3 Things We Have Learnt about CHELSEA FC and THOMAS TUCHEL

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    3 Things We Have Learnt about CHELSEA FC and THOMAS TUCHEL. Thomas Tuchel has now been in charge of Chelsea FC for three weeks so I thought it was time to make a 3 Things We Have Learnt about Chelsea FC and Thomas Tuchel so far. Tuchel is still unbeaten and Chelsea have only conceded one goal (Rudiger own goal) since Thomas Tuchel took charge of Chelsea. Let me know any questions you want me to answer for the first GBFC Chelsea Q&A in the comments below regarding how WE MOVE forward under Thomas Tuchel!
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    1. Chris Hansen

      This is why Mbappe and Neymar were pissed.

    2. Deep Bhavsar

      Q&A: Will Tuchel use Ziyech, Reece James, Chilwell And Kante, My thoughts says he will not use them, what's ur thinking?

    3. leoox mnpc


    4. Soheil Keshavarz

      come on George ! our best matches in last season were when Lampard played both Kova and Jorgi in middle of the season and Kante has injury. you said you hadn't seen their partnership at all !

    5. Fussballwissen

      Same Problems have the most Manager. Tuchel is 100 % structured in gameplay.

    6. Bepo Raymond

      am also glad that christensen is playing getting clean sheets

    7. Richard Whiteson

      Love hearing about your sun tan as we are all freezing our arse off.....looks like your in a military barracks.

    8. Mohammed Abu AL-HASSAN

      Q&A: with the current squad and manager, do you think Chelsea will be able to win the champions league without buying a big another player?


      Q&A : What do you think about Tomori's future at Chelsea based on his performances at Milan?

    10. PhantomOfManyTopics


    11. Martin Yeboah

      I like Tuchel change of formation and a plan with his system. The fact that he has rejuvenated the squad fighting for top is a plus because few weeks ago i taught top four was impossible

    12. Daniel Blake-Morris

      Q&A: is this current season similar to that of last season - “young pretenders to title contenders”? Though we have a richer squad in terms of quality [this season], it is not always apparent/ conveyed on the pitch - our durability and playability is often quite fragmented or segmented for Chelsea (e.g. only strong for the first half or lose confidence partway in a game), it seems without M. Mount, Kovacic and Hudson-Odoi we still seem quite lethargic and static. As many suggest this is down to the absence of a ‘pre-season’, therefore do you believe next season will be that leap to “title contenders”, have we escaped the phase of “young pretenders”?

    13. Ben Almond

      Sule a good transfer target? Would be cheap but injury...

    14. Jack Crowson

      Q&A: presuming Tuchel is given time, and presuming Lampard was given time, based on what you have seen so far, what manager do you think wouldve been/is the best to take Chelsea forward?

    15. MonoVerve

      Is pulisic or Hudson odoi the way forward

    16. JXYMEMEZ

      Q/A Do you think that a second-place finish is possible?

    17. Eddy Sylverstin

      Fat & Slow Ben Chewill overrated is fot sell! Prefer Alonso or Emerson! Next is Mount because he more prefer Kante or Pulisic/ Ziyech in that position. Last game vs Newcastle Mount totally no contribution at all & so obvious Tuchel was not happy that was why Mount was substituted. This never happeb during Lampard time.

    18. Brendan Giddens

      Lampard went 17 games unbeaten and look where that got him! Too early to judge TT, but what a bench we have currently!

    19. Andy TC

      Sunburnt in February. Not a bad life!

    20. Panashe Zuze

      I don't know why, but im getting 2012 vibes this season 😂 maybe we'll win the Champions league 👀😂

    21. Brad Daszkiewicz

      Favorite Chelsea game u saw in person

    22. Pr kalenga petit beau

      YES GUYS!!!!!🤗

    23. Nikki Olaleye

      Do u think tuchel will include kai

    24. Kunle Ajibade

      Chelsea just fielded arguably second team against Newcastle and won....is this the beginning of great things from Chelsea or another route to.....

    25. Fission

      Q&A : Do you think we may end up losing players like Zouma, Billy Gilmour, Chilwell, etc to lack of game time?

    26. jess acevedo


    27. Erika RF

      Question, would you ever consider also making content about CFC Women?

    28. Šerif Lelić

      Will you stay in Bali or will you go back to London?

    29. Šerif Lelić

      Maaan,i really want Kai and Timo to start smashing it for us! Players need to adapt to the system,like Hakim and Ben,if not they ain't playing that much..

    30. Hutto Chishi

      Q&A:Hansi Flick mentioned that Chelsea would go a long way in the CL, realistically do u think Chelsea will come out victorious against Atl Madrid who are playing good football this season.

    31. Paul Pattaya

      Possesion since tt took over as been excellent my only worry is how chances we are creating. We need more.

    32. Bro Zone

      Q&A: Any updates on how Malang Sarr is doing?

    33. Feral GSXR

      Q&A: Could you see Pulisic as a sub (or starter) in the current Timo position of the central-striker-overlapping #8? I feel that one thing Chelsea is conspicuously missing are players attacking RWB crosses. Pulisic seems to always go kamikaze balls-out, very usefully, to attack the ball in those situations where Timo/Giroud/Tammy often hold their runs for cutbacks. If relieved of the far left side bias he usually plays with, playing centrally off Giroud/Tammy, could you see him attacking crosses better and becoming the #1 scorer for the second half of the season?

    34. Ozy Mandias

      You're looking a bit thin, mate. Hope all is well.

    35. kabir hosangadi

      we need to calm down and evaluate tt after 1 month because we play man united, Liverpool, atletico Madrid x2, Leeds, Everton and Southampton in that time

    36. Simon Tan

      Should Reece James play as a centre back since CHO is playing rwb?

    37. Sam Van Hollebeke

      Q and A: What chances do you give use against Atletico? All the best from Seattle

    38. Tony Sniz

      Q&A: What do you think the future of N’Golo Kante looks like at the club. Tuchel seems to love him, but do you think it’s time for him to move on? Especially considering we could use the money to buy a player like Haaland.

    39. Ashley Ngulube

      Q&A: Do you think we should continue to play 3 atb until the end of the season ?

    40. Ryan Stallcup

      What’s up with Tuchel and Zouma?

    41. Sishir Aryal

      What does the future hold for N’golo Kante moving forward??...he has gone down the pecking order under Thomas Tuchel.

    42. Víctor Daniel Torres Roldán

      Q&A do you think our latest run of favorable results could negatively affect our incoming tougher matches? Given that we faced "weaker" opponents compared to the ones that we have yet to face this month

    43. Joe Howard

      Q&A Is Thomas the new Josè M? (Ugly soccer good results)

    44. Adam Ross

      Q&A: Do you think that our players on loan specifically RLC, Barkley and Tomori will have a chance to break into the squad and be either starters or guaranteed bench players when they return? My personal opinion that as much as we love RLC and Barkley I don’t see how they can break into the midfield when we have such high quality players with Kante, Kova, J5, Mount, Havertz and Ziyech even in the central midfield role. Tomori I see a future with but I believe it’ll depend on how much he enjoys playing for AC Milan. Love to hear your opinion on this, keep up the good work!

    45. RJ Singh

      Q&A: what position do you think we need to improve the most

    46. George Fleck

      Under the current formation we are playing, unfortunately we won't be seeing much of Pulisic, Chillwell and Ziyech. Unless we change to a 4-3-3 they will all be riding the bench the rest of the season.

    47. mikeurgreg

      Q&A : What do you think Tuchel will do with RLC and Barkley next season? will they be sold or squad players? I think It may be a good time to cash in on ross, not sure about RLC though

    48. The sandwich Devourer

      Q&A do you think ziyech, chillwell and zouma have a place in the side under Tuchel

    49. Matt Smith

      Tuchel has been given instructions to restore the transfer value of certain players by of course playing them. We will sell Alonso, Kepa, and Azpi this summer and some other such players.

    50. CHO the GOAT

      Q&A: Should we sell havertz or give him a chance

    51. Karlito

      Q&A: With TT confirming that Werners best position is a left 10 and also hinting that a striker might be his last resort for him and with giroud ageing does that make haaland to Chelsea in the summer that bit more realistic?

    52. I am Sam This is Daddy

      Chelsea v. Tottenham was the most viewed Epl game in America ever and accounted for more than half of international viewers. It was the second most watched sporting event behind the Super Bowl in 2021, unheard of in a large country with a population of over 380 million. Thats a direct result of interest in Pulisic being on the squad. I don’t know how much Chelsea receives from international viewership or jersey sales but Pulisic has definitely created interest in America which is a largely untapped market for English football. Tuchel has done great at restoring some faith in financial investments that have grotesquely underperformed like Timo and Kepa. I wonder what the clubs plan is for pulisic. Are we trying to restore value in Timo to sell him or are we trying to make him a Chelsea icon....or are we

    53. Dylan T

      Frank or tt

    54. Nick Pethick

      Q & A how would u fit all of Chelsea’s ridiculous amount of attacking firepower in to the team

    55. Nicolas Giron

      You can find all the replays of games in the chelsea app😃

    56. 24 swahili TV

      What's your fav. Comb: 1.kante vs Joginho 2.kante vs kova 3.Joginho vs kova And , who do you prefer, between 1.azp and James 2.Alonso and Ben Last, what's your strongest 11

    57. Jefferson Wali

      Q&A: Thoughts on Kai?

    58. Informalfrog 789

      Q&A: do you reckon we need a future replacement at lwb due to Alonso age/ if tuchel will find out if he’s the man for the job?

    59. henry boxer

      Tuchel has been lucky so far. Results could have gone differently, and other results have worked for us. To be honest I am not seeing the improvement in the way we play, progress the ball, it's not enjoyable to watch.Only positives I can see is that Werner is getting the space he needs to run into, like Vardy might. Rudiger isnt a goal threat like Zouma can be, so that's not a good move. I see Kova and Jorgihno working well together, and CHO looking sharp in his new role. But otherwise it's the same problem, no direct penetration, no world-class goal scoring centre forward. So we will be very lucky to grab 4th spot. Maybe time to give Diego Costa a yr contract?

    60. Pholletsi Kolane

      Where do you think Ziyech should play in the 3 4 3 system,

    61. Ad Kads

      Let’s see how Chelsea play under Tuchel when we play a decent team. All our recent games have been with inferior teams .

    62. Conor

      Q and A Do you think chelsea will back TT in the summer and if so do you think they will EXPECT him to win the PL or other trophies

    63. Jørgen Rene

      Q&A: Do you think that either Fikayo Tomori, Marc Guehi or Malang Sarr will be a starter for Chelsea next season? Guehi has been bossing it in the Championship this season as well as Sarr has been great for Porto

    64. station

      Question Time: Q&A If it please Your Lordship, when Jorgino, Alonso and Kepa are sold / loaned this Summer, won't you agree playing them was a condition of T. Tuchel's employment?

    65. Krex N45

      Optus sport benson

    66. Will Laing

      How do you think Tuchel will move forward with such an abundance of quality attacking wingers and do you think any of them could be heading out of the club?

    67. Sam Harding

      We got too many attacking players need to go to a 4231 to get the best out of all the players we have at our club

    68. Al Dan

      Q&A.. Do you Kante is apart of Tuchel plan?.

    69. Santiago Emilio leon

      If you could bring back a Chelsea legend, who would it be? I’m super Chelsea fan from México 🇲🇽🇲🇽🔵⚪️🔵⚪️

    70. Mikael Kule

      Q&A: What do you think will happen with Broja, Anjorin and other youngsters that are loaned under Tuchel?

    71. Moses Kazevu

      Q: Do you think TT will last longer than any other manager we have ever had?

    72. Samuel Regent

      Q&A - Yes George! What's your thoughts on playing 2 No 10s? With 4-5 star players (Werner, Mount, Ziyech, Pulisic, Havertz, RLC etc) is this a good or bad problem for Tuchel?

    73. Arch 274

      Q&A who should we sign


      Do you think Gilmour will start again soon? Do you think we will soon have 2 striker ? Do you think our coach will use other formations? Do you think the team has been practicing these other formations?

    75. Karl Vassallo

      George, great vid as always - my question is why is no one mentioning the fact that we dont sit back and defend at a goal up or 2, we keep going at it reminiscent of Ancelotti days. Just love that we don't end the last 10mins living in fear!

    76. Reflections And Resonance

      People acting like Tuchel has been an absolute revelation are incredibly short term focused and looking with rose tinted W shaped glasses. Its not really 3 at the back. There's a lot of protection for the defensively liable Jorginho. Its more like 5 at the back. He's come in after the heavy and fatigue inducing fixtures Lampard had to deal with. He's playing a much less physical and more conservative playstyle just grinding results against relegation fodder. It's pandemic friendly football but in a normal season Lampards style would have been far better. Going forward they haven't been that impressive with Tuchel. It's likely Chelsea were going to pick up those same results with Lampard after the heavier congestion thinned out. Lampards football was pretty fluid going forward and they just needed Havertz, Werner and Ziyech to have time in a real season to show what could really come of it. It's totally flawed to lay any criticism on Chelsea's attacking under Lampard when they had scored a lot, hadn't yet had a normal season and he was judged far too harshly under extreme circumstances of a pandemic in the most congested season in history. He basically got sacked because the external circumstances led to high levels of fatigue which wouldn't be the case in a normal season. Lampard was clearly aiming for high intensity attacking football of the kind that took Klopp 3 years to get Liverpool fully flowing on in normal seasons. Lampard didn't have a single normal season and still made faster progress in a lot of ways. That showed with a 17 game unbeaten run before the fixtures got insanely heavy for the more physically demanding styles of side (Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs etc). Going forward if Tuchel sticks to just cloning Contes style then he won't last. It's not exciting. It's likely to be easily sussed by real competition of top 6 sides as it was when Conte was in charge and fans got bored of that negative style too.

    77. Brogan Cordingley

      Just fit a new plug, we need the sign!

    78. Fula Ludwig

      Our are players struggling to shoot or drive the ball inside the box

    79. D K

      Q&A: How do you think Tuchel will improve our attacking play?

    80. Thomas tuchel is a mold-ester g

      Thomas tuchel Accomplishments Amateur German footballer = absolutely nuffing Worked in a bar = ?? Model =broke camera 📷 Mainz =who are they? Newcastle =rejected Dortmund = sacked Psg = sacked Chelsea = 💩 soon to come

    81. Bleu Sky

      Tuchel is idiot, yes they won 3 games 2 teams were 2ed division 1 struggling to stay floating ummmm WEAK coach loser, he will drive Chelsea to the cliff remember my words

    82. Ankit Jha

      Q&A: Do u think moving forward we should keep playing with 3 cbs under Tuchel. Personally, I think it does give us extra defence solidity but also kinda compromises our attack e.g. we don't create that many chances.

    83. Aaron

      Listening to the SEpromrs fawn over beating teams in the bottom 10 of the table is pathetic, he hasn’t done anything yet and dropping your best players to try and get Werner going isn’t a plan.

    84. Victor Agafe

      Trust me stop praising Thomas tucel Chelsea fanbase re happy at the moment but when we hit a bad form of run u ll see a different fanbase, the same people praising tucel now re the same people that's going to turn on him let's wait and see

    85. Triff Ov

      Do you see Mount as a winger in Chelsea's future?

      1. Icewallowcome 1


    86. Jack Spillane

      Q&A timo is starting to pick up form do you think its luck or is he starting to show his moneys worth

    87. B C

      Today my friend you completed the British stereotype cycle with that sunburn.

    88. Jake Beare

      Q&A:Do you think Chelsea need to go in for a world class cb in the summer given the wealth of young talented cb's out on loan such as Malang Sarr, Marc Guehi, Ethan Ampadu and even Xavier Mbuyamba from the u23's. Can any of them cut it in Chelsea's first team?

    89. Chris Garner

      The second team could beat the first! Zyech, Giroud, Pulisic, Kante, Gilmore, James, Chilwell, Zouma, et. al....but they are not getting time!

      1. Icewallowcome 1

        You what?ziyech has been poor Under tuchel Giroud has been playing under him Pulisic has 1 goal 0 assists in 11 games

    90. Nevets Ekoor

      What i find different, or difficult to understand is, how Lamps couldn't find a way to make CFC better with the new signings, yet although we're playing better under Tuchel, less of the new signings are playing yet we're playing better. Pretty sure if Lamps wasn't under so much pressure to get them playing he'd still be there. Don't see Tuchel using the money spent any better.

    91. Saviour Mwamba

      Yes guy's let's give tuchel support we really looking for this.

    92. Leo D'Silva

      Q & A - Will Giroud continue to play in the #10 role as he did in the Newcastle game? Mount and Werner were further forward and had the license to run onto through balls while Giroud arrived late in the box in that game. This was very evident with the first goal where Werner crossed it in and Mount, not Giroud, ran in for the tap in, the keeper parried it out and Giroud latched onto the ball from a deeper position. I think it's a good idea because it lets Giroud hold up the ball (something he's very good at) in a very dangerous position, thus pulling defenders towards him and creating gaps for the front men to run into. What do you think?

    93. Clutch1h

      The problem is we think they are going to be ok with them being rotational players. Puli, Havertz and Z are not that. If they play well and don't get starts, they will get unhappy and leave. That's just it and there's no argument. There's no such thing in football as starters who rotate. It doesn't exist, if anyone of those players don't get that they will leave. They have national teams goals and they are going to want to play. We need to sell players that we think aren't going to be the main stay of the team. Chelsea comes first but these players can cause problems just like some did under Lamps. The hard truth is between Puli, Z, CHO, Mount, Tammy, Giroud, Timo and Kai, some of them will have to go. Because each one of the players wont be ok with starting twice a month and 20 mins appearances. No matter who the manager is. I see Puli Chilly and Z as the main players who at the moment are probably worried about their future with club and rightfully so. Personally I think Puli is the most talented attacker we have. But a lot don't agree and that's fine. I think Puli leaving would be a huge loss for Chelsea but his improvement as a player and goals as a player are going to come first for him. We cannot be selfish and think these guys are going to happy next season with rotational duties esp since the World Cup is a year away and qualifiers are close to happening. We need to be more rational.

    94. AHMED

      Q&a do you think pulisic will play this season and will he be there at chelsea

    95. Cameron Boyall

      Q&A: Do you think Tuchel has a long-term plan for Mount at the club? Will we see Mount have the same game time next season as this season?

    96. Joe R.G

      If Tuchel gets sacked who realistically can we now employ as manager. We’ve already used so many managers hahah

    97. Sam Birkett FC

      Q&A do you think Chelsea will splash the cash on haaland

    98. Magnus Støver

      What formation do you think we'll end up with as the best one for tuchel and our team? huge fan

    99. Steve Northall

      Do you feel his plan is get as much money for the older players by putting them in the window because the younger ones are the future could that have been a stipulation from above .

    100. Steve Silk

      Pleased with progress being made by Tuchel but must say I'm quite concerned about his plans for Christian and Chilly .