6 Things We Learnt From ASTON VILLA 2-1 CHELSEA

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    6 Things We Learnt From ASTON VILLA 2-1 CHELSEA. Aston Villa 2-1 Chelsea FC in the final day of the Premier League season yet Chelsea FC still secure Champions League football thanks to Tottenham Hotspur and Gareth Bale securing Spurs the win away at Leicester City on the final day of the Premier League season. Aston Villa 2-1 Chelsea see's Chelsea finish fourth in the Premier League table behind Liverpool and regardless of the outcome of Chelsea vs Manchester City in the Uefa Champions League final next weekend - Chelsea will be playing Champions League football next season.

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    1. Loredana Laurentiu

      the whole planet held CHELSEA. anti musulmani

    2. mlungisi manzini

      Feed the dog, feed the cat and reminding myself I am a Chelsea fan!lol

    3. Khalid IBenAli


    4. Davor Vucic

      This is exactly why we need some legends back to lead this kids on field.

    5. Chris Colyer

      Number 1 thing we learned: Just play James on the right!! Azpilicueta is better at RCB. James is better RWB. Why move them around? If we do the same against City...

    6. Scottyb-CFC  94

      And villa had a blinder with Tyrone Mings at the back he was playing for the england call you up, LADS THIS IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE KEEP THE FAITH, KTBFFH CFC

    7. lartiev Qays

      Yups...for first time I'm so happy when Spurs wins..and I'm sleeping with a smile that nights.. thanks Spurs!!

    8. tysoon363636

      Manc trashed their opponent to prepared for the finals but we do the reverse. facepalm. I'm truly sad to say Manc deserved the UCL more.

    9. Chelsea Boy

      after that horror show im scared that were going to get battered by city in the first half next weekend. but if we win then i will be very very surprised


      Cheering for spurs to win for top 4 was big shame for us.

    11. Chris Dawe

      Spot on! 👏 😂

    12. Pingu Penguin

      Spurs returned the favour to Chelsea for last day of last season. Thank you Spurs 😀

    13. Sam

      Football is rigged. That's my explanation

    14. Brendan Giddens

      Tell us how you really feel George ...

    15. LuizCaetano Oliveira

      The truth is, we lack of characters in the squad and don’t have a winning mentality.. that’s the biggest problem we have at the moment!!

    16. Burner 01

      Thank you Gareth bale for saving us and hopefully Gareth bale can perform like this in the euros 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    17. Rich S

      Great video you come across very well. Let’s hope the true Chelsea turn up on Saturday. Keep the faith ! 😀👍

    18. Dennis Staines

      The simple fact is when you play as a team and one or two players are very poor then effectively you are playing with 9/10 players and this means you are always under pressure. The culprit today was Jorginho who made lots of mistakes and was very poor. After he was subbed we played a lot better, but the damage was done. Secondly Pulisic was poor early on then got better after the other subs came on. I am sorry to say Tuchel decision making is questionable and he must have noticed he was poor. Should have put Gilmour on. Making James a DM did not work either several mistakes, James Aspi swap does not work. The most crucial issue is we can't score with all the talent we have, Tuchel has not improved Havertz and Werner and Pulisic he coached at a previous team he has made worse. Can't see us beating City on Saturday unless Guardiola does one of his "I will do what I want" moments.

    19. kidist ambachew

      Read these please um a Chelsea fan from ethiopia when Leicester lead 2-1 to Tottenham I pray to Jesus & immediately Tottenham turned the game & I said thanks god 🙏 really thanks to god

    20. Richard Haynes

      I felt like that too G, we don’t deserve to finish 4th. I was quietly confident about the CL final but know am worried that we might be embarrassed. How can a team be so inept in front of goal match after match? Unbelievable.

    21. Piyush Seth

      Came here to see how George defends kovacic today. Surely it was not kova's fault for this goal too, right, George?

    22. Andy Harding

      George totally concur with your thoughts.. But mate, I laughed when you gave all the boxes to Spurs... Harry to Chelsea!!!!

    23. Tyreik Sampson

      This the most bi-polar video i've seen happy then mad 😂😂😂

    24. joseph clinton

      It's concentration , since we got to the ucl final, difficult to concentrate

    25. Danny Boy

      Irony!!! ... 🤣

    26. Walter Garcia

      Fat frank might be right. This team might not be ready to win trophies.

    27. Kenneth Skaugrud

      We dont need to learn 6 things from that game brother. Only thing we really learned is that we are absolute trash when something is on the line

    28. Lewis Dicks



      I can literally say man city will win ucl. De bruyne and mahrez along with foden r just gonna destroy Chelsea. I would be happy if I get proven wrong.

    30. Love Ayinde

      He said "Jose Mourinho, I hope you post your time with Chelsea and make Spurs jealous" 😂😂😂💔

    31. Avery Shannon

      Thomas Tuchel is gonna use this loss as motivation for the champions league final, in the end I think Chelsea needed a wake up call

    32. Top 4 Football

      After going down 2-0 I watched the spurs game with a spurs fan...as much as I hate spurs I celebrated all their goals like crazy !!!

    33. Jay_FP

      "You're used to pulling people's teeth out, and the next thing you know you're looking after a giraffe." Made me laugh.

    34. PresentTime

      Dentist to zoo keeper 😂 🤦‍♂️ Leicester 2yrs in a row tough to feel that but I think FA cup will do.We need kante Mendy(luckily X-ray came 👍) to be fully healthy in form, going in to the biggest game in yrs. Ziyech looked poor when he came on jorgi is going through☝️of his spells where he isn’t the consistent top player he is. Reece looked a lil shaky on some plays, Mount and Pulisic aren’t in great form but 👌 maybe timo & havertz swap he didn’t look bad when he came on (w. A Wk off I 🤔 we got what we needed & much needed rest) or even throw Giroud in their but I wouldn’t mind a similar starting line up w. Kante swap for jorgi. Chilwell w.out the goal even seemed most dangerous offense threat out there. The back 4 was a diff. look I know pep will prep for the back 3-2 (5) but maybe start w. The back 3 and transition to a back 4 vice versa at HT I’m sure TT will have them prepped. I think Thiago, older players need to psychologically explain how hard it is to get to a final & how hard it is to get back! Come out like revenge on Leicester & best thing Bale has done in few yrs thank you if Spurs r gonna cont. to help 🤔 sell us Kane plz🙏Lesssgooo blues!! Man city looked so damn good.

    35. Micko Dillon

      We are gonna get fucked by city. Hopefully not but oh fuck

    36. Steffan H

      How you finished below us is beyond me

    37. Amal George

      Ryan Mason deserved a green box

    38. AD Boogs

      Thank god Bale is a big game player 🙏🏼🙏🏼

    39. David O

      Thanks a lot Spurs !! Now sell us Harry Kane

    40. Baraka Mandi

      Lampard said that this Chelsea team is not ready to compete

    41. manLIKE drogba

      i dont get the hype around Chilwell..i really don't. he's average at best and the only reason why he looks good to some Chelsea fans is because he's a better option than Alonso. we need a LB

    42. Will

      Am I the only person who gets bugged out by the ‘6 things we learnt’ logo?

    43. Sangay Wangchuk

      I feel like teams now knew how to defeat Chelsea.. seriously worried for next season.. forgot about ucl final

    44. Lukas

      Never thought id say that, but yesterday ive been cheering for spurs More than i was for Chelsea.. yikes


      Chelsea should thank Gareth Bale by offering him a respectable two year contract. No other way to see it.

    46. Kriptoz

      Mount should be benched in the final

    47. Uday Thakur

      We are gonna get rattled by city😭

    48. Kevoh Blessoh

      Yeah it might be the most ridiculous vedio ....But its f** * Truth.....I agree wd u 100% ....We were lucky.....thats All.

    49. blessing bikinya

      many thanks to the Lily whites , Bale the blues owe you 1 lol

    50. Eje Efe

      Would Toteham play in the Europa league next season?

    51. Oluwafemi Daniel

      With this performance, we don't deserve a place in the top 4, europa would have been better. This team can't do anything anymore. Nothing has changed

    52. Oluwafemi Daniel

      I lost confidence in the guys since dey lost to arsenal

    53. Dayle Smith

      This ‘6 Things’ could have been better..... Red box 1 for Jorginho (last 3 games 👎🏻) Red box 2 for Thomas ( he’s Lampard in disguise) Red box 3 for matteo ( slow, no awareness) Red box 4 for The midgets upfront Red box 5 tactics we have 2 tiny forwards so we cross and cross and cross Red box 6 team selection

    54. Ahmad Sukeri Mohamed

      Totally agree on your opinion Bro...

    55. Andrew Smith

      Very concerned moving forward. Tuchel is constantly changing the team at a time when we need consistency. I don't get the Azpi/James swap, Reece's crossing was missed. A few players, like Pulisic are in and out and out of sorts. I want us to do well next week but its one game, I'm more worried about next season.

    56. Melissa Winterod

      The old saying, I'd rather be lucky than good, is said for a reason. So many times in so many games we were unlucky, either with chances or calls. Yesterday, finally, we got lucky!!! Let's hope the team that beat Leicester and Man City shows up in the final and let's hope for a little luck!!!

    57. Max Mwenda

      Best video of the season.. hahaha...you cant make this stuff up...Spurs were the 6 things we learnt from Aston Villa vs Chelsea

    58. Ryan Blues

      In my humble opinion, current squad quality, tactical performance, final table finishing relying on nemesis Tottenham, we had reached the lowest point in recent decade, even worst than the 10th place finish few seasons ago...

    59. ProEvolution17 Team

      I did myself a favour and watched the 2nd half of Leicester vs Tottenham instead of Chelsea's game. I wish Chelsea had a finisher someone like Sir Gareth Bale. Hats off to him.

    60. Galid Senhadji

      Pulisic very poor

    61. Michael Henry

      kova and jorge aint good told you at the start.

    62. Debby Chambers

      It’s not just about today’s performance. So smile

    63. Hashim Yunus

      Congratulation spurs for helping as to the top 4.

    64. Wayne Little

      We dont deserve champions league football Thomas tuchel needs to take a good hard look in the mirror freezing out two proper goal scorers in tammy and giroud to persist with Werner and pulisic who cant hit a barn door from a foot away pulisic I'm sorry isn't good enough and needs to go to make room for Sancho man city are going to tear us from limb to limb because our team is spineless I'm still fuming

    65. T Bri55

      I’m so sick of Werner starting week in week out, he brings the team down by missing chance after chance no wonder we are eighth for goals scored in the league when he gets 90 min ever game.

    66. Anderson Andy

      Dentist line 😂

    67. Indian Knight

      We give green box to spurs 🤣

    68. Chris Barker

      If we lose champions league final what was the point of getting rid of frank Lampard? Just got top 4 lost a F.A cup final it’s a shit season all over again

      1. Insanity Is Not Insane

        Chelsea had 66 points in 19/20 season finish 4th Chelsea had 67 points in 20/21 finished 4th place.

    69. parmaman 85

      The table never lies. We beat Leicester in what many considered to be a defining top 4 fixture and low and behold we come 4th.

    70. Don cross

      Benson please will you guys stop all this nonsense you guys are saying Tot helps us if they don’t win Arsenal would’ve got Europe sport, every teams is playing to win, we should all be talking about the England FA Referees that always officiates against Chelsea all the time, this is just a dejavu of FA cup final last season.

    71. Afiq Aiman

      Last season we had 66 points, this season we had 67. Progress. 👍🏾

      1. Insanity Is Not Insane

        20+ years until Chelsea get 90+ points and that’s what you need to win prem.

    72. Jake Eadson

      Can’t forget it was villas first game at home with fans, we didn’t play bad it was just one of those games. I love azpi but it’s clear he’s not creative enough for the RWB role. I don’t understand why you would play him there especially with James (probably our best crosser) playing CB.

      1. Jake Eadson

        I also think people are quick to forget where we have came from and how much we have gained since tuchel came in. 1 bad result at the end of the season against a good villa side with Grealish back doesn’t taint that!

    73. taylor yamamoto

      The boys just looked exhausted and I can understand why. If you think about it since we dropped points to Arsenal every game has been a must win high intensity/ high stress game. And I think the pressure is just getting to them a bit. Chelsea I think need to take these next 6 days to rest up, regroup, and get their heads on straight. Because we have proven that we can do this. We've beaten City twice already we just need to get back what we had a couple weeks ago (and maybe put a little extra time into practicing their finishing this week)

    74. Hillary K Koech

      I feel the coach trying to accommodate Azpi even after noting that he can not keep up pacey strikers is so wrong. James has been good overlapping.

    75. Csak egy magyar ember

      I mean for 45 minutes, we all became spurs fans. Edit: oh and I almost forgot, send jorginho to 3rd league, he belongs to them....

    76. Matt Smith

      I think Thomas Tuchel teams don't score much. Solid defensively and great at holding the ball but without an understanding on how to break down back lines and shoot correctly. He needs a good assistant coach to help in that area.

    77. Simeon Ivanov

      George with the green boxes for Tottenham really got me laughing :D

    78. Matt Smith

      Pulisic looks so passive and timid. He's a shell of the guy he was. Either fame and money have gone to his head or Tuchel has shaken his confidence. It's time for Havertz to start. Werner looks awful too...

    79. Fezeka Mchunu

      Some of these players need to go, well be right back here next season fighting for top 4 on the last day relying on other teams.

    80. Dawood Pervez

      Your squad is too young and inexperienced to be able to comprehend these big games

    81. Quabena Monster

      Chelsea biggest problem is Decision making in the attacking face 🤞

    82. Sodiraki Georgiou

      Not sure if Chelsea football club hate Tottenham yes us supporters. Skids needed to win to qualify for Europe and finish above Arsenal. They were helping themselves. George stop calling yourself professional. Just because you make a living from it does not make you a pro. Drug dealers make a living too. How many did Villa get against Liverpool.

    83. 不惑:cogent

      Leicester was "Kaned", Chelsea was "Baled" out, what can I say? As an honourable supporter, playing Europa League is what we deserved. No? :-)

    84. Arek Dąbrowski

      So no one is talking about Jorginho's poor defensive performance? This guy could've cost us CL spot, first he gave a goal to Arsenal, then he fouled Traore... he needs to be benched permanently or sold. If anyone wants to argue "but his passing skils etc..." plz watch again how he played against Villa, especially from 45 min til 53 min. Lost track of Traore multiple times, made 2/3 bad tackles on him because he was to slow or wrongly positioned and finaly he fouled him in penalty box, Jorginho is a joke, not a real player...

    85. Adrian Ndlovu

      I personally hate United the most.

    86. Quabena Monster

      that Awful attackers ruin our day again (we gonna do better on 29th) ASAP

    87. Eamonn Kerrigan

      Someone needs to give George a dummy

    88. Eamonn Kerrigan

      TiMO has got to go NOW

    89. Khubi Ratsatsi

      That Chelsea not winning against MC. Simple as that

    90. HHH1997

      I think instead of crossing into the box, maybe we should give some freedom to our players to attempt through balls or try to take a chance/shot outside the box

    91. Khubi Ratsatsi

      Chelsea without Kante is shambles

    92. Coffeeshops of Amsterdam

      Jorginho is horrific. If all he can do is take a pen I would rather he didn't play. Him and Kovacic together is dreadful.

    93. Chidozie Uchendu

      😂🤣 you funny bro..

    94. Miwang Tobgyal

      this video sums up every chelsea fan.. we are happy that we are in the top 4 but we are fumin..

    95. harbster2

      I've been saying for a long time that Jorginho and Kovacic are not good enough. Chelsea need a top-drawer midfielder to play alongside Kante. Plus a top-drawer goal-scorer such as Kane or Haaland. Then we will be able to challenge for the title.

    96. Khubi Ratsatsi

      😂😂😂😂👌🏿 I never thought I'd say these words: yesterday I don't hate Tottenham Hotspur. That man Gareth Bale & his mate Harry Kane worked hard 💪 for us. For

    97. Coffeeshops of Amsterdam

      Will get battered in the final if they play anything close to that. Dreadful.

    98. Miwang Tobgyal

      tottenham helped us with the top 4. now help us with our striker too ;)

    99. UP TV

      i think azpi just has had a bad game yesterday

    100. tortie51

      What a season. So many emotions. 💙💙💙