not called. And the pathetic Lineker love in means no one wants to talk about it?? Tuchel's selections cost us the game, regardless of the bad decisions. I agree with you Pulisic in form player - OMG how obvious,...this has huge repercussions on confidence. Leicester will be playing like giants. We have 'losing' to get over because frankly we did not play well - so nothing to carry forward - because of bad selections.

    14. Angrymantella

      Ziyech should not have started for Pulisic. I get Alonso starting for Chilwell because TT probably thought big game player, experience, scored at Wembley before, get that, but he was poor, as was too many other Chelsea players, including my main two who were Werner and Jorghino, both really poor.

    15. Ejembi Moses

      I hope and pray Chelsea is compensated with the champions league trophy

    16. wizoninja

      I feel so anxious that Chelsea gave us such high hopes, when Chelsea destroyed both madrid teams in ucl, beat liverpool and city in the premier league, finally a team that can compete with the big teams, achieving a champions final, and it can mean nothing, if chelsea dont win the final, and not even make top 4. Its really a nightmare scenario.

    17. Kevoh Blessoh

      We got a first 11 that could have won this finale in the first half.....why......pulisic,mount,Giroud (lethal finisher),odoi,Chilwell,recce,silver...on n on......why

    18. Kevoh Blessoh

      True.....TT got it all wrong in this and I don't know why he decided to drop Giroud/Abram/Odoi and preferred......why....for Gods sake why just let the trophy slip thru our fingers to Leicester.... No waaay

    19. abindra baral

      should have changed goalkeeper too.

    20. Vic Kediretswe

      Bro u are right..VAR ain consistent, The Coach Mix and Matches way too much and this time it costed us a cup which was very vital for our confidence and morale against cityy on the champions league final, how do you switch James with Azpi? we didnt get any balls crossed from the right wing first half ended with no shots at all because of this..James have mastered the art of squeezing himself through to that corner and crossing Azpi need to adjust to that nd we did not come thru at all..

    21. Nick Blast

      Jorginho should have marked Tielemans instead of telling Silva to mark him

    22. steve Xavier

      Last week was a horrendous one for CFC. We lost the derby to Arsenal, the Women’s Champions League 4 - 0 to Barcelona, and the FA cup to Leicester. At this point, I’m seriously praying that all this doesn’t turn into an anticlimactic end to what has been a rollercoaster of a season. I hope the lads pick themselves up and fight to put smiles on our faces at the end of the day. Long Live Chelsea. COYB.

    23. Ashley J

      Ball to hand and chillwell was offside wasn't even close by var standards

    24. P J

      We were woeful at times, completely flat just like we were against Arsenal. The manager is 100% accountable as the Team selection was wrong.

    25. Rahul Madhusudhanan

      Again it's that man Jorginho!!!!... I have lost count seriously how many times this man has lost the game for us. He didn't have the legs to stop that shot but dictated other players like thiago silva to stop. But if thiago leaves it will create space for vardy. It should have been jorginho stopping it.. He needs to go man

    26. Bill Nye The BDSM Guy

      Leicester fan here... VAR needs to go. Of course I'm delighted, but it's just silly now. The handball was a 50/50 decision, I think they got the offside just about right. Saying that, it wouldn't have surprised me if both decisions had gone the other way - who even knows anymore. Top stuff as always GB

    27. Clem Clemency

      Werner is very very bad , he can’t even dribble and get pass player , his finishing is the worst I have ever seen in my life

    28. Clinton Kotzee

      Apparently it wasn't a handball because it hit his thigh before hitting his hand/arm which according to the rules is not handball.

    29. alshazard alsha

      Mount was shit last 2 games but no one complains/criticize about it, fans always target Werner , hakim , Jorghino.

    30. Afolabi Blessing

      Tuchel should always include Pulisc and Callum in his line up, they are the ones that do inject pace, urgency and directness in our match, and the idea of using just 3 attackers need to be thrown out now, we need to be so good in attacking, and too do that we need our attackers on the pitch, not midfielders that will just be passing to each other. I can never forget the crystal palace game, and is not a conicedence that both Pulisic and Callum Hudson Odoi were both in the line up that day, and that was our best attacking match since Tuchel join Chelsea

    31. Mason Mount

      Tiago Silva brilliant ...really???? He turned his back on the winning strike that’s schoolboy football 😡

    32. Edson Pacheco

      Can Thomas go back to playing a 433??? The back 3 can only go so far

    33. blessing bikinya

      a flippin disappointment , losing finals is becoming a habit

    34. Hakuna matata

      Chelsea fans in here saying VAR is against them well guess what their against everyone except MUTD (Arsenal fan)

    35. Mike Oliver

      Forget the VAR stuff. We were poor. Tuchel should be judged on his team selection, and specifically his questionable faith in Werner and Jorginho at the expense of Tammy and Billy. Gilmour for me is a much more dynamic and incisive player than Jorginho, whose main role in the team seems to be to slow the pace down at every opportunity. And for Tammy not to even be on the bench when Timo is so poor, game after game, is nuts.

    36. Pradeep Shrestha

      VAR this time for us Very Ass Refree

    37. Brendan Giddens

      Ill stomach the loss in this game, to win the last 2 league games - Champions League is a bonus, maybe a bridge to far...

    38. Arav Maloo

      I feel like the Chelsea fans are unlucky when they are in the stadium for the team

    39. Shea Hullah

      Would you say the same if you win the champions league coz of a potential VAR decision??

    40. The

      The whole commentary and camera work looked so heavily biased towards city, not to mention the referee.

    41. Moty Grusman

      we lost both games, like good slap in a face. but in these two game, Kepa made 1 save in total from Jorginho's back pass, so it was not so bad. we talk here about Arsenal and Leicester. we just didn't create enough chances, even though Havertz and giroud misses and then 2 great saves from Schmeichel and 2 disallowed goals in each of those games, it hurts but we didn't play bad. we have 3 games to go and we have to win them all. that's it

    42. Russell Bridges

      your salty mate you got done fair and square striker that couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo and no creativity in midfield

    43. Dejan

      ziyech should be sold dude is invisible every game he plays one of the worst signings in recent years.and nobody tallking about it.

    44. Cabinet Dentaire

      Coach Thomas Tuchel misleads the artist, Hakim Ziyech, at the expense of his compatriot Vernier, and Thomas Tuchel must leave

    45. Tony Churchley

      The goal was a complete fluke just a lucky shot it could have done anywhere usually into the back row

    46. Dan Hayes

      ball didn't bounce in Chelsea's favor....play Pulisic more?!

    47. Isaiah Diaz

      After this i just think the FA cup is a joke. Hopefully var doesn’t decide our champions league final.

    48. Sam Freeman

      We have no plan b, attackers with tired legs and frazzled minds. But that being said, well done Leicester. Please make this just a blip. Bounce back blues. COYB

    49. Christian Mangaraja


    50. 名探偵木村

      james red box

    51. Plato Philosopher

      There is a real possibility of us losing the Champions League final - if we continue playing in this manner. Mendy would have stopped the goal that Keppa let through. Thomas Tuchel's decision on fielding Kepa instead of Mendy is baffling. It is almost he wanted the team to lose.

    52. L1VeMu2iK

      I learned Brendan Rogers should be our next manager. I also learned TT hates Tammy Abraham. WTF?

    53. Hakeem Okubadejo

      Tuchel got this wrong with selection. I expected him to revert to a twin strike force, bringing in Giroud 4 such game would hv m.h ade a different. Anyway the L City goal showed the quality we lacked in our midfielders. On a days when strikers are off n our opponents pose a stubborn defense . We need players, especially midfielders who can comfortably and accurately hit the ball 30/35 meter on the field to win the game. Lampard, Essien JCole, Gudijhanssen.Terry, our last 2 Brazilians central defender , Tiago etc won matches like this for us. Right now, aside Mount, no one as shown that quality in d present crop of players. The coach mst correct this during next recruitment season for club to remain at the top.

    54. CosmicHarry

      Premier League Released A Statement Saying It Was 0.02mm offside i couldn't even see that on a ruler :(

    55. boss htsx

      Chelsea played scared ball and it cost them again.. Reece was great but would hv been more of a threat going forward than azpi.. werner sucked in front of goal as usual ziyech was lazier than usual. Alonso was too slow, I dont get the tactic behind starting alonso.. the guys would not press at the front as per usual like, they just watch Leicester move the ball instead of taking charge.. Well now everyone know they just have to press up front score first And win because use chelsea havnt come from behind in any match so far.

    56. Rishabh Paliwal

      We are feeling heart broken 💔 because we are beaten by licester in fa Cup final 😭😭

    57. Jordzen 87

      Drop werner. Pulisic havertz ziyech front3 for ucl final.

    58. Carrasco Tha G

      The Chelsea fans at the stadium were poor

    59. Tino

      Imagine this happens in the final against man city I will freaked cry my eyes out

    60. Tino

      But George I must say that was a stunner by Yuri tielemans from outside the box

    61. Ross Mason

      Those Chelsea fans must be fake. Also, Timo Werner should not be starting as he keeps missing chances.

    62. Joeleze 8619serious

      only because Tammy abrahams u should give him green box

    63. Bo Jo

      Obviously Mendy, Chilwell, Pulisic should have started.

    64. Muzwidzwa Innocent

      Kepa gets the nod yet Tammy left out .

    65. Liv’n the Dream

      Here’s my thought; 352 switch served us well, especially against teams that want to play. Not so much against teams who want to make us suffer. Perhaps a 433 would be better to open up stubborn defensive teams.

    66. Lil Lotüs

      Dont censor urself man

    67. Chidubem Modilim

      Gutted. Hope we get the run back on Tuesday and win UCL

    68. Mastermind 5

      Funny how our defenders passes better than Jorginho what a waste of midfielder we have for three years . Our team will be much better if we get rid of weak Jorginho

    69. CWE

      I’m not ashamed to say I cried

    70. Keoni Ngugi

      Embarrassing. Utterly Dreadful. As George says, atrocious. We'll be blown away by Man City.

    71. stam_407

      It's been a day and still feeling shit.. I would recommend watching hazard interviewing Diego Costa for Chelsea tv to cheer you up

    72. Brian Tanguay

      Other than Pulisic, who can run at defenses?

    73. Ali Abotrab

      We are slow because of Jorginho, how many times I have to say that guy is shit shit shit

    74. Sid Hassan

      Chelsea continue to prove they are unable to unlock teams that play with a low block. When you have to depend on Kante to be your creative midfielder, and Rudiger to take shots on goal, then, Houston, we have a problem.

    75. Mohammed Ijas

      Bro it wasn't offside offside.. Please check Instagram dm.. I have evidence proving var got it wrong

    76. John W

      Mr Tickle has got us more organised (to a point). unfortunately, he hasn't improved our attacking play one bit. Although, in his defence. He did inherit a load of under performing attacking twats who can't shoot! We desperately need to sign a quality forward and not one from abroad. He needs to know what the premiership is all about and not get beaten up every game like a little girl!

    77. socialgames

      var ruined the game. sad.

    78. pixel 33


    79. Guy Ayissi

      We can say he's had a resurgence but honestly, I hope we've seen the last of Jorginho in our midfielder. He's one of the reasons we are so slow in possession. I sincerely hope he won't play the next few games, and certainly the final of the champions league. At the end of the season, flipping sell him, Kepa... and I'm sorry to say, Zouma has failed to adapt. He still has a preseason to turn the corner and we can get something out of him. But Jorginho and Kepa, I'm sick of the sight of them in this team. Oh, and Werner is just abysmal as a striker. Hoping he and Havertz will step up next year. Sell Tammy, offload Giroud, get a finisher like Haaland or Kane.

    80. Charlie Brinkley


    81. Achraf Bihmane

      Kovasic, kante, zeyech That's how should chelsea's middle fielders look like 👍

    82. Mostafa Bourssas

      Tuchel must understind we havent's need to timo in the biggest much

    83. Junior Foster

      Pulisic is our best player long side Mason Mount he should start especially the big games

    84. Junior Foster

      Kepa shouldn't start he only keep two clean sheat for us, when he is in goal just know that goal would score on him, in final u start ur best side

    85. Tytalkz & More

      This team is also inconsistent. Of all the games we've played under Thomas Tuchel, we only dominated from minute 1-90 against Wolves. Each game after that we've played we tend to dominate one half. Spurs, we dominated the first half. Real Madrid 1st leg, we dominated the first half. Palace, we dominated the first half. Man City (FA Cup game) we dominated the second half. Man City in the Premier League, we dominated the second half. Leicester, we dominated the first half and then dominated for 15 minutes in the 2nd half but it was too late. If we want to be challenging Man City in the league, we need to be consistent and at least dominate the first half and at least the 20-25 minutes of the second half. I don't expect us to just dominated every game entirely but at least control the games. That's what Liverpool did last season and what Man City did the season before and even this season. However, when Lampard said we aren't ready as a unit people wanted his head.

    86. Benneth Ebo,

      Jorgihno is quack for us in the last two games, he doesnt give defence splitting passes. What is his role exactly?

    87. ian jimmy

      .. Klopp.also lost a CL final twice if Iam not mistaken but win PL and CL with liverpool..anything happen I give thanks to God, Tuchel and the teams.. CL final .. come on Chelsea.. we also lost 2008 final ( with drogba cech ) but win the 2012 against the best team in their own stadium.. hope chelsea players relax, enjoy, train hard

    88. Sascha _GER

      Im not a chelsea fan but i feel you. Thats why i subbed. Its over and a new year to achieve titles will follow. Thats football. Im a bayern fan and i watched bayern losing vs chelsea in the ucl final 2012 but i immediately had the feeling it would be great to win the ucl at wembley 1 year later. And it was outstanding

      1. Sascha _GER

        @The Hyperman 2013 but its not abt the time its about to stand up and go for it again next year.

      2. The Hyperman

        but that game for Bayern what time was it

    89. Aditya Patel

      People moaning about support and fans need to know about how "good TV" works. One last thing I wont moan much about Var and all but I would appreciate if they can be consistent.. Like with the handball. It's written in the rule book too, don't know what the commentators were on about. Anyway, new day.. looking forward to the next game.. Come on Chelsea.

    90. Tor Fletcher

      The rule is if it come of a body part and then hits the players hands it is not a handball

    91. Xander Roels

      VAR ruins the game as long as it’s not used properly

    92. Timothy Hickey

      "Ditto"....Self-induced/habitually....Fans learn to endure/WON....players endurance rapidly lost if not worked to the maximum.....teachings thus far/What is.... move mountains, to explore creative transformation for well deserved success/WINS.....Up close observations several players uncertainty/timid ? imperiled every time....condemn nor justify future hunting success with current psyche....NB. fans voices heard, alas, not enough in the main.

    93. proNandos 14

      In fairness they were fair decisions tbf but I do feel for you Chelsea fans

    94. adrian

      Tuchel needs to pick a consistent team and let them play out the season. Our best team includes Pulisic and Chillwell. Also, it does not include Azpi playing wingback.

    95. Piedro Milamanio

      WHY THE FUCK did alonso play :/ and the chelseafans were sleeping or?? wtf allowed back in the stadium and didn't even cheer for the team. NICE GOING

    96. Jason Smith

      Chelsea where to defensive, midfielders kept passing the ball backwards awful to watch, also Werner was a disgrace didn't fancy it.

    97. Raymond C

      We haven't beat man city strongest side and if we can't beat this leicester team, I highly doubt we can beat man city.

    98. Raymond C

      We have lost way too many finals now lol

    99. ethan bob

      This is what you get for unfollowing me on Instagram George 🤣 up the foxes 🦊💙

    100. hope mudzudza

      Only tym Wil show us whether tuchel is the tactician we al thot he was