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  1. Emeke Onwugbonu

    I’m buzzing!!!

  2. Deerbra

    I was convinced that Christensen was too lightweight for Chelsea. Right now I have never been happier to be proved wrong. All that's missing is the odd goal at set pieces. It's going to be hard for Silva to get back in the side.

  3. Emile Moise

    George is totally right! Trust mr Tuchel i‘ve been following him over 15 year now he Not only a Magnificente Coach but also an excellent Football teacher ! Lets wait an see 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Steve Hewitt

    Drogba was shit in his first season

  5. Futabbu

    i know im late but does it not feel good that we faced a team that has 9 at the back

  6. Joey Flynn

    Yes boys. Great game.

  7. HMQ Legend

    if he doesnt get into england's starting eleven in euro, SOUTHGATE OUT, mount needs to be in, reece james desservers to be at leaast on the bench, but if he doesnt i can understand why but he really desserves spot on the bench, reece james is so good.

  8. Footballmania WithFelicia

    If you love gbfc check out this review 🤞🏾 you’ll love it

  9. grifith james

    Christensen ❤️

  10. Skyliner

    Why are german managers so good


    As much as I don't like the 3 back formation if it is getting us wins then I'm more than happy

  12. The beard father

    Let's be 100% on the 5th stand app the African expert are the 1s who hate ALL THE TIME! Asking why is this player playing blah blah blah. Moaning about back passes! Do they expect us to kick it up field and lose it 8 times out of 10 for the sake of it , my favourite is the rubbish English hype players lol they are playing in the English Premiership 🤷‍♂️ 🤣 1 month ago they wanted to linch mount and christensen now they are gods

  13. King David

    Mount was sublimely very good but there were many instances on the counter where Werner was just ahead of him onside with lots of space in front and he just had to slide him in with the outside of his boot especially in the second half. He chose rather to go wide to Chillwell. I screamed at my screen many times as we failed to slide the little pass in to Werner. Imagine if it was De Bruyne behind Werner, he would have had a hat-trick

  14. Aidan O loughlin

    I am very happy with the game but this just showed us how much we are going to need mount against atletico Madrid and he is suspended

  15. Simmy T

    G these are quality points mate

  16. Salaam Soud

    Mount is a talent bt he got tym. The same was for KDB bt had no tym

  17. Tafadzwa Mupita

    I think Jorginho makes any partner he is playing with tick and have a rhythm...So underrated

  18. Daniel Asante

    George enit the new offside rule its just rdiculous cause last season that wouold of been a goal for timo

  19. MB Nobody

    💙Thomas Tuchel are of of the BEST!!!💙

  20. Salaam Soud

    Christiansen is very clean. He don't even sweat

  21. James GARLAND

    Probs to George for getting this video out 3hours after the game

  22. Tafadzwa Mupita


  23. Jordan Hall

    We an incredible, long overdue victory! Absolutely BUZZING

  24. Tafadzwa Mupita

    Ziyech is starting to show what he is made of

  25. Akinde Ayodeji

    George We're no longer seeing ur chelsea career mode in fifa 😟😟

  26. Uitgekleeje Sompige vochtige dikke zwarte jodocus

    Totally agree on you george. Werner got robbed. Just unlucky


    If you saw, Ziyech is going back to the magic pot again. He is gaining vonfidence

  28. Uitgekleeje Sompige vochtige dikke zwarte jodocus

    Hé George. Maybe its a good idea to put in some replays of the moments in the game.

  29. Daniel Stephenson

    Thomas has been a maestro so far, credit where credit is due, I didn't agree with lots of decisions with his selection initially, but I have been proven wrong. Look how happy George is. 😊

  30. Matheo Garrett

    Mason mount robbed of a blue box

  31. Nicholas Sloan

    Why does Christensen look so weird in his photo haha

  32. Arn Gyssels

    master mason

  33. Kiptoo laratia

    Despite Christiansen doing well, I have never RECOVED since 2018 UCL CHELSEA VS BERCA 1-1 when he gave a through pass to INIESTA, Then INIESTA TO MESS......WHAT A GOAL FROM MESS....I WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM!

  34. David Healy

    Whoever dislikes tis vid is either a Liverpool fan or is a proper nonce

  35. Haopu Haokip

    Everyone is a world class under thomas thuchel whereas everyone is a flop under lampard.. Thats the difference between the two

  36. Tshiamo Mokwena

    Without Jorginho, our team does not have the confidence and security to play out from the back. He intuitively knows which positions to take up, where to turn to and how to protect the ball.


    I think no one could mourning for Lampard after this type of performance showed by Chelsea.Thomas magician Tuchel🔥❤😍

  38. Steve Silk

    Think I can now say, Mason is our new Frank Lampard. It would be fantastic if we could see Christian Pulisic firing again. He just needs playing time to bring his cnfidence back.

  39. Matt Smith

    I am glad to see Frank Lampard's son performing well

  40. Chelsea Fan TV

    What a game what a team what a performance

  41. Amazing Chelsea

    Frank Lampard beat them 2:o and they were on form but yea good for Tuchel. All I am saying is do not expect him to be the next pep ok because he will probs be sacked to. I think frank lampard will be back in the job soon

  42. abdulrahman alali

    Hey George

  43. Zebędee HD

    FANTASTIC CHELSEA 💙 what a win lads , let’s keep this momentum going now, up the blues KTBFFH

  44. Simon Kenny

    i think george is waking everyone in the apartment

  45. Greistburn

    Kind of worried about Ziyech tbh.. he is miles from his best form, might be the first to go

  46. Samip Shah

    Manager knows

  47. Masad Bashir Kayse


  48. Claudette Francis

    I feel for Werner clearly a goal His class is shinning through keep going! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  49. Atul Arvind

    Great overall performance by chelsea, impressed by improved forward passing of kante. He made mistakes but imagine if he master forward passing....

  50. Jonas Malm


  51. Kriptoz

    We should talk about azpi too because it will be hard to find a guy who will bring this defensive balance. Don't talk about James his defensive positioning is awful

  52. Anwar

    Man Chistreansean needs to keep this up and we wont need another CB

  53. Savir Arjun

    finished watching interviews at 1am in south africa, woke up at 4:30 because of school, and now I'm watching this in class, YES GUYS

  54. Toby Nowell

    Silvas gonna find it hard to get back in the defence now. Fucking worldclass from the boys in blue!

  55. CelesTiaL

    I'm soooo happy


    Kante is always there for teammates to pass when being pressed.

  57. Chelsea Blues Paradise

    Liverpool have earned just 10 points from 11 Premier League games in 2021, with only West Brom (nine), Newcastle (seven) and Southampton (four) picking up fewer points since the turn of the year.


    Christencen is FULL Of confidence in this game.

  59. ekiru kidalio

    VAR is a joke.VAR lines are drawn by fellow human beings who have a biase and imagination for certain teams

  60. James Humphreys

    Tuchel unbeaten will come to an end, I think Everton will beat you.

  61. Delh

    there were so many 1 touch passes idk if anyone else noticed, they were the most beautiful and precise plays i’ve seen us play in a while

  62. Toyin Lawal

    I really don't understand chilwell lately. Wrong pass, crosses, slow attack and some how sluggish. Look like scam.

  63. Mister Man

    hey george you should start a lil mini series where you give awards monthly,, just to recognize the players who are in form like a potm and maybe address those out of form and what to improve in their game etc

  64. Lennon Backhurst

    Timo Werner now cost 90 mil

  65. 2AG

    Tuchel stays

  66. Lennon Backhurst

    Mount value has gone up to 120 mil

  67. mohapatraabhi29

    I was worries about Kova absence and still was begging for CHO instead of Ziyech..but I think Tuchel knows the best ...boy remember the words when said make chelsea the team others will fear well looks like we r definitely in that direction

  68. Elias Pako J Mothibapula

    It's all smiles 🙂...

  69. Kb Gorman

    Hate to say it sacking Frank was probably the right decision

  70. Nero Pasta

    Kante made a lot of great passes, at first I didnt think it was him! Man his passing in this game was underrated. Tuchel knows every problem of each player and he easily fixes them, man what a manager!

  71. Bepo Raymond

    I love my team We might not win PL Title but I hope we beat up ManCity

  72. Chelsea Blues Paradise

    But to be honest The corners don't feel the same as before

  73. Ahnaf Samin Mizan

    Haaland has snubbed chelsea

  74. Kunal Naik

    Where is Kai Hevetrz fitting in this team and do u think Ziyech having bad form or he is not just gelling in the squad???? Mason Mount the best player in CFC💙💙. The Next Chelsea and England Captain 💙💙💙

  75. Billy Wade

    I was thinking who i would have put in green boxes , and not only i agree with u but your job is actually very difficult when analysing games and players

  76. Jean-Marc Louise

    We looked solid in defence and the performance all-round was excellent.

  77. joab obosi

    This guy Andreas Christiansen, is a beast

  78. Ethan

    kova, jorg and n'golo are all able to play the 6, we are very fortunate, i feel for billy and the other midfield boys. Mount was excellent, i feel for Timo, we still arent playing to his strengths enough, we are doing better, but early balls beating the offside trap is what we need to be doin, we still play wide instead of direct and its just so easy to defend against, our crossing just hasnt been good enough. Great result, defensively solid but a long way to go.

  79. luis gonzalez

    Only downside I see really was Chiwells final third play. Would get too excited and just cross it over everyone.

  80. LB614

    I told u fakaz Christensen is a Morden defender learnt a lot on silva