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  1. Football Therapy

    Road to 200k

  2. Gruffles

    Here's to 200,000 subs.

  3. ian jimmy

    if we can beat barcelona in their prime, so with real, perform to the max

  4. Jay Jay

    As much as I love hazard I would love to knock out Real Madrid with Reece James absolutely dominating him down the wing 🤣🤣

  5. Aftabuddin Sarkar

    It has to be a Kante masterclass 💙

  6. Dør

    If Oli goes then Aguero would fill in his role perfectly


    Hazard will know that he made the wrong decision leaving CHELSEA when pulisic scores a solo goal in front of him


    2012 they said chelsea won't finish top 4 when we met barcelona now is real madrid.who else is thinking what am thinking.

  9. F O

    🐍 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  10. Jessica Farrugia


  11. Mr Reality

    So, I would prefer to keep Emerson over Sandro! Emerson is 26 and has been a great squad player. if Alonso leaves, which is quite likely considering he will be 31 by Decemeber this year, emerson will get more chances and might become a great player for Chelsea! Barkley although has had injuries at Villa has not been that great. even at Chelsea he just never played at the right level. The way i see it is would a top 3 team in any of the major leagues sign Barkley? the answer is no. Getting tired of all this Haaland crap, hes incredible but not the only striker available. on top of that all are new signings who are just stating to settle in may become the goal scoring machines we are looking for. ie Havertz and Werner. I still think Chelsea need a Premiere league level striker, somone like Costa or drogba, but not to pay ridiculous amount of money for. Hell, if Chelsea are going to go all out for Haaland, might as well go for Mbappe, not only is he a good goal scorer but also a good playmaker. When Haaland does not get service, he is not threatening, look what happened to him in the City games I'm sure with the price tag they are slapping on Haaland Chelsea could sign any striker. Kane, Lewendowski, Laurato, Dybala, etc.

  12. 12superalan

    You forgot to talk about pustic as he was massaging getting all the free kicks and mad skills

  13. Fajar Rifki

    Alexsandro for what? We don't need that flop oldman

  14. lami lamere

    Bro Chelsea stands no chance against Real Madrid. The club that does is Man City

  15. Gianni C

    For me, if we could bag Aguero for free this summer and then offload Tammy and maybe Oli G, that would be class for the short term

  16. Brandon

    My dream LB would be Raphael guereiro. He would change an epl team more than Sancho would imo

  17. Omoregbee Ikponmwosa

    Sandro is shit

  18. Adem Kilinc

    Chelsea have to go all out for Haaland if he sadly doesn't come we should look at players like DCL ings and etc

  19. Blue Lion

    nooo inter wants emerson too let's use him + cash for lukaku

  20. Yusuf I

    Good Afternoon guys Eden back?

  21. galwayboy1956

    Trouble with Barkley was his inconsistency.

  22. P. Strong

    I hope haaland is the next one! Tammy needs to go ASAP!

  23. Eddy Sylverstin

    Prefer Alex Sandro than Ben Chewill! Chewill is fat & slow! Rice back to Chelsea??? 😂😂😂 the biggest jokes! Another overrated! Barley for cheap sell!

  24. Adem Kilinc

    Chelsea need to score goals 1 or 2 goals are not enough

  25. RexyMegaflex

    yeah haaland must go to the blues and Sergio aguro must go

  26. Lewis Young

    why did you move from uk

  27. idrisrr

    Cmon George cmon Chelsea💙💙💙💙💙

  28. john tang

    Why should we get an injury prone, past his peak striker? Are we to compete with City with a striker they let go? Any resell value? I need some sound logic for this one.

  29. chance luwong

    Give matseen chance than buying old man sandro

  30. Sina Modareszade

    thought the first box gonna be pulisic. how could you NOT give him a box GB?

  31. JG Ballard

    I don't want ANY player at 1m a week. We're coming out of Covid-19, and he wants a million a week?!? No. Let someone else have him.

  32. Ben plank

    I don’t know why we don’t go for mbappé

  33. Ben plank

    I honestly don’t know why we don’t go for mbappé. Would be stupid not too

  34. RMY 100

    What about Harry Kane to Chelsea?

  35. Sam Freeman

    If we can avoid City, we can win the whole thing.

  36. Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin

    The look on Zidane's face when Mateo Kovacic drives through Luka Modric, Casemiro and Kroos right in front of him near the touchline: 🤔😐😑😕

  37. jonathan solomons

    Aquero +Richarlison to Chelsea...Haaland is going to city..

  38. Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin

    The look on Eden Hazard's face after Christian Pulisic goes past 4 Real Madrid players at Stamford Bridge and sets up Kai Havertz to score: 😦😧🙄😏😡😠😕😔😣😩😫😭

    1. Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin

      @Bil 1995 it makes perfect sense🤣🤣 Madrid can't score us. We are sailing through

    2. Hojatollah Habibi

      @Bil 1995 joker in a good way btw

    3. Hojatollah Habibi

      @Bil 1995 I'm a chelsea fan ur a joker bro 🤣🤣

    4. Bil 1995

      @Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin that didn't make any sense 😂 madrid knocks out chelsea mark my words.. but hey, may the best team win

    5. Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin

      @Bil 1995 yep...the alarm from the stadium announcer waking me up just before i see that look on Eden's face cus Havertz scored😂

  39. Kayodé Grimes

    This white adidas jersey gives me bad vibes George.

  40. Hasif Imran

    I think we should sell Tammy, maybe Alonso and the loanies (RLC,Ross and few that I forgot their names)


    George if you can’t go Istanbul, are you coming back to London?

  42. Cory Verses

    Sandro to Chelsea is the longest running transfer rumour since Hulk to Chelsea

  43. MRcubey

    What’s happening with hazard

  44. Paul Pattaya

    Harry Kane and Declan Rice to stamford bridge. Champions of Europe. 😁

    1. Sidick Kamara

      @Paul Pattaya so will haaland

    2. Paul Pattaya

      @Sidick Kamara We need a out n out goalscorer Kane would be Ideal.

    3. Sidick Kamara

      We don't need kane

  45. northfleetkai dixoneagles

    We've got to semi of CL without a 30 goal super striker. Aguero is proven even at his age he will almost guarantee to score every 120 mins he plays . Haaland as great as he is at those prices rather have aguero. Who knows mbappe in a couple of seasons will be up for grabs and he is proven just ask Munich fans

  46. Shlok Pai Kane

    Tammy should be given a chance by Tuchel to prove himself, I really don't want him to leave :(

  47. FAIZ

    City will buy jimenez. Mark my words

  48. 11 ELEVEN

    Chelsea: Stade Rennes Krasnodar Sevilla Atletico Porto Very Easy Real: Schakhtar Mönchengladbach Inter Atalanta Liverpool Medium City: Marseille Olympiacos Porto Mönchengladbach Borussia Easy PSG: Istanbul United Leipzig Barcelona Bayern Very Hard

  49. muhamad umar

    Haaland 1m perweek bullsht. Aguero and kane in, tammy giroud out.

  50. Black Magic

    imagine the scenes, Sandro, Rice, and Aguero in for Emerson, Barkley, and Giroud. that in itself is an amazing transfer window and we haven't even touched on Haaland yet🤯🤯

    1. Omoregbee Ikponmwosa

      @Black Magic give us cash for Emerson we already have 2 left backs

    2. Black Magic

      @Ar Jku giroud is a baller n i rate him highly but he’s gonna want to play at the world cup next year n he needs to be starting every game to do so. aguero is different gravy though and to have someone like him on the bench or even to start some games is too good to turn down. it’s either tammy or giroud to leave and tammy is still young so he can go out on loan or something

    3. Black Magic

      @Omoregbee Ikponmwosa alex sandro is still a better replacement for emerson even if he’s past his prime

    4. Ar Jku

      I don't really want to see Giroud go.

    5. Omoregbee Ikponmwosa

      Which Sandro? Alex Sandro? Godforbid

  51. TokeeYoo

    Im hoping for a Chelsea, hazard and tibo reunion 😍❤️👑

    1. Dave weststand

      No Chelsea fan wants a reunion with Courtois the ( SNAKE).

  52. lamo lmao


  53. Correl George

    We surely need Oliver Giroud's aggression against Madrid. No need for Aguero to Chelsea. We are currently doing okay. Let's not kill Timo but give him a time to get back his confidence. At that point, Chelsea would be monstrous.

  54. First name Last name

    Why is thibaut a snake but Eden isn’t just curious

    1. Cameron Nutt

      Thibaut forced his way out of club. Stopped turning up to training . Thats why hes a snake

  55. Rajkumar Vijay

    How about Aguero for now, Kai main guy, and we focus on rice and bellingham

  56. Kehinde Seun

    What I don't like about u is that u always accept everybody they link to Chelsea

  57. Kaushik Saha

    I know I am in the minority but don't want Halaand. Timo and Kai will come good. Get Aguero on a free for a couple of years and you are good to go. There is no point going after Belotti, Ings etc when Tammy is potentially better than them.

  58. Max Taylor

    Sandros could play left CB

  59. Krex N45

    It is time for Chelsea to slay courtius for his disrespect to the club COME ON YOU BLUES TIME TO BE KINGS OF EUROPE 👑👑👑👑

  60. anthony bravot

    What is it with Chelsea and Spain in this year champions league! At the group stage Chelsea played against Sevilla in Spain; in the round of 16 Chelsea played against Athletico Madrid (a Spanish side); Quarter final stage Chelsea played against Porto both legs in Spain; now in semi final Chelsea will play against Real Madrid( first leg in Spain). The match against Real Madrid will make it the 3rd Spanish side and the 4th match in Spain in this season champions league.

  61. Joe Fufu

    Who is a better duo jorg and kante or kova and kante

  62. NVY 014

    Your shirt kinda screams "Hala Madrid" 😏

  63. Robby Jarvis

    I'm over the Sandro swap deal...

  64. Liam Yates

    Why is George acting like he came up with the idea of City signing Ings?🤣

  65. Wesley Coulter

    Barkley and Abraham for rice 😉

    1. Ash Young

      We can add one more player to make this happen ----- Drinkwater

  66. Bame Mmusi

    Santiago Bernabeu is being renovated, Real Madrid use the B team / training ground the Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano. The dimensions are the same as the Bernabeu. They last played a UCL match at the Santiago Bernabeu against Manchester City in the round of 16

  67. Rory Jennings

    Genuine question-have you booked Istanbul?

    1. Anonymous

      @Sebastian you want to do it now or you’ll be paying hundreds more

    2. Jake 123

      @Antoine Helal it’s all down to the Turkish government ultimately, UEFA don’t really get a say in it. Anyone know if Turkish football has fans back yet?

    3. RexyMegaflex


    4. Antoine Helal

      Will there be fans?

    5. Sebastian

      I will be doing so if we beat Real

  68. Ashadh Zareen

    It's a tough game, we need to stay calm and focused, work hard for the wins

  69. AJAY AJ

    Completely forgot about batshuayi aye Benson.?

  70. Benjy gresham


  71. Kavabunga Man

    Even if we don't go through i am proud of this squad

    1. Dawood Pervez

      @muhand nasri oh shut up. We’re going to win it.

    2. Adem Kilinc

      What's that mentality ChelseaFC and us want to win the champions league this season we have to try our best and Hopefully win it all

    3. ko ko

      We have to win it COYB

    4. muhand nasri

      That’s man city mentality we have to win it

  72. Vishnu Mithra

    I want kane in for chelsea

  73. Gursharan Singh

    I think that we should go for Kane and Aguero. That will be very good but I hope Abraham and Giroud stay. Abraham should get a chance

  74. Remi minnaar

    How about Sergio and Kane to chelsea that does sound Bad both proven

  75. abdulrahman alali

    Hey George

  76. Haider Ali

    4:30 ‘ I think Sancho’🤣🤣

  77. Ebong Kingsley Ewang

    I would prefer mbappe to haaland everyday,complete striker

    1. Rami ESADKI

      Me too but I don’t think we can get him 😃

  78. serhat 67

    How is swapping 30 year old Sandro with huge wages with 26 year old Emerson a good deal?

  79. Ebong Kingsley Ewang


  80. Khanya Mngadi

    Joao Felix going to be special, we should sign him. I don't really mind the false 9 system. Then add Aguero for back up

    1. skrrrt cobain

      We have pulisic lol we're gucci