6 Things We Learnt From CHELSEA 0-0 WOLVES

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    6 Things We Learnt From CHELSEA 0-0 WOLVES. Chelsea 0-0 Wolves as Thomas Tuchel' first match as Chelsea manager ends goalless. Tuchel went with a 3-4-3 formation having spent just 24 hours with his Chelsea players before his managerial debut at the club at home to an incredibly defensive Wolves. Chelsea 0-0 Wolves saw notable Chelsea performances from Callum Hudson-Odoi and Mateo Kovacic as Chelsea look to bounce back from sacking Frank Lampard earlier this week. Be sure to let me know the 6 things you learnt in the comments below and check out my Welcome to Chelsea Thomas Tuchel video linked below:
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    1. mike 3

      I didn't hear anything he said I was to busy tryna understand his shirt wtf is that

    2. HenSt1985

      maybe Tuchel will play Ziyech like Di Maria did at PSG. (given the time)

    3. js lewin

      Ziyech n jorginho were terrible

    4. Charlie James

      Remember ziyech just come back from injury

    5. tammy allison

      I did like to see a review of this sort on our past 8 game with Lampard incharge... Talking of Mount been creative, I put a strong red light there, his been luck to get a goal or two, but creativity, he way below average. Please please and please , Tuchel just took over, the out lash on him is getting very annoying, it took Lampard forever to figure out his best XI, now all guns are pointing to Tuchel for his selection and sorts,... Let's not forget it was this same Wolves that beat us a months back, even when we had the lead.

    6. Talaska Mutuso

      Someone has some hurt for Thomas Tuchel, I did what is needed he seems to have an idea of what he wants to do with the team.

    7. Wafiq Al

      i think tuchel wants to make jorginho,maybe,his next julian weigl like he did back in dortmund, marco verrati/marquinhos back in psg,they really hold back deep between defender lines so i think tuchel wants to try the same for jojo

    8. Vic Thor

      Chilwell deserves that yellow box more than Ziyech. Looking forward to having Alonso back

    9. Enock Mumba

      It seems Tuchel wants to be used with experienced players... Who agrees????

    10. Oniel Black

      Billy over Jorginho any day for me indeed. Billy is more active he makes better plays overall a better player to me. He idolizes Iniesta and Fabregas i think he mentioned once upon a time and he plays for the badge like mason n reece

    11. M S

      CHO was very "lively" during the game no doubt, but I think people forget what NEED & DEMAND of a top-class, starting winger and that is PRECISE, pin-point passing and shooting. Close only counts in hand-grenades, horseshoes and 2nd-class players. Precise crosses + GOALS and a top=class winger is ABLE to "place a ball on a dime". CHO for all his lively pace, ball movement, and recent energy in play, he still is NOT able to precisely pass or shoot that well. Sad to say. He is still a young, growing player. I did like CHO's cut-in and shot on goal late in the game. An example o what I am talking about you ask? Precise ball placement when passing is seen when Pulisic assisted Tammy during the Liverpool game or when Pulisic lobbed the ball to Giroud over and around defenders Versus Norwich. Precise.

    12. Patrick Romuald

      Thomas Tuchel clearly said that he went for the most experience players which is obviously not fair on those who got left on the bench! I think he deserves our supports rather than criticisms as it’s too early to compare him to Frank

    13. Ricardo Blue

      0-0 against Wolves. Pathetic!

    14. savio lobo

      I have the exact same view of jorginho . He doesn't have that special passing ability... He doesn't contribute that much to our game!!!!


      Jorginho takes a cute penalty and must be a Gem behind the scenes that hypes up the team. Good short passer - Other than that - meeehhhh :( :) sell him to Torino

    16. mohammed ahmed

      We need a petition to bring hazard back

    17. Johannes Andersson

      Kovacic brilliant?! Wow

    18. Ves†a_J

      looked no better then under Lampard. proof its the players. lets all circle jerk over a 0-0 home draw to wolves a team who hadnt kept a clean sheet in forever and only team on worse form then us

    19. CFC HAZARD

      We might actually become one of the best teams in the world.

    20. Saku

      Jorginho is like a kante type player Playstyle wise not quality wise

    21. Theo Gaming

      Mount and pulisic nead to play from those 5 10 minutes

    22. Razvan Hreniuc

      damn, that shirt is nice

    23. Imran Zulkapli

      Tuchel is manager that highly depends on the player's creativity and considering they only had one training session with tuchel, they game isnt that bad actually. Also, we have to consider the fact that almost half of the first 11 are the newcomers. Only had in average of one season or less, they may not have very high understanding of playing style and habits of every single of their teammates. Until they got used to each other, we have to be patient.

    24. Front Desk

      The problem with Chelsea is the loud entitled fun base are dumb as door knob give Tuchel time

    25. Front Desk

      Pep Guardiola and Thomas Tuchel wanted Jorginho if you're not biased he is a fantastic player


      Omg yes!!! I just don't know what the point of Jorginho is. He's sort of just there to make up the numbers in the middle without actually doing anything.

    27. Olamide Oke

      U can tell George is still hurting from Lampards sacking - cant blame him tho

    28. Mukhtar Yusuf

      Good coach tuchal

    29. joab obosi

      When Mount was introduced, looked scoring. Had been introduced a little earlier, Chelsea could have scored and won the match

    30. joab obosi

      This guy Tuchel will be sacked faster than Lampard did, the team was very flat apart from CHO. How on earth do you keep Mason Mount on the bench, a player who is arguably our most creative player at the moment in. You play both Sluggish Havertz and Jorginho

    31. Gianni Eya'a

      I don't get how people can say the game was boring. Wolves' fans can say that but not us. Our football was beautiful especially after the horrible football we have been subject to with Frank. It was amazing to see CHO do so well and Havertz as well after so many poor performances. You also have to be realistic with a triple decker plane parked in the box there isn't going to be many chances especially with the quality of players they had, and you can't expect to be getting in the box and attacking all the time fatigue becomes more of a factor. Finally had Giroud had a bit more anticipation on one of CHO crosses, Chilwell scored that wide open shot, Kova top binned that long range, and Kai's header not been blocked (good defence) the whole game would've been seen in a different light. We had chances but the player at the end just didn't capitalized.

    32. James Kavese

      Am I the only one who realises that Kai Harvetz always passes backwards in the final 3rd even if he has a clear cut on goal😐

    33. Samuel Omolewa

      You were right about Jorginho, I don't see it either. When the squad is healthy, and Harvertz regains his form, Chelsea's best midfield should be Kante/Kovacic, Mount, and Havertz/Ziyech. I just don't see Ziyech as a winger. Pulisic/CHO/Werner on the wings, with Abraham/Giroud/Werner in front. I'm not too crazy about the 3-4-3 formation either.

    34. Frank

      More than a year later and y'all still talking about lampard

    35. Bepo Raymond

      you never spoke of havertz

    36. Reginald Nettey

      George, you’re not seeing what Jorginho brings to the team because he’s a real liability! His style of play is definitely not for the premier league. We should have sent him off with Sarri

    37. Amazing Chelsea

      Better that before

    38. Amazing Chelsea


    39. Reginald Nettey

      Why didn’t Billy even make the bench?🤦🏿‍♂️

    40. Peter Gordon

      Jorghino does not belong to chelsea

    41. pamela Adaikpoh

      Man u lost at home

    42. Jamal Chester

      I usually agree with you George, but today your analysis was off. Idk how you gave a red on creativity when we created a lot of new chances. The red box should have been on finishing, not creativity. We lost to wolves straight on bad finishing. Idk how you didn't talk about havertz playing his best game in a blues shirt. HOW did you not talk about mason mount is beyond me? Wayy too many negatives this game. You need to be more positive as a staple in the Chelsea community

    43. Outta Naija

      About Jorginho, George your right. Billy Gilmour can do what Jorginho does now and way more at that young age, we need to get this guy starting

    44. moses njoroge

      George, i agree with everything you said: We had 12 corners wasted, I think we need zouma & kante for overlap attack ! We need goals::: not passes from jorgihno...

    45. henry corbett

      Jorginho was way too slow with the ball as always. Doesn’t try anything apart from passing backwards and sideways. Not good enough need kante back solidifying the defence and start mount

    46. rohith alley

      3:55 😆😆😆😆😆

    47. Niall Heneghan

      It's hilarious that George calls it "not the best football" when for the first time, we have played tactical football since Sarri. I know all the third world couch fans will come at me, but in a single training session, Tuchel managed to implement more tactics than Lampard has in almost 2 seasons. George it's time you get Lampard's bellend out of your throat.

    48. ashley zarter

      The moment you dissed j5 im unsubscribing

    49. ashley zarter

      We are sick and tired of hearing you talk about lampard.......its either you move on or stop supporting chelsea

    50. Nevets Ekoor

      Sell Tammy, Giroud, Jorghinio, Play Gilmore, Mount. Buy a striker, there's quite a lack of quality globally available or up coming Haaland??? Find a John Terry somewhere, bring Lamps back!

    51. Syndicate_III

      Bro Jorginho is a damn recycler!!! He's the John Obi Mikel of this team. Sideways/backwards passes, takes the yellow card when he gives it away and adds nothing besides an occasional loopy lobbed through ball over the top. f we want someone in that role it should be between Kova and Billy G

    52. Ben Pooler

      Keep an eye on Chilly. He has bee nbad for awhile now and it isnt getting talked about. I hope this changes, but just keep an eye on him and bring it up if he is bad again next match.

    53. TheOnlyEn

      thought he went for a 4-2-3-1 ?

    54. Nabeel Ali

      what the hell are you talking about? The quality of football was good, we just couldnt finish. disagree with jorginho too, his understanding of the game is very good

    55. j0des

      What do you think about zouma not starting?

    56. Magic Hunter

      Hazard and Lampard will return

    57. Conor Duffy

      Mount is 10 times the player that Havertz is . Mount has to start in the CAM position . Havertz is too safe and too slow . Creates nothing. Only so much we can used the Covid excuse and the adaptation excuse . As seen by the sacking of Lampard, this isn’t a research project . It’s a results business and mount is the way forward

    58. Abhinav Nain

      Structurally, we were very sound yesterday and this happened in just one session and tweaking formation, player roles. I'm excited about Tuchel. Hope things go our way. For Jorginho, he passed sideways all game. Frustrating!

    59. damion fletcher

      Kovacic was brilliant and joghino played kinda ok but with time he will prove himself but this chelsea is just getting started

    60. i-ZARR RADIO

      it's the first game...we have Pilisic who should replace Hazard

    61. lemon trader

      Mount being the teachers pet thing is utter bullshit, he earns his spot everytime he's on the pitch.

    62. Kashif’s musical channel of joy

      Hello George yes I agree that Jorginho should not start over Gilmour because he lacks creativity ! We should not read too much into this result because Tuchel needs time to work with his players and understand their attributes, their strengths, weaknesses and personalities and find the right formations which fits in to the way he wants to play!

    63. Brian Ketelboeter

      i agree on Jorgi, I've never seen it.

    64. Ferdinand Miruya

      This guy is just a hater, since Lampard left he's just transferring his bitterness to Tuchel. Only Messi would have broke through that Wolves wall.

    65. James Moore

      Come on, benching Pulisic, Mount, and James. Playing people out of position. Things just went from bad to worse. The strategy was bad, not brave and unfortunately will lead to more losses. I give Tuchel about 10 games before he is fired. All losses.

    66. Isaac

      Jorginho..... Needs to go!

    67. Raihanur Rahman

      How does Ziyech get a yellow box and Giroud dont? Giroud was basically invisble in the match, while Ziyech actually created a few chances

    68. Mbaunda Kazombungo

      Honestly one of the worst 6 things we learnt videos. George you sounded pessimistic and totally unreasonable. Totally understand you feel let down that Frank has been sacked, we all do but move on man. Be optimistic and remember that it's just been his first match in less than 36 hours. You didn't even give Kai a box who was arguably our best player on the pitch.

    69. Mitch Golding

      No way tuchel gets a green team selection was wrong waited to long to make the needed changes for me yellow box

    70. Tony Ukaonu

      Wrong analysis. Very positive play. With lampard, Chelsea would have lost this game. Suddenly you have creativity in red. Must be black under lampard. Come on. You are not very good today

    71. Nur Dadone

      I think lampard era just like ranieri, who built the foundation and tuchel is like mourinho back then, who will utilise us to win titles And of course, gilmour better than jorginho in recent form

    72. Otty 1910

      Not sure that you mean enigmatic? Train your English.

    73. Wood Mechanix

      Got it wrong this time, kai? The team had a lot of energy and good movement

    74. Otty 1910

      Jorghino we got it under Sarri

    75. DEEJAY EL_001

      all you say in joughinho is true but you as well favour english players non the less,,, mount hasnt been our best player so far he's just given more quality time to prove his worthy which others dont get,,, but yesterday mount was sharp...on ziyech , guy was producing nice touches and opening up goal opportunities to me ziyech was good when on the ball most notably second half chances ,he was good, so uplift the wait on ziyech,, and yes odoi was superb[ lampard knows best why he benched him],,, havertz was so good that i fail to understand how lampard failed to bring something out of him,, he was aggressive,,, but most importantly chelsea put much pressure looked composed unlike under lampard they were dull nothing was good,, but i see under tuchel there is some aggressiveness and we could actually lift something under tuchel,,inshort tuchel is composed than lampard

    76. Michael k. Ngornivugba

      Ben also didn't play attacking Ball in the pitch and can we plz stop playing back pass

    77. Otty 1910

      Nothing to do with ability to create all to do with the level of confidence currently! When we start scoring again we'll see that capability return for sure :)

    78. AMV21

      Still salty af

    79. Andy B

      I think he might have played Jorginho because he’s one of the few players who shows leadership, is a steady hand and is talkative in directing others around on the pitch. Don’t think his actual play is good enough for the team though.

    80. Miles A

      I felt it was a really confident display from chelsea.... But early days indeed..... The Moroccan wizard needs to get in there..... And jorginho needs to get his confidence back to pass through the line.

    81. Mark Cawfield

      I don't think tuchel is the right man to replace lampard we need brendon Rogers or klopp

    82. Dimitris Art of Dying

      Zorginho out plz....

    83. Gianni C

      I get that Jorginho may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But he brings a sense of calmness and structure to the team. He’s good on the ball and can play simple calm football aswell as creative forward thinking football. Maybe he would be more appreciated and utilised better in a league like the Serie A.

    84. Mimi Prays For Fifi Not To Lili

      no more passing to wide for crossing and pray to god.

    85. J R

      Tuchal said it’s a unfair lineup bro stop saying why mount didn’t start

    86. D4RKV4POR

      Hard to tell if you've gone grey or died your hair grey 🤔

    87. Golden Phoenix

      Ziyech was behind most of the shots on their goal. You're clueless

    88. D4RKV4POR

      I think mount should replace ziyech

    89. Awab Makhlouf

      it just isn't the same without frank

    90. Kenneth Carvalho

      Seriously they were much more direct and decisive in 24 hours.. Than what we saw for the past several games

    91. phro music

      Mount needs to start cause he has a lot of fight in him

    92. Daniel Murano

      It is so premature to criticize Tuchel after the first game.I expected better

    93. kain maben

      Isnt alaba going to Madrid

    94. Simon Schmidt

      I actually think this was a very good game.. we totally dominated Wolves. They were just really solid in defense.

    95. Sylvester George


    96. harrisons montage

      Havertz was class

    97. Tapiwa James

      I wouldnt play Mount ahead of Jorginho in that holding midfield position Jorginho just needs coaching he has a good passingrange that he is not using Mount as an 8 ahead of Kovacic i could consider because he scores and creates more

    98. deepak moharil

      Let us all accept the fact once and for all.. " We all love Lampard...but chelsea job was too much too soon for him"... Let's look past hin now... Best thing from yest game ... 1- clean sheet, 0 shots on target.. 2- ball recovery was amazing 3- azpiliqueta on pitch is positive...( Biggest lampard mistake i feel) On a lighter note - Chelsea first ...terry 2nd lampard 3rd...😁 Lets get over it👍🙏

    99. SeanQ97

      I agree with you completely on Jorginho. I feel like if you criticise him people tend to react quite badly but of all our midfield options he is by far the one who offers the least. Maybe this is too harsh but I don’t think he’s good enough for a top side. Slow, sluggish, defensively inept, not sure the Premier League is for him.

    100. davrowb

      A really boring match , we desperately need a creative striker like Hazard !