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  1. Jaydeep Vaze

    We received 30m for lukaku. How is that a failure?

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  3. Jaime leon guzman

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. we are gonna kill it next season. We got Haaland and Hakimi already 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗. We are the best. Im so excited already. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Jaime leon guzman

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. we are gonna kill it next season. We got Haaland and Hakimi already 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗. We are the best. Im so excited already. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Ethan Gaming Channel

    RIP eriksen

  6. Eljilali Abd elghani

    Hakimi will get a tiket for exeeding speed limit in premier league 😅

  7. Chris Fraser

    I’m sorry, but I can’t see Dortmund selling Sancho AND Haaland in the same window. It just makes no sense for them to do that regardless of the fee.

  8. Brutus Segun

    I like Hakimi but I do not think that he is the best signing for Chelsea, at least not for now, I have doubts about players coming into the Premier league and performing in the first season. I do think that playing Reece James more often as a right back or right wing back is good for his growth. I do think that Traore can step in to be a very good back up or even starter in CFC, he has the experience playing in the premier league and he’s proving to be one of the best right wing back in the EPL. Hold on signing Hakimi and get Haaland in ASAP.

  9. Juan Van Oudtshoorn

    Your South African accent 😂😂😂🇿🇦 when were you is RSA bruuuuu 😂😎🤙🏼

  10. ronnix abuya

    Welkm hakim

  11. Joe

    I’m happy if haaland joines Chelsea because he is just as good as Werner last year And all bundesliga players come to England not expecting it to be tough then flop Premier league is a big step up to other leagues they play about 2 3 times a week and no winter break. Like lewandowski isn’t proven in a big league

  12. Ayushya Kaul

    George you have to cover CFC Women, they're one of the best in Europe right now and it's criminal that you haven't even mentioned them in any one of your videos. Cmon, how else will women's football gain traction unless we start supporting it more ?

  13. hannah simpson

    livramento breakthrough, if we dont sign hakimi🙏🏼

  14. Papyfire

    Fast forward the video speed to 1.25x and thank me later

  15. Jacques Mbikila

    🤔🤔🤔👁The youngest team that ever won the champions league final🐯CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA🙆🙆🙆💪💪💪💯/💯👍🙏👋👋👋

  16. David Kerslake

    Great video George, lets all hope Maria manages to sign both players.

  17. Daniel Ochoa

    My diferents lineups With Haaland 3-4-3 Mendy Azpi Thiago Rudi James Kante Kova Chitwell Mount Werner Haaland 4-2-3-1 Mendy James. Thiago. Rudiger. Chitwell Kante. Kovacic Havertz. Mount. Werner Haaland 4-3-3 Mendy James Thiago Rudiger Chitwell Kante Kovacic Mount Havertz Werner Haaland Let me know what you think 🔵🔥🙌🏻🇻🇪

  18. James H

    Just get the deals done early , TT would then be able to get the squad settled and ready for a Huge season challenging on all fronts .. These two signings would be awesome .. Bring D Rice back as well 🙏💙

  19. Replicant 2049

    Winning the CL is only 5 million extra compared to runners up. Most of the money would be sponsors I guess

  20. Eoghan Bourke

    We've made no offer

  21. ThorCorp

    I'm still not confident Haaland is coming to Chelsea

  22. Nihal Jung

    George doing everything to bring Halland to Chelsea including wearing a black and yellow shirt to bring him home 🐐🐐🐐🐐

  23. Timothy james

    Good morning

  24. Shanta Robinson

    Tuchel is going to need to reconstruct Chelsea’s entire field of play if they want Haaland to succeed. Chelsea lacks the confidence to pass the ball when players try to run into open space. That style of play is engrained in a lot of the academy players and veterans on the team. The impediment was amplified when the former Chelsea player, Frank Lampard, became manager which led to the team's lack of creativity, foresight and intelligence. These players prefer to pass it back, sideways or to the corners. But, I believe Tuchel is very intelligent and we will have a great team to watch next season. I look forward to Tuchel's plans, he provides a lot of thought and will mold everything together.

  25. henry boxer

    ANOTHER FLOP AND HUGE WASTE OF MONEY ABOUT TO HAPPEN? Torres, Morata Schevchenko and now Haaland. Why risk it. MADESS: For sure Chelsea want to try,” said Romano. “If Chelsea want to do something crazy, and when I say crazy, it’s more than €150m (£129.6m).” At such a high fee, it begs the question - is it really worth it? Arguably not

  26. manza ghad


  27. manza ghad

    Hope Hakim don't join Chelsea and hope Ziyach leave the club to AC MILAN OR ATLETICO MADRID

  28. Burton Ballerz - A Chelsea FC Channel

    I think we may all be dissapointed

  29. Michael Plane

    We have a month to sort out our transfers, should be enough time.

  30. Ashwin Thomas

    Just a random fact, Timo scored 28 from 34 matches before the season he joined Chelsea. Haaland has scored 27 from 28 matches this season. Both did it in Bundesliga. Lewandowski has scored 41 from 29. Andre Silva 28 from 32. I agree that haaland is a beast, but Bundesliga is a more offensive league with freedom for players to run behind the defence. Whereas in th PL we don't get that freedom, Maybe the towering presence of Haaland could help him. But I would like chelsea to go after Dominic Calvert Levin, Capitalise on the Everton situation. Pretty sure he won't cost 150mn. We could wait for another year for Haaland. Just my thoughts. 🙏🏻

    1. Ashwin Thomas

      Chelsea must also compete for the signature of Manuel Locatelli from Sassuolo. Dude is good at covering the defence and is capable of spraying long passes, I feel he would be an upgrade to Jorginho. The Haaland money could be used wisely elsewhere. Just my thoughts 🙏🏻

  31. Tomy Johnson

    Champions of Europe ! COYB!

  32. Miyagi Do

    lmao chelsea wants to swap emerson with hakimi

  33. Clicking Buttons

    What we have Silva Rudiger Zouma Christensen James Azpi Sarr Guehei (wrong spelling) Who can play across that back 3. Hakimi can play RWB or LWB and for that third WB spot we still have Azpi or Livramento for some cup games or lower league games. Haaland up front is the dream but if we cant get Lukaku or Haaland I would not mind getting Lautaro Martinez. 17 goals 6 assists for Inter I think hed be worth it.

  34. Carl Akselsen

    Hi George! I sent you some inside information about this transfer on your DM on Instagram. I´m friends with close friends of Erling in Norway. My IG is @carljoshh, check your DM

  35. Carl Akselsen

    Hi George! I sent you some inside information about this transfer on your DM on Instagram. I´m friends with close friends of Erling in Norway. My IG is @carljoshh, check your DM

  36. My Self

    Hallaand or Kane or Lewandosky??

  37. Zigzag

    Haaaland Hakimi getting back together ..? Domination.


    i will be happy when the deals are done

  39. Noah Myles

    i don’t want haaland. haaland is ugly.

  40. KTBFFH1

    If RJ goes to RCB what happens to Christensen?

  41. MJOTD !

    "Dave" is proven in the prem, the physicality, pace, the hard tackles, where as Hakimi could be brilliant, or could fall flat on his face....tricky one? - Thoughts anyone??

  42. Ewa Drerrie

    Not one of the best wingback. The best wingback bro

  43. Wyman Griffin

    Roman trying to build an absolute dynasty for the next decade 💪🏾

  44. Bryan Wickes

    Reece can always play CM too

  45. leogriev

    How does everyone feel about Haaland joining and potentially destroying the wage structure at the club if he's going to earn the amount reported? A happy squad more important in my opinion.

  46. Matiwos Gere

    i wish kimmich to come to chelsea wiz ngolo kante OMG🤩

  47. mery castro

    Hey George , I have an idea four content in your show. With Euros, Nations League, copa america, Qualifiers and etc... going on in the world , why don't you do an episode on how Current Chelsea players are doing . Christian Pulisic just won't the Nations League in Concacaf, England's boys , French boys , Goergino with Italy, in the Euros etc... Would be nice

  48. Xavier

    People keep saying chelsea are ruining football because we want haaland and hakimi but Psg spent 222 on neymar can u explain this

  49. Random Clips

    Imma be honest we don’t have to money we ain’t getting hallend

  50. Centrey

    9:55 Signing Haaland in 2001? A one year old as Chelsea's striker? He'd probably still bag a few more than Timo!

  51. Shiven Chopra

    If Alonso and Emerson are to leave then I think we need to sign someone who can play LWB. As long as RWB is concerned, we already have Reece and we have also seen CHO doing a great job at RWB. So I think we are already covered for the right side.

  52. Shiven Chopra

    leave Hakimi but surely sign Haaland!

  53. Chizzy Uwajubogu

    Been a fan of your video's for a you have an IG handle to follow you on....??

  54. Dave weststand

    Aspi has been a very important player for Chelsea and will go down in dispatches as one of our legends !! Ok, time and tide wait for no man, but I'm sure we will get another couple of years out of our special.' DAVE' !!!!

  55. TimmyTheSnail

    9:54 tell me where you got your time machine???

  56. Daniel Medved

    If we sign haaland I'm gonna have tears of joy I swear because we will dominate the premier league for atleast 4+years their trying to build a young squad that can all develop together lads this is could be our decade !!

  57. Marcus Lee

    All of the big transfers won’t get done till after the Euros period. And with the Euros beginning tomorrow, even the lesser deals probably will be lucky to get completed before the Euros are over. Haaland? No. Simply not a practical deal given his salary demands. He will be at Dortmund next season. Hakimi looks the business and could be done within a week. Tomori to Milan is now almost done at £28.5m along with a Giroud for a cut price transfer fee instead of a loan deal. We’ll get a striker after the Euros but certainly not the Norwegian. Another centre back looks the only likely other possibility at least at it stands. Exciting times.

  58. Felicien Mbala

    I understand how Hakimi is fantastic, but why not to bring back Tomori at Chelsea? All the qualities you describe in Hakimi are in Tomori.

  59. Ahmed Benhoummad

    The duality hakimi lukaku was fantastic I can see the same senario between hakimi and halaand Hakimi assist halaand in the past with Dortmund

  60. Omar Villagomez

    Hopefully we get haaland 💰💰💰💰🤞🏻

  61. Andrea La Gamba

    Hakimi will be sold for 80 million €

  62. Kam Private

    Remember if you sack Ziyech you won't get Hakimi, that's clear it's his national teammates so am i, and I hate how he's held responsible for other players awkwardness

  63. Alf 99

    Hakimi 40 mil + Emerson wld be ideal

  64. The beard father

    Reece James will go LCB 100% with hakimi as the RWB . That would be 1 deadly right flank . Thinking about azpi and his age

  65. Boris Ivanović

    Hakimi reminds me of Ashley Cole

  66. Ben M

    Rumour has it we've agreed personal terms with Hakimi. Let's get business done ASAP though. Don't like to leave things too late into the window.

  67. Cef fy

    I know that Inter are looking for a cash deal, but it would be ideal for Chelsea to include Ziyech so that he can go somewhere where he’ll get playing time while it also helps get rid of one of our many attackers. That way, we can make getting Hakimi more of a bargain and also have the funds to secure Haaland.

  68. Jaime leon guzman

    People get so gassed when seeing these videos. Its literally just rumours. Its just a guy reading out rumours which are put out on the internet every day.

  69. Joe Turner


  70. luffy luffy

    Pls remove the thumbnail..he never tweet that...if ppl dont know they might get misunderstood

  71. Osagie Agbonifo

    Old new tho

  72. Gilles Renaut

    You are wearing the colors of Dortmund Benson. 😬 Does that mean something ? 👀

  73. Jonny Jones

    I believe if we get these two we can win both champions league and premier league 😋

  74. Reece Beckett

    No sorry it’s kings 👑 of Europe got a better ring to it

  75. SEKDubstepUkzz

    So nice to see George taking in the constructive criticism 👏🏼👏🏼

  76. Adnaan Baig

    Did any one clock that he said 2001 not 2021

  77. PhantomOfManyTopics

    Can you do more shows with Daria? She is beautiful.

  78. James Drake

    Could Reece James be put in the back three? Who knows only Tommy 'mr tickle' tuchel

  79. Jono

    Invest in a cap georgy boy

  80. Morpheus

    Hakimi is welcome to Chelsea BUT Christensen is not for sale. We even need a new defender and it is not easy to find a top defender of young age.