All things football. My name is George Benson, I am 25 years old, Chelsea FC fan from the UK but living all over the world as a full time traveller. On my Main SEprom channel I post travel and football content.

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Here is my place to sit down, discuss football, all things Chelsea FC, analysing results, teams, competitions and delve into the world of footballing debate. Everyone has their opinion when it comes to football. Fuelled by passion, love, hatred, whatever it may be, I'm always open to hearing and discussing differing opinions within our sport. I encourage everyone to get involved in the comment section of my videos here on this channel. Chelsea FC hold a huge focus within the majority of my content, but I will always try to cover as much as possible around all clubs and competitions!

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  1. soudre abdoul

    Benson we are going to win it believe it

  2. soudre abdoul

    In god’s name

  3. soudre abdoul

    Our beloved Chelsea is going to win the champions league

  4. Riley Gouws

    Madrid is blue💙💙💙💙

  5. Reversed yea yea

    that intro almost gave me a heart attack and this guy shows you what a chelsea fan means rn

  6. Subash Kunwar

    Hi! George when are you coming back to London?

  7. Khush Aalam

    George, your emotions overflowing makes this such a powerful video that Chelsea fans can feel and relate to. Onto Manchester City and European Glory!

  8. costa mano

    Well put Georgy, you're a true Chelsea fan.

  9. Kisa Ed

    My man in tears, this team will be the end of me really. Kante and mendy chills, mount i love this guy

  10. Keith Schultz

    All six boxes belong to Thomas tuchel for Having the courage to drop Captain America and stick with werner!!!

  11. Darlan Forrozeiro

    Chelsea X City campeão vamos Chelsea pra cima 💙

  12. Keith Schultz

    I can't even lie after this match it all came out of me she is in the wall tears and all

  13. Brian Lesnar

    Guys Chelsea can beat city and leicester city at once and it will be the best season for Chelsea.Who is with me?

  14. joseph omoregie

    Hey George how is your man frank lampard. I laugh anytime I remember his interview on the team saying this team is not ready to compete. What a mediocre pathetic lazy poor manager.

  15. joshua wyatt

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 I dont mean to laugh but the start was so relatable

  16. Fiyin Ojoms


  17. Иззат Жохонгиров


  18. Nathan Douglas

    Come on chelseaaaa

  19. Isaac Restrepo

    Im honestly in love wiv mason and kante 😜💙

  20. Dreninho

    NGOLO FOR BALON D'OR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Bikram Thapa

    Cheers to the tears!!! 🍻


    we were too good

  23. Sidikie Sorie

    Love the passion Benson! Gives me goosebumps! I felt the exact same way.

  24. Ajesh

    Ohh George, you made me cry.. what a feeling

  25. Saba Farmanara


  26. Naciri Mohamed

    You are a real fan bro

  27. ARS ARS

    Love it the same feeling and emotional I have as well Chelsea for life

  28. Zaakir Razark

    You can hear in this man voice the love he has for this club

  29. the best of the best

    Chelsea is winning the Champions League this year and the FA cup

  30. Soo

    I wish we drew saved this performance for the finale, Pulisic needs to start either this past game or the game before I woulda rested him in FA cup nightmares of FA cup final last yr. I’m sorry, not trying to negative imagine if timo missed a goal I coulda scored he woulda still started the next game, he didn’t stay onsides just a brain fart he played well but why rest Pulisic if your not gonna start him yesterday havertz looked in form, mount timo have been run in to the ground but mount we need to play as much As possible, a great engine he may be top 5 in form player in EPL. I think we need to give Pulisic more mins if we want to get the best of him,while he’s in form while maintaining health u want him to remain healthy in his head and body he sure looked it yesterday, due to fact he could be a deadly combo w. Mount, as shown in game. I believe in TT but cmon! Love the win, the channel, the blues, love Thomas! but Pulisic shouldn’t be rested two games in a row,(or super sub) kante silent deadly killer I don’t think jorgi gets enough credit cuz he gives kante freedom to run around and creatively passing... along w. Mendy and back line. Thank good ol frank for mount he was his go to, I’m sure he’s like a proud father out there cuz giving mount the captain’s band w. His last game was well deserved, as he may be wearing that for country soon the way he’s playing. Lessgooo blues!!

  31. Shady Nation

    Mount didn’t seal the deal we was gonna move on from the away goal stop it 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😭

  32. Shady Nation

    That’s outside the foot pass by Rudiger 🤩🤩🤩🤯🤯🤯🤯

  33. thilo28ful

    Klopp and Tuchel started their coaching career at my club Mainz05. They both made a great job and we still love them here. May be sounds a bit ridiculous, but I feel a little bit proud, that the second former coach of Mainz is now in the CL final. Chelsea fans, wish you all the the best for the final. In Germany we say : Holt das Ding. Get that thing.

  34. Mr Fish Finger


  35. rhys muldrew

    “Against REAL MADRID”

  36. Mike Cox

    I feel the same as you mate and supporting this team since I was a boy and seeing how things have gone from the mark Hughes and Gianfranco Zola days to this point makes me so proud to be a supporter and thanks for always being awesome and I love watching your videos

  37. Richard Fallon

    George love your passion for Chelsea FC

  38. Hfhdj Jtiir4u

    🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴Chelsea💪💪💪💪❤️ Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. Shady Nation

    Damn benson bout to lose his voice and bawl😢😢😢😢😢

  40. Mark Jenko

    Kai was brilliant

  41. Erwin Sterk

    Lets not forget, Rudiger was stunning this game. Underrated imo. I know he got the green box but he was playing out of his mind. 2nd best player on the pitch against real for sure

  42. Munashe_n15

    Athletico is in Spain broo 😂😂😂

  43. Keith Abbs

    I thought AZPI was masterclass

  44. Dr. Saksham Gulati

    Let's not forget Lampard our club Legend, yes he wasn't the best manager, but he got us in top 4 in a season with inexperienced young players with a transfer ban. Got us to top 4, bought this current crop of players, got us to round of 16.

  45. The lonely blue Whale

    Don't cry yet big George, WE HAVE ONE MORE FUCKING GAME TO GO!!!!! ONE MORE

  46. Dr. Saksham Gulati

    Blue is the Colour 💙 Yes Guys 🔥

  47. NeverBackDown

    Not to bash on George, but it wasn't that long ago his 'Yes Guys' were so depressing. That was under lamps before he went. He commented on my comment saying i was a plastic fan for wanting lampard out, i argues I wanted what was best for the club, and that lampard wasn't that. Just saying as his ever so happy yes guys is down to Tuchel, and he wouldnt have that same tone under lamps right now, if he had his way. Why am I saying this? You gotta watch out for these football channel youtubers, a lot of them are full of shit, don't know shit and are fake as shit.

  48. Nightare6060

    The double?!?

  49. Samba Chaw

    We are going to istabul to win that's what mr tt said on his press congfress

  50. Cecil Morris

    Oh Georgie, reminding evey fan why patience is key.... Tears of Pride (of London)

  51. Luis Montesinos

    Fantastic game!!! I feel so proud to be a Chelsea fan every player put their heart in the game, I feel we can win this cup, the future looks so bright with this great team and manager

  52. David Burian

    Havertz was also amazing and Azpi what a captain.

  53. Mikey J.

    Everybody thinking Chelsea are going to finish mid table in the premier league a few months back. Champions League? Don't even bring it up. Thomas Tuchel "Hold my beer".

  54. Muhammed Ruhail

    Why are your avoiding havertz, he is brilliant today🔥👌

    1. Mikey J.

      The combination of Havertz and Werner up front were a handful for Madrid to deal with. Kai Havertz was very effective.

  55. Thomas King

    Green box for Lampard who built this team and gave the academy players a chance 💙

  56. kidist ambachew


  57. kidist ambachew


  58. KingsTime

    I'm crying as well!!!!!

  59. Uday Thakur

    Had to watch the match at midnight with all my family in deep sleep and when we scored that second goal I kid you not when I say that it's the hardest I've tried not to scream and had to celebrate it in pin drop silence 😂

  60. Mo Saeed

    its gonna be a good match good luck to the chelsea fans

  61. Taopem Shimrah


  62. Celery

    Great result, but lets not get too excited Real Madrid were so poor it was like playing a bottom of the league Championship side. We fluffed so many chances it was getting to the point of being embarrassing. We cannot afford to miss any of those against City in the final. But so far it's been a fantastic season that none of us have been able to go too. Can't wait for the finals both FA Cup and CL.

  63. Vishnu J

    Close to tears? You are crying mate... Like all of us.

  64. John Gestwicki

    You’re video was blurry,,,, but that’s my fault bc I was nodding my head in agreement with a smile on my face the entire time 😂😂😂 fuck ya!!!!! go Chelsea!!!!!

  65. Harry Fc 77

    Best I have ever seen from Kante for a while and mendy was man of the match for you

  66. Allan Kyamudugaza

    I see how Benson loves our boys and club.

  67. Dadapiggles 456

    Real Madrid played terrible.

  68. Brendan McCann

    What a game for kante and the whole of Chelsea

  69. Garren Wright

    FA and UCL finals, TT has been insane!

  70. Ozy Mandias

    Win or lose in Istanbul, this will be remembered as a monumental campaign. I know attention spans and memories are kind of short these days, but taking a little time to go back and watch videos from various points this season and you can appreciate everything that had to go right just to put us at the place we are now. The FA Cup final, the UCL final weren't even being considered and Top 4 seemed like it was a long shot. And here we are!! Now let's see it through!! UP THE FOOKIN' CHELS!!

  71. Joe Cole

    Kai, George.

  72. dervent clarke

    George voice sound terrible....GO CHELSEA!!!!!!!

  73. KJayTO

    Hold the tears bro. We have to win this thing and then just let the emotions out

  74. Official S.O.Praise

    Who are these 62 dislikers?🙄🙄🙄 Common Chelsea, we moveeeee💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  75. John Addison

    I was born in Chelsea. Didn't miss a home match in 33 years. Now living in the mountains of Alicante , Spain. I shouted so loud that my Spanish neighbours were going to call an ambulance. Lol.

  76. FW


  77. Chris Garner

    More boxes were needed for this one and that is because the whole team has raised their game to an incredible level!!!!

  78. Sean McManus

    the passion is beautiful

  79. Rakesh Pani

    Kai Havertz would easily be one of the Top 3 performers of the match!