6 Things We Learnt From CHELSEA 0-1 ARSENAL

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    6 Things We Learnt From CHELSEA 0-1 ARSENAL. Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal Extended highlights see Chelsea put forward a lacklustre display as Arsenal park the bus. Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal highlights sees Smith-Rowe score the winning goal for Arsenal as they do the double over Chelsea in the Premier League this season! Chelsea will look to regroup with the massive FA Cup Final coming up this weekend against Leicester. Let me know the 6 things you learnt from Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal in the comments below!

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    1. Exit the Lemming

      Jorginho is only good when he has oodles of time and space on the ball. Every opposition manager in the league know if you close him down he is both ineffective and can be rushed into errors. 7 changes? v Arsenal is slapstick level arrogance against a club who are now inured to their own mediocrity. Tuchel got what he deserved even with the Gunners being plain vanilla lucky. Leicester have shown that Chelski are elite underachievers a la his previous employer PSG who despite their limitless wealth being matched by that of Abramovich, will require the cup upset of all time to even compete with Man City in the Champions League final. Irrespective of the outcome, what is there to be enjoyed in the hobbies of obscenely wealthy men supplanting the venerable passions of life long passionate fans?

    2. Emmanuel Azuka

      Get well soon Georgie!

    3. PgPro 86

      I don’t think it was this bad actually. We completely dominated the entire game, the only chance Arsenal had the entire game was given to them. And I couldn’t tell if several of their best players like Saka were even on the field. I think the only time I heard his name was when he got subbed. We just didn’t finish our many many chances. Unfortunately I did think CHO had a pretty rough outing but he hasn’t been getting time so I understand. And of course Jorginho, without that pass we at least get a point.

    4. Andrew Rose

      What a load of rubbish any other day we have 3 penalties or one goes in it was bad luck and bad referees. You flopped this one George that 6 things was trash. Btw pulisic missed an easier chance then havertz did and was far worse so why the green box for him? Rubbish mate absolute rubbish step up or I’m unsubscribing.

    5. Aditya Patel

      Hope all's well George .. Take care and Come on Chelsea.

    6. J Berg

      Pulisic was Chelsea best player by a long mile. He needs Kova. He must start vs Leicester

    7. Joe Hunt

      Not sure why Zouma hasn't got a red box, his poor composure on the ball lead to the mistake that cost us the goal and game, pass was to Gilmour! Then in the second half when we are chasing the game not once but twice the clown has long range shots that are no where near the goal let alone even testing the keeper, as the commentator said at the time exactly what arsenal want, centrehalves shooting from 30 yds out, not going to get us back in the game. I notice almost every game we play poorly we often resort to stupid crosses from either wing yet when giroud comes on (a renowned goal scorer with his head) the crosses seem to have almost completely dried up...... When giving tt a red you bring up kepa like he was bad or some such thing, firstly clearly getting him game shape for cup final secondly as u said later on kepa was decent enough almost saved us from the terrible backpass and was fine in everything else he did, the goal we conceded was on him! As for the goal we conceded, not only did kepa save the initial backpass he then did well to hold old mate up which forced him to pass, where was the defenders and mods getting back to help, Silva is standing in the goal, doing sweet f.a. and no one else has really moved, jorginho needs to get back to make up for his mistake, where the f is zouma, and Silva should be going to the man instead of standing in the goal

    8. taurean Williams

      Preach... I agree with all you had to say about Jorginho and Billy.

    9. Aidil Asraf Bin Razlan

      you give pulisic a green box? nah 😪

    10. Deron Dyer

      Honestly Speaking Chelsea Doesn't Need Timo Or Kai They haven't been Impressive this Season and All Goals Has Come from Christian Or Mason and Chelsea Needs to Start Giving Tammy Minutes Because he Has Been in Form Honestly

    11. SomethingObscure

      Pulisic has a different mindset and type of play than English football tactics, it’s why he brings it every game. He's like Steph curry of soccer.

    12. SomethingObscure

      Simply: the team was tires. But if you ask me what game to lose left in the season of any, it would be this one. The rest of the games all hold more importance and the timing of this loss hopefully wakes them up.

    13. Augustine Hamelberg

      Timo Werner is not scoring goals but he offers a lot of urgency to Chelsea's attack. His pace keeps defenders on their feet.

    14. kittenallie

      Glad to see you point out about Pulisic, saw too many just slander him again.

    15. Zaki Fikran

      Sell zouma.. Jorginho and kepa

    16. Bart

      Havertz should have scored when he came 1on1 with Leno. We're missing to many sitters.

    17. Luqman Ali

      Give havertz a break he has had Covid

    18. Collins Otieno

      200k before the UCL final is the justice that this chanel deserves.

    19. nzmctk

      Most painful moment of the game for me was 88-89th and I was watching a 3 back on the edge of our box after a back pass. With no arsenal players in our half...

    20. Mastermind 5

      Jorginho is a mediocre midfielder, his passes are waste , only few people understand when we watched Fabregas pass .

    21. Andrew Sims

      It won’t be a hard time for billy. It was Jorginho fault and tuchel knows. Jorginho masterclass incoming.

    22. scott williams

      Mount was poor yesterday for me tbh but I do believe gilmour had a good first half

    23. Timothy Cox

      shit result, but lets keep positive... sooo much to play for and everything still in our hands!!!

    24. Cabinet Dentaire

      Brotherhood, please allow me. There is no player in Chelsea who has the skill and technique that the Moroccan player Hakim Ziyech has, and his charming left foot and decisive passes are the engine in the team ..... and coach Thomas Tuchel did not know his value, unlike Lampard, who knew his value .. ..Because he does not play and understands in the ball

    25. tomi junias

      Instead of yellow box for Gilmour, it should have been a red box for Zouma....he was horrible...he's not a Chelsea class type of player.

    26. tomi junias

      Instead of yellow box for Gilmour, it should have been a red box for Zouma....he was horrible...he's not a Chelsea class type of player.

    27. Helly Rangers Tv

      George doesn't deserve to be sick.. it's frustrating to not see his name pop up before and after match days

    28. Triff Ov

      I think he was more just trying to keep the main lineup fit and safe from ingerys for fa cup.

    29. tony behan

      Always a risk when you play a London Derby. With Liverpool winning at Man utd the pressure is now on for top 4


      we were too confident

    31. Edwin Inganji

      My opinion, qualifying for the top 4 is more important than winning FA cup. Good news is both those targets are still in our hands.

    32. Urban designs

      pulisic played like ass.....how tf on earth did he get a green oh my days!!

    33. Junior Foster

      Finally someone see that Kai Havertz isn't good enough i think he is a overrated baller and a shit he miss a one on one chance with the keeper, i hope he don't play no more games for the rest of the season because every games now matter, Havertz lame 😒

      1. Mason Mount


    34. Christian Meneses

      Every time pulisic had the ball as a arsenal fan the ONE PLAYER that scared me was pulisic because he was always looking to do something with it

      1. J Berg

        This is why he's man marked by every opponent now. Chelsea fans are fucking clueless

    35. Juanito Jaime

      This isn't La Liga or Ligue Un. You can't win everything, no matter how good you are. I think that Tuchel understands this. Some games are critical and some aren't. I'll keep taking the FA Cup and UEFA Champions Cup wins as they come...

    36. Tim Berge

      Timo kai and the wizard should start in the fa cup final

      1. J Berg


    37. Jack Hauser

      worst Jorgi performance I have ever seen even without the back pass. He'll bounce back

    38. Pedro Oliveira

      Talk about chelsea women team, we will play both champions league finals

    39. Brogan Josh

      Christian Pusylic was quite invisible through large portions of the match. Not sure he deserves the green box anymore than Mount who had 3 decent shots on target.

    40. Sephiroth

      Chelsea are shit when they play the biggest London club

    41. Brogan Josh

      One slip up and liverpool dislodges us from top 4.

    42. Brogan Josh

      Ziyech is only good when he comes on as a substitute. Prolly the fire in his belly from the righteous indignation for not starting the game.

    43. Joaquin Petric

      Hi george, Im from argentina and i am following you a cupple of years ago, I really like your videos, but this time I think that you are wrong, we didnt deserve to lost this match, I think that you are critising the players, the ideas and the manager without reason. I think that you are pretending too much and actually we are in our best moment of the last years!! Sory for my english!! 😂🙏

    44. jamal ouaid

      This show is crap giving pulisic green ( greedy and selfish) Where is ziyech who has given in 12 minutes what all other players didn't give in 90 minutes.

    45. Michael Henry

      jorghino to blame aint good enough . vice captain and does not know play the way your facing and put it long or in the stand and then tell zouma no more hospital passes . Simple basic taught at school grass roots and amatuer level . no excuses not good enough.

    46. Ozy Mandias

      Phew! You're back. I was starting to wonder if you and Yanislav had eloped.

    47. Juan Marcelo

      As unbearable to watch as we were.. I learned that Arsenal have accepted that they are a mid table team. Meaning they will try to sneak a goal and park the bus against stronger oppositions

    48. Rasheed

      Giving Pulisic a green box? Yes he 'tried' things, but all the wrong things. Selfish runs towards the box with absolute no vision or a plan. He just runs at defenders with no back up plan. PASS THE BALL QUICKER! LOOK TO YOUR RIGHT! REECE JAMES IS OPEN. LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER LEFT! ZIYECH IS OPEN. But noooo, not our America genius. He decides to just lose the ball in a silly way. Deserves a yellow box at most or just a mention imo. But its your channel ofcourse. Dont mind me venting my frustration the performance. Losing to Arsenal in such a pathetic way.. Its just not acceptable.

    49. Frodo Baggins

      Liverpool still have a chance

    50. Yashwanth G

      We cant take these matches lightly. Liverpool won. The race for top 4 is back on. We need wins against Leicester and Aston Villa. Liverpool and west ham have literally nothing else to play for.

    51. Hugh M.

      It seemed like a back three and it was always hard climbing out of their own half.

    52. Bolu Oke

      James balled to

    53. Odane Williams

      Am I the only one who thought we actually played decent but we just couldn’t score n unlucky we didn’t get a pen !?

    54. Rob William

      Disgraceful result and performance. Havertz is a timid weak individual. He seriously needs a good feed and a summer spent in tbe weights room and some hardening up

    55. Emmanuel Adediran

      Tuchel out anyone?

    56. Magic Ziyech

      we need kova to be back on the two finals 🙏🏾

    57. Anthony Toscano

      Benson...where is yanik????

    58. Chelseachelseachelsea

      Couldn’t disagree more with this video. Lack of Kante, Rudiger was the downfall. Havertz was great bar the miss. Why put on Giroud? Tonight was the first night Tuchel really messed up.

    59. claymore chazb

      Anyone annoyed about rob holding blocking it with his hand

    60. shula kasongamulilo

      Kai had a bad game. Bad day at the office for him really. Tichel needs to learn how to use ziech Under lamps ziech was a distributor. I'm seeing much of it that under tuchel he

    61. shula kasongamulilo

      Zouma caused that error. Jorgi can get some blame but Zouma had the option to send the ball to players I. Free positions instead of to Jorgi who was surrounded. Always easy for people to slate Jorgi

    62. Anridge September

      We needed Werner for the runs, as Arsenal would've known who to track

    63. Eric Rerrud11

      If Chelsea misses out on top 4 I don’t think Tuchel will ever forgive Jorginho. His mistakes against West Brom are obviously the reason why Silva got a red card. And before that Red Chelsea were up 1-0, after they were down 1-5. HE is responsible for that one. He is also responding for yesterday (obviously). Not just because he made that awful pass but because of what he did afterwards. He just stood there watching like one of us. Didn’t move a muscle until Kepa made the save. But by then it was too late, he was too far behind in defense to prevent the goal. After that Arsenal just sat back and defended, something they wouldn’t had been able to do without Jorginho

    64. Eric Rerrud11

      Gonna need a borderline miracle to get top 4 now. Either have to win BOTH against Leicester and Villa or the UCL final. Chelsea is massive underdogs to do either. If Chelsea wins the FA cup and doesn’t get the Champions league next season this year WILL be a failure

    65. Leonardo Cruz

      If that goal had gone in that was obviously stopped by the Arsenal defenders hand this would have been a different game. It was a bad game but definitely not one of the worst this season, Arsenal were hanging on for dear life.

    66. Anthony Irving

      give zouma a big red too

    67. Kaltin Homer

      Hope pple now see the importance of timo

    68. Nekeesha Henry

      I don't agree with you on performance we were good but unlucky and clinicaly poor

    69. Quinn Sprague

      George when he misses a video: I been sick yet again and need to rest up.

    70. BubblegumZeus01

      we played much better than arsenal, but jorginho had a nightmare. if he didnt do what he did we would have won

    71. richard onya

      And I give a nother red box to zouma,He was always killing pace and lucked confidence in that defense. That's what made georginho to Punic and passed back the ball in a wrong direction. Gilmour has nothing completely to do with this lose he fantastic.

    72. T W

      Soooo are we meeting in Porto square about midday Saturday guys?

    73. X Boz

      Is it just me or was arsenal playing 10 at the back

    74. Peter Allen

      I have an issue with Chilwell every time he plays. He stand right in the sideline so when he does get the ball, and there a player in front of him, he can only go right or straight back. When he won’t use any foot but his left when facing backwards, he loses the ball a lot of times. He also is not an attacking option like James or Alonso. We need someone else in that position.

    75. Solomon Koomson Dadzie

      This was a good game. Made about 7 changes and Arsenal scored off a mistake. Be a grateful fan

    76. leogriev

      Ah yes, all the experts have come out with their powers of hindsight talking about what Tuchel should have done after the game has finished. Making 7 changes is understandable considering chelsea play a fa cup final on Saturday with Leicester allowed an extra day's rest and played easy game against a Manchester c team. Chelsea didn't need to risk injuring key players in a midweek game against Arsenal. Yes jorgi made a mistake, every player does, shouldn't mean we treat him like shit, considering all his amazing performances this season. Every player had an off day against arsenal yesterday, not just Jorgi.

      1. leogriev

        @lematrix01 Thanks, its just sickening how some fans just turn against the team first chance they get and act as if they know any better. they never complain when the team is winning but quick to criticize when team loses. just accept the defeat and move on.

      2. lematrix01

        100 % agree. Best comment here

    77. Ayo Osin

      I told you- if Timo doesn't play Chelsea dies. Now you understand I hope

      1. lematrix01


    78. Jack Grace

      Didn’t see the reasoning with bringing gilmour off When everything was going wrong for Jorginho it just wasn’t his day gilmour was the only player looking to pass forward and not sideways and backwards

    79. Stephen Ajibola

      Got wrong man all zouma not jorginho. Always know zouma is slow on the ball for real 🙁😒

    80. KenDaKingArrives

      If Pulisic's knock raises enough alarms, I have no problem with him coming off the bench this weekend. Chelsea is not the only team that will need him in a couple of weeks 😰🙏

    81. Salome Quarshie

      Jorginho cost us the game

    82. Bepo Raymond

      Worst viseo ever!!!!! .WTF TT knew what he was doing and there's no way to just blame him and other players like that. Not because i like or hate anyone because everyone deserves a chance and we all fail.

    83. Patrick Kelly

      Frustrating that arsenal have the double over us. But I think we played decently, had a lot of chances just unlucky not to have finished. But it's quite hard with the mourinho tactics from arsenal

    84. MAGiSEN

      man i think you guys didn't watch the game, in my opinion chelsea was above arsenal by far and the ref and var didn't watch again at holding's handball and 2 fouls on kai in the penalty area, arsenal didn't created something in the game, sorry but thats the truth

    85. Jack

      Jorginho is good one game then he will cost you a match the next. He also kills the pace of the match. We are desperate for a striker ... That is very obvious!

    86. The Chelskian

      Hey GB just want to say I think putting blame on Tuchel for putting Kepa in goal is a bit unfair man. If Mendy was in goal we still would’ve conceded and apart from that, although not much else happened, Kepa didn’t concede. Just my 2 cents homie Love from Australia

    87. MPEC_TV

      Were we watching the same game? the performance wasnt poor all. When a team is parking the bus you need a little luck. The goal was not Kepa fault we have a crudial FA Cup finals and Kepa needs the match practice for that game.

    88. First Last

      Kepa did not put a foot wrong yesterday

    89. Cloudyj Diketso

      Lets be honest that was not our night as opposed to us playing bad.....

      1. Cloudyj Diketso

        I mean the chances were there....just the finish....

    90. Maryam

      I wish it was an own goal 😞

    91. Dan Clare

      It’s like we just can’t beat arsenal🤦‍♂️ haven’t beaten them in how many meetings?!

    92. Angie Wiedenkeller

      Everyone is entitled to a bad game and lose once in a while. It was just one of those days. I think this will wake them up and fight harder in the next games.

    93. Kevin Holt

      Fall of stairs somenting bloody stones got hella knackered hahaaaaaaa omg great 👍 play by play analysis 👏

    94. Kevin Holt

      Idk. In US we call this a trap game. The team doesn't care and are just avoiding injury. I do expect the intensity to pick up on the weekend. Young team. I trust Tuchel.

    95. Paradox Ash

      3 steps forward 1 step backward is still 2 steps forward We reached ucl and fa cup finals and kinda made it hard for top 4.

    96. Isaiah Probst

      I’m glad you spoke positively of Pulisic because yesterday my TL was flooded with hate for him. It’s really disappointing to see how players like him and Werner get slatted by certain sections of the fanbase even if they play well. Hopefully this loss generates a strong reaction, COYB

      1. J Berg

        Most of the fanbase don't know shit about football.

      2. J Berg

        @jamal ouaid ur a clown

      3. Sohom Roy

        @jamal ouaid Dude that's how Salah has been too and that didn't hurt Liverpool's chances in winning the CL and league!

      4. jamal ouaid

        @Ozy Mandias i know i am ridiculous at exposing players hidden flaws. He never wanted to pass the ball to ziyech and nor mount did. These two players all they think of is me me me...this is the real "ridiculous"!!!

      5. Ozy Mandias

        @Darrah Shields That dude either complains that Ziyech is underrated or that Pulisic is greedy and selfish. I doubt he even watches the matches.

    97. matthew Whyte

      No timo no party

    98. tamer666

      J5 always has an error or two in him per game, this has been a constant even recently while hes been getting praised for what is imo slightly above average performances, this time it was really obvious and significant though. Hopefully TT learned that there are NO easy games in the EPL, never underestimate your opponent. This is also what happens when you remove every player in the team that can drive with the ball as a strength, Rudiger, Kova, Kante, Werner. Other players can drive forward like James,Mount, Havertz, Pulisic but its not their main strength. So many mistakes by individuals and the manager in this game, I think lessons have been learned though and we will bounce back like we did after WB. WE MOVE!

    99. nst_CHIPZ

      cho wa awfulll we needed creativity werner is the answer to thatand playing mount deepwasnt helpful glimour was good to me puli was alright havertz looked bad ziyech was sharp but we move on

    100. Nicole Monkeviciene

      Don't think Pulisic or any other player was good. No one was trying hard, just jogging around. Why Kepa started in goal is a big question.