6 Things We Learnt from BARNSLEY 0-1 CHELSEA

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    6 Things We Learnt from BARNSLEY 0-1 CHELSEA. Barnsley 0-1 Chelsea in the FA Cup 5th round sets Chelsea FC up to face Sheffield United at Stamford Bridge in the Quarter Finals. Tammy Abraham scored the only goal of the game as Barnsley 0-1 Chelsea highlights show a very poor game of football. Thomas Tuchel set his Chelsea side up with 3 at the back but changed to 4 at the back in the second half. Let me know the 6 things you learnt from Barnsley 0-1 Chelsea in the FA Cup 5th round in the comments below!
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    1. abdallah A

      about hakim zyach , i’m not agree with u because i know that’s .......

    2. TrionNemesis 7

      Even though I’m Chelsea fan this ‘6 things we learnt’ is getting dumb and stupid

    3. Timothy Hickey


    4. Tarik Tarik

      Tuchel must use ziyach to play in his position so its the coach fault

    5. Dee Eff

      IDK what y'all call those jackets over there but its definitely a flex

    6. Rullado TV


    7. Charlie Fox

      The sulky ex-husband primarily trap because cultivator aetiologically untidy beside a didactic sidecar. narrow, erect kale

    8. kenneth k ngoma

      NO NO NO, the goal was NOT an offside. Kindly go and watch the goal again especially where offside lines were drawn. Note: looking at the goal from the right angle, it looks offside, until you watch from the left side and with drawn offside technology lines

    9. Billy Wise

      Not a Chelsea fan so just wondering why Zouma isn’t playing anymore?

    10. Paul Watson

      Zouma a Rudiger aren’t good enough on the ball to pass out from the back when we get high pressed...bit of a worry😟

    11. Paul Watson

      Offside...didn’t you see the replay shown about 50+ times, he was behind James. Ziyech clearly doesn’t fancy the cold and poor pitch, not what he signed up for!!

    12. Bob Walker

      I'm surprised you didn't mention how high Barnsley defended, it only needed someone in midfield to chip one over the top to get Tammy, CHO or Pulisic in, where is our creative midfielder who can pick a pass, surely Gilmour could have done that? Also, we play Southampton after Newcastle who press as hard as Barnsley so we had better come up with the solution pronto.

    13. King Nathan VI

      Without VAR is so much fun because the linesman has to make his decision not relying on VAR

    14. chargero sterone

      Difference is Kovacic

    15. Moroccan MAN

      Hakim Ziyech was in the bench three times consistently, and he was in the wrong position, some players do not know how to interconnect with him any more when he wants the ball. he moves all directions to receive the ball but the players just taked the ball back to defenders . and when Hakim was either on the right wing or the left wing created magnificient assist to the whole players to score a Goal, chelsea team again is in big challenge and new manager does look somehow psychologically supporter to the players and this is positive point but rational thinking need to be made to improve the focus on the pich among players. the judgment of Hakim Ziyech has any sense and it does not have to be made because he was in the wrong postion, with bad quality of the pitch, on the bunch, need bulck up, lacking energy, Hakim Ziyech is one of the smartest players in the world. i am very greatful for your effort to promote chelsea team. but evaluation of players or managers need a lot off Criteria

    16. Robert Martin

      Just like to mention,5 games in with the new manager and the only goal conceded was an own goal, that's seven and a half hours of football, and unbeaten,so no complaints here, and they're going to get better.

    17. dbroom

      in my opinion u played the wrong style of football. u passed it round back couldnt get past our shape we pressed you in and we were better side. tuchel had to switch for less fancy football. hudson odoi getting the ball and abraham from the air was so dangerous to us and after that change we were struggling

    18. dbroom

      we were unlucky to loose we were by far the best team. we cant score goals well but im still happy how well we have played this season with new players and managers. cant complain.

    19. Why Fhy

      Tammy was well onside. It was clear in the replay COYB

    20. nathan archer

      Ziyech played like he was bored

    21. Darragh O'Reilly

      Ziyech just came back from ingery he will adapt


      He wasn’t off- side

    23. Simo Benyoussef

      Ziyech being sold is ridiculous. For what? having a single bad game yesterday where he was set to fail. After not playing 3 games (affecting confidence and rhythm, conditions of the field, back line could not get the ball out to the forwards). How come there was no conversation about Kai or Werner who had more bad performances. Please let's swap him with Eriksen to Inter Milan since he cannot make it in the Italian league either). I am sure, he will be set to perform at his best. We know what he can offer in any leagues, only very few players in any league have (Magic). It is the job of the coach to get his best.

    24. chris lambsy

      wtf are you kidding me he played most of the game in his own goal area causing problem after problem

    25. Rory Drew

      I genuinely think this was the most boring game i've ever watched.

    26. Vivan Verma

      Barnsley were far better than us. Though, I am happy that none of our players got injured due to the terrible pitch.

    27. EPL channel

      Wasn't offside

    28. Crispin Peet

      Tammy was onside and should have had a pen in the first half bro

    29. salin asmar

      Yes ... sale Zyech .... he is a broken wrist diva .... one touch to the ball and he is already posing to the photo.... no run, no sacrifice, no fight for possession, a lot of bad passes bcs he’s afraid of his legs etc.... he must play ladies football not in the Epl ... due of that the other 10 stupid players must run more and sacrifice more because the inutil diva is lazy and afraid of being kick...... We must sell Zouma too... he is so bad in possession that only dares to pass the ball to neighbor defenders and creates all the havoc in Chelsea defense. He is so afraid with the ball like a girl in skirt in the middle of 11 comanches .... he is the problem why any opponent manager send his people to press Chelsea defense because they know they will panic and lose possession... he was the cause for the demise of Lampard....

    30. Jasper Tiso

      The goal was a clean goal. I think you need to watch it again and Chelsea also had a penalty if VAR was introduced.

    31. Dominic Nalan

      Looked rough not gonna lie

    32. Music Noble

      Anyone else not know, he has another channel with over a million subs?

    33. Clive Cooke

      Clean sheet again but toothless in attack....again.

    34. Randle Beckford

      It's a good thing George is it not in charge of VAR.

    35. fern clark

      Tammy was onside but ok

    36. Turboguy99

      Agree to disagree he said Tammy wasn’t in the game; thought it was the best hold up play I’ve ever seen him have?

    37. tdizl

      It wasn’t offside??

    38. Andrei Hășmă

      A very honest Chelsea supporter💪

    39. Stephen R

      It wasnt offside mate. They confirmed that on BBC. TWICE.

    40. Marq Cole

      So this man never saw the replay with lines showing he was inside? That's poor from u Benson.

    41. Martin Van Tol

      I thought the Barnsley approach was quite amazing, I can’t recall a game where players were quite so swarmed around in their own half. Often Kante or Gilmour had 4, 5 or even 6 Barnsley players in close attention. I thought Billy played well, but I thought Barnsley made a fascinating tactical move. A nice change from teams ‘parking the bus’ in defence and instead Barnsley really made a game (pity the pitch was so poor) and they could continue to do well using these tactics.

    42. Patrick Ounga

      Ziyech is just proving that he deserves to be benched

    43. Theodor Høyum

      it wasnt offside, they showed us

    44. edwin enslin

      Emerson is one of the most useless players in the team Not hating on him but what does he ever bring to the team?

    45. Dennis Staines

      Tammy did make really good runs but had no service also it was a stonewall penalty in the first half. As soon as it was obvious we had a high press Tuchel should have brought on Kovacic, he did not do this until minute 80. Pulisic was absent in the second half he should have been subbed earlier (great player just off last night). Lampard would have changed formation during the half not waited to be crushed for 45 minutes. This match shows how much we need Mason Mount and Kovo, they would have put Barnsley under a lot more pressure. Tuchel has not impressed me at all we have won despite him not because of him. Sorry not impressed.

    46. Owen Aderibigbe

      Not true to say we didn't see anything from Ziyech. He was part of some of the best bits of build up. Put in a great free kick for rudi who should have scored.

    47. Andrew Smith

      Far from convinced with kepa personally, still extremely shaky under crosses and you could see Barnsley were targeting him from frees and even off corners they put everyone on him and just whipped it on top of him. Might be harsh but I would have said the save was lucky, was hit right at him and he nearly even moved his leg out of the way 🤷‍♂️

    48. Pelto Jumala


    49. Jesper Schings

      Bro it was not offside, get your facts right

    50. Paul P

      Credit to Barnsley - they should have beaten the blues based on that display. a good example of working hard in tough conditions (crap pitch and freezing cold weather). They were a pain in the backside harassing our players - nearly 3 taking out each key player - but that's what you call a good quick press, and passing the ball around quicker which the blues were missing until the formation changed. Agree, a back 3 doesn't suit these sort of games. Our back 3 were spending too much time on the ball, figuring out who to pass forwards to - but they couldn't - because of the high press. But good news - is Tuchel figured it out to change something tactically - and didn't dither. PS Tammy what a great defensive header

    51. Patrick Machekera

      Billy doesn't get a box ?

    52. orop

      Er? What are you on about? The goal was clearly onside. Tammy was behind the ball when it is played to him - that means he is onside. Exactly as Lineker, Shearer and Richards and both commentators said. Maybe you are getting confused with the offside rule. When James is put through and thus onside, then all that matters is that his pass through to Tammy is made when the ball is in front of Tammy. Doesn't matter about any Barnsley players in that instance. That's all. Which is why the goal is clearly onside, and VAR would have concluded the same. Anyway if VAR had been used we would have got a penalty in the first half

    53. Thomas M

      Hakim Ziyech Red box. I get the feeling that Ziyech is not happy. Lots of people are saying that he has not adapted to the league. I disagree. If we look at the first10 performances he was one of the stand out players. Look at him now, the shoulders are down, his face shows nothing, no emotion. I get the feeling that if he was offered a way out he would take it. I don't feel that he is enjoying his time as a blue. Kanté red box. Again another player who is looking out of sorts under Thomas T. Possibly he is being held back by the directions given to him by the manager, but whatever the reason not performing at his best. Gilmour Yellow box. Felt he was well of the pace in the first half, but fought his way back into the game, especially when he dropped off the Barsnley players to give himself some space. Kepa Yellow box. This will probably irritate a lot of people. The scramble in front of goal when he fortuitously managed to get the ball out to one side was a reasonably good save. However His main weakness is still when he comes for the ball. We should be happy that Tammy was on the line as Kepa's flail/punch to the ball was as usual woeful. Positive signs from our GK on the whole. Green box. Tammy A, should have had a penalty, worked hard all evening, with 2 match defining moments. Well played. Green Box Thomas T, Saw he plan was pants and changed it during the second half.

    54. Rajiv Kumar

      tammy was behind the ball, clearly onside.

    55. Tim Drekalovič

      It wasn’t offside George, look at the other angle

    56. Aditya Patel

      I was thinking the same thing about Tammy.. Drogba like.. The way he was playing, even his runs and all.

    57. some man

      Just shows how mount and Werner might not always score but they are really important in our attack.

    58. Fycl Fai

      Ziyech you should leave with lampard bro

    59. Jimmy Camp

      lets goo!!! 200k on the way!!!

    60. Jérémie Pepita

      Tammy wasn’t Offside tho George they’ve showed it on tv later on💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    61. clems94250

      How was Billy yesterday ?

    62. Owen Roberts

      It was onside mate, by about a yard

    63. lisa martins

      hz was xlnt with frank tuchel has been a boring boring shit shower

    64. Jeffery Henderson

      Footballmania WithFelicia is also as analytical as gbfc. Love them!

    65. Siyabulela Noyo

      Zouma, Rudiger cant handle being pressed...they look like a mistake waiting to happen under a press... we missed the calmness of Silva in that back line...

    66. Ola Chollom

      If you love Gbfc check out footballmaniawithFelicia

    67. ezechukwu augustine

      George you really have alot to learn in terms of football rules. The goal wasn't an offside...it was confirmed during the match

    68. ABIODUN Micah

      I kinda disagree with your assessment of Ziyech. Yes! He lost the ball a lot but he released Odoi more in the first half...

    69. Michael Raheem

      For those timid supporters and fans of Frank lampard who are criticising and made negative comments about our players and patterns of play yesterday at Barnsley do not know what they were talking about. Anyone, who had played or been involved in the game of football before, will know that, Barnsley field is not a playing field rather, a mud pitch with only twenty percent grass. I was very concerned for our boys immediately the camera zoom closed to the pitch and I saw it bear and dangerous for a professional footballers to play on it. At a time, I was praying that those boys should just kick out the ball with little display of any skills or whatsoever. And I blame the FA for it, anytime a low level club who are not willing to develop their pitches are drawing with a top playing league team in a knock out competition, they should go inspect the pitch to determine suitability or otherwise of playing important matches on it. If the technical team discovered that it fails to meet up with minimum standard, they look for nearest team to the town with a better pitch to play the match. I was happy for any of the boy not having any major injury after the match yesterday night than the victory itself. For if there was a sliding tackle yesterday on that horrible pitch there are likely injuries that could sidelined any of Chelsea fc players for minimum of three months. I don't think , we can afford that right now. That's is one the reasons why some of those attackers and our middle fields players were easily got push off the ball by the aggressive players of Barnsley, and yet referee still blew against them for infringements. So, people should not join those enemy of progress to criticised the poor innocent boys who were ready to play but,for a terrible pitch!

    70. Johannes P

      Hate to admit but lambard was horrible coach with tuchel we would fight for prem if he would started! Other teams suck this would had been the year

    71. Siyabulela Noyo

      As for Christensen, like said yesterday he's not good enough for Chelsea

    72. Siyabulela Noyo

      The system doesn't work for Ziyech...also he's not a central player...he's not the Jack of all trades people like to make him out to be...play him on the side in a 4-man midfield.

    73. Stephen Moore

      George has to be the worst Chelsea performance I've seen in over ten years

    74. Priestly Chidi

      Tammy was not offside you should look at it again.

    75. Björn Arntsen

      I just have to say it because I don't see it in the comments. Tammy wasn't offside 😅😜

    76. Mista Jay

      George you missed the full details of the goal. It was 100% onside man. It sounds like we won by lucky. By the way the pitch was awful. Very difficult for players

    77. Cameron Crisp

      Wasn’t offside

    78. Nikita Paintola

      The goal wasn’t offside watch The replay

    79. custard

      again benson not watching proper

    80. James Austin


    81. Tom Prince

      The Tammy goal was onside. They showed the goal from a different angle with the magic line thing

    82. amar nait-ammar

      Hi mate I like you stream always watch it but you review to the game was bit unfair on Chelsea You know it was 10 changes and the main problem was the pitch so it was nothing but them throwing a long ball hoping for something to happen other than that Chelsea controlled the game especially second half and got the job done You mentioned city and Liverpool against these teas you will have a lots of space and the pitch and the team is deferent so you will have a good Chelsea display be positive mate c’mon chels

    83. Chambers

      They showed the replay and it wasn't offside, also if u are talking about VAR we would have had at least 1 penalty if not 2

    84. Delly Ajufo

      Tammys goal wasn’t offside, confirmed by several replays

    85. jmartyr31

      Tammy off-side. Hmm. What game you saw?

    86. Amal George

      That pitch was terrible and played a significant role in us not being sharp with our passing.

    87. Muigai Jose

      The lines were drawn he wasn't offside

    88. Nikos Pom

      Amazing shirt😍

    89. Slim Jeans

      What was Tuchel thinking with that starting lineup, 1 LB 1 LWB 1LW and on the right side 1 RW. Thank god James came in and sorted things out second half.

    90. Mohit Mathers

      it wasnt offside mate

    91. T. Joseph

      In my opinion Tuchel revealed too much informations about our team before the match, surly that doesn't help!

    92. 6ixpOffical TV

      We are lucky to win this match. Not really a good performance from the boy in 1st half but second half thing changed.

    93. David Williams

      Sorry George, you have let yourself down on this one. They proved on MOTD it was NOT offside. Tammy was behind the ball when it was delivered. You getting this so wrong has spoilt this video

    94. Drifty Ninja

      George you should of give a yellow box instead of a red box for Hakim

    95. Jan Klaassen

      I can't take you seriously anymore !!! There were players who were much worse !!!! At the goal Ziyech did the hardest part !!! And you call that a chance ??? On that field for someone who has to rely on his technique ??? !!! Look how he performd under Lampard! And what he did at Ajax!!!

    96. Alhaji Saeed

      What kinda pitch was that ... Come on Barnsley you can do better😀😀😀😀

    97. duhane Thompson

      The goal was not half side, the BBC presenters had used their version of the VAR and it show James was ahead of Abraham b4 the cross, so the game would stand regardless

    98. Alhaji Saeed

      It wasn't offside ... The lines was drawn later and Tam was behind the ball

    99. Satyam Goolzar

      How the heck it is offside? The goalkeeper moved and as per the rules, he counts as last player so no offside. So many tap ins, remember Torres and Willian against Liverpool? Abraham defensive duties were simply amazing. He got a knock on his shoulder but declined medical help to stay on the pitch and he was the one to get the ball. Kepa as usual did his Kepa and the header to clear was key. Massive save? The player headed directly on Kepa, even if he did not move, it would not have been a goal. No clue what Ziyech was doing though

    100. s a

      tammy was onside